Things That Led to the American Revolution?

The French and Indian War resulted in the British Empire having an colossal debt, they usually desired American Colonies to give a contribution to pay the debt. They began to place taxes on Colonists -such because the Stamp Act, which required all published fabric to be taxed and feature a stamp on them-. Americans refused to be informed what to do by means of a King 3 thousand miles clear of house, in order that they boycotted the tax and truthfully obtained rid of it. Then, the British began interfering within the American exchange by means of hanging better taxes on exchange. Angered residents revolted and did matters just like the Boston Tea Party which angered the British. All this resulted in warfare, and finally to independence. This is American Revolution in a microscopic-measurement nutshell. I am a Latino Immigrant (authorized) for individuals who declare that we are not considering fitting side of this nation ;)

1. What are the factors that led in rise in Greek civilization?

They adopted the Phoenician alphabet c.800 BC. So when the Romans took over in 146 BC. They had almost 750 years of Greek writings to peruse at their leisure

2. IDE LED Cable is cut?

There is no power to any items on the front panel of the PC until you plug them into the MB. Wires that are not used or damaged should be curled up and taped or banded and kept well away from the MB. All wires and cables should be lightly banded and kept off the MB to allow for cooling. Have fun.

3. Neon/LED glow accessories for my car-Legal or no?

Led Glow Lights For Cars

4. Which event led to the formation of the Christian religion?

There are many significant events that led to the creation of the Christian congregation of the first century. The official answer is when Jesus followers met together during the Festival of Pentecost in 33 C.E. where the Holy Spirit anointed them. (Act 2:1-4)As time progressed and the congregation grew, a small group of "apostles and elders in Jerusalem," served as a governing body to make important decisions on behalf of the entire anointed Christian congregation. (Acts 15:2)However, Paul warned that apostates would creep into the congregation. (2 Th 2:3; 2 Tim 4:3, 4; 2 Pet 2:1) This apostasy branched off and formed an unapproved version. The Council of Nicaea met with an "unbaptized" Constantine presiding over the proceedings and began enacting unscriptural changes to the Christian laws that Jesus and his apostles established. (See Council of Nicaea)This council meeting, along with several others that would follow over the years to come, would slowly deviate from Jesus' original teaching. (1 Jo 2:18, 19) This new sect would eventually establish the Roman Catholic Church.So there are actually two answers to your questions depending on what answer you are looking for. The first answer is the Festival of Pentecost where the approved Christian congregation began. The second answer is the Council of Nicaea where the apostate Roman Catholic Church began.All images shown are from

5. Can plants use regular led lights?

Leaving them on at night - no. Plants need to sleep, too. Supplementing them during the day - may help a bit. Problem is, regular "white" LEDs light emit very little in the red part of the spectrum, their light is a mixture of mostly blue and yellow. The yellow band is rather wide, extending into the red part, but it's not much. I forgot (google it yourself) which influence red and blue respectively have on plants.

6. Hp laptop problem , power on but no screen , no led hard drive?

hey i been experencing same problem too....da laptop worked for me for 2 years but giving me troblem now... i am gonna take it to shop soon too nd let see wat dey gonna say

7. What are several things that led to Americans hostility to the Treaty of Versailles?

The Americans were not the ones deeply hostile to Versailles--that would be Germany (though the Americans would be resistant to the League of Nations; maybe that's what you are thinking of). However, Woodrow Wilson did feel that some of the stipulations were a bit harsh

8. Monitor blank with led blinking green?

remedy: -try another monitor -pull off and put on -clean the video card/ram pins using eraser -replace video card adapter -dead (patimbang nana) ^_^

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