Was Led Zeppelin the Best Band in Terms of Musical Ability?

As much as I love Zep the answer is no. Three bands of same vintage that far exceed Zep in musical ability would be ELP, Yes and of course Pink Floyd and these are just a small example. Both Steve Howe of Yes and David Gilmour of Pink Floyd are far superior guitarists compared to Jimmy Page. The most musically talented member of Zep was of course John Paul Jones.

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What are the differences between an LED Strip 2835 and a 5050?

First,you shou know what are the 2835 and 5050 ,According to the power size which can be divided into small power and high power, generally 0.5W above the lamp is called high power lamp; According to shape which can be divided into inline and patch type; Actually, the low-power SMD LED can be divided into 0805, 1206, 3020, 3528, 5050 and etc according to the external dimensions, which is the origin of the aforementioned.if you want get more information about the leds,you can link this blog:


How does industrial revolution led to the emergence of imperialism?

Imperialism is much older than the Industrial Revolution. Throughout history human nature manifested itself in many forms of enacting power over women, over children, over animals, over the different; imperialism was, and is, one of those forms.But this question makes sense given the fact that imperialistic practices facilitated the expansion of the industrial revolution in three main ways:Acquisition of much needed raw materials to feed industrial activity.

Demographic expansion to create bigger and bigger markets.Territorial competition, to prevent other nations from controlling and taking those benefits


Does Canada have any far-left politicians?

Not in the mainstream, and none that are elected. We do have some on the sidelines, as do most places.Our furthest left party is the NDP. They've never been elected federally, but have ruled several provinces. They are democratic socialists, generally fairly moderate ones. In provinces where they have been elected, they usually have a better fiscal record than Conservative and Liberal governments, but they do favour programs that work for average people instead of corporations


Can C access the hardware as deep as Assembly?

Can C access the hardware as deep as Assembly?When it comes to memory mapped I/O, yes.But even then there are specific registers that a CPU can use that are not part of any language - things like invoking a bus reset (usually a reset instruction), enabling/disabling/controlling the MMU (special instructions or special reserved registers), moving data to/from different memory spacesInitial stack setup (sometimes yes, sometime no - usually has to be done in assembly)


What constitutes a nuclear family after marriage?

This is the kind of question better suited for Wikipedia than Quora.Nuclear familyHistorically, most people lived in groups of extended families, including grandparents and often uncles and aunts, especially if unmarried.The nuclear family concept reflected the primarily American phenomenon of a man and a woman with dependent children. Since adult Americans in the post-WWII era moved often for college or employment, they began to live separate from their parents. Because of the timing, this group was called the nuclear family


What exactly led to cause riots in Shamli (U.P.)?

It was the hatred created by politicians from all major parties among the common people.Crowd was misdirected using religious platforms by political/religious leaders.Administration was equally responsible for not acting on time and was in the mode of just wait and watch.

Even media was responsible for giving religious colour to each and every incident/crime in the district.It was totally avoidable.Only poltical parties gained from it. everyone else (common people from every religious background, bureaucrats, police) suffered or suffering from it


Is Avatar Roku responsible for the extinction of air benders?

No. He was dead when the Genocide occurred. How can he be held responsible for that? The only culpability he has is that he didnt do enough to stop Sozin, but that could apply to virtually anyone in the world. The Fire Nation nobles and generals. The Earth Kingdom. The Water Tribes. But in the end, Sozin planned and carried out the genocide, so hes the primary one responsible for the genocide


Which is the best LED Vu TV: a 40 inch or a 42 inch?

I suggest going for RIDAEX NUKE Series TVs which are the best product you can get with completely loaded specifications and Durable which lasts long.Ridaex Nuke 43 Inch 4K Android 7.1 Smart TV - Version 2Product Technicals : 3840p 4K Ultra High Definition LED Tv With HDR 10 Bit Android 7.1 2GB RAM 16GB Internal Memory 800 Nits Brightness 2 x USB 2.0 , 2 x USB 3.0 100% Stabilizer Free Technology Android Hardware Upgradable> Comes with the Dolby Speakers> Comes with a surprising Magic RemoteAnd Guess what this costs just RS.32,999/-Thanks


What book has transformed you completely?

Well, every book I have read did change me in some way or the other. But if I have to name one, then it would be The Alchemist' by Paulo Coelho. When you really want something, the whole universe conspires in giving it to you is something I strongly believe. This book has made me an optimist. Another book would be The Secret'. These books have made me a better person. I would suggest you to read these if you are feeling low or looking for something inspiring


I heard Ireland is rejoining the UK in 2022. How can I stop this?

Recognise England Scotland Wales and N.Ireland as being Countries (not colonies )and refuse to deal with the Quisling British Govt in London. We English Scots Welsh and N.Irish and The Countries of Europe were promised by Churchill and Roosevelt that we would have our own Nationally Representative Democratic Governments as soon as the war was finished! These promises were set down within the terms of The Atlantic Charter of 1941 and England has waited to be free of Londons dead hand for long enough!


What are some suggestions for my LED problems?

When I first received an LED strip, the lights came on fine, then after testing for about 30 minutes they quit working. When I plug them in they flash once then nothing. The blue light is on, on the power supply. I feel like it could be a remote issue. (Hot! RGB led strip 3528 flexible strip light DC12V 5M 300led24key IR remote controllerpower adapter EU/US/AU/UK Plug free ship)What are your suggestions for my LED problems?


Are there any reasonably priced alternatives for Apple's Thunderbolt Display or LED Cinema Display?

There are no third party Thunderbolt displays AFAIK. However, Thunderbolt carries the same display signal as Mini DisplayPort, so you can use a Mini DisplayPort adaptor to go to DisplayPort. HDMI or DVI monitors of your choice.The main issue for Thunderbolt equipped Macs is that the display necessarily would have to be the last link in the Thunderbolt chain, so if you were adding hard drives etc. to Thunderbolt, they would all need to have Thunderbolt pass-through for daisy chaining


Does anyone actually believe Trump is religious?

From what Ive seen the only faith he has is in himself. No church attendance, no prayers, no piety, no compassion, no humility, nothing. He courts religious elements by supporting very conservative positions against abortion, etc.

, but hes more talk and not so much walk.In the end, I think well all see that the only reason Mr. Trump wanted to be president was because of his enormous ego.


Has the Gita led anyone towards Hinduism?

Gita is a part of Mahabharata but Mahabharata itself is not among 18 purana . If you walk through 18 Purana , Mahabharata , more than 100 Upanishad and other scriptures , you will not get the very word 'Hinduism . All Indian scriptures are based on four types of VARNAS ie. Brahmana , Kshatriya , Vaishya and Shudra ie. The society has four types if people . Now the question within the above raised question in Quota is that from where this word - Hinduism has come ?


Why do so many programmers have a vertical monitor?

It lets you fit more lines of code on screen at once.My current setup is a 29 Ultrawide monitor (21:9) on the left in landscape for Unity, and a 24 in portrait in the right for Visual Studio (10:16), with my Retina MacBook Pro in the middle for everything else.It works great for me, Unity is much easier to deal with in one screen in Ultrawide and code is easier to read on a vertical monitor.


Which right-wing U.S. politicians and activists have successfully opposed the religious right?

Two of the largest religious bodies in America, the Catholics and Jews, are renowned for voting Democrat. Its a free country.Catholics vote Democrat for some misplaced notion that the Democrats are for the Little guy or have humanitarian concerns. Methodists and Presbytarians vote Democrat for similar reasons.

So there you have it. Religious and right are nothing more than a concept.There are religious people on the right, but they dont behave as a voting body


During the reign of Emperor Susenyos I (Malak Sagad III), Ethiopia was a Catholic nation. What led to the demise of Catholicism: the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, the royal family, or the peasantry?

The Ethiopian Orthodox Church is alive and well in Ethiopia and dates back to the 3rd century. It is not dead and is called the Orthodox Tawahedo Church and is autocephelous (meaning its Patriarch is independent) of the Coptic Orthodox Church. I am not sure what you mean by the peasantry as you seem to be completely unaware that Ethiopia is a modern country with univerisities, well established monasteries and a long-standing clergy.


What would be the down-side of outlawing organized religion?

This argument is invalidated on the face of it in exactly the same way as most arguments against gun-control are. The Constitution does not GRANT a single right. You have all those rights from just being human. The right to worship as you please is not GRANTED by law, the government is PREVENTED by law (the Constitution) from attempting to deny your already existing right to worship as you wish. So you can attempt to outlaw it with an unconstitutional law, but its not gonna fly


Between Tulsi Gabbard and Kamala Harris, who do Indian Americans prefer?

Indian Americans would prefer Tulsi Gubbard because she is strongly supported by RSS backed organizations in the US. She keeps meeting RSS/BJP managers and supports Hindu nationalism to seek Indian American votes.Kamala Harris, though a half Tamil brahmin does not project it for getting votes, and is a straight shooter. She is a candidate for US elections, not Indian elections. She may not show any favoritism to American Indians, but will be good for America


Are your beliefs found in the Bible?

No. I dont actually have any beliefs other than make-believe. Anything I make believe about is imaginary. Sometimes things that begin in my imagination actually end up happening:Pretty silly huh?Instead of beliefs, I have internal heuristics. Those are rules of thumb that are based entirely on self-enforcing rules. A good example of a self enforcing rule is the Law of Addition. If you violate it, you are automatically incorrect.


If you like to read science fiction and fantasy, what works fed your interest and led you into this sort of fiction?

Memory can be a spotty thing sometimes. What got me started on science fiction, I think, was watching Flash Gordon serials and Rocky Jones, Space Ranger, when I was growing up (mid- to late 50s). Some years later, in high school, I picked up a copy of Asimovs Foundation, on the recommendation of a friend, and I was hooked. On the fantasy side, I first read The Lord of the Rings during the summer of 1967 (just before my senior year in high school). . .

and that got me hooked.


Referring to the Holocaust, what is the final solution?

The Final Solution (or Endlsung in German) was the plan for systematic genocide, i.e extermination of all Jewish people during WWII. It was the culmination of the racist legislation in the years after Hitler took over control over Germany.

After anti-Jewish laws, boycotts of Jewish businesses, and the culmination of it all - the Night of Broken Glass pogrom, the policy of the NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers' Party) towards Jews evolved into a full-scale plan to gather them into camps and exterminate them


What policy decisions and missteps have led the US to be in the position of likely losing Afghanistan and its people to the Taliban?

The unwillingness to understand that the Taliban is coterminous with the Pashto ethnic group. The Pashto majority regions in the east and south will NEVER accept anything short of full Taliban rule. But that leaves the north and west, dominated by other ethnicities (Tajik, Uzbek, and Hazara). These groups were treated with shocking cruelty by the Taliban during its previous rule. The obvious solution is to partition the country, and the US is making a mistake by not encouraging it

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Micro Led Ultra HD Leads the New Trend of Future Display
On September 24, the 2021 Guangdong 21st century Maritime Silk Road International Expo with the theme of "new stage, new concept and new pattern" was grandly launched, and relevant forums and theme activities were officially opened.One belt, one road chairman, Mr. Li Mantie, chairman and President of Lehman optoelectronics, was invited to attend the theme forum of the 2021 Guangdong International Maritime Silk Road International Exposition twenty-first Century, the parallel forum "one belt and one road" Regional Cooperation Forum and the keynote speech on the new trend of Micro LED Ultra HD leading the future."One belt, one road" one belt, one road of industrial ecosystem, can maximize the role of industry in guiding and aggregated industries, and promote the optimization of industrial structure and value chain along the "one belt and one road", so as to promote economic cooperation and common prosperity of the countries along the line.The current "one belt, one road" With the steady progress of major infrastructure construction in countries and cities along the line, countries along the line have a large demand for equipment in transportation, security and other fields, which also creates more business opportunities for the application of LED screens in integrated command and control centers, conference rooms, stations and airports. Chinese LED display Enterprises produce more than 80% of the world's LED displays, especially in 4K / 8K ultra-high definition In one belt, one road area has been playing a leading role in the LED display market.One belt, one road of global innovation, is based on the global technology and market layout. It hopes to deepen the multi field cooperation with more innovative enterprises along the belt and achieve win-win development.One belt, one road round Forum China, one belt, one road, was held by Chairman Li Mantie, executive chairman Wang Yanguo of the Asia Pacific Trade Agreement, Zhang Mingxin, deputy secretary of the China News Agency, Zhang Mingxin, Zhang Dachun, executive director of the Strategic Research Institute of Shenzhen, financial commentator of Phoenix satellite TV, Song Xinqiang, and Lv Zhidao, chairman of the wing wing group. Opportunities and challenges for international cooperation. China China's China one belt, one road to the world, will be a key to the development of the Gou Jianxin industry. He said that Lehman photoelectric as a representative of the scientific and technological circles and the industrial sector will fully implement the new development concept, grasp the opportunity of the development pattern, bring China's wisdom, Chinese creation and Chinese technology to the world, and work with all parties to promote the "one belt and one road" construction.During the exhibition, as the world's leading led ultra-high definition display expert, Lehman optoelectronics appeared with 324 inch micro led 8K ultra-high definition display screen and Lehman ledhub intelligent conference display system this time, focusing on Lehman's innovative and characteristic applications in various application scenarios in the ultra-high definition field through rich forms such as physical experience, interactive interaction, customized 8K ultra-high definition video, exhibition board and manual display.
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