Shenzhen Gongda Laser Completed 6 Million Yuan Angel Round Financing and Exclusive Investment by Dex

Shenzhen Gongda laser Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Gongda laser") announced that it had completed the angel round financing of RMB 6 million, and Dexun investment was the exclusive investor in this round. The financing funds are mainly used for the production and sales of the prototype of 30-50w sub nanosecond pulse fiber laser and the development of the prototype of 100W continuous and quasi continuous green fiber laser.

Founded in December 2019, Gongda laser is a scientific and technological innovation enterprise focusing on precision processing of short wavelength fiber lasers. Up to now, Gongda laser has obtained 3 national invention patents and 7 utility model patents for related technologies. It has independently developed and broken through the core technology. It is reported that Zhang Fan, founder, general manager and CEO of Gongda laser, has successively served in scientific research institutes such as Beijing Jiaotong University, China Southern industry group and Southern University of science and technology.

In 2016, after seeing the market prospect of fiber laser, Zhang Fan came up with the idea of entrepreneurship. Before starting a business, he did a lot of preparatory work. First, Zhang Fan quit his job at Beijing Jiaotong University, moved from Beijing to Shenzhen and started the research and development of Laser Engineering in China Southern industrial group; Since then, Zhang Fan entered the Southern University of science and technology to deeply understand the market demand and chose the subdivision field of green UV fiber laser.

"More than ten years of scientific research experience has given me a complete and clear understanding of fiber laser from theory to engineering and then to product marketization, so that I can quickly change from a scientific research worker to an entrepreneur. The reason why I decided to start a business full-time at the beginning of this year is that my preparation for entrepreneurship, technical maturity and market prospect have matured." Zhang Fan shared.

At the beginning of this year, the state vigorously promoted the new infrastructure and listed the scope of the new infrastructure. Many fields of the new infrastructure involve precision processing and processing of high anti-material.

Whether it is the new infrastructure or the upgrading of end consumer products driven by 5g, it will drive many demands for laser micro processing, laser stripping processing and panel processing. Zhang Fan believes that the lasers required for precision manufacturing in the future will develop in two dimensions: short wavelength and narrow pulse. Short wavelengths correspond to green and ultraviolet lasers, and narrow pulses correspond to nanosecond, picosecond and femtosecond lasers. The combination of the two is a laser suitable for precision processing of materials in semiconductor, new energy and 5g industries in the future.

For this investment, Zhou Hualin, senior investment manager of Dexun investment, said: "Dexun will generally consider from three dimensions: the foundation of the team itself, the willingness of the founder and the market space focused by the company. The founder and team of Gongda laser have 16 years of experience in fiber laser R & D and manufacturing, and have been in the field of green light and ultraviolet fiber laser for four years; moreover, the founder Zhang Fan took the initiative to move from Beijing to Shenzhen in order to start a business and resigned In addition, the laser has a market scale of 50 billion in China, and Shenzhen is also a gathering place for laser processing. In the future, with the development of precision processing, such as mobile phone glass panel, chip cutting, flexible circuit board processing and other fields, lasers will have huge application demand space. Based on the above reasons Therefore, we are determined to invest in the laser project of Gongda. "

It is understood that Gongda laser recently won the second prize of the final enterprise group of the electronic information industry in the 12th Shenzhen innovation and entrepreneurship competition. Zhang Fan also revealed that after the financing is completed, Gongda laser will launch 50W sub nanosecond green fiber laser and 20W precision processing optical device for UV fiber stimulated solar energy film, and will launch quasi continuous green light with high repetition frequency and high power Fiber laser.

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