Relying on the Reserve of Intelligent Technology, "Songlin Package" Opens Up a New Track of "whole H

Late at night, when you go home and enter the door, the lights in the room quietly light up with your footsteps, the curtains close slowly, the fresh air system automatically opens to bring fresh air, the air conditioner automatically adjusts to a comfortable temperature, and the intelligent speaker automatically plays lyrical and relaxed songs... This is a dream home that few people yearn for and yearn for.

In 2019, the home decoration industry is surging, responding to customer needs, and the market is moving from customization to the era of decoration. At the same time, new technologies such as artificial intelligence and 5g are becoming more and more mature in the commercial field, and a revolution around human living space is becoming more and more intense.

Under the influence and pressure of the industry situation, many brands in the Pan home industry have accelerated the pace of transformation, integration and cross-border. However, limited by its own resources and development momentum, few enterprises or brands can really get through the whole packaging chain, and the whole house intelligence at the top of the pyramid is the "no man's land" of the industry.

Relying on the reserve of intelligent technology, "Songlin package" opens up a new track of "whole house intelligence"

The life cycle of the market and the gradual maturity of technology are an explosive new starting point for the development of enterprises. In order to welcome the arrival of this day, "Songlin outfit" has been prepared for five years. Since 2015, "Songlin decoration" has taken the lead in the field of smart home, and its AI team has invested a lot of manpower and material resources in the independent development and application of intelligent hardware and software. It is reported that at present, Songlin has obtained 788 domestic and foreign patents in the field of packaged products and smart home, and has achieved a global leading position in a number of core technologies such as liquid crystal display, electronic touch control and intelligent temperature control.

For "Songlin decoration", the "whole house intelligence" is not a simple combination of intelligent hardware and home decoration. Its core is to interconnect the terminal data collected by intelligent hardware in different spaces through the Internet of things; It is more important to accurately analyze the data and start a series of comfort modes suitable for different equipment.

Taking Songlin intelligent sleep system as an example, when users enter the bedroom at night, the air conditioner will be turned on automatically, and the light will be automatically adjusted to the best color temperature suitable for sleep; When the bed detects that the user is sleeping, the surrounding electrical appliances automatically enter the sleep mode. At the same time, the mattress turns on sleep monitoring to record the user's heart rate, deep sleep time and other data. Moreover, the sleep system data can also be exchanged with other Songlin intelligent systems: the intelligent kitchen system can intelligently recommend appropriate diet recipes through the user's sleep quality analysis report.

"Songlin decoration" is establishing a whole house intelligent system covering the whole living space by focusing on the lifestyles of different people.

Invest 2 billion to accelerate the layout of "Songlin decoration" and independently develop the whole house intelligent scheme

"Songlin decoration" is one of the dual engine strategies of Songlin Technology (Stock Code: 603992). In order to accelerate the layout of "Songlin decoration", the completion ceremony of phase I plant of Zhangzhou Songlin smart home park, a provincial key project in Fujian with a total investment of 2 billion yuan, was held in Zhangzhou changtailong on September 26, 2019.

It is reported that Zhangzhou Songlin smart home park is the fourth industrial park invested and constructed by Songlin technology after Songlin Technology Park, Songlin bathroom Park and Songlin kitchen and bathroom park. The park is mainly used for the R & D, design and production of smart home hardware and software, with a total construction area of 450000 m2 and the use area of phase I plant of 127000 m2. It is currently the largest park of Songlin technology and the leading single intelligent park in the world.

Industry insiders said that whether now or in the future, consumers will have to give up the mix and match of various brands if they want to build a complete smart home. For example, a brand kitchen, B brand bed, C brand lighting system. Because of different brands and standards, it is easy to have the problem of interconnection. In the context of weak connection, the forced whole house single product smart home is difficult for consumers to experience the whole house intelligent and convenient services brought by smart ecology in the whole scene. Therefore, the industry dominance will be grasped in the hands of a few brands with the ability to open up the whole house product chain and independent development of intelligent hardware and software.

With the completion and operation of phase I project of Zhangzhou Songlin Smart Home Industrial Park, it will attract more smart home technical talents for "Songlin integrated decoration", quickly promote the integration of "intelligence integrated decoration", and help "Songlin integrated decoration" seize the high point of independent R & D technology and intelligent manufacturing of intelligent integrated decoration.

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