Should We Buy a House with a Pool?

pools are expensive to maintain... figure between $300 and $600 additional on your electric bill each month, plus $100 in gas, if it uses a gas heater. add to that the cost of chems and service, which will probably run you about $250/month... not to mention repairs! You would definitely need a fence... a cover sometimes is more dangerous than an open pool.

1. Maintenance Costs for Mazda, Toyota, Subaru? ?

Reliability is a very bias opinion. As with all car makes, there are definitely cases where people "fallen on bad luck" and bought a faulty car. Maintenance expenses depend on what you need service on. In general, the oil changes and premium gas is all you really need to keep it running smoothly. As with the Evo, there is a oil sensor that the Warranty does not cover, so if you are going to be doing the works be extra careful not to damage anything. If you are asking about dealer oil changes, they can run anywhere from $50-$80. Since it will be your daily driver, I would suggest the Legacy GT. I has AWD and turbo (if that's what you are looking for). It also has a lot of the benifits the STi offers, but it also offers a softer suspensions for the pot holes on your way to work

2. Windows Server 2003 W3SVC Failing, Brute Force attack possibly the cause

Maybe, but treat them as symptoms and make sure the theory fits.The recycling event is just a "the app pool reached its 1740 minute limit" message. Meaning your website had been running for 29 hours (assuming it's got the default recycling settings) and then the recycling time limit kicked in. Recycling, by default, starts a new process before the old one goes away. This means that any interruption in service is minimal (depending on how long your new process takes to initialize), but not nonexistent.But it's really, really hard to tie that to any sort of brute force of RDP, is not it? Got anything more than correlation of events?.

3. If you are a beginner in sewing, do I need to try out different machines or which would you recommend to buy?

Do not be sucked in to buying something expensive. All you need is a normal machine that does straight stitch and zigzag. I have been sewing for years and have never used the other options on the machine. That said, buy yourself a trusted brand. Too many dodgy manufacturers out there, and your machine will give you service for years. Do not forget to oil it. Happy sewing

4. Why would anybody buy an American car?

I own a Toyota Solara convertible and a Hyundai SanteFe. Both are 2002's. The SanteFe has 128000 miles and I have absolutely no complaints about this vehicle. The interior has held up very well and still looks fairly new. I have replaced the rear shocks, power steering hoses, brakes (twice), battery (3 times) and replaced the original tires at 92000 miles and it's still going strong. I have NEVER gotten that kind of service out of an american vehicle (including Harley Davidson motorcycles) The Toyota, on the other hand, may have well have been a domestic. At 110000 miles the interior is shot and the cost of repairs, well I might as well be making payments on a new car.

5. How do you go about mentioning business names in a book?

You just mention them, being absolutely truthful about their product or service. Document your facts, because when you portray a real business in a poor light, you open the door to lawsuits unless you can prove the truth of what you said. For that reason, many authors re-name businesses they are going to say something negative about. But you can be neutral or positive and use real names. Make sure you follow the company's own use of capitalization, plurals, and possessives--Legos, Levi's, Jell-O, etc. It's certainly better than writing: Howie was not used to breakfast. Maybe that's why he felt queasy after wolfing down two English muffins topped with sausage patties, circles of cooked egg, and cheese. All the rest of the day, he had only fruit gelatin dessert and quiescently frozen fruit bars.

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