Some Led Questions

Do you want to know about led? Here are some frequently asked questions.

1. How is light produced by the led?

Let us first consider a quote from one of the world's greatest physicists and co-inventor of modern Quantum Electrodynamics (which he essentially visualized and formalized by building upon the work of Dirac), Mr. Richard P. Feynman America's greatly admired 25-year old Manhattan project wiz kid and all around curious characterI think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics.In solid state physics there exist discreet energy levels known as quanta. This means that there are energy levels where no electron states can exist due to the quantization of energy.Semiconductors have two charge carriers: the electron and the electron hole.(image from Diode biasing a fantastic site, which I highly recommend you visit and read about Zener and avalanche breakdown or simpler concepts that are equally awesome and illuminating Energy stored in a capacitor)Neither electrons nor electron holes actually actually exist. Electrons are best to assume are real, but a very specific credible argument can be made that they are merely a convenient representation; electron holes are quasiparticles .Electron holes can be thought to carry a positive charge equal to that of an electron created by the movement of vacancies in the valence band.When P-Type and N-Type semiconductors are joined this is called an a P-N junction and this is the basis of transistors, diodes and light-emitting diodes. N-type semiconductors have electron charge carriers whereasP-Type have electron hole charge carriersAside: these different semiconductor types are created by doping the semiconductor with another element to change it's properties.So essentially, LEDs use electrical current to create electron holes which induce higher energy state valence band electrons to move to lower energy levels. Conservation of energy tells us that no energy is gained or lost so the net effect of this transition is the creation of a photon of a wavelength dependent on the energy level difference between the conduction band and valence band. These bands are separated by impossible energy states called the band gap.Therefore, electron energy levels are divided into the valence band which is a high energy state and the conductive band, which is a lower energy state.LEDs move electrons between the valence and conductive bands which are separated by the band gap, which are energy level states that are not possible. So when you apply the correct forward voltage across the P-N Junction an electron moves to fill the electron hole created and in the process emits the decreased energy as light of a specific wavelength. That light can be modulated by a material like Phosphor to achieve a stokes shift and change the color produced.In an LED, how is light emitted?

2. What led to the idea of God?

A number of things:1. The fact that humans refused to believe the fact that death is the only certain thing in life. We could not accept this and that's why we invented a place called the after life where humans live forever and where they are not bound by mortality. And to enter this place, one person will Judge you on the things you did in your life. This person is called God. This theory became usefull for the leaders back then. With this theory they could better control people for their own benefit.2. The fact that in the past we could not explain certain things in life (like thunder, rain, sun, nightfall,. ..) and because of our lack of understanding we just attributed these things to mystical powers or persons. Later on those mystical persons were named Gods. I am sure that there are more explanations about this topic, so feel free to comment them.

3. Illegal to have LED headlights?

No they are not illegal at all. The only thing that's illegal is blue strobes or any blue lights like the 5-0 have. Most cars actually come standard with high output LED's or Xenon bulbs nowadays. I would recommend Xenon over LED because of the output and lumen level. LED's just do not reach as far as I would like them too

4. Fabricating LED lights on to gloves??

Radio shack will sell you the led's LED's work on .7(not seven volts point seven) Volts but you can push them up a little higher without blowing them Each LED has 2 wires one slightly longer than the other the longer is the positive. Brush up on the kerchovs voltage laws of voltage drops (laws of parallel and siries) then you will have what you want to know.

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