Was 9/11 Set Up by the United States Government?

We will never know the answer to that. As you and other have said, there are things that cause questions The 9/11 Commission Report omits a lot of things that no legitimate criminal investigation would leave out -- like the collapse of a third building! Scientific data can be argued either way but the big kick in the sack is the Madrid fire where the skyscraper burned for almost an entire day and never collapsed. Then you have the Pentagon with a ton of cameras watching it as well as a missile defense system and no missiles fired and no camera captured what happened? Odd to say the least. Their names still remain on that list (see source) -- Coincidentally, Osama Bin Laden did a tribute to one of these still living (mislabeled) "terrorists" in a recent video. So whether the government actually set it up or not, I do not know. But I am absolutely certain the public did not get most of the facts about that day. That's a cover up no matter how you serve it.

1. A question about articles- "the source of the ambiguity” Vs "source of the ambiguity”

These would all be correct:a) I guess the lack of detailed context is the source of the ambiguity.b) I guess the lack of detailed context is one source of the ambiguity.c) I guess the lack of detailed context is a source of the ambiguity. This would be incorrect:d) I guess the lack of detailed context is source of the ambiguity.(But to me, choice a) sounds better than b) or c) because it sounds strange to use "the" ambiguity if there is more than one source of ambiguity. I would say that there is more than one source of ambiguity, not more than one source of the ambiguity. That's a more subjective question, almost a question of style.)

2. Reliable food source?

Rabbits and drying racks are the key to long term success. Just put a trap right over the rabbit holes and then go about your business then come back once a day and repeat

3. Shipping unmodified open source applications with closed source apps

For the use case of an application launcher, it is definitely allowed, but there are terms, which vary depending on whether it's GPL2 or GPL3. For the GPL2, you must ship the source code on the same server that is used to download the binary (section 3a).The GPL3 (section 6d) is more permissive, but you have to be prepared in case the 3rd party website goes down or stops hosting the particular version of the source.

4. How Bog Gardens Work

A naturally occurring bog forms in a couple of different ways. Sphagnum moss may creep over the surface of a lake or pond and slowly fill it over hundreds of years. Or moss can smother a low-lying area of dry land, preventing surface moisture from evaporating. Since true bogs have to be watered with either distilled water or rain water, and because their finicky pH levels must be maintained within narrow margins, only the most dedicated gardener or conservationist would attempt to recreate a true bog in the garden. In a water garden, plants grow in standing water. Bog-adapted plants, however, do best with moist roots and dry crowns, leaves and flowers. Many bog plants are also sun-loving. And while the proliferation of bogs in places like Ireland and Finland may lead people to think of them as cold, damp places, bog gardens can also thrive in hot, humid climates. On the other hand, people in dry, arid climates might prefer to try their hands at bog gardening in containers, since the effort and expense of maintaining the water level in a larger bog garden will likely outweigh the pleasures of creating one. Bog gardens work best when they are developed with a plan in mind. Tossing some moisture-loving bulbs into a soggy area of your yard does not constitute a proper bog garden. Some of the most gorgeous bog gardens are created in order to give an adjacent pond soft, natural looking edges that blend into the landscape. Other bogs exist as opportunities for adventurous botanists to cultivate rare, exotic and even carnivorous plants. Still other bog gardens serve a practical purpose by turning a soggy, problematic area of a yard into a fascinating and functional habitat. Once you've selected an approach, it's time to grab a shovel and start digging. See the next section to see how excavating a bog garden works. If you would be happy spending every day in your garden and have a yard that's large and has lots of sun, you probably have the stamina, aesthetic drive and space to create a specialized bog garden. If, however, you enjoy some level of regular maintenance and have a middle-sized yard with mixed sun and shade, you fall somewhere in the middle. You are probably more drawn to natural, harmonious looking gardens that do not take every waking minute to maintain. You might want to explore creating a bog garden as a transition from a pond. If you like to look at gardens but want low maintenance, you would be better off starting small with a container bog garden.

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