Since an Electric Motor That Spins in Reverse Generates Electricity, Is There a Difference in the Am

There's no free lunch associated with electric generators, or motors built to serve as dual purpose motor generators. If the car is COASTING, no electrical energy is being returned to the battery.If the driver is using the BRAKES, or if the car is so programmed that when you let off the pedal, it automatically applies the brakes, then the wheels of the car serve as the MOTOR to drive the motor/ generator which normally drives the wheels. The motor serving as a generator will supply electricity to the battery as long as the car is EITHER slowing down, or going down a hill, but otherwise it CAN'T .The amount of electrical energy returned to the battery is always less than it took to get the car up to speed. Some of the energy is always lost as heat or friction.

1. what electric motor do you need to lift 200kg at a height of 10 meters for 3 seconds time.

200kg is 1960 N. To lift that weight 10 meters is 19600 Joules, or 19.6 kJ 19.6 kJ in 3 sec is 6.53 kW 6.53 kW is 8.8 HP You need to allow for losses in the pulley and in the motor, so you probably want a 15 HP motor. You can get either 1 phase or 3 phase motors. .

2. Bike with an electric motor that you can also pedal?

i am incredibly particular you should place a motor related to the pedals of a motorbike so as that as quickly as you pedal you will create electric powered contemporary. Then that contemporary must be run right into a battery and/or after that run to a motor that drives the wheels. that's a balancing act, the motor used to pass the motorbike could use extra electric powered ability than you may create on the pedals. as a effect you may lengthen working down the battery even if it rather is easily going to run lifeless ultimately

3. Quick Electric motor Wiring question(pool pump)?

Unfortunately, the cable is out of focus, but if the end is frayed, and appears to have broken off somewhere, look for a terminal with a frayed end sticking out of it. My guess is the terminal near the red line, where the line makes an angle. There appears to be the broken end of a crimp lug, like the one that holds the green wire. Look closely at the remnants under that nut and see if something was broken off, as it appears. Then get a new lug and a crimping tool and crimp the black wire to it, after removing a bit of insulation. But if my guess is correct, there is part of the lug missing and it could be down inside somewhere.

4. Why is my 1/4 hp 110v 3450 rpm electric motor slowing down?

the motor slow down because not enough torque due to small hp rating, which you can feel the motor is heated up

5. can i repare a n electric motor if i drop water on it and gave it's last breath?

It depends on the type of motor. Some larger motors can be rewound. Smaller motors are usually cheaper to replace than repair.

6. what electric motor do i need for this creation to run?

You should use such tyoe of motor which does not effect our environment and makes less noise

7. A toy electric motor can be used to generate electricitiy.?

A magnet and a coil of wire, one of which must spin to induce current in the coil

8. What size of electric motor can carry someone?

Your question is to vague. Even the smallest motor could move a person if geared correctly, although very slowly. 1hp = 735watts. So if you can pick an application that needs a 1hp gas engine then an electric motor that uses approximately 735watts will be roughly equivalent. Not counting friction and resistances of coarse.

9. I want an electric motor that is speed variable. Should be controllable to move an 8" diameter circular plate?

Try an old fan motor. It turns about 1800 rpm, use a belt drive to change the speed down to about 60 rpm and then change the drive pulleys to reduce them some more. Hope this helps

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