Quick News: the First 5MW Unit of Xinghua Bay Phase II Offshore Wind Power Batch Project Was Success

The first 5MW unit of Xinghua Bay phase II offshore wind power batch project was successfully hoisted

At 23:00 on August 22, the hoisting of the first 5MW offshore wind turbine of Fujian Xinghua Bay phase II project was successfully completed and entered the commissioning stage, which sounded the horn of the construction of Dongfang wind power batch offshore wind power projects.

Since the implementation of Xinghua Bay project, the project team has overcome the adverse impact of the epidemic situation in the first half of the year, focused on epidemic prevention and control and production and operation, and orderly promoted the material supply, production and manufacturing, transportation and hoisting of 5MW offshore wind turbine units, so as to ensure the smooth output of the project units as planned.

In August, strong wind, rapid surge, high temperature and high humidity brought great challenges to the unit hoisting of Xinghua Bay phase II project. In order to ensure the construction progress of the project, the delivery center established a party member research team for the hoisting and commissioning of 5MW offshore wind turbine units in Xinghua Bay phase II, carefully prepared and closely organized to face off with harsh conditions such as hot sun, strong ultraviolet, high salt fog and humid air. With excellent technology and rich experience, the team cooperated sincerely to seize the small wind window period, Successfully completed the hoisting of the first 5MW unit of the project.

Completion of the first pile sinking of Guangdong Yuedian Zhanjiang wailuo phase II offshore wind power project

The first pile 6# pile sinking of PC section of phase II of wailuo offshore wind power undertaken by Longyuan Zhenhua was successfully completed.

Since the establishment of the project, all employees of the project department have worked together, overcome difficulties and organized carefully, and made full preparations for the successful completion of the first pile sinking operation. In early July, the transport ship of the stable pile platform arrived at the wind farm, which officially opened the curtain of the construction of the first pile sinking, and all the construction personnel were eager to try. It takes 3.5 days from the start of transporting the hydraulic hammer equipment, assembling the lifting lock, to the completion of the sinking of the pile stabilizing platform, during which the construction is carried out 24 hours without interruption, and the construction safety supervision is carried out throughout the whole process to ensure the safety of on-site construction. At 01:43 am on the day of pile sinking, with a loud hammering sound, the first pile (6# pile) of wailuo phase II officially began hammering. During construction, the verticality of the pile body shall be strictly controlled, and the flatness of the final pile top flange shall be 1.23 ‰, which meets the design requirements.

After the completion of pile sinking, the project department made a comprehensive and profound summary for the construction of the first pile, and reasonably arranged the construction process in combination with the previous successful experience, so as to greatly improve the on-site construction efficiency. In the following month, the project department successfully completed the pile sinking task of five piles (3#, 4#, 10#, 9#, 15#). As of August 10, the pile sinking task of six single piles of wailuo phase II offshore wind power project has been successfully completed, with an average flange levelness of 0.81 ‰.

The construction of 50 single pile foundations of Rudong h14# offshore wind farm project was successfully completed

On August 20, the construction of 50 single pile foundations of Jiangsu Rudong h14# offshore wind farm project was successfully completed with the successful pile sinking of No. 1 stand to the design elevation. This was the first victory of Luneng Rudong project department in the "six to one" labor meritorious service competition, which laid a solid foundation for the smooth installation of wind turbines.

Jiangsu Rudong h14# offshore wind farm project is located in Rudong offshore sea area, with an installed capacity of 200 MW, including the installation and construction of 50 single pile foundations and fans. Since the beginning of this year, the project department has adhered to overall planning for epidemic prevention and resumption of work and production, made plans in advance, timely adjusted construction and production, scientifically allocated key resources such as materials, ship machinery equipment and personnel, deeply studied the impact of meteorological, tide level, water flow and geology factors on pile sinking operation in the construction sea area, closely followed the construction window period, strictly implemented "one machine and one case", and optimized the construction process, It created a record of 10 single pile sinking in a single month and the output value of more than 100 million in April, June and July. Finally, all single pile foundation construction was completed on the basis of ensuring safety and quality. At the same time, the project department also applied the "Fengfan" of Sanhang to single pile sinking for the first time, and successfully implemented the floating transportation and pile sinking of large-diameter single pile for the first time in Asia. The performance service ability and scientific and technological innovation ability have been highly affirmed by the owner.

In the next work, the project department will take the creation of the "team brand" of the Third Navigation Bureau as an important starting point, cultivate and forge a professional offshore wind power construction project management team with high comprehensive quality and special fighting ability, continue to strive for the first, overcome difficulties and successfully complete various annual objectives and tasks according to the work deployment of "decisive battle in the third quarter and decisive victory in the fourth quarter".

Quick News: the First 5MW Unit of Xinghua Bay Phase II Offshore Wind Power Batch Project Was Success 1

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