Physics Help?

Physics help?

Physics  Help? 1

1. In a circuit all the voltage is dropped across any resistance, even the wires. But in this case it will all be dropped across the bulb. So the potential difference across the batteries will be 3.0V. 2. The forms that the electrical energy would be dissippated would most likely be heat and light.

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Is the electrical energy from lightning negatively or positively charged?

Both.The majority of lightning strikes have a negative charge. They happen from the bottom of a cloud to the ground .But about 1% of the lightning strikes come from the top of a cloud. They are positively chargedThey tend to hit the ground ahead of a storm.They are 10 to 20 times more powerful than a negative strike.They often hit when it is still sunny out where you can see the storm approaching. For this reason, one of the names for these uber bolts is Bolt from the Blue.Because they are so powerful and often strike ahead of a storm, they kill an inordinate amount of people.The bolts between clouds are also often positively charged.

Physics  Help? 2

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A question regarding dams used to make electrical energy?

It's slow moving because the outlet is big. The area were the energy was made the water was moving fast. It's like having a fire hose that can shoot water a 100 yards in the air put into a 3 foot diameter pipe. At the end of that pipe all you would see is water casually flowing out the end

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Can you make a model of how sound energy can be converted into electric energy?

Yes, a crystal microphone

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Why is electrical energy measured in kwh? it seems kind of redundant like mph minutes?

Energy is not measured in KWH, the rate of consumption of energy is measured in KWH, i.e., how many KW an hour are you using

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how would a force on a body can be used to produce electrical energy?

if you use piezo metal peice; and apply your total boby weight on it then due to mechanical force metal configuration change and voltage indused on the surface of matel.......................

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what kind of energy does a battery convert to electrical energy? mechanical or chemical or thermal or nuclear?

Battery = chemical. Styrofoam = insulator.

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Do we have the technology to produce electrical energy using hydrogen in large scale, say 100MW?

For example, Conowingo hydro station has installed capacity around 500MW.Conowingo Dam - Wikipedia

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Is there a way to convert the energy caused by gravity into electrical energy?

From my point of view.. we can generate electricity in todays world by Kinetic energy or thermal energy(indirectly kinetic) As we can convert potential enery to K.E. so Electric energy is generated indirectly

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ideas to make a devise which converts electrical energy to mechanical to push a block of 200 gm weight?

HOW FAR ? An electric motor and drum / cable would pull or lift the object A soenoid would move it a small way If it is a non magnetic metal you could use high current pulses If it is magnetic you could use an electro magnet You see,your question is incomplete for an definitive answer

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how is electric potential related to electrical energy,if at all?

Electric Voltage = Electric Potential. It's as simple as that

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why dont we use sun light to produce electrical energy?

we do its called solar power and i dont know of any disadvantages

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Sound to electrical energy converter (Energy Harvesing) [duplicate]

From your example, no. The output power from typical microphones which generally directly convert sound to voltage and current output milivolts and miliamps at best. Phones charge on 5V 0.5 amps generally. So unless you are going to create an array of thousands or millions of microphones and have a reasonably loud room, this will never work

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Can you harvest electrical energy from the air?

Is it possible? Yes. But unless you are talking about are ceiving' a man-made source such as a nearby broadcast station or a power line, and even then in conjunction with a huge receiving antenna, it's impractical as a way to obtain more than a tiny amount of power. But a tiny amount can be enough for a crystal radio, or to power a microcircuit which transmits an extremely weak signal.For most power-generation purposes, you would get orders of magnitude more return on investment from photovoltaics or a wind turbine.

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