New Energy Production Line in Ningde Era -- Chinese Power Battery Unicorn

Today, we will lead you into the factory of China's power battery unicorn - Ningde era and explore the birth of a super battery.

Cell birth

First, let's take a look at the production line of electric cells. This is the first and world-class automation production line in China. The batteries of BMW X1 and new 5 series were born here.

All personnel entering the workshop must wear clean clothes, hats and masks. After that, they need to pass through the spray room for 360 degrees without dead corner dust removal.

The temperature, humidity and dust-free factory is comparable to the manufacturing environment of semiconductor microelectronics.

The busy RGV can automatically carry materials and load and unload materials for the equipment according to the set track.

The lonely manipulator automatically disassembles the code disk

With the help of high-tech robots, central control system, on-line detection equipment and information traceability system, catl's production line can realize "production data visualization", "production process transparency" and "unmanned production site".

Having said so much, how on earth was the cell made? Let's first understand the structure of the battery.

A cell is the smallest unit of a battery system. M cells form a module and N modules form a battery pack, which is the basic structure of vehicle power battery.

The battery is like a container for storing electric energy. How much capacity it can store depends on the amount of active substances loaded on the positive and negative plates.

The pole piece is mainly completed by three processes: stirring, coating and cold pressing:


Stirring is to mix the positive and negative solid battery materials evenly, add solvent, and stir through a vacuum mixer to form a uniform slurry.


The stirred active material is evenly coated on and below a 4000 meter long copper foil at a speed of 80 meters per minute. The copper foil before coating is as thin as a cicada's wing and only 6 microns thick.

Coating is very important. It is necessary to ensure that the thickness and weight of the electrode are consistent, otherwise the consistency of the battery will be affected. The coating must also ensure that no particles, sundries, dust, etc. are mixed into the electrode sheet. Otherwise, the battery will discharge too fast and even cause potential safety hazards.

Cold pressing & pre slitting

The rolling device compacts the coated electrode sheet to a predetermined thickness and density.

Polar lug die cutting & slitting

Here, the conductive lug of the electric core is formed by die cutting with a die-cutting machine. The pole ear is the ear on the battery head. Generally speaking, it is the connection point of the positive and negative ears of the battery during charging and discharging.

Then, the pole piece is cut by a cutter.


The positive sheet, negative sheet and isolation film of the cell are combined in a winding manner to form a bare cell. The advanced CCD can realize automatic detection and automatic deviation correction to ensure that the electrode of the electric core is not misplaced.


The wound bare cores will be automatically sorted and matched, and then go through the processes of pole lug welding, pole lug folding, top support assembly, hot-melt Mylar, shell entry, shell welding, etc. So far, the bare cell has a hard shell.

Baking & liquid filling

The battery baking process is to make the internal moisture of the battery meet the standard and ensure that the battery has good performance in the whole life cycle.

Liquid injection is to inject electrolyte into the baked cell. Electrolyte is like blood flowing in the body of a cell. The exchange of energy is the exchange of charged ions. These charged ions are transported from the electrolyte to another electrode to complete the charge and discharge process.


Formation is the process of activating the cell after liquid injection. Chemical reaction occurs inside the cell through charge and discharge to form SEI film, so as to ensure the safety, reliability and long cycle life of subsequent cells in the process of charge and discharge cycle.

In order to have good performance of the cell, the cell manufacturing process also needs to go through a series of "physical examination processes" such as X-ray detection, welding quality detection, insulation detection, capacity test and so on.

A super cell with excellent performance was born!

After manufacturing, each cell has a separate two-dimensional code, recording the manufacturing date, manufacturing environment, performance parameters and so on. A powerful traceability system can record any information. In case of any abnormality, you can retrieve the production information at any time; At the same time, these big data can provide targeted data support for subsequent improved design.

Module deformation record

A single cell cannot be used. Only when many cells are combined together, together with the protective circuit and protective shell, can it be used directly. This is the so-called battery module.

The battery module is composed of many cells. Through strict screening, the cells with good consistency shall be assembled into modular battery modules according to precise design, and the single battery monitoring and management device shall be installed. Catl's fully automatic module production line is completed by more than a dozen precision manipulators. In addition, each module has its own fixed identification code, and the whole process can be traced in case of problems.

The production process from a simple cell to a battery pack is also quite complex and requires multiple processes, which is no simpler than the manufacturing process of the cell.


The electric core is transferred to the designated position, and the manipulator automatically grabs it and sends it to the die assembly wiring.

In the workshop of Ningde era, 100% automation has been realized from automatic material handling to equipment feeding

Give the cell a bath - plasma cleaning process

Clean the surface of each cell (plasma treatment technology is adopted in catl Ningde era to ensure cleanliness). Ion cleaning is adopted here to ensure that the pollutants in the process do not adhere to the bottom of the cell.

Why use plasma cleaning technology? The reason is that plasma cleaning technology is the most thorough stripping cleaning method in cleaning methods. Its biggest advantage is that there is no waste liquid after cleaning. Its biggest feature is that it can well treat metals, semiconductors, oxides and most polymer materials, and can realize the cleaning of whole, local and complex structures.

Combine the cells - cell gluing

The surface of the cell needs to be coated with glue before assembly. In addition to the function of fixing, gluing can also play the purpose of insulation.

Catl Ningde era adopts the most advanced high-precision gluing equipment and manipulator cooperation in the world, which can set the gluing track, monitor the gluing quality in real time, ensure the gluing quality, and further improve the consistency of each group of different battery modules.

Building a home for the cell -- Welding of end plate and side plate

The battery modules are mostly welded with aluminum end plates and side plates. After the equipment online monitors that the assembly parameters (such as length / pressure) of the components are OK, start the welding robot, complete the welding of the end / side plates, and 100% online detection of the welding quality to ensure the quality, and 100% online monitoring of the welding quality.

Harness isolation plate assembly

After the welding monitoring system accurately locates the welding position, bind the wire harness isolation plate material bar code to the MES production scheduling management system to generate a separate code for traceability. After coding, the harness isolation plate is automatically installed into the module through the manipulator.

Complete series and parallel connection of batteries - laser welding

Through automatic laser welding, the connection between the pole and the connecting piece is completed to realize the series and parallel connection of the battery.

An important pass before offline - offline test

Check the full performance of the module before offline, including module voltage / resistance, battery cell voltage, withstand voltage test and insulation resistance test. The standardized module design principle can be customized to match different models, and each module can also be installed in the best suitable space and predetermined position in the vehicle.

Each battery pack contains several battery units, which are integrated with the connector, controller and cooling system, and are wrapped in aluminum shell. It is automatically fastened by bolts and connected by electrical connectors. Even in case of failure, it is only necessary to replace a separate module without replacing the whole battery pack. The maintenance workload and risk are greatly reduced. Replacing the module only needs to disassemble the cooling system and does not involve other components.

Extended reading: innovative application of Xinsong new AGV in Ningde Era

Ningde new energy is one of the first companies to use mobile robots to participate in battery production. Due to the particularity of battery production and environment, Xinsong AGV has developed a mobile robot suitable for battery production conditions for Ningde new energy.

AGV with peculiar shape is responsible for gradually replacing manual operation. The production of batteries needs to be carried out in a dust-free environment. If there are a large number of workers, it will inevitably affect the requirements of dust-free. Using robots to replace some manual operations will not only reduce the hidden dangers of dust on battery production, but also ensure the consistency and accuracy of station action.

Ningde new energy battery production workshop - this new AGV has a set of lifting mechanism similar to the "barrel", which is responsible for removing the electrodes from the production line and transporting them to the stock area. The in-depth customized service enables Xinsong to make a variety of AGV forms according to customer needs.

Ningde new energy battery production workshop - the space in the workshop is not wide. AGV needs to walk on roads like this, and hundreds of thousands of running tracks are integrated into the operation map of AGV.

Different from the busy AGV on the automobile production line, the AGV on the battery production line does not run on a circular route, but on a cross route like a street. Which station needs AGV service, it will send a request to the console to call the AGV. The console will assign the nearest AGV without work task to cooperate according to the current location of the call point, This sounds a bit like didi taking a taxi. In fact, the planning algorithm of didi taking a taxi is the same as that of the console scheduling system, except that in this production workshop, there are no taxi takers, only "taxi call" requests formed by sensor judgment and analysis.

Legend of AGV running track - the horizontal and vertical lines in the legend intersect to form a map. AGV needs to be able to travel to any line segment at any time, and the console will find the shortest travel path between points.

Ningde new energy battery production workshop - AGV delivery moment

Ningde new energy also operates a relatively large multi axis equipment AGV on the site. It is called multi axis because it carries seven groups of movable mechanisms, which work in coordination to transfer more complex goods. In addition to conventional sensors, this AGV is also equipped with high-precision electronic scales, It can always reflect the weight and center of gravity of the current goods, and adjust the lifting posture in real time to prevent accidents caused by unstable center of gravity during the transfer of large goods. It is the first time for so many control units to cooperate at the same time on AGV.

Large multi axis mobile robot

In addition to battery manufacturers, we have also received many orders in new energy related fields. For example, in order to cooperate with the increasingly popular production technology of small and medium-sized electric vehicles, we are also building lightweight loaded AGV for small enterprises producing electric vehicles. In this regard, the advantages of Xinsong AGV's in-depth customized service are undoubtedly revealed.

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