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While Walleyes accounted for less than six percent of the precision-guided munitions employed by the U.S. Armed Services during the Vietnam War, the weapons system could achieve excellent results under the right circumstances. The Navy often used the Walleye against the most important, hardest to kill targets. After the war, the Navy continued to employ upgraded versions of the Walleye through Operation Desert Storm; shortly after the war the Walleye was retired, along with its main carrier aircraft, the Vought A-7 Corsair II.

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whats a better car overall, performance wise? In comparison to the price gap inbetween, vw gti or mitsu evo?

With all that money you could put in a lot of performance enhancing parts on the Gti but the the EVo would out corner it as in stock configuration the GTi has some understeer issues and with all that added horsepower wheelspin would probably become another factor. Evo would be a better choice if like to go the track and can pay for maintaining the sucker but otherwise get the Gti and use the left over money to get a really really nice tv :)

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What is your review of South Africa's overall performance in their recent Test series vs England?

Very disappointing to see the performance of the team . SA were hopping for the better result when the whole management change but the story remain the same they have not perform well enough and the problem was I found the form for their captain Faff he dint perform at all and led the team poorly

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Which is better a ps3 or xbox 360 in terms of graphics? In terms of overall performance?

graphics smaphics!! not much of a difference... overall performance i think the 360 owns that!

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2008 Olympics - USA Women's Gymnastics Overall Performance?

they look like they got what they deserved. I would be happy with those results

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Which mobile is best under 10k in overall performance?

Coolpad note 3 is better in terms of specs.Asus is also worthy but coolpad has an edge due to 3 gb ram and fp sensor.But in this price range redmi note 3 is the king.

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i purchased a colt 38 special police positive. how good is the stopping power and overall performance?

There are many companies that manufacture .38 Special ammunition. It can range from light target loads to more powerful defensive ammunition. Because of the relatively low pressure that the . 38 Special cartridge and even its more powerful P version can be loaded to, most .38 Special bullets do not expand reliably, even when using hollow-point designs, especially if fired from a short-barreled or 'snub-nose' revolver. In 2004, Speer Bullets introduced the Gold Dot jacketed hollow-point . 38 Special cartridge in an attempt to solve this very problem. Another solution is to use an unjacketed soft lead hollow-point bullet as found in the FBI Load. The latter's 158-grain soft lead hollow point is loaded to P pressures and velocity, which ensures more reliable expansion in unprotected flesh, even when fired in a 2-inch short-barreled revolver.

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What should my next upgrade to my computer be for gaming and overall performance?

I think the best upgrade for you (considering your budget) would be a Phenom II X4 955 BE, an HD 6850 (or HD 6870), and a Corsair CX500. With this, you should be able to play most games on high. Upgrading to DDR3 would require a newer motherboard.

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Can internet connection speeds effect the overall performance of your computer?

Some device is connected to your phone line without a proper DSL filter. It could be an alarm system, a satellite TV receiver, a cordless phone base station, or an answering machine. Whatever it is, find it and either disconnect it or place an appropriate DSL filter between it and the line.

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What recent current events are affecting the overall performance of the Stock Market?

Most recently I would say the continuing monetary problems in the Greece,Italy and Spain....but I would say that in the longer term it has been the Sub-Prime Melt-Down, and the lack ok stronger regulations. As well, of course whatever political instability is the Flavour of the week--Syria, Egypt, Pakistan. ..you name it. And the political lack of will by the Republicans to want to do anything to improve the present economic climate while a Democrat holds the Presidency

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