The Textbook of Artificial Intelligence Foundation High School Has Officially Released the Essential

Artificial intelligence technology has entered a new stage of accelerated development. The advent of the era of artificial intelligence will have a far-reaching impact on human social life.

Government departments have also issued many relevant policies to promote the development of artificial intelligence technology and Industry:

In particular, the development plan for a new generation of artificial intelligence issued by the State Council in July 2017 clearly states that "artificial intelligence is a strategic technology leading the future. We must accelerate the in-depth application of artificial intelligence, cultivate and expand the artificial intelligence industry, and inject new momentum into China's economic development." and "We should gradually carry out the national intelligence education project and set up artificial intelligence related courses in primary and secondary schools".

On the morning of January 16, 2018, at the press conference of the Ministry of education, the curriculum scheme of ordinary high schools and the curriculum standards of Chinese and other disciplines (2017 Edition) officially included artificial intelligence, Internet of things, big data processing, algorithms, open source hardware project design, etc. into the new curriculum standards.

The first textbook "Fundamentals of artificial intelligence" was officially released

Not long ago, the "artificial intelligence education seminar and textbook conference of Artificial Intelligence Foundation (high school edition)" jointly sponsored by the Commercial Press, East China Normal University Press, Shangtang technology and the international Moke research center of East China Normal University was held in East China Normal University in Shanghai, and the first "artificial Intelligence Foundation (high school edition) officially entered the high school classroom

It is reported that 40 national schools such as the Second Affiliated Middle School of East China Normal University, the Affiliated Middle School of Shanghai Jiaotong University, the Affiliated Middle School of Tsinghua University and Shanghai Shixi middle school have become the first batch of "artificial intelligence education experimental base schools". At present, Shanghai Shixi middle school has begun to teach students based on the content of teaching materials.

content validity

Fundamentals of artificial intelligence (high school edition) is a textbook for high school students. Shortly after its publication, the score on Douban has been as high as 8.8.

The book teaches the development history, basic concepts and practical applications of artificial intelligence, so that students can understand the basic principles of artificial intelligence, especially the relationship between data, algorithms and applications, and understand artificial intelligence technology (including perception and decision-making) in combination with common application scenarios Through hands-on practice, we can better understand the principle, ability and practical challenges of artificial intelligence technology.

Different from other traditional textbooks, the textbook of Artificial Intelligence Foundation (Senior High School Edition) emphasizes the "combination of hand and brain" as the main learning method to give full play to learners' imagination and creativity. Academician Qian Xuhong, President of East China Normal University, said that the publication of the book will provide important support and help for cultivating a new generation of high-end artificial intelligence talents in China.

Reading route

From the catalogue, we can more intuitively see the outline of the content of this book: the main popular science artificial intelligence, from simple to complex, is very suitable for primary and secondary school students without the foundation of artificial intelligence to establish entry-level concepts

Readers' book reviews:

A good introduction to artificial intelligence has an intuitive understanding of how to apply computer linear algebra neural network statistics

The article is simple and easy to understand. I just bought this book.

A good book gives me a taste of what it feels like to understand the world from the perspective of AI scientists

After reading it, it is one of the good popular science books I have read about artificial intelligence, and it is also the first book on related topics I have read. High school students are awesome.

Development of artificial intelligence: talent is the key

Zheng Zhiming, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and professor of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, believes that as an interdisciplinary subject, artificial intelligence needs solid basic knowledge. "For example, mathematics is the most basic 'platform' in cross fields. If you don't understand mathematics, it will be difficult for AI to 'cross' with other disciplines, and naturally it will be difficult to do well."

Zou Xin, chief R & D director of Microsoft Research Asia, said that it is the key for teenagers to learn Artificial Intelligence and cultivate computational thinking. To deal with the complex and changeable problems in the field of artificial intelligence, it is important to observe and find the "unchanged model" and turn it into a basic problem. "Basic mathematics and basic programming are important because they can teach students how to ask and solve problems."

The growth of the artificial intelligence industry requires a strong talent base. Experts say that the artificial intelligence industry needs both research talents and a large number of practical talents. Therefore, doing a good job in the popularization of artificial intelligence and making more teenagers understand artificial intelligence will become an important factor in the technological innovation and industrial development of artificial intelligence.

In fact, in addition to high school education in artificial intelligence, university education is also piloting. At present, more than 50 universities have officially approved the establishment of "intelligent science and technology" undergraduate majors by the Ministry of education. National University of science and technology, Nanjing University, Xi'an University of Electronic Science and technology, Chongqing University of Posts and telecommunications and other universities have also successively chosen to establish special artificial intelligence colleges.

The Textbook of Artificial Intelligence Foundation High School Has Officially Released the Essential 1

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