Using Ansenmey Semiconductor IGBT to Realize Energy-efficient and High-performance Switching Applica

Today, insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) can provide effective solutions to achieve high energy efficiency and high performance of the final product, whether used in industrial or civil switching applications. In the energy-saving market, electronic designers prefer devices that can achieve high energy efficiency, and choose appropriate IGBT for different applications. Ansenmey semiconductor, which promotes energy efficiency innovation, provides rich split IGBT solutions, which are widely used in induction cooker, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), solar inverter, inverter welding machine and other fields.

Overview of IGBT Technology

IGBT has strong energy shock resistance and short-circuit current resistance (5 to 10 microseconds). The existing IGBTs include channel non through type (NPT), channel field cut-off type (FS) first generation and channel field cut-off type second generation IGBTs. With the progress of manufacturing process, 50 micron wafer and metal back plate are adopted. Ultra thin wafer and its back treatment process reduce the conduction and switching loss of IGBT.

Comparing the channel non through IGBT with the channel field cut-off IGBT, it can be found that the electric field intensity of the former decreases linearly to 0 in the silicon drift region (n-fz), and the thickness of the silicon drift region is linearly proportional to the withstand voltage, so it has high on voltage drop and high off loss; The latter uses n buffer layer to reduce the thickness of silicon drift zone and realize ultra-thin wafer, so as to realize low on voltage drop and low off loss (Fig. 1).

Figure 1: comparison between channel non through type and channel field cut-off type IGBT

From the technical trend, the thickness of 6-8-inch wafers is decreasing from the initial 250 μ M up to 100% of current production μ M and 75 μ m. 50 more μ M and 40 μ M thickness is under development. It can be expected that the performance of IGBT is still expected to be improved in the future.

Ansenmey semiconductor IGBT products and application market

Ansenmey Semiconductor provides a complete series of IGBT products, which can be classified according to frequency, application and voltage (Table 1). Different products have different characteristics and application ranges.

Table 1: ansenmey semiconductor IGBT product series

Among the 29 models of ansenmey semiconductor, the performance of 600V IGBT in the first generation of IGBT is close to or higher than that of market leading products; The newly released eight 1200 V / 1350 V field cut-off second-generation IGBTs for electromagnetic induction heating, whose performance is ahead of similar products in the market; There are also three new 1200 volt field cut-off second-generation general IGBTs, whose performance is comparable to that of similar products in the market.

In terms of industrial applications, the market applications of split IGBT mainly include motor drive, inverter welding machine, variable frequency drive and power factor correction. The main products provided by ansenmey semiconductor include 1200 V / 15 A-40 A and 600 V / 30 A-50 a; The main products used for uninterruptible power supply, solar inverter and high-efficiency power converter are 600 V / 30 A-50 A and 1200 V / 15 A-40 a; The main products used for power factor correction of household appliances, such as electric hot pot and electric rice cooker, kitchen electric stove and air conditioner, are 1200V / 15a-40a, 600V / 30a-40a and 600V / 30a-50a.

Ansenmey semiconductor also provides corresponding technical support, such as 2 kW motor drive test system, 2 kW induction cooker test system, 3 kW power factor correction test board, 10 kW neutral point clamp converter, 100 kW solar inverter for testing IGBT module, and 350 amp inverter welding machine is under development.

Application examples of ansenmey semiconductor IGBT products

1) Electromagnetic induction heating

Ansenmey semiconductor's IGBT adopts channel field cut-off process to provide reliability and excellent switching performance at a reasonable price. Its 600V, 30A and 40A field cut-off first generation IGBT has low on voltage and small switching loss. It is specially designed for half bridge resonant electromagnetic induction heating equipment. Its products include ngtb40n60ihlwg and ngtb30n60ihlwg; Its 1200 volt 15 amp to 40 Amp field cut-off first generation IGBT has low on voltage and low switching loss. It is specially designed for single ended resonant electromagnetic induction heating equipment. Its products include ngtb15n120ihlwg, ngtb20n120ihlwg, ngtb25n120ihlwg, ngtb30n120ihlwg, ngtb40n120ihlwg, and ngtb30n120ihswg. Both can reduce the forward conduction voltage of parallel freewheeling diodes. The recently launched 15 amp to 40 Amp 1200 V and 1350 V second-generation field cut-off IGBT Series for electromagnetic induction heating can provide lower switching loss and reliable operation. It is suitable for all kinds of resonant and soft switching applications. Typical products include ngtb30n120ihr, ngtb30n135ihr, ngtb40n120ihr and ngtb40n135ihr. The advantages of these devices are to improve the system switching efficiency, low power loss and save circuit board space. Ansenmey semiconductor has developed a 2kW single ended resonant induction cooker test platform for IGBT test.

Figure 2: 600 V and 1200 V electromagnetic induction heating circuit

• 2) motor drive

Ansenmey semiconductor's general-purpose 600 V non through IGBT includes a series of models ranging from 15 to 50 amps (including ngtb15n60eg, ngtb30n60fwg and ngtb50n60fwb), and the general-purpose 1200 V IGBT includes a series of models ranging from 15 to 40 amps (using the first generation field cut-off process, including ngtb15n120lwg, ngtb25n120lwg, ngtb30n120wg and ngtb40n120lwg), It can reduce the forward conduction voltage of parallel freewheeling diodes. It has the advantages of low conduction voltage, low switching loss, improving system efficiency and saving circuit board space. It is widely used in hard switching circuits in industrial fields, including motor drive, various inverters, variable frequency drive, pump, air exchanger and so on. Ansenmey semiconductor has developed a three-phase full bridge 2kW motor drive system test platform for IGBT test.

Figure 3: motor drive system test platform

• 3) power factor correction

The 600 V IGBT of ansenmey semiconductor, which is specially used for power factor correction and boost, adopts the first generation field cut-off process, which can realize reliable operation, low on voltage and low switching loss at a low price, improve the system switching efficiency and save circuit board space, including ngtg50n60fwg and ngtg30n60fwg. Based on the particularity of this kind of application, this kind of IGBT does not contain parallel freewheeling diodes. It is suitable for low-frequency hard switching or high-frequency soft switching circuits such as solar inverter boost converter, air filter citation correction of air conditioner and UPS power factor correction. The single-phase 3KW power factor correction system developed by ansenmey semiconductor can be used for the test of IGBT.

Figure 4: power factor correction test curve

• 4) inverter welding machine

Ansenmey semiconductor also provides a series of 600V and 1200V 15 to 50A IGBTs (including ngtb50n120fl2 and ngtb50n60flwg) that can be used for inverter welding machines. The field cut-off first generation process and field cut-off second generation process are adopted. These IGBTs have low on voltage drop and switching loss, which can reduce the forward guide on voltage of parallel freewheeling diodes and improve the switching efficiency of the system, Low power loss and circuit board space saving. It is suitable for high-speed switching applications such as full bridge inverter welding machine, half bridge inverter welding machine, power factor correction of welding machine, high-frequency welding machine and laser cutting machine.

Figure 5: inverter welder test equipment

• 5) uninterruptible power supply and solar inverter

The 1200 V and 600 V IGBTs (including ngtb50n120fl2 and ngtb50n60flwg) used by ansenmey semiconductor for uninterruptible power supply and solar inverter (including neutral point clamped inverter) adopt field cut-off first generation and field cut-off second generation processes, with low price, reliable operation, low on voltage, low switching loss, and low forward on voltage of parallel high-speed freewheeling diodes. These devices are suitable for battery chargers, uninterruptible power supplies, power factor correction, full bridge and half bridge solar inverters / converters, neutral point clamped inverters, boost converters and half / full bridge topologies. Ansenmey Semiconductor provides inverters with different powers to test split IGBT and IGBT modules.

Figure 6: neutral point clamped inverter

Ansenmey semiconductor's customers have successfully developed various applications using its field cut-off first generation igbtngtb50n60flwg, such as 10 KVA uninterruptible power supply with power factor of 0.9, and 1450 watt kitchen electric furnace with half bridge resonant topology. Customers believe that the performance of ansenmey semiconductor field cut-off first generation IGBT has reached the best performance in the market; The temperature rise of IGBT on induction cooker is lower than that of other two IGBTs.

In the future, ansenmey semiconductor will launch more than 20 fourth generation (field cut-off second generation) IGBTs and IGBTs dedicated to inverter welding machines, and continue to develop IGBT modules. Regardless of customers' product needs, ansenmey semiconductor always has a high-performance and energy-efficient IGBT scheme that can meet the requirements and help design engineers design energy-efficient and high-performance products.

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