The Cold Winter of the Washing Machine Market Is Coming, and the Desire for Survival Stimulated by t

According to AVC monitoring data, in the first quarter of 2019, the retail volume of China's washing machine market was 8.31 million units, a year-on-year increase of 1.0%, and the retail volume was 16.4 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 0.6%. It is expected that in 2019, the retail sales of washing machine market will tend to be depressed or even decline slightly, and the growth of retail sales will be further narrowed.

Some people say that the winter of the washing machine market is coming, but in fact, the overall poor is not too bad. The desire for survival stimulated by cold winter may bring more energy.

Some analysts pointed out that at present, the number of household appliances per 100 Urban Households in China basically tends to be saturated. The data show that the number of 100 households of urban residents is 94.20, and the number of 100 households of rural residents is also as high as 84. When the demand for upgrading is dominant, the only way to achieve success in the market with declining total volume is to continuously upgrade the product structure.

"As one of the household appliances with extremely high penetration rate, washing machines have gradually entered the upgrading period from the popularization period. In the next few years, China's washing machine market will remain stable as a whole, and the technical upgrading in the fields of washing, care and health will become the main iterative direction of products. With more and more healthy washing machines emerging in the market, the market competition in 2019 is likely to focus on health The functional technology in the field of health has been expanded, "said Xu Dongsheng, vice president of China Household Appliances Association.

Indeed, in recent years, washing machines are most mentioned as "washing" and "protection", which is a sign of the upgrading of consumption quality. "Washing" has become a basic daily need, and the concept of "protection" has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Correspondingly, in order to meet the needs of consumers for service quality: sterilization, mite removal, ultrafast washing, normal temperature washing, self-cleaning, washing and drying integration, WiFi intelligent control and other functions have become the hot spots of consumers and washing machine enterprises.

The Little Swan ultra micro water purification magic cube technology only needs 50% detergent, which can also achieve the same decontamination effect, with less residue and healthier. Panasonic nanoex nano water ion technology has a sterilization rate of more than 99%. The intelligent delivery function of Hisense warm men's x7plus washing machine can help users deliver detergent accurately, up to 0.1ml. Haier's "dust-free washing machine" cancels the design of the outer barrel, and even the drainage hole at the bottom of the barrel is fully closed, so as to fundamentally solve the problem of stain residue in the inner barrel. TCL X10 washing machine ultrasonic cleaning can clean jewelry, eyes and wearable equipment

It can be seen that consumer demand is changing and enterprise R & D direction is changing. What remains unchanged is that enterprises have always been on the road of innovation. According to Wang Cheng, CEO of TCL intelligent terminal business group, in the next three years, manufacturers that only produce a single category and those that cannot provide connection integration services for users will be out. Only those who can provide a full range of intelligent terminals and create connection integration smart scenes for users can become the ultimate head players.

Analyzing the market trend of washing machine, we should not only see changes in stability, but also see worries in change. If "change in stability" emphasizes the high attention of enterprises to consumer demand, then "worry in change" highlights the complexity and severity of the external environment. On the one hand, it is faced with adverse factors such as the sharp rise in the cost of raw materials and the subsequent impact of real estate regulation; On the other hand, Sino US economic and trade friction has not only become the largest variable of China's stable economic growth, but also aroused the concerns of all parties in the market. It can be said that in 2019, which is already on the road, there are still many uncertainties in the market situation, but the survival of the fittest, enterprises can still show their vigorous vitality through the tenacious efforts of products, service channels, business models and other links.

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