Shutter Speed Digital Photography Ideas?

difficult factor. search in yahoo and bing. it may help!

Shutter Speed Digital Photography Ideas? 1

1. whats a good site where i can learn about aperture, shutter speed, and exposure?

Aperture - the iris thingie in the lens. The larger the number, the smaller the hole that light has to pass through before it hits the film (or sensor) Also, a larger number will make a larger range of things appear to be in focus. But you will need to increase your shutter speed. You already have a great camera for learning firsthand what these each do. Put your D40 on S, and play with diffrent shutter speeds. Then, put it on A to experiment with different aperture sizes. Then learn how to shoot in Manual mode using the meter. No website can teach you what thousands of photos worth of experience can.

2. how to use the right shutter speed and aperture?

Think of the aperture as your iris in your own eye. The more it opens up, the more light goes through to the rods and cones in the back of your eye. Same with the camera. There are a couple things to remember when thinking about the aperture setting. Firstly, aperture settings are measured by f-stop numbers. If you have a camera with a removable lens, each lens you put on the camera will have its minimum and maximum aperture settings. The lower the f-stop, the MORE light we allow in. The higher the f-stop, the LESS light is allowed in. Wider f-stops (like f/2.8) will cause a SHALLOWER depth of field - while it lets in tons of light, it also has a short focus range. (DoF.) These lower aperture settings are great for personal portraits - they tend to allow crisp focus on the subject, while making the background blur nicely so that all your attention is given to the subject. Narrower f-stops (say f/16) will give you a LONG depth of field (DoF) allowing you to focus on close and far objects. This is the kind of setting used for landscape photography, where you want pretty much everything to be in focus. So when you use Aperture priority, you are telling the camera - hey, I want a certain depth of field - you adjust the shutter speed depending on the type of light and ISO setting. This is a useful setting for when you are shooting flowers, people and landscapes. When you are on shutter priority, you are telling the camera you do not care what the depth of field is, you NEED a certain shutter speed to either: stop motion blur, or for low-light settings where you are using your hand to shoot (do not shoot below 1/60th if hand-held) or you are intentionally wanting motion blur, so you set the shutter down to 30 or 15 or lower. Manual - there's a lot of childish sophistry going on in the circles of photography. You may read "only REAL photographer's use manual." This is wholly fabrication and as I said, childish sophistry. Manual is a great feature that many point-and-shoot cameras do not have. It's VERY handy when shooting from a tripod - a fixed location, on a fixed scene. Manual is the WRONG mode to try to shoot a dynamic subject - such as a football game or a beach scene where things are moving around in several directions. I've met plenty of amateur and pro, semi-pro alike who have lamented using manual only to miss that one great shot because they could not get the settings done quickly enough to capture an unfolding event. I know I have. I've shot over 200,000 frames in this last year alone and when I've been in manual, I've mentally recited the steps to switch quickly to shutter priority or program mode to get something quickly that I was not expecting. The best way I found for myself to learn how to set things up is to read the manual, read some forums about certain photography subjects that may interest you, and poke around on places like Flickr and look at the 'more properties' settings on each photo - many of them will show you the mode, shutter, ISO and aperture settings for the specific shot. ISO = roughly equivalent to the old film 'ASA' - speed of the film. 50 = slow to react to light. 1,000 = VERY quickly reacts to light. If your camera allows you to change the ISO, always shoot as LOW as you are able. Try not to go above 320, as the electronics produce significant noise levels and tends to ruin otherwise great shots. And do not beleive the propaganda from camera makers and owners who claim their camera can go way high and see no noise. It's bunk. So, simple things to remember: 1. Aperture controls amount of light, and depth of field. 2. ISO controls how sensitive your electronics will be to the light allowed in by the aperture. 3. Shutter controls motion - as well as how long the electronics are exposed to the light. Faster shutter = less exposure of light, but also has the effect of stopping motion. If you want to freeze the wings of a hummingbird in flight, try 1/500th of a second using ISO 320 on Shutter priority. For great night shots, you want to actually go the opposite way you would think - you want a SMALL aperture - to maximize the DoF, with a LONG shutter release - 15 to 30 seconds and above. Always use a tripod, and never attempt to use your finger to release the shutter. Buy a remote shutter release, or at minimum, use the camera's internal timer and experiement with it. Cheers and happy shooting!!

Shutter Speed Digital Photography Ideas? 2

3. Reducing the shutter speed makes my image white. What can I do?

Most people would tell you to alter your f stop but I understand that for a lot of people that's the priority.In case you want to lower your shutter speed in a very low lighted condition then lower your ISO if you have not already I am sure it would be enough if it's something like capturing the stars at night but if you are trying to lower the shutter speed in broad day light or any location with a lot of light one method I use is to use a ND(neutral density) filter. It will take you some time to get the right ISO and shutter speed to get the right image because your ELI(exposure level indicator) wo not be of much use if you use a ND filter. Of course this is for those who cannot change the F stop simply because of the frame. But f stop is the easiest way to do but personally I love the shallow depth and compromising that would not be such a good idea

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