The Following Items Shall Be Considered When Selecting the Fresh Air System

2020 Spring Festival is destined to be an extraordinary Spring Festival. The epidemic of New Coronavirus has gradually spread to many provinces and cities throughout the country. Various rumors about pneumonia epidemic prevention spread widely, making it difficult to distinguish between true and false virus protection. In families with fresh air installed, staying at home during epidemic prevention can open the fresh air, effectively isolate the air with bacteria and make people breathe freely at home.

An epidemic tells people all over the world that life is so fragile in the face of disease. Having health is the greatest wealth of life. After the epidemic, install a fresh air system at home.

1、 Introduction to fresh air system

Fresh air system is a set of independent air handling system composed of air supply system and exhaust system. It is divided into ducted fresh air system and ductless fresh air system. The ducted fresh air system is composed of fresh air fan and pipe accessories. The outdoor air is purified by the fresh air fan and introduced into the room, and the indoor air is discharged through the pipe; The ductless fresh air system is composed of fresh air fans, which also purify the outdoor air and lead it into the room. Relatively speaking, the ducted fresh air system is more suitable for industrial or large-area office areas due to its large quantities, while the ductless fresh air system is more suitable for families because of its convenient installation.

2、 Ventilation principle of fresh air system

The fresh air system uses special equipment to supply fresh air to the room on one side of the closed room, and then discharges it from the other side to the outside. A "fresh air flow field" will be formed indoors, so as to meet the needs of indoor fresh air ventilation. The implementation scheme is to use high wind pressure and large flow fan to force the formation of new air flow field in the system by means of indoor air supply from one side and outdoor air discharge from the other side with specially designed exhaust fan. While supplying air, filter, disinfect, sterilize, oxygenate and preheat the air entering the room (winter).

3、 Function of fresh air system

The first function is to update the indoor air polluted by living and living process with outdoor fresh air, so as to keep the cleanliness of indoor air up to a certain minimum standard.

The second function is to increase heat dissipation in the body and prevent discomfort caused by skin moisture. This kind of ventilation can be called thermal comfort ventilation.

The third function is to cool the building components when the indoor temperature is higher than the outdoor temperature. This kind of ventilation is called building cooling ventilation.

4、 Installation advantages of fresh air system

1. Provide fresh air 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, continuously provide fresh air for the room, and can enjoy the fresh air of nature without opening windows to meet the health needs of human body.

2. Expel harmful gases, effectively expel all kinds of unhealthy or harmful gases such as oil fume odor, CO2, cigarette smell, bacteria and viruses, and can avoid the harm of second-hand smoke to children, lovers and the elderly at home.

3. Mildew prevention and odor removal can discharge the humid and dirty air in the room, eradicate the odor, prevent mildew and bacteria, and prolong the service life of buildings and furniture.

4. Reduce noise pollution, no need to endure the disturbance caused by opening windows, and make the room quieter and more comfortable.

5. Dust prevention: avoid a large amount of dust caused by opening windows, effectively filter outdoor air and ensure that the air entering the room is clean.

5、 Disadvantages of fresh air system

1. Loss of indoor cooling (heat) capacity the fresh air system cleans the indoor air conditioner through continuous exhaust and air supply. When the air conditioner is used at the same time in summer, it will cause certain loss of indoor air conditioner, and the same is true in winter. However, total heat exchanger (a kind of fresh air system) can reduce indoor energy loss and save energy.

2. There is a certain investment in the early stage, and the price of purchasing fresh air system is related to many factors. The price is cheap, the performance is poor, the energy consumption is high, and the comfort is not enough. The better intelligent fresh air system has relatively more investment in the early stage. Of course, the later cost recovery of this kind of fresh air system is also fast.

6、 Can the fresh air system remove formaldehyde?

The fresh air system can not eliminate formaldehyde, but it can be diluted, because formaldehyde and other pollutants are released continuously and slowly after the decoration of the new house. The whole process may last more than ten years. The fresh air can change the indoor air once an hour, and fresh air can be introduced continuously to dilute the indoor pollutants when the window is closed.

7、 How to purchase fresh air system?

1. The air volume is crucial to the air volume. The principle of fresh air is to inhale outdoor fresh air into the room and "drive away" the original indoor air, so as to ensure that the indoor air is fresh and aerobic. Large air volume, fast ventilation, and indoor pollutants are not easy to accumulate; Small air volume and slow ventilation can not solve the problem at all. The average indoor height of buildings in China is about 2.7-2.8m. According to this standard, an indoor space with an area of 80 square meters is about 216 cubic meters. In other words, for an 80 square meter house, when the air volume of the fresh air purification system reaches 216 m3 / h, the air exchange can be guaranteed once an hour. The larger the air volume is, the faster the ventilation will be, and the fresher the indoor air will be. Therefore, it is recommended to select a fresh air system with sufficient air volume and meeting the indoor air quality standard according to the size of the indoor space.

2. If you want clean air, of course, it depends on the filtering effect of the fresh air purification system. The filtering function of the fresh air purification system depends on the filter screen inside the machine. The air inhaled by the machine from outside is filtered through the filter screen inside the machine to ensure that all the air sent into the room is clean. Therefore, judging the filtering effect of a fresh air purification system is actually based on the filter screen grade of the fresh air purification system.

3. The purpose of installing fresh air purification system is to breathe really clean and fresh air and have a safe sleep every day. Therefore, noise has become an important factor that we must consider. Generally speaking, the noise of the fresh air purification system is directly proportional to the air volume. The greater the air volume, the greater the noise. Therefore, when purchasing fresh air, we need to find a balance between the air volume and noise, so as to ensure the air volume and the effect of silence at the same time.

4. The after-sales and maintenance of standard fresh air products are also our concern. The large maintenance cost of fresh air purification system lies in the replacement of filter screen. Then there are two issues involved:

1. How often?

2. What is the replacement cost?

When it comes to replacement standards, we have to ask the replacement frequency first. When do I change the filter? Taking Beijing as an example, under the condition of ensuring indoor air quality standards, the coarse filter screen is replaced almost once every three months, and the high-efficiency filter screen is replaced almost once every six months. If the filter screen is not replaced after its service life is exhausted, the fresh air purification system can no longer provide purification function, but may become a new air pollution source due to the accumulation of pollutants.

5. Hardware fresh air purification system is a "big piece" that needs to be used continuously for 5-10 years, and its service life is very important. The hardware quality of a machine determines the service life and stability of the machine. This is why many people blindly believe in foreign brands when buying new styles. But in fact, many domestic brands also have excellent hardware quality, and even do better than foreign brands.

The Following Items Shall Be Considered When Selecting the Fresh Air System 1

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