What About Win10 Disk Occupancy of 100%

Some netizens often complain that their win10 runs too slowly. When you open the task manager, the disk occupancy rate is 100%.

In fact, this problem has been very common in win10. Almost every computer has encountered similar embarrassment. So what should we do to prevent the hard disk from occupying 100%? Today, Xiaobian will give you some tips.

1. Turn off diagnostic trace

Diagtrack is a new function added in win8.1. It is mainly used to collect PC information to help Microsoft track and improve its products (Windows).

Unfortunately, this service consumes a lot of system resources and has little practical value for ordinary users.

Closing method:

Click Cortana search box and enter "services" to enter the service panel;

Enter "diag", and you will see four service items starting with "diagnostic";

Double click to open, change the startup type to "disable", and close the above four groups of service items;

In the same way, modify "connected user experiences and telemetry" and set its startup type to "disabled";

Turn off diagnostic trace

2. Change to balanced power mode

This problem often occurs in the system of mechanical hard disk or mixed mechanical disk and solid-state disk. The same phenomenon is that the hard disk is 100% occupied.

terms of settlement:

Open "Settings" → "system" → "other power settings";

Modify the default power plan to "balance";

Change the default power plan to balance

3. Win10 updating

Many times, Xiaobian has been plagued by this problem. When the system was optimized well, it was found that it was abnormally stuck at work. Later, it was found that win10 was being updated automatically. This problem will especially occur among users who have joined the windows insider program.

The solution is also very simple. Either change back to the slow mode to reduce the automatic update frequency of win10, or directly exit the windows preview experience plan and update manually only in the large version. In fact, this situation is more suitable for those productivity equipment.

Reduce win10 update frequency

4. Try to optimize the drive

Win10 can handle the vast majority of hardware, so that many people ignore the need to install drivers after installing the system, especially SATA drivers. Win10 often uses a more stable driver to support it, but it may cause a variety of problems.

If your computer often gets stuck, but you can't find the problem for a long time, you can consider this reason. Download a driver wizard or driver master, and then upgrade the driver according to the software recommendation.

Try upgrading the driver

5. 4K alignment and SATA mode

This problem mainly occurs among users of solid-state drives. If your computer uses SSD, but you don't feel a significant acceleration in daily use, you can consider whether it belongs to 4K hard disk misalignment.

Generally speaking, 4K alignment means that the hard disk and the operating system share the same storage standard to avoid multiple data splitting. The complete 4K alignment is actually divided into two parts: partition alignment and whether AHCI mode is enabled in BIOS.

Check 4K alignment using as SSD benchmark

To check 4K alignment, you can use as SSD benchmark, a green software with a volume of less than 1MB.

After starting the software, it will automatically detect the current hard disk. Among them, "iastora" and "XXXX K" are the two most important indicators. The above represents whether the AHCI mode is turned on and the following represents whether the 4K is aligned.

If an item does not display OK, you can determine that it is causing the system jam, and then continue processing.

AHCI needs to enter BIOS mode to start

It is easy to start AHCI. You can directly enter BIOS to find "SATA mode". For 4K alignment, you need to re partition the hard disk, and check the 4K alignment option when partitioning (you can also directly use the win10 installer to partition). It should be noted that in any case, the hard disk data will be lost. Please back up the important files yourself first.

6. Increase physical memory

Although Microsoft has always claimed that the memory demand of win10 is not high, in fact, the speed of 4GB system and 8GB system is absolutely different when running the same version of win10.

If your memory is less than 4GB (or less), you'd better add a new memory for the computer as soon as possible. In terms of the current memory price, it's a good time to sell (quietly, the dual channel efficiency is higher ).

7. Turn off windows search and superfetch on the mechanical hard disk

If your computer uses a mechanical hard disk, it is recommended to turn off windows search and superfetch services, because these two services will significantly increase the daily reading and writing of the hard disk, resulting in the system response jamming.

But for SSD users, there is no need to worry about this. First, the response speed of SSD is very fast, and even if there is reading and writing, it will have little impact on other work.

Another point is that windows search and superfetch are essentially system optimization services. Long term use can make the system speed better.

The mechanical hard disk turns off the above services

Closing method:

Click Cortana search box and enter "services" to enter the service panel;

Search "sysmain", double-click to open it, and change the startup type to "disabled" (please search "superfetch" service for old win10);

Handle "windows search" in the same way. Double click and change the startup type to "disabled";

8. Disable "fusing" and "ghost" patches

In 2018, after the vulnerabilities of "fuse" and "ghost" processors were exposed, Microsoft urgently released a series of patches to temporarily block the security vulnerabilities faced by Intel processors.

However, these patches are at the expense of system performance. According to Intel's official statistics, after entering the patch, the overall performance loss of the system is about 2% - 8%, and the older the CPU, the greater the impact.

However, in fact, the threat caused by these two groups of vulnerabilities is far from what we thought, but it is a real drag on the performance of users' computers.

In fact, if your computer is only a home computer for entertainment, you can disable this patch to recover this part of the lost system performance and make the computer faster.

Disable "fusing" and "ghost" patches

Closing method:

Download "inspectre. Exe" (click here to download), right-click to run as an administrator;

Click "disable meltdown protection" and "disable spectrum protection" at the bottom of the main interface;

Restart the computer to make the settings take effect. At this time, you can realize that the system response becomes faster;

Click "disable meltdown protection" and "disable spectrum protection" to close the patch

Write at the end

The problem of win10 disk occupancy rate of 100% has spread deeply in the circle of netizens. Objectively speaking, Microsoft does not do well enough on this point.

At the same time, some posts on how to avoid 100% disk occupation have been circulating on the Internet, such as turning off IPv6, turning off Homegroup, turning on Skype write permission.

But in fact, these skills have failed today, and some of them will affect some functions of the system.

In fact, system optimization is originally a double-edged sword. Closing a service is bound to affect another function at the same time. Therefore, it is most important to rationally treat various "skills" and optimize them according to the actual situation of the computer. This... May be what this article wants to bring to you today!

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