My Wireless Connection Drops Relatively Frequently... Wondering If It's Client Side Or My Isp's Faul

Change the location of your wireless router to see if it makes any deference. Is it close to some other electronic device that generates lots of frequencies? ( e.g. Florescent light or any device with motor ( like Fans) or other wireless devices. If you live in an apartment, you need to know if there is any wireless device next to yours but on the other side of the wall

1. Does this sound like an alternator or starter problem?

It's easy to check the alternator. You must have 13.7 volts at the battery posts with the motor at 1,500 rpm. The starter may be bad but to have the lights go out when trying to jump the vehicle is more likely to be bad connections or a bad ground cable connection at the battery or motor

2. I have a 93 Ford Escort started over heating, I have changed the thermostat, no coolant in oil, no smoke ?

If coolant is seen on top of motor ,possible one of the small coolant hoses that preheat the air intake plenum is leaking.Do you see any oil floating on top of your coolant inside the radiator? Another thing is when starting the cold engine see if the radiator hose gets hard quickly.This can be a sign of a head gasket leaking compression into the cooling system. No coolant in the oil does not mean you do not have a head gasket blown.The leak can be only 1 way, from cylinder to cooling system.Just depends on how bad head gasket leak is. Another thing it can be is cooling fan or the thermostatic switch which usually screws into radiator.Or the fan relay. Hope this helps you

3. How can I send ASCII codes from raspberry Pi 3 to a serial device (printer, motor controller etc.) by using RS232 (9 pin-COM Port)?

Here is the Python code to control motor by using RPi3 and Copley motor driver. After installing gtkterm on Raspberry Pi 3 this code runs on Python 3 and the motor rotates 100000 counts incrementally for each running

4. Could someone help me figure out how to get a brown stain out of my granite countertop from over ripe bananas?

First, I would try baking soda on a sponge to take it off. If that does not work then I assume the stain absorbed into the granite, you will need to spray the area around the stain with water and allow it to absorb. Next make a past of Dawn and flour and put it on the spot. The consistancy should be similar to cake batter. Cover the area with plastic wrap and tape it down. Also cover the area you sprayed with water as well-you do not want the stain to "run" into the adjacent surface. After a few days, you will be able to remove the flour "pattie" from the surface of the stone. There would be a moist spot under the pattie, but it will be water and then you can let it dry. Once your counter is dry, make sure to seal the stone with an appropriate sealant. This method works on any porous surface and it also works for oil (cooking, motor, etc). You are creating a poultice and the Dawn is the active ingredient since it pulls the oil/stain from the stone. You replace the stain with water that is in the Dawn, which is why it needs to dry afterwards. You tape it down to prevent the liquid in the Dawn from evaporating and staining material.

5. my windshield wipers stopped working. what should i do?

you windshield wiper motor does not have a relay so that is ok YOu should be a fuse in the fuse box for it. It shoud be 25 amps. If your washer motor works but the wipers do not then your fuse shoud be good. They aer run on the same fuse. YOu wiper motor is a gounded through the body motor. So you have two options for hte problem the switch that starts it (I woudl look at this because it went intermittenly) or the motor is blown or not gorunded. take an extra piece of wire. Mayeb rub them some for ocntact it it starts motor it is bad ground through motor body. YOU can also get a test light and see if power is being sent to the motor any cheapy light for D/C will work cost probably less than 6 dollars for cheapy. If you have power do the ground test if nto then go to switch and re-place it

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