Sassy Indie / New Wave / Progressive Rock / Electronica Songs From Strong Women?

Sassy Indie / New Wave / Progressive Rock / Electronica Songs from Strong Women?

Sassy Indie / New Wave / Progressive Rock / Electronica Songs From Strong Women? 1

I am addicted to music- no, really people refuse to go to music stores with me! So, here's a few...however if in need of more I am loaded Metric: Gold Guns Girls Joydrop: Beautiful Ladytron: Destroy Everything you Touch Ayria: My Revenge on the World Noisettes: Do not Give Up Florence and the Machine: Kiss with a Fist Lykke Li: I am Good I am Gone Fever Ray: If I had a Heart VV Brown: Game Over hope this sets you on a good start!

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Why do Hollywood movies in the past 10 to 15 years always include a scene showing a girl beating up a guy?

Actually, "practically every movie" does not include that. But it appears that you are bothered by strong women.

Sassy Indie / New Wave / Progressive Rock / Electronica Songs From Strong Women? 2

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Is it more attractive for women to appear helpless and childlike in Japan?

Its (mostly) just the same as anywhere else.... Must women are not like this in japan, just some. Just like in US shows.... do all women look like baywatch girls ?, or are they all dumb blonde valley girls ? its different in different shows. some guys like strong women, some like feminine, some demure etc... There are plenty of japanese TV shows & anime with strong female leads. There are also certain fashons trends which emphasize this.. such as goth lolita etc... Thats just a very small percentage of girls in japan, but it gets alot of publicity. Don;t forget guys also dress up like this in Japan. To be fair there was alot more of this in the past... as with all western cultures also. But nowadays things are alot different, but also still in a process of change.

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What could be done to allow fighting between men and women in MMA?

It is a terrible idea..... The issues are:Males and Females have an entirely separate chromosomeDue to massive genetic differences between males and females, they are physically different.The rules for men and women are different. Grabbing a man by the chest while performing a TD or ground fighting is perfectly reasonable. A woman would likely be very upset. The rules would have to be changed. Men exist in a different average spectrum along a different bell curve than women. Male genetic and physical range is broader. As one example the strongest men will be much stronger than the strongest women. There are certainly strong women that can compete with some strong men, but if you took the 100 strongest people, they would all be men.... The weakest 100 would likely also all be men. Women's minimum values are closer to their maximum values on many genetic and hence physical traits, relative to men. They have double the X chromosomes, but lack a Y. This stabilizes their X chromosome traits. Men are less consistent based on genetics by extension but have broader ranges. I learned this from a female geneticists, and it is the result coming directly from genetic studies, just to counter any claims about sexist bias causing me to make this statement. Edge.orgThis combination of things would cause one big issue. MMA is highly competitive. Only the very best get into the big times. If we had men and women on the same docket, only some women would get in. It makes sense to have a common docket on professions where performance relative to a task is an issue, like combat marines or firefighters. It would be counter productive in competitions, where the performance is relative to a competitor along a common rule set. Women would be virtually excluded and left unable to compete at the highest level. Sure, they could go pick up matches with random dudes, but having a top female MMA fighter compete with McGregor might be a bad idea. They would be nearly completely prevented from having virtually any presence in the nation wide competition. It would be seriously dangerous for the women, because reality, physics, and genetics care little about whether we consider it "fair" for a woman to fight a man. They explicitly make it unfair.There are many hard working and talented women fighters. Some dedicate their lives to mastering their arts, skills, and trades. It would be like having men compete with bears just to unify the docket. Some men might be able to beat some bears, but it doesn't make sense to have animals from different genetic and physical backgrounds fighting in cage matches. Human males actually have greater genetic commonality with male bears than with human females, so unlike race issues, we are talking about actual genetic differences. There are exceptions. I mention Ronda Rousey routinely in response to such questions, because she actually has competed with men in her prime, and did really well. Some other women would probably make it on the board, but they would be disproportionately excluded. The marines are a good example when it comes to the impact from unified standards. There are women in the combat infantry, but barely.Allowing women their own places to compete allows them to compete, tragic but true.What could be done to allow fighting between men and women in MMA?.

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