Problem with Axent Wear Headphones LED Lights?

There is no point in fixing cheap gimmicks just like those because they are going to break over and over again anyway. Just ditch those and get yourself something from REPUTABLE manufacturers such as Sennheiser, Shure, Grado, Denon, AKG, Bowers & Wilkins, Bang & Olufsen, Etymotic, Beyerdynamic or Audio-Technica. These companies have ALL been around for DECADES, so they KNOW what REAL quality is all about! Therefore, they do NOT need any lousy rappers nor other celebrity wannabes to boost their sales.

1. Why are the number of small LED lights connected in a series to make one bulb not in parallel?

They are all to be operating on same current and its performance is current based. Hence it's in series chain , passing same current all along the circuit . It's just current decided device.As it's a current decided device , potential drop across it will have device spread and will slightly vary piece to piece ,though with in a permissible spread. This small spread in voltage drop while conducting , will make them not suitable for parallel operation.Thirdlly all these diode junctions have only a few volts of working voltage drop along with lower wattage of the order in single digits. To make them suitable for operating on utility power line ( 240V) directly and to produce light in the range of general using level, multi-diodes are connected in series . Why are the number of small LED lights connected in a series to make one bulb not in parallel?

2. How do I put LED lights into a dang Owl's eyes. ?

With epoxy. Power them with a 9 volt battery fed through a 470 ohm resistor

3. How to wire two LED lights in series to an on and off switch in my car?

Positive to power and negative to positive on the next led in series and its negative to positive on the switch. ----------0----(-)-------------0-----/ -------(-) The "0" is the bulb, the "/" is the switch. The short lead is negative and the long lead is positive.

4. Poll: What is with energy saving bulbs?

The energy saving bulbs last way longer,some even years,reducing the cost of replacing. The bulb also uses less energy with LED lights

5. Eveready Emergency Lights at Best Prices Available Online on Flipkart

As darkness sets in, we turn on the lights to keep our surroundings illuminated. But what if there is a power outage? Your home can still remain illuminated with the help of Eveready emergency lights. Eveready manufactures a range of emergency lights and lamps that run on rechargeable batteries, which will be useful during power cuts, especially during the summers and monsoons. Choose from an elaborate range of LED emergency lights online from your favorite shopping site. Go online to compare emergency light prices before you decide which one to buy. So, what are some of the features that make the Eveready rechargeable emergency light, a must-have on your table? Read on to find out; As the power goes off and you struggle to move without bumping into the different pieces of furniture around your house, the last thing you would want is an emergency light that is not user-friendly. Well, you do not have to worry about this as the range of emergency lamps from Eveready are portable and easy to use. They come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate the needs of every home. Eveready emergency lamps also have a sturdy body which enhances their durability. The intensity of the brightness is an important factor to look into while you buy an emergency light for your home. The more the intensity, the better the coverage. Most emergency lamps from Eveready make use of bright, LED bulbs provide sufficient light to your room. For example, the Eveready HL-51 emergency light is built using 40 LED bulbs and has a light output that stays on for up to 14 hours. That's not all, you also have the option to switch between two levels of brightness, depending on how bright you would like your room to be. Power outages can be irritating, but especially so when it is exam time. You can place a rechargeable emergency light on your study table and save yourself the hassle of looking out for an alternative light source. These emergency lights automatically switch-on when the power goes out and can be recharged for continuous usage. Eveready lamps make use of LED lights which do not strain your eyes, thereby helping you continue with your studies with minimal interference. You can buy emergency lights online and have them delivered to your doorstep. The use of an Eveready emergency light is not just restricted to the four corners of your home. If you are an avid adventurer who goes on treks and camps often, it is essential to have an emergency light in your travel kit. Most camps are set in places that have minimal resources and hence, carrying a portable emergency light with you would be a great idea. You can either opt for battery-operated Eveready emergency lights or the rechargeable ones. Some of the other features that come with an Eveready lamp include overcharge protection. This feature ensures that the battery is not overcharged, thereby enhancing the durability of this kitchen and household item.

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U can plug them into something counting on length of lighting fixtures fixtures u ought to blow them with the amp yet while u hook them into speaker terminals they artwork effective I also have a strip from Walmart plugged into my door audio equipment and that they artwork great1. Where can i buy a custom ps3 remote with LED lights and rapid fire ?The Sly sequence Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Jak & Daxter sequence Assassins Creed Assassins Crees: Ezio Trilogy Assassins Creed 3 metallic kit solid: The Legacy sequence Uncharted: Drakes Fortunes Uncharted 2: between Thieves Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim pink ineffective Redemption L.A. Noire Gran Turismo 5: XL version God of conflict Saga Borderlands: pastime of the three hundred and sixty 5 days version Borderlands 2 Bioshock countless (is composed of unique Bioshock) Batman Arkham Asylum: pastime of the three hundred and sixty 5 days version Batman Arkham city: pastime of the three hundred and sixty 5 days version COD: modern-day conflict 2 Off PSN: GTA Vice city - $9.ninety 9 GTA San Andreas - $14.ninety 9 Resident Evil 4 HD - $19.ninety 92. LED Lights on my motorcycle drain the battery! help!?Sorry your incorrect about a short. Kawasaki250 battery is not set to handle more power draw. The lights are not the problem it is the remote box. It still draws from the battery if it sits takes 2 week without being started.3. where can i get led lights?You can buy the materials you need at your local Radio Shack4. can anybody explain to me how i could instal interior underglow(led lights) to my car w/o the cigarete lighter?Just run wires straight from the battery for positive and negative5. Where can I talk to professionals for free about updating all my home lighting?There are plenty of resources online that might already provide you with the answers you are looking for. For instance, here's one article we've developed on upgrading to LED lights:Boost Your Home Value with LightingAnother important piece we put together includes a video and infographic explaining all the primary upgrade options:Replacing Your Incandescent Light BulbsThrough the blog, you are welcome to leave a reply with general questions and we will do our best to provide answers.Of course if you have questions specific to your home, then you will probably need to call a local expert and they may charge for their help. Where can I talk to professionals for free about updating all my home lighting?6. Convert my solar charged LED lights to AC?drgforconvertsolarlighttoAC7. How many LED lights are shining in your home right now?More then I could guess. Because after the standard Christmas Color Lights: 1) Then they are changed with Red & White for Valentine's Day, 2) Green & White For St. Patrick's Day. 3) Multicolor's for Easter. 4) Red, White & Blue for Memorial Day, Flag Day, Labor Day. 5) Orange & White for Halloween. 6) Back to Christmas. And that does NOT include all of the electronic devices, remotes, computers, phones, Dvr's, TV's, Microwave's, Blah Blah, Blah. I FEED the electric company. You should see how fast my Electric Meter goes around.8. How to Make a Fake FireThere's nothing quite like the gentle, warm crackle of a real fire. Unfortunately, there are many places where open flames are inappropriate or unsafe - for instance, during a stage production or at an indoor party. For these situations, fake yet realistic prop flames can create the atmosphere of a real fire without the risk. Add New Question What kind of LED lights am I looking for? Just standard colored light bulbs that I could plug into any lamp in my house? Look for a very small one that is soft white or even a yellow bug bulb but check that the socket it screws into has the correct base. LED wo not save you anything since the flame does not need much light. Ask at your local home improvement store. Instead of using a hot glue gun, what can I use? You could try Gorilla glue or just basic Elmer's glue, but the hot glue helps it to be more stable and stick longer. My friends and I are using cardboard logs for the fire. Is that okay to do? As long as it's not a real fire and the logs are not too close to the light. Where can I get a flat fan? A hardware store near you would be the best place to look for a flat fan. If that's unsuccessful, you can find one online. What kind of fabric works best for the flames? I would say either satin, silk, or felt. What is the cloth you use for the flame? Any light cloth should do the trick. Thin cotton is a good choice. You can even use tissue paper. What should the coals look like on my fire? Coals generally look like black lumps of rock with red embers around them. Do I have to add lights and a fan? You do not have to, but your fire will be much more convincing if you do. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Submit
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