Rate My Video Game Collection?

awesome dude that would be 9/10 from me :)

1. A Nice Collection of Classical Relaxing Music?

Hey, Kinda funny that being a Classical violinist, I listen to R&B before a performance! Here's a play list containing the results of my 10-minute research: 1. Mozart: Serenade 'Eine Kleine Nachtmusik' K525, 1st Movement (boring but relaxing) 2. Mozart: Symphony No. 40, K550, 1st Movement (same above!) 3. Vivaldi: Concerto in A minor, Op. 3, No. 8 4. Handel: La Rejouissance from Music for the Royal Fireworks 5. Bach: II. Largo from Keyboard Concerto No. 5 6. Bach: Air on a G string (LOL... sorry I could not help it) 7. Bach: Toccata in D minor (could not resist adding this- its awesome vampire music) 8. Handel: Alla Hornpipe 9. Bach: Minuet in G 10. Handel: Arrival of the Queen of Sheba ... and if you hate all of these, then go and borrow your mum's set of Andrew Reiu CDs... I am sure you will find something there! (Phew, I think I totally deserve best answer, do not you??) Hope this helps ;)

2. Do you have an unusual collection?

Not so very odd; German beer steins. But only the ones that have a makers mark on the bottom that says "Made in West Germany".(There is no more, "West Germany"...)Good thing that it seems no matter how many people I reveal that to, folks still do not realize what they are giving away or selling for a song. Seriously, I gained my oldest stein, from 1897, from a garage sale for less than a burger...They reflect the kind and hearty nature of the German people; loyal to their cities and legends, valuing art depicting people enjoying life, cynically comical when the mood strikes them....

3. Pay the bank or the collection agency?

Call the bank and ask them. I am sure you will have to pay the collection agency

4. What is the best child collection novel?

Thank you for the A2A nGottipati Venkata Madhumayi .This question took me down the memory lane. I will list out the ones that I used to enjoy as a child. Though some of these are not novels as such:For younger kids:n1. Aesoph's Fablesn2. Fairy Talesn3. Sinbad the Sailorn4. Peter Pan n5. Pide PiperFor Teenagers:n6. All books by Enid Blytonn7. Nancy Drew Seriesn8. Hardy Boys Seriesn9. Harry Potter Seriesn10. LoTRn11. Narnia seriesnHonorary mentions (not novels though):nOther comics and monthy magazines like Chacha Choudhary stories, Vikram-Vetal Stories, Champak, Gokulam, Tinkle and Chandamama.:)

5. Is knowledge the collection of ideas?

Partly so, but it also involves the proper organization of ideas and comprehension of what the ideas actually mean. Consider someone who can memorize by rote many presented ideas but who has no understanding of what any of them mean or how to make use of these ideas. If you asked the person to recite a list of the ideas they could do it easily. But now, if you asked them to explain what the ideas mean they could not

6. How big is YOUR makeup collection?

mines pretty big as well...i use dinair airbrush makeup and i have tons and tons of their foundation colors, eyeshadow colors, blush colors, bronzers, and so on ...i love their stuff!!!

7. What is legal for a collection agency?

this is so illegal . it verges on harrasement . in many states it is . two options report this to your state consumer protection branch . agent unemployed . file a police report also . or just call them freak out on them . give them a taste of thier own medicine see how fast they run to the police . pathetic people . bad attitudes . happened too me , i just ignored police threats . 3 people terminated . good luck

8. MongoDB: How can I copy all documents from collection A to collection B, without erasing the existing documents in destination collection B?

You can copy documents from one collection to another (keeping the existing documents in the destination) using various methods:export and import utilitiesA collection's cursorAn Aggregation Framework querymongodump and mongorestore utilitiesExport and Import:MongoDB database has utilities mongoexport and mongoimport which are run from the OS command line. The mongoexport command can used to export data to a JSON file from a collection and this file can be used to import into another collection using mongoimport. The imported documents are inserted into an existing target collection. For example:> mongoexport --db testdb --collection collA --out collA_exp.json> mongoimport --db testdb --collection collB --file collA_exp.jsonUsing a Cursor:From the mongo shell you can create a simple JavaScript script function to iterate the collection A's documents and write them to collection B. The collection's find() method returns a cursor and this can be used to iterate over a collection's documents. The cursor object has many ways to iterate and you can use any method. For example:shell> db.collA.find().forEach( doc => db.collB.insertOne( doc ) );Note, you can also write an application using a programming language like NodeJS, Python, etc. , to iterate over the source collection and copy the documents to a destination collection. MongoDB database data can be accessed from a programming language using an available driver software.Using Aggregation Framework:You can use an aggregation query to read from a source collection and use the $merge stage to insert to an existing destination collection. For example, from the mongo shell:shell> db.collA.aggregate( [ $merge: into: "collB" ] )mongodump and mongorestore:MongoDB also has binary export and import command line utilities mongodump and mongorestore. These can be used to export from a source collection and then import into a target collection - the data is inserted into the existing collection. For example:> mongodump -d testdb -c collA -o dump_dir> mongorestore -d testdb -c collB dump_dir/testdb/collA.bson

Articles recommandés
Data Collection Phases
Data Collection PhasesFirst Two Years of LifeAt approximately 6 weeks after birth, data were collected from interviews of the primary caregiver (usually the birth mother) and the collateral caregiver (the partner of the primary, usually the father). Data were collected from 1376 families in relation to 1398 children (including 22 pairs of twins). The ethnic mix of the original cohort was 47% Samoan, 21% Tongan, 17% Cook Island Maori, 4% Niuean and 11% other Pacific or non-Pacific. At 12 months of age, 1224 primary caregivers and 825 collateral caregivers were interviewed in relation to 1241 children. At 24 months, 1144 primary caregivers and 854 collateral caregivers were interviewed in relation to 1162 children. Details of the first two years can be found in a technical report. Transition to SchoolAt the age of 4 years, data were collected from primary caregiver interviews and separate child assessments. At the age of 6 years, data were collected from primary caregiver interviews, collateral caregiver interviews, child assessments and teacher evaluations. Towards AdolescenceAs each child turned 9, data were collected from primary caregiver interviews, child assessments and teacher child evaluations. As of June 2011[update], data on 11-year-olds are being collected from primary and collateral caregiver interviews, child assessments and teacher evaluations.— — — — — —What are the tools available for Twitter historical data collection?I have tried several tools for twitter corpus development and I think one of the most robust scripts for crawling tweets bypassing the Twitter API time limitation is the Jefferson Henrique's python script availabe at GitHub (Jefferson-Henrique/GetOldTweets-python).The results are identical with the Twitter search box and the output is written in a csv file— — — — — —What are different data collection methods for statistics?Here's my favorite method. It's called "skip all of that and just go to a data vendor"!Honestly though... data collection takes hours and hours and it's incredibly time/energy consuming. On top of that, you have to keep constantly recollecting and updating your charts so it stays accurateTo me, that's just not worth it. My time would be spent much better if I just received exactly what I wanted and it updated on its own. This way, I could just focus on what I wanted to do with the data in the first place.I personally like Intrinio the most for this. Here's a few brief reasons:They are known to be reliable and accurateThey collect and update the data automaticallyThey insert most of the data into Excel for youYou only pay for the data you use. Most other data vendors fill their data feeds up with way too much data, which causes the price to go up. This results in a bunch of people paying extra money for data they do not even need. Intrinio is not like thatAnyways, that's my two cents :)Hope this helps!-Full disclosure: I work for Intrinio.— — — — — —Data collectionDigital maps heavily rely upon a vast amount of data collected over time. Most of the information that comprise digital maps is the culmination of satellite imagery as well as street level information. Maps must be updated frequently to provide users with the most accurate reflection of a location. While there is a wide spectrum on companies that specialize in digital mapping, the basic premise is that digital maps will accurately portray roads as they actually appear to give "life-like experiences."— — — — — —Is there an app I can use for data collection?FReD is one of the best field data collection apps. You will get end number of options but you have to choose the best one. A good Field Data Collection App should be both Android and iOS friendly and it should lead to value-addition to the end-result of the related task and will bring improvement in the quality of output. A field data collection app should be able to: Schedule a project and event, Track feature that helps in monitoring time spent by each field reps, Capture field activity status and updates, Verify receipt and results on real time basis, Structure inventories and product catalogs, Capture critical data such as pictures, feedback, signatures etc. Take order and carry product-focused performance, Utilize during audits and field promotions— — — — — —At what point do you think a student's privacy is violated by data collection?My view is that student's data is purely for the student's academic "career" and should be treated as such. Thus, it has no business being in circulation outside of educational and academic institutes against the student's own wishes. If a student wants to celebrate their "A" grade by boasting about it on facebook or some other social media platform, then that is their business. If, on the other hand, a college or High School sells that information to some company... well then it's very much crossed a line and should be hammered with legal consequences.Others on this forum have suggested reforming the legal system to cover the new digital age. That is very much necessary. Not only do laws have to update punishment and definition of circurmstances, they also need to mandate new means of enforcement.
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