Playtex Drop Way to Heat?

I use the playtex drop in bottles and the parents choice drop in liners and I just get a cup and fill it with hot water and put the bottle in there for awhile to heat up....just check on it every min. or so to make sure its not getting too warm and shake it before giving it to your baby. i havent had any problems with heating the liner. actually the other answer on here was the first time i had heard of anyone having problems. good luck :-)

1. got car accident was other persons fault have nessary info, policy num. dl and license plate but not ins. nam

That info should be on the police report. But depending on your state, all vehicles should be required to be registered at the DMV with the insurance info. The officer that worked the accident should be able to access that info for you.

2. Term Ins. vs. Cash Value insurance which is better?

Term is better, and cheaper, and makes your money go MUCH farther. If you buy a cash value policy, the company takes that money, and buys a term policy with some of it, and puts some of it into cash value, and keeps the vast majority of it. Agents like to sell it because they make A LOT of money off of it. They sell it as a "savings plan". It only works for people who are really, really bad at math - if you save the difference yourself, you will be WAY WAY WAY ahead of the game.

3. How do I add a new place on Facebook for check ins from my PC or android mobile phone?

Dear last some month Facebook has no option to add a new place. but i have a good idea if you try this then you must create a Facebook page. in page at starts option you fill a form properly and you see a (check in) in check box you enter a place that you want. Just enter name. remember one thing page name starting from city name that you want add as a place and after city name you also add your target name like your business name and your shop name. after all just go on time line and write the place name in CHECK IN and you see yours place in it. i think that's the great way. Thank you :)

4. What kind of soup can I make with...(i need the "ins and outs" of soup making also)?

Throw all your ingredients together in a big pot cover with water or vegetable broth and cook covered on low medium for 2-3 hrs or until lentils are soft

5. How to warm up playtex drop ins?

Playtex Nurser Bottle Warmer

6. I need a recipe for a basic chili...?

ground hamburger, can of chili beans. add ins: -salsa** -corn** -sausage -ground turkey -mixed beans (black, pinto, lima etc)** -can of diced tomatoes and chiles (rotel) -sour cream/chz on top -onions -mcCormic seasoning packet-chili

7. "built ins" for lack of a better word or peripherals?

As to external drives, makes no difference except that they take up more space and use your usb ports that you could use for other things. Plus, the external CD/DVD drives cost more than internal because they must be mounted in an enclosure and have step down power transformers to work.......and you pay for that extra stuff. Dual layer is pretty much standard on all DVD writers now. I would be surprised to see one without it. You absolutely have to use an internal hard drive. BUT, it would be best to get a smaller internal and purchase an external hard drive as well. You can store all your photos, movies, etc. on the external drive, then when you finally get that virus and have to reformat your hard drive you do not lose all your important files....they are safely stored away on the external drive. Oh, and just so you know, Lightscribe is very overrated. It takes forever to burn the image on the disk, then it is a pale image at that and you need to purchase special disks for it to work. I use the ole' Sharpie

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