Various Applications of LED Large Screen Display in 2020

In 2020, the new infrastructure will be completely in full swing.

As a key area of new infrastructure, big data center has also ushered in a climax of construction, and has been continuously applied in various fields to change our lives. In its application process, it is inseparable from data visualization. Powerful giant color HD intelligent LED display stands out in this field and has become one of the indispensable terminal displays for the collection, analysis and presentation of all kinds of big data information, creating many classic cases.

Digital government field

Big data is used to improve all aspects of our city. Through the powerful giant color LED display control system, ultra-high definition, split screen display, rapid response, energy conservation and environmental protection, it can efficiently present all kinds of huge data and pictures, provide "clear" and "accurate" scientific basis for urban planning, urban management, government decision-making and administrative services, and provide intelligent decision-making support for the government.

Security field

Big data has also been widely used in improving security and law enforcement, especially in the fields of public security law enforcement, intelligent transportation and other monitoring and command. The powerful large color LED display with high definition, high brush and fast response speed can quickly present all kinds of information, image data, strategic deployment and on-site conditions in high definition, greatly improve the efficiency of public security case handling, and help the traffic management department optimize the road network mechanism.

Enterprise field

Big data provides effective support for optimizing enterprise production and management processes, innovating products, services, business models and intelligent equipment. The powerful large color LED display, which integrates the advantages of high-definition high brush, nanosecond response and flat like a mirror, can meet the needs of enterprises for 24-hour real-time high-definition monitoring of enterprise personnel changes and various production big data changes, and escort the safe production and efficient operation of enterprises.

Energy field

The concept of energy big data is the technology and idea related to the comprehensive collection, processing, analysis and application of data in energy fields such as electric power, steel and coal. As an important carrier of information visualization, powerful giant color LED display has also been applied on a large scale, effectively helping energy big data statistical analysis, operation monitoring, planning and early warning, and boosting the high-quality development of energy transformation.


Big data center has played a huge advantage in human social practice, and its utilization value is beyond our imagination. As an important intelligent interactive display terminal of the big data center, the powerful giant color LED big display not only functions as a display carrier, but also becomes a node for sensing and collecting data on the big data value chain links, so as to realize the "one screen sensing" of the overall situation of various application scenarios.

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