The Three Advantages of Power Supply LED Guardrail Light LED Display Control Panel

May I ask on what is the mains ac voltage, is it a 240v, 120v, etc ac power supply, then what type of transformer are you going to use and how many volts is the secondary outputting?

The Three Advantages of Power Supply LED Guardrail Light LED Display Control Panel 1

1. Can I provided 3.3V regulated directly to the BBB

Does the device offer support for providing non-5V power? I would expect not because the BeagleBone Black is a USB host.While this is an answer of Y for an X, it was requested as such:You probably want multiple point-of-load regulators with a higher distribution voltage to avoid having a lot of current across long wires at 3.3V. This would allow the use of thinner wires to distribute a higher voltage to each cluster of devices, then use regulators (switching buck regulators recommended) to supply 3. 3V or 5V as required. Typical nominal voltages could be 12V and 24V, depending on the regulators chosen, power demands, and power supply availability.Using a higher supply voltage would also decouple the mobile battery voltage from the supply voltage of the numerous devices.Additional advice: try to keep power and signal grounds separated to avoid too much current flow in the shields of your signal cables between cameras and switches.

2. Buying a 500 watt power supply, will it blow out the mother board and processor?

the 20-24 pin power connection for your system board is regulated and no need to worry this. PSU's are stable to 80% of the rated power so Watts volts = amps 500 watts = 41.7 amps. your 500 watt requirement tells me a 52 amp PSU is needed or up to 30AMP on the card connection. do get a 600watt to compensate for the 20% lack of stability in PSU

The Three Advantages of Power Supply LED Guardrail Light LED Display Control Panel 2

3. What's the deal with "business” netbooks?

Others have made the point already but if the person you are talking to can not articulate these points effectively then move on and find someone who can. The main reasons for the price differential are those outlined by DLux & DaveM - much longer support lifetime, longer platform refresh, more rugged components.For high end business laptops and Desktops you are generally paying a huge premium for third part software certification - high end CADCAM3D modelling software. When you are spending $100-$200k per workstation for software licenses you are paying to make sure that you have someone to sort your problem out if it does not work. These tend to be specific "workstation" class systems, such as the Dell Precision line and not your general purpose business laptop.As far as power supplies are concerned this is not totally outrageous. Part of the long term management of costs for client systems includes reuse of peripherals - continuity of power supply and docking station design across generations means that you do not have to buy all the accessories when you refresh systems, you just get a replacement box. For bulk business ordering this makes sense. One final point is that most business class desktops and laptops now include some level of hardware remote management capability (Intel's AMT, AMD's ASF) that can provide out of band management capability with the right support infrastructure. This is of almost no benefit in consumer environments but it (should) be an important factor in a large business environment and like everything else the chipchipset vendors like to get a nice fee for enabling these features

4. Why I Was Supplied With Power Supply Less Than Recommended?

The reason you have a 65W power supply is because you ordered it. When buying this model, one has several options ranging from 60W to 97W. (65W is not mentioned, so I assume that 60W is the same as 65W).However, only the 60W version supports ExpressCharge, which is described as :when the computer is turned off, the AC adapter charges a completely discharged battery to 80 percent in about 1 hour and to 100 percent in approximately 2 hours. Charge time is longer with the computer turned on. You can leave the battery in the computer for as long as you like. The battery's internal circuitry prevents the battery from overcharging.As far as I could find, many people have chosen the 65W battery model over 90W (example here).Therefore, I would ignore this BIOS message as being useless. If you changed to a 9-cell battery, you would lose ExpressCharge, so would maybe lose more than you gained in charge-time.As regarding Turbo Boost, its exact functioning is a great mystery that was never fully resolved.

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