My Hair Gets Greasy Really Fast?

cold water is less damaging to your hair. try using a deep cleansing shampoo and only condition the tips. also make sure your hair it completely dry before putting it in a pony tail. and try not to touch your hair a lot or even brush it a lot as that stimulates the oil glands and produces oil. Garnier Fructis has a spray that helps keep hair clean and it smells great! try that! I moved to a different place with different temperatures and my hair is angry about it. lol. I have the same problem with grease but normally washing everyday works for me.

1. What physical evidence have your gang stalkers left in or around your home that can prove unauthorised entry to your property?

Only one thing, it looks like an ornament of a devil or maybe a goat. But it's a bit out of proportion for a goat. It's just the devil's snapped off leg.They also removed the bugs and cameras they had installed. I scanned for them and knew there was a microphone both inside the plug sockets next to my sofa and next to my bed. All others were clear. I noticed that someone had not screwed the nails back in far enough, they are both a bit wobbly and the line of paint has a gap between it and the socket cover. I rescanned and the bugs are gone.Also, they left my mobile phone covered in grease, I had not eaten anything greasy.

2. DS-As a child:Did the dogs get table scraps or dry/wet food?

Our dog got more table scraps then dog food I think. I do remember a bag of dog chow on the porch that my brother would feed to the dog. My grandma used to pour the bacon grease over bread and feed it to the dog saying that it was good for the dogs coat. While the dog had a diet of scraps, grease and dog chow, he did pretty well living to the ripe old age of 15. Of course, my dogs are on a totally different diet then 30 years ago.

3. Im really bored so.. Survey??

*Are u a guy or a girl? Girl. *How old are u? An age =) *Do u have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Nope. I like to be single and free. *What color hair do u have? Brown for now. *What state do u live in? Missouri. *Siblings? 2, a brother and a sister. Both younger. *Do u like to shop? Depends on what for. Clothes, Earrings and books yes, anything else not so much. *Favorite store? Khols and Borders. *Do u have any pets? I have 2 dogs, A Cocker Spaniel and a Havanese. & A ton of cats. *Favorite color? Umm, it changes daily. Today Green. *Fave Movie? Way to manny. But I really really like Grease =) *Fave Song? At the moment: Suffocate or Those Magic Changes. *What type of music do u listen to? Anything and everything. I am not picky at all. That was fun! Thanks! =)

4. How do you get rust stains off of good knives ?

Fine steel wool pads and elbow grease

5. i have greasy and dry hair! wut should i use?

use baking soda it will soak up the oil and grease on your hair and leave it looking nice and fresh

6. What is a good way to wax your car?

Cooler days are better than hot, between 50 and 60 degrees fahrenheit. Make sure you are out of the direct sunlight, use a quality paste wax, and apply small sections at a time. Sides are harder work, so do them both first. Allow the section you waxed to become "hazy" or white before you buff it off with a clean soft cloth (10-15 minutes usually), rubbing in small circular motions. Have plenty of clean cloths for the buffing stage. Use two or three fresh ones for each coat. After you buff, use a soft bristle brush (a toothbrush is okay) to remove the excess wax from body seams, badges, and light assemblies. An orbital buffer will save a lot of time and elbow grease, but it will also leave unsightly swirl marks in the glossy finish. You should be able to apply two coats by hand in two to three hours. The first coat will look great for a few days, but two coats will look even better and make the shine last a lot longer.

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