Power Window Motor?

Remove the door panel, remove the plastic, remove the motor

1. How to drive DC motor with stm32?

I would just use a L298 Driver IC. They are pretty simple. I do not like messing with P channel transistors.You should check the datasheet for the appropriate thershold volatages and check what you are actually getting on your circuit

2. I am looking for some advice on motor/motor controller?

Best would be to take an industrial servo drive. It wwould always come with all required software, tools and whatever you may need. The cost may be a little high... But wasted time is minimal

3. Harddrive spindle motor?

maybe you do not have enough?? just a guess

4. What is a breaking arrangement in an electrical motor?

It is an arrangement meant to stop the motor or sometimes used to reduce the speed.In DC motors and AC motors there are different types of breaking.To know more search "Breaking of DC motor" or "Breaking of AC motor" on internet. What is a breaking arrangement in an electrical motor?

5. What does it mean by a 25 kW electrical motor?

What does it mean 0.37 kw on a land pump? Does it mean it consumes .37kw per hour or something else?

6. Diode Sizing for DC Motor H-Bridge

I have not seen a definitive, engineering answer with explanation to this. So this is just a 'Strawman' or 'Aunt Sally' to be knocked down or improved.The 'folklore' agglomerated answer I derived from people with more experience than me was:That all sounds reasonable, but feels unsatisfyingly ad-hoc. So I would like a better answer with the maths, science and engineering too

7. The purpose of microtubules and motor proteins in mitosis?

The spindle fibers that connect to the Kinetochore on the sister chromatids are made of microtubules and are involved in the splitting of the sister chromatids in anaphase. (Kinetochore is a structure of proteins associated with specific section of chromosomal DNA at each centromere.) This is what I took from your question I am sorry if it is not what you are looking for.

8. Does an a/c motor need a capacitor?

wow the simple answer is NOOOOO but if your motor has one, then yes its required to start it...

9. Will putting a fan or propeller on a drill work as a boat motor?

A cordless drill would work, plenty of power - but is pretty heavy as it is made to drill holes primarily.... The chuck is convenient to grip a shaft in though. It would be simpler and and easier to use a small 360 or 540 can motor, a simple mechanical speed control and a rechargeable battery of around 6 volts or so - all this is available from any competent hobby shop, along with various linkages, props and so on. I would suggest using a small boat prop on a shaft drive in the water - rather than an air screw - it is more dangerous to have a large rapidly spinning prop near hair and hands.

10. what's the BEST MOTOR OIL out there

i've tested all the synthetics i can find in my cars and those of a couple of friends. i keep track of fuel economy and oil deterioration. this is what i found. as a general rule, synthetics are better than conventional oil, but not always. generic synthetic and valvoline actually got lower fuel economy than some premium conventional oils. mobile 1 is about equal to a premium conventional oil for power and fuel economy. pennzoil and quaker state synthtics are ok, but you can do better and they wear quickly like a conventional oil. amsoil and royal purple will give amazing spikes in fuel economy and power, but deteriorated faster than anything else i tried. same with the other cars we ran it in. it is an exceptional racing oil where the oil gets changed every 500 miles, perhaps unequaled as a racing oil, but not overly useful as a daily driver because in every car we tried them in economy and power dropped SHARPLY after 1000 miles. Castrol Syntec gave almost as good as the peak gas mileage of amsoil and royal purple, but did not deteriorate like they did. it tends to hold it's condition to close to 6K. now some will come on and say you can run amsoil, royal purple and mobile 1 extended much longer than the others, (up to 20,000 per oil change) but this is what i found when i researched that. repeatedly toyota and honda mechanics i talked to said the only cars they rebuild right now are from people who try to do that. a couple of companies i know that put thousands of miles a month on their cars tried as well. they all ended up with extra rebuilds... do not do it. on 0 weight oils, i tried them as well and found that unless you live in an area where the temperature regularly stays below 0 (farenheit) you can do more harm than good as this does not stay on the motor as well and you end up with some metal on metal at start ups.

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Sump Pump--Can You Have the Motor Repaired?
yes but it would be cheaper to buy new1. Sometimes my sump pump will come on and sometimes not?Before you spend money on someone, check it out. Put enough water in the pit to elevate the float, if it comes on, great. Next, check the outflow (outside) to make sure it's not plugged. If it is, then unplug it and you should be ok. If you need to replace it, it will probably cost around 300.00, so check it out first. As far as what you are looking at, it's basically a bucket that the water seeps into, and then goes out the drain when the sump kicks on. You will need to find out where it daylights os2. I think my sump pump is broken I dont know what to doThis Site Might Help You. RE: I think my sump pump is broken I dont know what to do Ok, in my basement bathroom the toilet doesnt flush correctly, when I run water in the sink the water overflows in the garage and it comes out through the little black thing under the pump, same for washing clothes (washer is downstairs) everything upstairs is fine. If you need more info just let...3. Do I need a sump for my fish tank?no. Sump does nothing but add water to your system for stability. Often times, it's more easy to do dosing, topoffs, and water changes in the sump than it is the main tank. They certainly have benifits but a sump is not something that is needed. It can also hold your skimmer and heater so that all this stuff is not seen in the display area4. Do the newer EVO Sportsters wet sump like the older ones when they get high mileage?The umbrella valves have nothing to do with wet-sumping, they are there to prevent air from going BACK into the engine, a one-way (pcv) valve. ANY gravity fed oil system with or without a check valve, is subject to wet-sumping. The ONLY way to check for blow-by, without engine disassembly, is to do a leak down test on the engine when it is at operating temp at piston postions TDC, mid-stroke and BDC. Blow-By is a MAJOR cause of oil puking from the breather. Over filled tank is a VERY common reason for this for do-it-yourselfers.....not knowing PROPER procedures for oil draing and filling. Lucas is an EXCELLENT product, i use there synthetic stabilizer in my own bikes to help with the decrease in oil pressure with hot synthetic, increases oil presure about 5 psi. I recommend it for ALL standard petroleum oil changes, ESPECIALLY in hot climates....but it will not help with wet-sumping or blow-by. The ignition and cams have nothing to do with the oiling or breather system. EDIT: Ryde-On also has a very good point, it's rare, but it does happen.5. Setting up a sump tank for my 58 gallon marine tank?80 for pump and like 10 for overflow. And water will go from your overflow to sump then go through all the stuff you decide to make and pumped back to tank. In the sump you should make a compartment for your skimmer to take the water that's already in the sump and skim6. If you tie your sump pump into the main sewer line, is there a way to prevent backup sewage?in most cities that would be considered an illegal connection, check it out first, if it is allowed, great...all you would need is a check valve and you probably already have one on the pump7. How to designing a sink around a sewer pipe and a sump pump for my small basement bathroom? I need design help?You are really very lucky that you have a lot to work with there, the shelves in the adjoining room can be used as the start of the framing to create a recessed basin mirror type effect in the toilet. You would just cut out the dimensions of what I drew (if you were going with something like that) in the wall then frame out the opening to accommodate your basin-mirror, keep in mind staying inside the depth of the shelving. If you have an imagination you can do a good job of it. That pipe work will be inside the shelves, then cover with ply and paint. If you know what you are doing, you could get away with this legally for under $500 easily.
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