Sudden Loss of Sex Drive?

Sudden loss of sex drive?

Sudden Loss of Sex Drive? 1

My friend was just recently married and was telling me her guy has no sex drive. My guess is that your bf might be depressed for whatever reason. Doesnt mean you did anything wrong. Try and think if anything else has changed. Does he have a past of being unaithful to his gf's?

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wheres my wife's sex drive and intimacy?

As gently as possible, express your concern over your lack of sex, and ask her to tell you if anything is bothering her. Also suggest that she see a doctor to deal with any medical issues

Sudden Loss of Sex Drive? 2

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Why is my sex drive so high lately?

i had this recently lol but i have a bf. so it was good for both of us ;) i think its normal and girls just go through these phases. mine lasted about a week or two and now im back to normal. anyway u gotta be careful. dont just hook up with a bunch of randoms. thats probs explains it lol cuz it messes with ur sex drive cuz of hormones changing and all

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what's the best way to jump start your sex drive?

Watch porno and imagine u r doing it with another man but not with your hubby

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I feel soulless and have no emotions or sex drive. I cant Laugh or cry anymore or love is it spiritual?

If you do want to get feeling soulful and to have spontaneous emotions and sex drive, you must try and regain the primeval natural lay-out and outlook of your life. For a start you must try and be a good or better fighter at what good you are doing and loving to do or are expected to do (must do) for hopefully your own better survival. In the field of tension with your feeling emotionless and soulless and hopefully your own more growing perspicacity, from a level of better nurtured own energy you may soon be achieving an awareness of warm confident glow in your life and that would make you more soulful and getting some good and even ardent emotions and perhaps also some sudden outburst of sex drive. Ways of corroborating your own good material and ethereal life-energies may be through better more health-promoting food perhaps lovingly prepared by you for you and for family and or for good friend or friends, through better moments of more corroborating rest at night or whenever you may need it, through better hours of more sun-kissed amusement in good company or perhaps all on your own, through going and doing a social sport or work with great perspiring exertions, through going and lovingly tilling a great garden in your free time for wonderful flowers and or for delicious fruits. So also you might try and do in order to hopefully become soulful, in order that some ardent emotions spontaneously might come to surface in your heart, in your mind, in your eyes, in your face with the glow of much healthier life. While corroborating your own good energy, in your life in whatever good you are doing and loving to do or are supposed to do (must do) also especially in your good necessary creative interactions with others for hopefully your own happier survival, you do want to be the good actor; then you are the good actor, the braver co-pilot of your own life, the fiercer hardy more daring higher flying co-pilot unto your own future, unto your own destiny. So and also especially in your necessary interactions with others in your world you are more diligently co-working at building up, or more passionately adding up to, some great events and some good perhaps wonderful memories for a future; wonderful memories for your own future! Now that passion seems to be absent within you, or hidden, you may try and through your diligent will-power do so that passion and the warm emotions and the glow of wondrous life may decide that it is great to again be with you, to again spontaneously emanate from you. Good thoughts of a better emotional life and good luck to you!

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Low sex drive.. Girls only please!?

Birth control can definitely affect the libido. Ask your doctor for a different kind of birth control and go from there.

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