Smart Homes Are the Future of Luxury Real Estate

Smart Homes Are The Future of Luxury Real Estate

Smart Homes Are the Future of Luxury Real Estate 1

A smart home can be considered as the epitome of luxury in today's tech savvy world where increasingly home automation is almost a prerequisite of top-tier luxury real estate. Luxurious lifestyle acumens such as electronic glass shades, mobile video security systems and voice activated entertainment systems are almost the norm today. But what does the smart home of tomorrow look like? You deserve the peace of mind you need. You are not meant to go through your day with unnecessary stress. Getting smart security can help to regain some of your sanity. 62% of American smart home owners claim better security as the top benefit of owning a smart home. Connect smart alarms and smart CCTV to your phone and monitor whatever you place under surveillance. 3 out of every 5 Americans buy smart products for this purpose. Smart security products are among the most used products on the market. Enjoy the control you deserve over the things that matter most to you. The day is soon approaching that you wo not need a personal chef. Smart kitchens are making it easier to cook your own restaurant quality food. Smart kitchen appliances will connect to each other and to your phone. You are able to monitor and control your smart appliances without even being at home. These units are equipped with the latest cooking techniques. This ensures you a healthier diet. You will consume perfectly cooked dishes with lower amounts of fatty oils. These smart devices will connect to the internet. You can download recipes straight from the internet. Then have your smart fridge read it back to you as you cook. These devices have onboard cameras. You can access the live footage on a smartphone app. You can look inside your fridge from anywhere you have mobile reception. Cars are not exactly homes. But they are a vital part of your life at home. Smart cars are becoming more prominent. Soon you will be able to access your smart devices at home through your car. Analysts believe that 152 million cars will be connected to the internet by the year 2020. Movies at home can even be more comfortable than going to the cinema. Connect your smart entertainment systems to each other. Then enjoy a seamless experience as you browse all your different subscriptions. Do this from the convenience of your TV. Smart Speakers can be connected to your smart TV to give you a surround sound effect. Movies at home may soon be better than the cinema. Healthy sleep patterns help to fuel successful people. Smart homes have ways of giving you a better sleeping pattern. Smart devices can track your sleep and awake you in lighter sleep cycles. You will feel much better when waking from a lighter sleep cycle. Then let your smart lights and blinds react to your alarm. You can even connect a smart coffee machine to your morning alarm system. Once the alarm goes off the coffee machine makes a fresh pot of coffee. These devices create a virtual platform. All your smart devices then connect to it. Smart assistants act as mediators. It helps different products to communicate with each other. It's the center point of collection for all your smart devices. Sometimes certain smart products do not work together. Then consider buying a smart assistant and smooth over the communication processes. Smart assistants depend on a technology called the Internet of Things (IoT). This essentially means smart devices connect to the internet and to other smart devices. Analysts believe IoT will drive revenue of more than $300 billion in the year 2020. One of the greatest ways to automate your home is by adding voice control capabilities. There is a growing demand for this technology in America. 72% of Americans with smart home products want voice control capabilities. You will even be able to make purchases over smart home products by simple voice commands. Smart homes are ready to perform your every command. The home is not the only thing being automated. You can now automate your backyard as well. Smart lawn-mowers are simple in its application. It only cuts grass. But the way it does it is simply genius. They have GPS technology to cut your grass without your help. You just need to map out your lawn on it's GPS system. Set up the cutting schedules on the dedicated smartphone app. Now watch your lawn mow itself. Smart lawnmowers will return to its charging dock before it runs out of battery. It will even stop from cutting any grass whilst bad weather like rain and snow is present. Smart sprinklers connect to the internet. You can control it from anywhere over your smartphone. These devices want to help save water. Set up the watering schedules and let it run its course. It will notice rainfall in your area. The watering schedules will be postponed after any rainfalls to compensate for the extra water received. Why Would You Want A Smart Home? Smart homes are brilliant at saving money. 45% of American smart home owners save an average of $98.30 per month. Smart homes help to automate your home. This helps to save you lots of time. 57% of American smart home owners save about 30 minutes per day. That adds up to more than 180 hours saved in a year. What can you do with an extra week per year? Devices like the smart lawn mower do all the hard work for you. You do not have to bend your back to everything anymore. Save water and save the bills that come along with it. Doing your part for the future of the planet will actually make your life cheaper too.

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