The Arrival of 5g Is Pushing the SMS Industry into a Golden Age

"In today's China, if there is any life opportunity that can ignite the passion of a generation and make young elites have hope for themselves and the future, it can only be entrepreneurship." a documentary film on entrepreneurship released earlier this year wrote in the opening preface.

With the advent of the mobile Internet era, the emergence of various new industries and industry forms dominated by the communication industry provides more opportunities for entrepreneurs. Duan yuluo, CEO of Xiaoyuan technology interviewed by reporters from all media in the communication world, is an Internet entrepreneur. His entrepreneurial project is closely related to the communication industry - Smart SMS. On the morning of September 8, when the reporter met Duan yuluo at Xiangshan Hotel, he had just finished his morning course, which was a business school course specially prepared for business leaders of new economy leaders. The average valuation of the company where the students worked was more than US $1 billion.

"This is also one of my daily work, constantly learning, absorbing new knowledge and communicating with excellent peers." Duan yuluo is a standard technical man with frameless glasses, polo shirt and jeans on the bridge of his nose. But now he has done little technical work and more decision-making in company management.

Twelve year Jinshan veteran

"When I was a child, my dream was to be a programmer. When I graduated from college, I went to Jinshan software. I have reached my ideal career in one step," Duan yuluo said.

In the process of Jinshan software, Duan yuluo gave himself a satisfactory answer. He led the team to complete the major special project in the National 863 information field - WPS office 2005, which is a domestic office suite with complete source code level independent intellectual property rights. When Microsoft office is in a monopoly position, the emergence of WPS office 2005 has greatly improved the international competitiveness of China's high-tech products. Year on year Microsoft Office   According to the sales quotation of 2005, WPS office 2005 saved 600 million yuan for national government procurement. With WPS 2000 and WPS office 2005, Duan yuluo won the second prize of national science and Technology Progress Award in 2001 and 2007 respectively.

Later, Duan yuluo turned to the field of information security, led the development of Jinshan drug bully series products, developed Jinshan "cloud security" platform, provided information security services for Internet enterprises such as Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent QQ and Microsoft MSN, and protected the information and property security of hundreds of millions of network users.

Photo note: in 2007, Jinshan drug bully won the grand prize of the Asian anti virus conference

Although it seems to outsiders that Duan yuluo's career has reached a certain height, he is still not satisfied. "In Jinshan period, I have basically done in hot fields, whether WPS, Jinshan drug bully or Xishanju. In this era of active capital, talents and market, I want to devote myself to entrepreneurship, serve the country and achieve myself." in 2012, Duan yuluo left Jinshan software after 12 years in office.

Eight years of entrepreneurship, a narrow escape

Duan yuluo's entrepreneurial inspiration comes from an ordinary SF express message.

"This message tells me that the package has been delivered, but I also want to know where the package is now and when it can be delivered? It's too troublesome to copy the express order number to the app again and again."

So he had an idea and sprouted the idea of making scene intelligent SMS based on communication messages. Although wechat was developing rapidly that year, SMS was gradually ignored. However, Duan yuluo believes that there are great opportunities for scenario based enterprise SMS. Compared with app, SMS has a more front-end entrance advantage. If it can be fully and reasonably utilized, its service capacity can not be underestimated. Its service fields include not only logistics, but also banking, securities, aviation, etc.

But entrepreneurship has never been an easy road. In the early stage of entrepreneurship, Duan yuluo also encountered many life and death choices.

"We once wanted to build an app, but the installation cost of the app was too high and the wastage rate was very high. Finally, we made a very difficult decision to contribute the core technology of the existing app and cooperate with mobile phone manufacturers and application developers." Duan yuluo said

It takes a lot of courage to burn two years of hard work, but Duan yuluo believes that since we want to optimize the use experience of enterprise SMS for users, we should start with the underlying system of mobile phones to build products, rather than developing apps that need users to install additionally. In 2014, "Xinxibao" based on semantic analysis engine technology came into being.

Figure note: performance form of Xinxibao smart SMS terminal

It includes mobile phone entrance SMS, number identification, SMS official account, SMS, notification bar, smart card clip, smart wearer and other special products. It can be combined with SMS application to provide mobile Internet system level intelligent service distribution and scene traffic entry. Is Duan yuluo's decision from "shipbuilding" to "borrowing a ship" correct? More than 40 in-depth cooperation Android mobile phone manufacturers, more than 30000 contracted customers in various industries, more than 100000 service scenarios and more than 1 billion end users may have answered this question.

Photo note: the first smart SMS innovation ecological Summit

The persistence of the long termist

As an indispensable part of the historical process of communication, the development and change of SMS also reflects the development and change of China's Internet economy. SMS service has experienced a glorious period of development in the past 20 years. Although the share of personal point-to-point SMS has been declining in recent years, corporate SMS has always maintained rapid and vigorous development, with a growth rate of more than double digits.

A huge market means all kinds of temptations. In 2017, Xiaoyuan technology had two options when faced with commercialization and liquidation due to the surge in the number of users. One option is to direct SMS traffic to cash loans, which is the method of "making fast money".

Duan yuluo said firmly, "we don't think this kind of money can be earned. People will use our products because of trust. If they give up their original intention because of the choice of interests, they will pay a painful price in the future." therefore, Xiaoyuan technology chose another way to help them do a good job in enterprise services through cooperation with companies in banking, aviation, railway and other fields, Let communications empower these enterprises.

"When enterprises encounter difficulties and interest temptation, don't forget your original intention. We should consider both economic benefits and social benefits, which is what we entrepreneurs should think about," said Duan yuluo.

In the era when everyone is not optimistic about SMS, Duan yuluo led Xiaoyuan technology to realize a revolution in scene SMS. In the era of sustained, rapid and vigorous development of enterprise SMS, Duan yuluo is calling for establishing industry norms and strengthening industry supervision. He believes that the future development of operator information should be based on the clear rights and responsibilities of enterprise private domain traffic, protect the rights and interests of enterprises and consumers, and jointly establish industry norms. For Duan yuluo, whether he is a man or an entrepreneur, he should be a long-term person. All decisions are based on long-term development rather than short-term interests.

The golden age is beginning

Throughout the development history of human Internet, it is developing from PC information content Internet to mobile service industrial Internet. With the advent of the 5g era, based on the joint empowerment of 5g and artificial intelligence, the terminal will be able to intelligently process the multi-dimensional data of users' time, location, behavior habits and even physiology and emotion, push the required services to users more accurately, realize the business to actively "find users" and realize the business "service people".

"Once the content is produced, it can be separated from the creator, and the service can only depend on the operator from beginning to end. The communication industry is developing faster and faster. After the arrival of 5g, the global communication industry is paying attention to the enterprise market. Short message is the most direct means of B2C connection because of its natural code advantage. Short message will enter a golden age due to the arrival of 5g." Duan Yuluo thinks that mobile phone number will become the OpenID of the industrial users. The Telecom Internet is the main trend of Internet plus. Only the telecommunication Internet can achieve the real sense of the broad industry empowerment. Looking forward to the future, Duan yuluo is obviously confident.

"Hope Telecom Internet helps the real industry, practice Internet plus, and revitalization of the country through industry." at the end of the interview, Duan Yu Luo told the reporter solemnly such a remark. As a communicator and entrepreneur, he has a deeper understanding of the eight words "never forget the original intention and forge ahead" than others.

Photo note: Duan yuluo and his team worked in Australia villa in 2015

In fact, we often pay too much attention to the fame and wealth of successful entrepreneurs, but ignore their efforts and contributions to social progress, technological progress and cultural progress, and ignore the challenges and pressures that they have carried and will continue to carry behind them. We should give them more support and understanding, because every firm and persistent entrepreneur is a force to push forward this era.

Source; Communication world

The Arrival of 5g Is Pushing the SMS Industry into a Golden Age 1

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