Water Supply and Sewerage Authority

Water Supply and Sewerage Authority

Water Supply and Sewerage Authority 1

Water Supply and Sewerage Authority or WASA is the main body administering Water supply, Drainage and Sanitation system in Bangladesh. It was established in the year 1963 as an independent organization, under the East Pakistan ordinance XIX. At present WASA operates according to the WASA act 1996. .

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Water supply and sanitation in Mali

Water supply and sanitation in Mali is characterized by serious challenges. Having unclean water can lead to many diseases that can potentially become fatal.

Water Supply and Sewerage Authority 2

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Part 3 Water Supply

Part 3 Imposes a duty to maintain an efficient and economical water supply system and proscribes minimum standards of performance in connection with water supply. Standards of wholesomenessClause 67 of the act allows the Secretary of State to proscribe Standards of wholesomeness for water; prescribing the purposes for which the water is to be suitable; substances that are to be present or absent and the concentrations.

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City of Helena drinking water supply

Tenmile Creek provides the city of Helena with about 50 percent of its drinking water. Water was first diverted to city use in the 1880s by the Helena Water Works Company, which constructed a 4.8-mile (7.7 km) system of wood flumes and trestles to bring water to local residents. The city of Helena purchased the flume system in 1911, and continues to maintain it into the 21st century. The city owns first and second Prior-appropriation water rights for a total of 550 miner's inches of the streamflow, amounting to about 8.9 million gallons of water per day. The city also built and maintains Chessman Reservoir and Scott Reservoir near the stream's headwaters, which retain excess water during periods of high precipitation, and release this water during periods of high demand (usually later summer and fall when stream flow is low). Nearly all the water in Tenmile Creek is diverted by underground pipeline to the Tenmile Water Treatment Plant located on Rimini Road west of Helena. In 2011, the city of Helena and local landowners sued one another over how much water the city was permitted to take from Tenmile Creek. Landowners argued that the city was taking too much water from the stream. They also argued that the city should take more water from the nearby Missouri River so that Tenmile Creek could sustain greater flows. The following year, the Bates Land Company put 1,212 acre feet (1,495,000 kl) of Tenmile Creek water up for sale at a price of $9.6 million ($10,690,941 in 2019 dollars). The water rights were third in line. The company offered the water rights to the city of Helena for just $1 million ($1,113,640 in 2019 dollars), but the city said its Tenmile Water Treatment Plant could not accommodate the extra inflows. Fire is a serious threat to Helena's water supply. Fire could not only destroy the nearly 140-year-old wooden flume system that brings Tenmile Creek water to the city, but loss of forest and undercover would create immense erosion that would pollute Tenmile Creek and render it unusable for human use for as long as five years. Between 2000 and 2008, the city of Helena spent about $415,000 ($492,804 in 2019 dollars) to create a 432-foot (132 m) wide vegetationless buffer zone on either side of portions of the flume to reduce the likelihood of fire damage. But with much of the flume running through the Helena National Forest, the city needs the permission of the National Forest Service to do additional work. The Tenmile Watershed Collaborative Committee was formed in 2008 to develop recommendations to address issues in the watershed, including fire alleviation, but no action had been taken on its recommendations as of 2013.

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Water supply and sanitation in Chile

Water supply and sanitation in Chile is characterized by high levels of access and good service quality. Compared to most other countries, Chile's water and sanitation sector distinguishes itself by the fact that almost all urban water companies are privately owned or operated (the only exception is SMAPA). The sector also prides itself of having a modern and effective regulatory framework, including an innovative subsidy to water demand by the poor. One weakness of the sector is the relatively high water losses. This article is part of a series of articles comparing the institutional and financial characteristics of water supply and sanitation around the world.

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