Owning and riding motorcycles combine travel and hobby for an experience that riders can enjoy for years to come. Riding motorcycles is an opportunity to make memories but that can not be done safely without riders and passengers understanding and practicing motorcycle safety tips. It's important for riders of all ages and levels of experience to routinely brush up on motorcycle safety to ensure a safe ride each and every time, especially at night. Whether it is a routine commute or a vacation, late night motorcycle riding can quickly turn from harmless to hazardous due to a variety of risk factors enhanced by late night driving hours. Although it sounds intuitive, the main threat to late night motorcycle riding is the lack of rider visibility. While riders may think this goes without saying, others, unfortunately, remain in the dark. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), fatal motorcycle accidents increase after six o'clock in the evening when light visibility begins to decrease and riders encounter heavier traffic due to rush hour. Without adequate lighting along roads and highways, riders are at risk of being involved in a serious accident that could turn fatal. It's always important - both during the day and at night - for riders to remain clearly visible to all vehicles with which they share the road. Late night riding also involves the risks that come during the peak hours for drunk driving accidents. Drunk drivers pose a danger to everyone on the roads, but especially to motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians who lack physical protection from reckless drivers. Low visibility coupled with the impact driving intoxicated has on the senses leaves drunk drivers at an even greater risk of failing to see a motorcyclist and/or being unable to properly react in time to avoid a serious - if not fatal - accident. While late night riding can certainly be dangerous, it does not mean bikers should avoid or fear nighttime riding. Riders can enjoy late night motorcycle riding just as much as daytime trips when practicing the following motorcycle safety tips: : Because visibility is the greatest danger for riders, it's crucial to avoid wearing dark and non-reflective clothing at night. This is often easier said than done considering most riding gear is dark. Riders should invest in reflective gear that they can easily transition to wearing when riding at night. This can include a reflective safety vest, reflective helmets, and pants. If possible, motorcyclists should also opt to wear bright and lighter colored clothing. Riders can also add nighttime accessories to their motorcycles, such as lights and additional reflectors. Use Personal Protective Gear: Motorcycle riders should always wear a helmet and personal protective gear when riding, whether day or night. Protective gear includes helmets, eyewear, riding boots, long coverings for legs and arms, as well as gloves. This gear adds an extra layer of protection between a motorcycle rider and the pavement should an accident occur. Protective gear can also be easily modified with reflective materials for additional visibility during nighttime. Stay Alert, Ride Sober: Sadly, motorcyclists cannot count on other drivers to remain focused on the road or stay sober when driving late at night. Riders must account for motor vehicle driver error, as other types of motor vehicles on the road disproportionately outnumber them. Late night riding often means sharing the road with drunk drivers. Motorcyclists must exercise extra caution and remain on high alert for distracted and drunk drivers when riding at night. Additionally, just as passenger vehicle drivers should not get behind the wheel while intoxicated, neither should bikers. Riding while intoxicated increases the likelihood of a fatal accident for everyone on the road. Ride Together: While it is not always an option, there is safety in riding in numbers. If possible, riders are encouraged to travel with other motorcyclists also practicing proper nighttime motorcycle safety - such as wearing reflective clothing, driving sober, and staying alert. By following proper group riding techniques, riders increase their visibility to other drivers in low visibility settings. Riding motorcycles should be an enjoyable experience; and, through practicing motorcycle safety, riders can reduce issues that could cause or contribute to a serious collision or other car crash. Sadly, motorcyclists can be as cautious as possible, but the negligence of another driver can inflict life-altering injuries and death. today for a free and confidential consultation. There is limited time to act following an accident in Texas, so do not delay.

1. Motorcycle Security in Aus?

You have to manage your theft exposure in comparison to an effort to preserve your motorcycle. Multiple locks threw the brake disks, manage exposure lighting and placement, place an additional sonic lock threw a disk that will produce a loud sound, tracking devices if the bike is abducted, devices that will phone you up if the bike is moved. A bike cover helps in that it keeps a thief guessing what the value of the bike is worth. Run an additional chain threw the frame and to a large stationary object. Cast a heavy steel loop in a block of cement and bury it chaining bike frame to iron loop. There is nothing you can do to stop a determined can only deter or slow him down.

2. Are mopeds and scooters more dangerous than motorcycles due to their inability to accelerate and smaller profile? Why or why not?

A true moped, that is a pedal assisted motorised bicycle is in the UK limited to 50cc and as such, cannot maintain a safe speed in typical traffic out of urban areas.That makes the job of the rider doubly difficult because they have to be aware not only of the unfolding situation in front of them, but also that behind them. This is more difficult even for extremely experienced riders. I used to ride a Honda 90 as my weird eccentric 'other' bike and that motorcycle, with its 55 mph top speed, was not fast enough on Motorways to allow me to be confident I wasn't being caught by traffic populating the nearside (slow) lane.However, its younger faster relative, my 125cc Honda Innova, will hold a steady 65-70 mph and that IS fast enough to maintain its space meaning I only have to concentrate on traffic ahead of me.A motorway journey therefore mostly consists of me using the nearside lane with frequent forays out into the centre lane to overtake slower lorries and the odd fuel conserving or nervously dawdling elder driver. On single carriageway roads at the UK national speed limit of 60 mph the traffic density is such that at least half the cars are travelling below 60 mph and because the 125 is so slim it takes little effort to zip past a slower car thus leaving a convenient blocker behind me.As I can read the road ahead with the benefit of over 40 years of driving and riding, I can recognise where that 'blocker' is likely to be overtaken by other cars coming up behind and it doesn't take much to glance in a mirror, spot a hard charging driver and give them a passing opportunity at the next safe open stretch of road.However... I have ridden professionally and have long since got to the point where I can read the entire road situation, predict and plan for any eventuality and be in the right place to ensure others are never inconvenienced enough to be reckless. Without a two year stint of doing 1700 miles a WEEK averaging 60 mph on each journey for two years, (which meant cruising at 100 mph on every open road at every opportunity to achieve that average) I would only be as competent as the average rider, which is to say, not competent enough for my own peace of mind.Safe travel on any motorcycle is a goal to be reached, not easy to achieve and many mistakes need to be made before the rider carries the experience to avoid them all a second time. Any machine that cannot exceed the traffic flow speeds around it makes that harder.... Are mopeds and scooters more dangerous than motorcycles due to their inability to accelerate and smaller profile? Why or why not?

3. First Motorcycle, advise?

Listen to Martin dude, He should get best answer on this one. I could not have said it better myself

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