Caveat: I too am new to this. The answer below is my understanding and I need an expert to confirm.Current in your Arduino:So all you need to do is power your LEDs from your VCC, but use your digital pin as a switch. One idea, which you had, was to use a relay. But a relay is an inductor so do not connect it directly to the Arduino. Make sure it's on a shield. But that shield will essentially do exactly what you need to do, but to drive the relay rather than drive your LEDs: It will use the digital pin to switch the VCC and activate the relay.Luckily this is not hard. All you need is the most magical of all components: the transistor. A transistor can be used as a switch to turn on a higher current. In your case, the transistor can switch the VCC connection to the LED array when the digital pin is high.Here's the circuit I believe you need based on my understanding. Note that the values of the resistors and transistors are just made up. Read the docs above to get the correct values

1. Power Supply Failure or Something else? Computer?

Control Panel > Power Saving Set it to your liking or not at all. (whatever you like).

2. Power supply or graphics card problem?

Assuming the motherboard is as old as the 8800 you have a PCIE mother board. I had a similar problem when upgrading an older system. There was so much happening between the CPU and the Video card that the North bridge chip went into melt down and rebooted the computer. You have enough PSU and a very fast GPU. Based on experience I would look for serious heat problems at the North bridge or CPU(talking too hot to touch)

3. How Long Can A Desktop Power Supply Last?

When Power supplies go bad, they will randomly shut your computer down like you pulled the plug out of the wall, or begin to boot and then shut down. Usually you can start them up right away MOST of the time, but not always. Your problem sounds like a bad switch in the case or a bad motherboard (most likely the switch on the case). Power supplies are kind-of strange as far as their life cycle is concerned. I have only had one go bad in my life on *me*, but I have replaced quite a few for friends. They should at-least last 2-3 years minimum, but I have had them last up to 6 years with heavy use. Dust is a killer of power supplies. You should clean your PC out monthly with compressed air or air in a can to get anything out of your case and PSU. If that is too much, at least every 2-3 months minimum. Your PC will last longer and work cooler and better if it is kept clean and cool. As far as the switch on the power supply? You can forget about it, I never use the damned thing unless I am moving my PC around or working on it. Like another person said. If you leave for a few days on vacation, unplug the entire machine modem/lan cables and all so the machine is protected from electrical surges from lightning storms and the like.

4. atx power supply in my btx case?

Btx Case

5. How Do I Fix My Power Supply?

Hi, I would definitely suggest you purchase a new one because using a defective one can damage your laptop and possibly damage your motherboard which is not cheap to replace. I would also personally recommend you check out Topmic (google them) because they provide free shipping, free lifetime warranty, and 30 day full refund on all of the chargers you buy. Definitely worth checking out. Good luck and I hope I helped!

6. how to check power supply?

Sorry their is no way. Its really not that hard though there should be a sticker on the PSU that tells you

7. Power Supply Unit Fan to Computer Case Fan?

Molex pins have two tabs inside the plug and are removed with a pin pusher. You could put a small tube over the pin or otherwise depress the tabs and then pull the pins out the back of the plastic shell. Once out, the wire might be crimped on and you could bend the metal out and insert the fan wires and crimp them back tight with pliers. This is the best I can explain without a set of tools. Alternatively you could get a new molex plug and install it. Do not short the wires together and work with an unplugged computer and you wo not harm the PS.

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