Samsung Electronics Li Zairong Said That He Would Invest in the Sixth Generation Mobile Network and

Lee Jae Yong, vice chairman of Samsung Electronics, said the company would continue to invest in future businesses, including sixth generation mobile networks and system chips, Bloomberg reported. The South Korean technology giant is facing a rapidly changing global business environment, which has put pressure on profits.

Samsung said in an email statement on Sunday that the company's de facto leader Li Zairong discussed with Samsung executives last week the potential cooperation with platform companies in 6G mobile network, blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.

This is the first time that Li Jae Yong openly discussed the potential of 6G technology, because Samsung and its competitors, including apple and Huawei Technology Co., Ltd., are competing to commercialize 5g network-based services, which were launched in South Korea in April.

"We should challenge ourselves, build a new foundation and surpass our past achievements," Li said in a statement.

According to the statement, in addition to the guidance on the system semiconductor investment plan, executives also reviewed the risk response plan of Samsung's chip business and discussed the challenges brought by structural changes in the technology industry.

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