Puppy Training Problems? (Kennel, Leash, Housebreaking?)?

Do you take her out RIGHT before putting her in the crate or do you play with her a little before hand?We had these similar problems with our dachshund poodle mix. For the first month she would always go to the bathroom in the crate, we just had to remain consistent as far as when we took her out, maybe you are expecting her to wait too long, different puppies have different size bladders just like humans so maybe try it one extra time a night and see if she's still having problems? And make sure she knows that outside is only for going to the bathroom. Our dog had lots of problems when we were trying to introduce her to the house after keeping her in the crate to potty train. Every time we played with her she would just randomly squat and look at us as she was peeing on the floor, we talked to the vet about it and she said to make sure that she does not think play time is potty time because when we took her outside she would go and then we would play around a little (throwing balls and things) she said make it obvious that outside is just for doing her business. You could also try making her crate smaller, they say it should only be big enough for her to turn around in that way she's not convinced to "s*** where she sleeps" and then gradually when she gets the hang of it being her sleeping only place make it bigger little by little. (I think this worked best for ours) And also I know you said not to say this but she is still VERY young and did not have a mom to help along the way as I assume you had in the past, some underestimate how much mommy dogs actually help out, just be patient and consistent. It may take a while (we had to be patient until she was about 4 months old because we got her from somewhere that taught them to go where they sleep and we had to completely un-train her of that first). Oh and also for the leash thing, is she on a halter? We found it harder for her to play with her leash when she was on a halter and do not give in to her and she will learn that its not a way out of going to the bathroom outside. And make sure you say "go potty" or whatever you are going to use a lot while outside and praise her when she does. Sorry it's so long but I hope it helped at least a little.

Puppy Training Problems? (Kennel, Leash, Housebreaking?)? 1

1. Do professional golfers use range balls or sponsored balls when they practice before tournaments?

All PGA Tour venues will provide the same ball the players play in competition, mostly Titleist ProV's. 80% of the Tour uses the Titleist ball, but they will provide Callaway, Srixon, Taylor Made, and Bridgestone as well...

2. Programming a AVR in TQFP package

What could be the problem here. Some of the possible problems include:I place the IC on top of the pads [...] I am sure this is making a valid electrical connection.I respectfully disagree that you can be sure every (necessary) pin is making a good-enough electrical connection, with the ATmega328P TQFP package just "laying" on top of the breakout PCB. In the past I have seen a junior engineer try the same "trick" (different MCU) and again, they failed to program it - but all worked OK once it was correctly soldered.I cannot solder it due to some constraintsSo fix your constraints (whatever they are) which are preventing you from doing that soldering. For example, if your constraint is lack of suitable soldering equipment, then try to borrow the equipment, or ask someone else who has the equipment to do the soldering for you, or use the DIP version of the ATmega328P etc. Until the ATmega328P IC is correctly soldered to the breakout PCB, you are probably wasting your time.That one picture of your breadboard, from an angle, and not including the full paths of all the jumper wires, makes it impossible for anyone reading your question to independently verify that the wiring is correct. You might have a problem there, which we cannot tell you about, since we cannot see all the jumper wiring. From the amount of breakout PCB pin length which is visible above the breadboard (e.g. see the photo where IC pin 32 plugs into the breadboard), you either have long pins soldered to that PCB or the breakout PCB might not be fully inserted into the breadboard.Looking at the soldering of the pins onto the top of the breakout PCB, they are a concern as several of them are "balls" of solder around the pin, instead of the solder flowing onto the PCB. This suggests the solder may not have made a good connection to the track on the breakout PCB, and again, that could cause problems for you.To illustrate the above two concerns, I have used part of your photo and highlighted them: Since your error message is the most general one (i.e.

Puppy Training Problems? (Kennel, Leash, Housebreaking?)? 2

3. A new twist on meat balls?

I have never made a meatball w/o cheese, and tomato sauce, an egg, and Italian herbs, garlic, etc. just add what your flavor buds like, sorry i just guess the amount. Hot peppers my stomach can not handle. I also use Italian seasoned bread crumbs.

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