Problem with Amana Ice Maker Need Help Where to Replace?

Here in the US, Amana usually puts the model number label with Mdl. and serial on the very top of the fresh food section. With the control in front you have to stick your head in and look up. But they can be anywhere depending on the model. I have found some on other brands that were hidden by the drawers and only visable after removing them. Some are in the freezer. About the icemaker. Amana was buying all its icemakers from whirlpool. They are a little different in the case, but most of the parts are the same. Amana says there are no parts. They only sell it complete. BUT the whirlpool parts work fine. And the most common failure is the "head" of it. Called the module. It has all the switches, motor, and controls on it. What usually fails the most is the tabs that hold the timing wheel on. There should be two tabs in the center of the "wheel". You will see it when you remove the icemaker and take the cover off the motor end. Then if that white center wheel is loose you might want to try to replace just that. It will likely cost half the cost of the icemaker. I THINK you need to be sure to get a 220v one even if your refrigerator is dual voltage. But replacing the whole thing yourself is cheaper than a tech coming out and repairing yours. You might want to pull it out and go to a local appliance parts store for a replacement. If you do not want to wait for it. Keep the old one until you put the new one in. And there will be a part number on the icemaker itself. Since you asked for serial? of the icemaker that is on the back of the motor end. You may be able to see if without removing it. It used to be a white label on the black body facing the icecubes. Some are all white tho'. Good Luck.

1. my split ac was running but after some time cool air was not comming i observed that compresser was very hot?

You need to call a licensed HVAC contractor. Your compressor is more than likely cutting out on thermal overload. A switch in the compressor opens when it reaches a excessive temperature causing it to shut off. Once it opens, it only closes once the temp of the compressor has fallen back to an acceptable level. The fact that your compressor is overheating could, as the previous answer indicated, be caused by a dirty condenser coil. However, there could also be a number of other reasons that your compressor is overheating. These include a failed or degraded run capacitor, a failed or failing outdoor fan motor or a bad run capacitor that feeds said motor, a system being low or out of refrigerant, a system being overcharged with refrigerant, low line voltage to the compressor... Also, as compressors get older they sometimes will begin to require more starting torque due to the normal aging process of the equipment. If this starts to happen and the system lacks a 'hard start kit' (start relay and start capacitor) or has one that has gone bad, the compressor can pull lock rotor amperage at start up and instantly overheat itself. Without being there to get a good look at the system, I can not really narrow it down from here. You need to have someone take a look at all of these factors as running a compressor that is overheating will eventually destroy that compressor, and it the very least it wo not be cooling very efficiently.

2. I had my tie rods replaced, could something else have gone wrong?

The tie rod ends have nothing to do with the gas lines or motor. You been topping up the gas tank? If you fill the gas tank more than the auto shut off on the gas pump you flood the carbon canister which then feeds unmetered gas to the motor and floods it. That would make a gas smell!

3. How much should it cost to replace an outdoor air conditioner's motor?

If the motor is all He replaced, seems pretty steep. Motor cost him about $125.00. Unless it had special mounts etc. then maybe $250.00. Service call is good price

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Brushless motors are generally more efficient and so can make better use of the limited power available. However you still need to match the motor to the power source and load to get best efficiency. A few basic calculations can tell you what motor specs to look for:- First calculate what rpm the wheels must do to get the speed you want. A 12cm diameter wheel has a circumference of 0.377m. To get 2.5m/s linear velocity it needs to turn at 400rpm.Your motor has a Kv of 1400rpm/V, so if powered by 12V it should spin at 12*1400 = 16800rpm without a load. Under load its speed will drop due to voltage lost in the resistance of the windings. Loading depends on a lot of factors such as rolling resistance, aerodynamic drag, bearing friction etc. however assuming you can get the motor running at peak efficiency its speed may drop to 85% of no-load or 14000 rpm. Therefore you need a gearbox ratio of about 14000/400 = 35:1. The 11.5A maximum output current of your solar panels could be a problem with this motor because it draws over 1A just to turn over. Under acceleration it will try to draw even more current, but the solar panel may not be able to supply it so its voltage will drop and the speed controller might cut out. You should use a lower Kv motor that has smaller no-load current, eg. Scorpion SII-2212-885Kv which draws less than 0.5A at 12V. This motor only does about 9000rpm (12V * 885rpm/V * 85%) so for it you would need a 23:1 gearbox.1. How do you put a slip ring commutator in a homemade simple DC motor?You do not need slip rings; you need a commutator, which consists of segments that switch the rotor current flow as it turns. Make one out of a cork forced onto the axle, with coils of bare copper wire threaded through small holes in the cork. Brushes to feed the commutator can be made out of spring brass or other metal.2. Can you control a 12V Solenoid Valve using motor dev kit MCLV-2?Most likely something intended to drive a basic brushed DC motor can drive a solenoid, assuming the driver can output the required voltage at the current the solenoid will draw. However, if this "motor driver" is assuming there will be position feedback signals, like from a brushless DC motor, then it wo not work.Anything called a "motor driver" should be able to scale back the drive level to the motor from the maximum voltage it can put out smoothly to 0. If the motor driver can put out up to 24 V, then running it scaled back to drive a 12 V solenoid should be fine. This is usually done with pulses, where the duty cycle sets the overall drive level. A solenoid will be fine with that kind of drive. However, using a motor driver for a solenoid is gross overkill. If you have a sufficient power supply, which you need for the motor driver anyway, you can drive the solenoid with a simple low side switch and reverse diode. There is no need for the more complicated H-bridge drive configuration the motor driver probably has. The IRLML0030 is a nice little FET for the low side switch in this application as long as your power supply does not exceed 30 V. Its gate can be driven directly from a 5 V digital output3. Identify DC motor parameters using Least Squares EstimatorYou need to find out how the input and output relate in the FREQUENCY space. The transfer function is your frequency model.Here is the equation you should use if you want to fit your data to a first order filter. The input is a voltage you control. The output is the value from the encoder, which you probably have to convert to rotational postion or rotational velocity.What your doing is called system identification, and it's easy to do if you have a model with a low order.So take your data, vary the input perhaps by incrementing the voltage in steps (like 0.5V). Then get the output in rotational velocity. If the motor speed starts to trail off as the voltage gets higher, then a first order transfer function would be great to describe this behavior. Then in matlab, figure;plot( Input, Output) (I think I have the axis right) if you see something that has an amplitude like the picture shown from your data then you are on the right track. (remember the input is volts, the output is rotational velocity.)Now you need to come up with parameters from your low pass filter model. You could start punching values into tf([a],[tau a]) by hand to match your data, or you could use an algorithm. Here is a good tutorial on how to do thisMake sure you pay attention to units, your units will be in volts vs rpm or something like that. If your model does not look like a low pass filter and it has a resonance point, then you need to switch to a higher order model. The motor may respond like a bandpass (it does not turn at low speeds and then has a flat passband and then falls off the more voltage that you put into it) Then you would need to switch to a bandpass transfer function.
16 Epic Motorcycle Rides Across America We Can't Wait to Take
This iconic 68-mile pass is not known for quaint towns or relaxing cruising. What you will get is a dizzying climb and descent, abundant twists and turns, and some of the nation's most dazzling mountain scenery. "You can make a pit stop or two to photograph the scenic mountain lakes or to make a few snowballs deep into summer," says Melanie Musson, an insurance expert for and an avid motorcycle rider. "There's a possibility you may see wildlife like mountain goats, grizzly bears, or black bears. And since you will cross through so many habitats on your climb, there will always be a zone of abundant wildflowers." The pass is typically open from the end of May through mid-October, but check weather conditions before you go, since snow is possible well into June. Ca not -miss stop: At the western end of Beartooth Pass, Yellowstone National Park beckons. Close to the entrance is Lamar Valley, a prime spot to spy bison, elk, bears, and even wolves. Related: 23 Scenic Roads You Can Drive Only Around the Summer1. Do any of you recall using cooked starch before the spray fabric finish or starch?I used Niagara spray starch. Mom used Niagara cooked starch. The first things to get the "full strength treatment" would be Dad's white shirt collars and cuffs, then she would water it down some for the bodies of Dad's shirts, our blouses, bros' shirts, hankies, pillowcases (no sheets, tho), etc. She also used the Pepsi bottle/corked metal top for sprinkling clothes before ironing. Plus, she was a master of rolling up the clothes & packing into an oilcloth-lined bushel basket! She had a wringer washer & tubs, too. That wringer scared me to death, but she was very careful with it. She really had the knack of slinging it around over a tub, tho, & could feed sheets into the rinse water with the best of them. She was a petite woman & when I recall all the physical exertion required to haul wet clothes up those basement stairs, hang them outside to dry, empty the tubs. ..well, not sure I could've done it. Thanks, Mom, for all the work you did to keep us in clean clothes, come rain, shine, heat of summer, cold of winter...I think our clothes smelled cleaner and fresher than anybody else's in the world. :) Oh yes, and on rainy days & during winter the clothes dried on a fold-up rack over the floor furnace vent!.2. How do I work the reception venue's colors, centerpieces, tablecloths?You can get inexpensive tablecloths at a party store or at a place like Sam's wholesale . Get a neutral color, like the white or cream.Most of these are made of paper, but no one will notice. Put them over the black tablecloths. Sometimes you can get it in a roll and cut square pieces. If the tables are square, drape the paper cloths with the points of the squares where the chairs are. If the tables are round, still use squares for contrast. I do not know what your colors are, but match the flowers with the tablecloths and add accent pieces in your wedding color. Since it's summer, you might incorporate tropical fruit in the centerpieces. Even small pieces can be effective. Use tea lights instead of candles. They are safer and you can put them about anywhere.3. The Absolute Best Straw Bags to Buy for SummerThe summer trends of the moment are, first and foremost, controversial. My pointy cat-eye sunglasses and chunky dad sneakers upset my grandmother and attract funny looks from people on the street. I mean, I love them. I just know and accept that, to many, they are confusing. There's one trend, though, that's neither controversial nor confusing-one that everyone seems to be in agreement on. And that is the straw bag. Straw bags are pretty. They are beloved by cool people including Alexa Chung and Beyonc. And like that one leopard-print midi skirt, they are everywhere. They look good with bathing suits at picnics. They look good with floral dresses at weddings. They look good with carefree off-the-shoulder tops. No matter your style-or whether you "need" it-you could probably fit one into your summer wardrobe. Shop the best straw bags for summer below, from an affordable Jane Birkin-esque Etsy option to an upscale Coach one. (Because yes, even Coach makes straw bags now. Convinced yet?)
Motor Driving Circuit Using Hall Element
The brushless DC motor uses a permanent magnet rotor. The required number of Hall devices are placed at the appropriate position of the stator, and their output is connected with the power supply circuit of the corresponding stator winding. When the rotor passes near the hall device, the magnetic field of the permanent magnet rotor makes the energized Hall device output a voltage to turn on the power supply circuit of the stator winding and supply power to the corresponding stator winding to generate a magnetic field with the same polarity as the rotor magnetic field and repel the rotor from continuing to rotate. To the next position, the hall device in the previous position stops working, and the lower Hall device is turned on to energize the next winding, generate a repulsion field and continue to rotate the rotor. This cycle maintains the operation of the motor. Its working principle is shown in FIG. 13.Fig. 13 operation of Hall element in brushless motor (Hg is hall element)Here, the hall device acts as a position sensor to detect the position of the rotor magnetic pole. Its output turns on and off the power supply circuit of the stator winding and acts as a switch. When the rotor magnetic pole leaves, the previous Hall device stops working and the next device starts working, so that the rotor magnetic pole always faces the repulsive magnetic field, and the hall device acts as the commutation of the stator current.The hall device in brushless motor can use either Hall element or Hall switch circuit. When using Hall element, it is generally necessary to connect external amplification circuit, as shown in Figure 14. Using Hall switch circuit can directly drive motor winding, which greatly simplifies the circuit, as shown in Figure 15.Fig. 14 motor drive circuit using Hall element (h in the figure is hall element)FIG. 15 circuit diagram of directly driving motor with cs2018 Hall switch locking circuit (the coil in the figure is motor stator winding)Extended reading: Hall elements and their applications      Automatic recording and control instrument of cloth length based on Hall element
Is This Bad Starter Motor?
Sounds more like a connection problem or bad battery. Even if the starter was bad and the connections and battery were in good shape the voltage would not drop below 8 volts. Check for poor connection at the battery (both the positive and negative cables) The battery when charged up should show a static charge of 12.7 volts Hope this helps1. how does an induction motor work?The simplest of all electric motors is the squirrel-cage type of induction motor used with a three-phase supply. The armature of the squirrel-cage motor consists of three fixed coils similar to the armature of the synchronous motor. The rotating member consists of a core in which are imbedded a series of heavy conductors arranged in a circle around the shaft and parallel to it. With the core removed, the rotor conductors resemble in form the cylindrical cages once used to exercise pet squirrels. The three-phase current flowing in the stationary armature windings generates a rotating magnetic field, and this field induces a current in the conductors of the cage. The magnetic reaction between the rotating field and the current-carrying conductors of the rotor makes the rotor turn. If the rotor is revolving at exactly the same speed as the magnetic field, no currents will be induced in it, and hence the rotor should not turn at a synchronous speed. In operation the speeds of rotation of the rotor and the field differ by about 2 to 5 percent. This speed difference is known as slip. Motors with squirrel-cage rotors can be used on single-phase alternating current by means of various arrangements of inductance and capacitance that alter the characteristics of the single-phase voltage and make it resemble a two-phase voltage. Such motors are called split-phase motors or condenser motors (or capacitor motors), depending on the arrangement used. Single-phase squirrel-cage motors do not have a large starting torque, and for applications where such torque is required, repulsion-induction motors are used. A repulsion-induction motor may be of the split-phase or condenser type, but has a manual or automatic switch that allows current to flow between brushes on the commutator when the motor is starting, and short-circuits all commutator segments after the motor reaches a critical speed. Repulsion-induction motors are so named because their starting torque depends on the repulsion between the rotor and the stator, and their torque while running depends on induction. Series-wound motors with commutators, which will operate on direct or alternating current, are called universal motors. They are usually made only in small sizes and are commonly used in household appliances.2. is it bad to have a car with a lot of miles but new motor?well you got the tranny. that can go at any time. but if it is good then you will only have the odds and ends3. How does an AC motor work?Basically, an AC motor is a type of motor that is operated by an alternating current. It has two basic parts. First is a stationary stator and another is rotor.The above diagram shows the configuration of stator winding. I am giving an example for 3 phase motor. Hence, in above diagram A, B and C are the three phases. When the current is supplied to the windings, all the three windings become electromagnets. When the current reverses polarity of the winding also reverses.The stator windings are 120 degrees apart. Now, when the supply is given to the windings, only 2 phases of the supply are active and the remaining one phase is non-active or has no current flowing through it. Hence, the one phase which has no current flowing through it will have no magnetic field.Let us assume that at the start phase A has no current and no magnetic field produced. Phase B has current in negative direction and phase C has current in positive direction. Now, at some time 1, phase A has current in positive direction and phase B has in negative direction. While phase C has no current and no magnetic field. The resultant magnetic field vector has rotated 60 in the clockwise direction. Now at some time 2, phase A has current in positive direction and phase C has in negative direction while phase B has no current and magnetic field. The resultant magnetic field vector has rotated another 60.Now, after the end of 6 such cycles, the resultant magnetic filed vector would have rotated 360 or one full rotation. This is known as the Rotating Magnetic Field.Now, According to Faraday's law of induction,An emf induced in any circuit is due to the rate of change of magnetic flux linkage through the circuit.As the rotor winding in an induction motor or AC motor are either closed through an external resistance or directly shorted by end ring, and cut the stator rotating magnetic field, an emf is induced in the rotor copper bar and due to this emf a current flows through the rotor conductor. Here the relative speed between the rotating flux and static rotor conductor is the cause of current generation.As per Lenz's law,The rotor will rotate in the same direction to reduce the cause i.e. the relative velocity.The rotor speed should not reach the synchronous speed produced by the stator. If the speeds equals, there would be no such relative speed, so no emf induced in the rotor, and no current would be flowing, and therefore no torque would be generated. Consequently the rotor can not reach the synchronous speed. The difference between the stator (synchronous speed) and rotor speeds is called the slip. The rotation of the magnetic field in an induction motor has the advantage that no electrical connections need to be made to the rotor.where Ns is the Synchronous speed and Nr is the Rotor speed.THANK YOU FOR READING.Ashutosh Sharma ( )How does an AC motor work?.
How Do I Rewind a Ceiling Fan Motor?
Umm, an electric motor is not a clock, nor does it have a mechanical drive system like a clock so no, you can not "rewind" an electric motor. You can turn it backward or forward by hand but you wo not accomplish anything nor will you do any useful work1. What would cause a fan MOTOR to run BACKWARDS?Be careful, running a condenser backwards may cause damage. If it is a 3 phase induction motor you can reverse the rotation by switching any two of the three wires. If it is single phase then the motor usually has a third wire that will reverse rotation.2. Direct replacement for A/C Condenser Fan motor?Go buy a universal fan...It's going to last a long time for the 1/3 of the price. I would not pay over $75.00 for that size of motor. You will find out GE has went China too, and that motor will be no where the quality that your 15 year old motor is3. AI am replacing a condenser fan motor in an old Lennox unit.?This type of modification is hard to determine and give you advise unless a physical verification is done. For this one, I am afraid that you will need to call one of the money hungry heating techs in you city. Good luck...!4. need a schematic or info for wiring for a T35696-HP cooling fan motorJust use a brushless motor ESC (electronic speed control). Black wire not needed. I believe the ESC needs to be at least 30 amp or higher. I will be using a 30amp5. Are there general guidelines to attaching a rotor onto the output shaft of an electric fan motor?i am no longer an electric engineer, yet out of your description of the project, i will see no reason purely the tip of the rotor ought to warmth up. the only way this could ensue is that if the rotor have been improperly proper to three form of mechanical load, like a equipment or flywheel. Vibration could reason friction to warmth the element to touch. If the motor is not proper, it is very bizzare. possibly you have got here across a sparkling ability of producing warmth power making use of magnetic flux and a sturdy steel shaft. Artificially elongate the shaft and notice if the temperature maintains to upward push because of the fact the dimensions will strengthen. If the motor continues to be purely drawing 5.5 KW, this ought to be some unusual form of container result6. I have replaced my a/c condenser fan motor but didn't put the oil in it I bought the oil a put in it but it.?Probably. It is not low on freon is it?7. What will happen if I try to run a 7.5mfd fan motor with a 5.0 capacitor?you worded the question a little confusing, but the bottom line is you have to have the right size capacitor for the right motor or you will cause damage to the motor8. how do I test a fan motor of central air unit?If the motor in question is the cooling motor for the condensor outside, it is simple. First a little troubleshooting tip. Check the fuses if you are thinking the motor is bad, but just replaced it. If you replaced it with a used motor make sure the phases are correct. Residential uses single phase so I am assuming it will be residential service. Make sure you didnt put a three phase motor in its place. OK shut off the thermostat, shut off the power to the unit. pull the cover off the unit and check for any loose wires, burn marks, blown fuses, ground, anything unusual. If it all looks good find the relay that controls the motor. It will either be a "ice cube relay" or a manual relay. Ice cube relays look like a little clear box with a small control relay inside. Manual relays will be open,usually with 2 to 3 copper poles showing, in which case you can take your plastic screwdriver handle and push it in momentarily, after you turn the power on, to see if the motor turns. If it is a ice cube relay consult a electrician for the proper jumper setting to bypass the relay. Yyou can always do it the old fashioned way. Take the motor back out and propely hook it up to a external power supply of the same voltage and see if the motor turns. Whatever you do, be careful with electricity, it is not the voltage that kills you, its the amperage. If you do not feel comfortable doing it - DON'T. Good Luck!
Top Motorcycle for Rent in Goa
There are many reasons why goa feels so liberating. One in all them, of course, has everything to with one thing as basic as native transport. whereas in most different Indian cities you are dependent on personal automotive rentals that associate with a driver or should get on to an overcrowded bus or train, Rentrip offers you the very attractive choice of rent a bike in Goa and obtaining round the place on your own! Self-riding bike rentals give you the liberty to travel wherever you decide on, after you select. There's no driver shrewish you to get back to the hotel nor does one got to place up with a probably unclean automobile. Pay the cash, turn they key on your recently acquired bike or scooter and province is yours to conquer!It is no surprise that as before long as you step into province, you see variety of tourists — young and previous, male and female, Indian and foreign — cruising away on scooters and motorcycles. It's a splendid feeling as you narrow through the coastal breeze looking at the horizon of the sea. More information about:- Rentrip. in.• You May Also Want to KnowLane splitting on a motorcycle in California. Does anyone know of a web sight with the statutes so I may read?actually, lane splitting is NOT legal in CA ... if you go look at the laws in the links others have posted (no reference to “lane splitting“, only lane sharing which states only one vehicle per lane). although it is overlooked and permitted ... I worked in CA for a little over 2 years and it freaked me out with the number of bikes that were doing lane splitting, including CA Hwy Partol bikes. One of the CHP officers came to work for a presentation and I asked him about the motorcycle lane splitting issue, and he informed me there is no law on the books in CA that allow it but it is accepted there within reason (similar to others have stated above).Can a belt drive be used on an older motorcycle?It's always possible if you have enough money. You could have custom machined parts made if no one makes a conversion kit. You would have to change the tightening mechanism on the swing arm, too, another pricey bit. The real question is why? You have a serviceable motorcycle that needs a relatively minor maintenance done to it. $200 will buy the parts, and should give you 20,000 miles if you keep it tight and lubed. That would be my razor pocket rocket motorcycle battery not lasting long after full charge?When I needed a new battery for my grandson's pocket bike, I bought one from an electronic store. Same voltage and amperage but cost lot less than the one from the motorcycle storeAre thick motorcycle jackets bulletproof?Most projectiles designed to kill will penetrate a double layer of AnimaL hide as well as the animal's body. as most responders indicate a motorcycle jacket would be inadequate in that role for anything above the level of a pellet gunmotorcycle gear - Joe Rocket Phoenix Jacket?I've been in a simple 10mph laydown on one and It survived great. I was not paying enough attention and one of those “city titties“ got me. But you are correct in that they do not compare to real leathers in a 70mph crash. However most crashes that involve a motorcycle hitting something car, tree, etc no jacket is going to help you. In my opinion on the street during the hot summer a Joe Rocket jacket that you actually wear is way better than a set of leathers that you do not wear. Now on a track where you are pushing your bike to the limits, yes you should get full leathers, most wrecks you have on a track will be a lot more survivable than any real life wrecks.At what age can you start riding a motorcycle like the Kawasaki Ninja 500R?At what ever age you can get a motorcycle license in your local.Most places require a drivers license first now so I would have to say 17 yrs old as long as your parents say soDoes anyone have a positive outlook for a diesel cruiser motorcycle?Cruiser motorcycles are all about the sound and the look of the engine, and the way it feels while riding. I doubt that a diesel engine would ever be popular in a cruiser... Maybe in some of the little commuter bikes where economy is more important than appearance.Fire Dept. blue lights for motorcycle.?Contact your local motorcycle dealer. I know mine has done a few setups for the local firedeptour motorcycle was stolen in blue lagoon hotel , fort lauderdale. we dont what to do please help?!?If you rearrange the letters of Blue Lagoon Hotel you will spell out...theft insurance? If not, I am sorry to say that the hotel has no liability. Recovery of the motorcycle is unlikely. If you are insured file the claim and go bike shopping. Best o' luck.Can I buy a stock aprilia rs 125 and convert it to a racing motorcycle..?even if it truly is an ex race motorcycle then this is probable had the starter taken off because this is truthfully more desirable weight that is no longer mandatory for racing? Does it have a starter motor more fit ? take a seem and if no longer both in good structure truly one of get used to bump starting up it. frustrating to say with out any individuals understanding what mods were executed to make it race legalTell me why you wear flip flops on a motorcycle?you have 2 b a complete idiot for wearing flip flops on a motorcycle.. it is like asking to lose a foot - seriouslyAs a regular motorcycle driver in the city, how often do drivers not see you?I commute every day by scooter or motorcycle to go to my job location…About 10 miles a day. Every day , when I enter the Hospital gates or the private lane of my home, I feel quite relaxed..after some scaring experiences..The funniest was in YTK ..I was ridng my Guzzi Quota1000 in an intersection, and I 've seen an old lady on an old Fiat , that have to give me priority, entering quite slowly in my lane…I looked her in the eyes and she stopped…I made some meers and again she try co come out in front of me…sam scene. .she stopped…At the fourth stop… I was sure the old lady noticed I had priority and I opened a little of gas to leave the intersection. The ole lady made the same and hit my front wheel, ..The bike fallen , causing me a facture of a couple of foot fingers… She said: "I was sure you want to give me priority…. looking at me!"Bike riding in traffic is everytime a mental awareness exercise…i dropped my spark plug inside my gas tank on my motorcycle, what should i do?Do not drive it gosh you cold not answer that yourself you should not own a motorcycle i hope you do not live alone you will blow yourself up!What is the conversion rate from cc to cubic inches for motorcycle engines?Well, the conversion rate is the same if you are talking about motorcycle engines or wine or air. It is 16,38 cubic centimeter (cc) to a cubic inchWhy MUST we wear a seat belt in an enclosed car, but have CHOICE to wear a helmet on a motorcycle? Rediculous!Motorcycles are ridiculous in general when it comes to safety features if you compare them to cars. Cars have so many mandatory safety features like air-bags (for your head, side impacts, side curtains etc.) side impact beams built into doors, rollover protection, seat belts, electronic stability control etc., etc., that it makes me wonder how it's even legal to SELL motorcycles in the US at all. Motorcycle riders have helmets (if they choose to wear one - some states it's mandatory, some it's not) and leather/kevlar synthetic leathers (again, if you choose to wear them) and that's pretty much it for safety features. "Insane" is the exact word that came to my mind too.what are some great motorcycle for urban commuting and what are some web sites where I can get a lot of info?What you should look for is known as a commuter motorcycle. They can be found with a relatively straight seat and moderately raised handle bars which give a very comfortable and straight riding position. You should be looking at a displacement around 250cc maximum. I would recommend a visit to your nearest Honda dealer. They make the best and most fun to ride bikes. I speak from over 30 years of experience. Try it for yourself. They have a bike to suit each one of us.Why does the US use so few motorcycle police officers compared to Europe in crowded cities similar to European circumstances?The main function of motorcycle police in the US is lying in wait under bridges and in side streets to collect taxes from incautious motorists. If they have any other law enforcement function, I have not heard of it. I see quite enough of them in the last few days of every quarterly accounting period. Do not wish any more on us.What is the best motorcycle to get that isn't very loud for a first-time driver?Most motorcycles, even cruisers, are not very loud with stock exhausts. What bothers me is wind noise against my helmet: its very loud and annoying at highway speed, and can cause permanent ear damage after years of riding. Most of the time engine noise will be completely drowned out by the wind at highway speeds. I wear ear plugs if I am riding for extended periodsWhat motorcycle shoes/boots should I buy?Buying armor for a sport motorcyclist is a tough call. By the jacket he does wear armor (some do not ) ...maybe the majority do not wear armor of any form! The problem lies in the trade off between feeling exposed and feeling overprotected. I have a fully armored dedicated Sidi vertigo boot. What the salesmen do not tell you about is the incredible road feed back threw the stiff hard soles and the shift lever sensitivity threw the hard shift patch. It's the most wonderful thing I've ever had the fortune to have on my feet when throwing them over the top of a motorcycle seat! ....But NEVER try to walk any distance in them at all! They are as poor for walking as they are incredible for motorcycling! So if his pattern is to ride and walk Sidi boots are OUT! What I would suggest is a suit of rag silk underwear. There is nothing else like it! No added bulk! It traps a thin layer of insulating air next to the skin and will add 10 degrees or more cold riding temperatures. But never wear it without regular thermal wear over the top of the silk! Get the complete set: gloves, socks, top, bottom, and baklava!Why do some motorcycle riders think safety gear is stupid?I think you are wise to wear the gear in case some idiot runs into you. I recently saw a guy wearing the gear that you usually see dirt bikers wear (knee & shin guards) and it makes good sense to me. If you are going down, you know your knees are gonna hit that pavement hard and possibly ruin your knee for the rest of your life. I have a really nice reflector vest too that i wear when i ride the motorcycle. I recently saw a guy on a cruiser wearing flip-flops going 90 on the highway ! If he went down, he might easily lose his feet or toes to amputation. It stinks having to wear all that protection, especially in the hot weather, but it's smart. Some guys do not want to look like a coward and will say stuff like, “Hey, a jacket ai not gonna save your life“, and that may be true in a big crash, but in a smaller crash, knee pads and elbow pads, and a good jacket, boots, gloves, and full face helmet might save the rider from multiple surgeries and lots of pain.
I Bought a Motorbike (TVS) Recently and Observed That the Engine Heats Up a Lot. Is It Because the B
The engine gets hot when you ride more in low gears. Once u start riding good in top gears you wo not heat your engine that much as before.And also check wheather the engine oil level is at maximum. Low level of engine oil also heatsup more. As its new bike everything will be right but then too just check oil level.And if the cooling systerm of bike is water cooled or oil cooled just check the water and oil level too.1. What type of engine oil is used in a Suzuki Swift /Geo?Suzuki Swift 20002. TVS Apache Engine Oil Leakage ?I have purchased apache bike RTR 160 just before four month and i am facing a extreme problem of its gearbox i also given for service once. but the problem is again created after just a few kilometer drive so please provide me solution for that or any instruction i will very thankful to you3. What kind of engine oil should one use in a diesel?call your local toyota dealership and ask them. Over the years, they may have changed their recommended fluid types4. If i flood my engine with oil will that will help free up the pistons?No. Instead, remove the spark plugs and put a glug (like an ounce or so) of oil in each cylinder and let it sit at least 15 minutes. Put oil in the crankcase - three quarts is about right for this. Try cranking the engine. If it does not crank you will have to use a socket on the crank bolt to break the rings loose. Continue cranking for 30 seconds to get the oil flowing. Put the plugs back in and start the engine, then let it idle for a minute or so. Drain the oil (it will be really nasty) and replace the filter. Refill the oil and see how it goes. Hopefully the engine will have survived okay because it was not running when it seized. If you hear a tap that becomes a louder banging in a week or so you will have to get the rod bearings replaced before the crankshaft is ruined.5. Can I use 2-stroke engine oil for a 4-stroke engine?That is not really a good idea. First off, two stroke oil is a bit different than ordinary four stroke oil, as it is designed to mix with gasoline and lubricate all the moving parts that a four stroke engine does with splash or pressurized oiling. Quite often the two stroke oil is designed to mix one part of oil with up to fifty parts of gasoline, so it is going to be rather thick to splash around, or to pump easily to all the bearing surfaces and such6. Will SAE 10w-40 Engine Oil work in a John Deere LX172 Mower?Here is the rule of thumb for JD mower engines. On non-pressurized systems use a straight 30 weight in the summer. On motors that have full pressure systems you can run 10/30 or 10/40 in the summer. Any engine with an oil filter is a full pressure system by the way. Some of the early Kawasaki JD engines did not have filters but were full pressure systems anyhow. They just skimped on the parts!7. are engine oil and motor oil the same thing?Yessir, they are the same thing. Make sure though that you are using the correct wieght of motor oil. 10W-30 is usually a good bet8. What kind of engine oil?no just a good brand name9. Help!! Water poured in Engine Oil?blown head gasget...get compression test and leak down test...its gona cost u....800 plus10. Engine Oil for my Honda Accord 87?use Valvoline 30 Waite oil and if it smokes use Valvoline20-50 racing oil. my brother has a 95 Acura legion that has over 200,000 miles on it and he used 30 waite untill it started to smoke then he used the 20-50 and now it does not smoke11. What color is engine oil leak?1. Trannie Fluid is Transmision Oil - RED 2. Engine Oil if new - LIGHT IN COLOUR ALMOST CLEAR YELLOWISH depending on brand 3. Old Engine oil is Black 4. If the engine oil become tooo old it goes black like your is now & when its syrup like its very ancient *As for the leak, have them check your "Sump Drain plug washer", it might be worn & would needs a new copper washer. That might resolve your oil leak problem YOU'VE BEEN RIPPED OFF - BESIDES YOUR ENGINE OIL IS OLD NEEDS TO BE REPLACE
The Oldest Womens Motorcycle Club Is Strictly Feminine and also Badass
Dot Robinson soldiered through 500 miles of endurance tests. She forded rivers, waded through sand, scrambled up rutted mountainsides — all on a motorcycle. By the end of two days, she became the first woman to win the Jack Pine National Endurance Championship, which in 1940, was the two-wheeled equivalent of Daytona. Robinson dedicated her life to the sport, and would become known as the "First Lady of Motorcycling." But first, she was a Motor Maid.The same year she won Jack Pine, Robinson met another young bike enthusiast. Linda Dugeau wanted to start a motorcycle organization for women, inspired by The Ninety-Nines, Amelia Earhart's troop of female pilots. The pair set about recruiting for their new venture, the Motor Maids of America.The going was rough at first. The few women riders they did find were either outcasts or afraid to be seen as such. The prevailing assumption was that all women bikers were lesbian man-haters. And making solo trips around the country was downright dangerous, stereotype or not.For the founders, these fears would form the backbone of their mission. Beyond a social club, the Motor Maids would act as ambassadors for the sport, and offer a legitimate, organized, safe space for women to get more involved. In the first year, the group managed to secure 51 members from around the country.The original approach was cliche. As president, Robinson instituted a Motor Maid uniform policy: pink, with white gloves.During the first four years, the club grew slowly. Wartime gas rationing made it nearly impossible to hold meet-ups. But thanks to Robinson's reputation, the Motor Maids earned the support of Arthur Davidson, a founder of Harley-Davidson. The endorsement helped legitimize their pursuit. (Meanwhile, Robinson and her husband, Earl, operated a Harley dealership in Detroit.)On May 27 and 28, 1944, the Motor Maids met for their first convention in Columbia, Ohio. At the time, many members worked in the military as dispatch riders, convoy escorts, and couriers. Soon they voted to revise the uniform colors to blue and silver, with a shield logo. They would still wear white gloves for formal events and parades.The relaxation of the feminine standard seemed to appeal to women, and membership grew in the 1950s. Kansas City resident Aggie Hunt joined in 1953 because the Maids did not use starter buttons. According to a 2012 interview with the Kansas City Star, when she was 87, Hunt liked that they used kick-starters, which required a strong jump to roar a bike to life.In fact, the Motor Maids had lots of rules. In the 1950s, they still wore matching lipstick, but the main requirements were: A member must own her own motorcycle, and must conduct herself as a "lady" at all times. Applicants received a temporary membership card for a three-month probation period, during which time officers checked their character references and researched local gossip. If anything fishy came up, the admission decision was turned over to a secret five-person membership board for a vote. "Due to the secrecy of the board, you are never sure you are not sitting next to a board member, and it tends to help remind us to always be aware of the impression we make on others while in a group," according to a special Motor Maid section of American Motorcyclist magazine, in 1955.But do not get us wrong, the editorial argued, we are not a bunch of old fuddy-duddies. We have fun. In winters, when ridership dipped, Motor Maid chapters organized roller skating parties to "keep muscles active" for spring; they played BINGO and hosted motorcycle movie nights; they made trips to wineries or simply ambled off the road to pick apricots; they raised money for breast cancer patients and research. At conventions, they gave awards for the woman who had travelled the furthest (usually a Hawaii resident). In 1957, Hunt was a runner-up for "The Most Typical and Popular Girl Rider." She laughed at the memory: "They called us 'girls' back then. I do not know what the 'typical' part stood for."But mostly, they just rode together.Besides her active role as president, Robinson continued to compete. The mostly male establishment attempted to prevent her from racing, but she persisted and opened the doors for many women after her. Through it all, and despite the Motor Maids uniform change, Robinson stayed true to her own aesthetic. In her later years, she bought a giant pink Harley and rode it all over Florida, where she retired. Her favorite trip was a 6,000-mile tour through Australia, where she was born. She rode until the age of 85, when knee surgery finally foiled her passion. Estimates put her lifetime motorcycling mileage around 1.5 million. She died in 1999 at age 87.Cofounder Linda Dugeau moved to Los Angeles, the city of freeways. There she zoomed around delivering blueprints on a red Harley. As a safety precaution, she also wore a red vest and tied a long red scarf in her ponytail. She died in 2000 at age 86.Today, Motor Maid membership is about 1,200. Their most recent uniform change consists of black pants, black boots, a royal blue turtleneck, a white vest, and, yes, white glovesHow many women can relate to this, as well?I keep getting questions from you. You can reach me at Once a King always a King, but once a night does it
What Is the Best Starter Cruiser Motorcycle?
id stay away from the dimo j cycle1. What's a good starter motorcycle?Well, since you live in the Dallas area you will want enough power to stay safe if you decide to ride on the Highway. Also, texas has higher speed limits than most states. So, you should not consider these: Kawasaki Eliminator 125, American lifan, Honda Rebel 250, Honda Nighthawk as it has the same engine as the Honda Rebel. You want a bike that will go 80 mph and still have power to pass. The Suzuki GZ will go 80 mph. But barely and you would never be able to pass with it. The Yamaha v-star custom would be fine. There are several sizes. so, the 650, 920, 1100, would be fine for a beginer. However, I would not recomend the 1300 for a beginner. The Yamaha virago is Yamaha's earlier version of the V-star. and again this would depend on the size. Anything from 650to 1100 as the 250 does not have enough power for highway use in texas. There are other bikes you should consider too. Any v-twin engine rangining from 650 to 1100 would be suitible. Such as the Honda Shadows or Kawasaki Vulcans. You could even go with harley's 883 sportster if you can find one for $3000. The Suzuki Boulevard s40 I am on the fence about. It has a nice 652cc single cylinder motor. It is also belt drive which is nice. It has plenty of low rpm power which is friendly for the beginner. It is also light a manuverable. But, it was designed for the 55 mph speed limit and runs a bit buzzy at 70mph. I am not sure how it would do at 80mph. You would just have to test ride one to see if you would be comfortable at 80mph2. Good cookware starter set?Get a good basic boxed set. Everything a beginner needs is in there. I have some Calphalon that I really like, it was only about $300.3. 03 Honda Pilot, Trouble starting Vehicle?check the cables at the battery and starter , see if there isnt a bad ground4. Whats a good starter bike for me?I am 6'3" and around 325lbs and I ride a honda shadow 1100. I have no problem with anything related to size. During my motorcycle riders' course I was on a 200cc honda and had that baby going 65 in the parking lot... size really is not going to slow you down on a bike. Any bike will move you just fine. Believe me. Now, on the other hand, you have to look at comfort. I have a friend who's about 250 who rides a 600cc honda sportbike and loves it. I tried rididng it the other day and could not even turn the thing because my knees were hitting my elboes. The most important thing for you to do is find a bike that is not too big or too small, one that is not going to fall apart on you, and one that you will be proud to pull into a parking lot with. Sit on the bike and have someone at the dealer straddle the front tire so you can reach for the controlls with your feet. If you can not easily reach them or if it's uncomfortable to reach the brake or to shift the trans... you need a different bike. I only paid about 3 grand for my bike and it's required zero maintenance, I can ride it for looooooooong (8 to 10 hour rides are common) periods of time, and I feel great pulling into the local cruise night every time I can. Do not get wrapped up in the hype of "slowdown." Once you've been on a bike you will know what I mean. For the leathers, I use I got my leather jacket in a XXXL and it fits great. They also sell chaps and leather pants if you want lower body protection, but I've never sized them out, so I really can not help you with that one.5. What is a good starter venomous snake?You are like 15 right? You do not need a venomous snake A couple days ago you wanted a snake that got 8 feet non venomous, now you want a venomous snake?? Sounds like you are just a kid that thinks getting a venomous snake is no big deal something you can just randomly decide to get with no experience and hardly any experience with non venomous.. Having a corn snake or ball python for a year or two hardly makes you ready for venomous snakes
Hooking Up a Desk-top Pc in a Motor Home, Is It Possible?
It's probably possible, but I am not sure how "clean" the power will be (voltage spikes are not good for computers). Also, are you planning on running the engine while you use the PC? The power inverter may be rated at 1000 watts, but it's the motor home's battery or alternator that's providing the actual power, and batteries are not intended for continuous use1. DIY Lithium Batteries: Beginner's Guide To Building Your Own Battery Pack eBook: Sissney, Grayson H.: Kindle StoreBatteries have become such a part of our everyday lives that we do not notice them anymore, yet they serve essential functions. Think about the battery that is keeping your phone function or the battery in your laptop that allows you to work at remote locations. Electric bikes, hoverboards, digital cameras and even some types of vehicles rely on lithium batteries to power their electronics in the modern-day world. The problem is, lithium battery packs can be quite expensive, usually going for at least over $200 and they are obviously not tailor-made to fit your particular demands. Deciding to build your own DIY lithium battery pack is a great decision, and picking up this book tells me that you are interested in doing this. In this guide, I cover everything you need to know about building custom, tailor-made lithium battery packs. You decide what you want; then you build it. By choosing the particular specifications of a battery pack yourself, you can ensure that the pack can be customized toward the requirements of the project you are working on. I start my guide by telling you more about the process of building a lithium battery pack, including what you can do with such a pack and where they can be used. I also cover the basics of the different lithium battery types that you will find on the market today and point out which ones are preferred over the others, as well as why they are the preferred options. In addition to explaining all the terminology and other aspects there are to know about the process of building a DIY lithium battery pack, I also provide a complete step-by-step guide that tells you how you can plan the layout of your first lithium battery pack, how to find the right material and tools that will help you build a working, high-quality battery pack, and I also cover the process of installing a battery management system, an essential part of a battery pack that lets you effectively charge and discharge the device without causing an imbalance in the capacity or charge rate of any batteries included in the pack. Another relevant section covered in my guide is the safety guidelines that surround the building of your own DIY lithium battery pack. These safety guidelines should not be taken lightly, as potential hazards have occurred in the past with people who worked with lithium errors. Even though most hazards are not considered potentially harmful and usually only includes poor performance of the battery cell that has been affected, imbalances in the charge and discharge of these battery cells could potentially lead to more serious complications, such as the batteries exploding or catching on fire.2. mAh in rechargable batteries?The capacity of a battery, in mAh, is the product of time vs current, and is usually quoted at the 10 hour rate A 2000mAh battery will deliver 200mA for 10 hours, and approximately pro-rata, e.g. 20 mA for 100 hours. However, at high currents the full capacity is not realised - more energy is lost as heat. So a 2000mAh battery will deliver 2A for rather less than an hour.3. If I always keep my laptop plugged in with battery on, is it going to ruin my laptop battery?You wont believe me maybe, but the fact of the matter is, laptop batteries are basically a whole lot of double A batteries connected to a chip which communicates with the laptop, its hilariously a fact that Tesla, the car company does the same exact thing. Needless to say, todays batteries do not suffer the same fate as batteries made for U-Boats durring WW2, where you would have to fully drain, charge and repeat 3-4 times to get the best out of the battery cell. today's battery cells are simply double capacity batteries, when you charge one of the tiny little cells then discharge it, it dies, and the little chip knows to replace the dead cell with a new cell that hasnt bin used. So, long story short, no. you do not have to do all that crazy stuff or worry about something going wrong because batteries work completely differently nowadays then they did 40 years ago, AKA do not worry, there is no battery damage of any sort of you keep it plugged in, there are to many modern fail-safes in place that protect the battery.
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