What Are Some Examples of Specific Heat?

What are some examples of specific heat?

What Are Some Examples of Specific Heat? 1

Definition: Specific heat is the amount of heat per unit mass required to raise the temperature by one degree Celsius.SYMBOL to denote it is c.Now best example to Specific heat is Water,for water specific heat is 1.real life example of specific heat: water takes more time to heat up and cool down. Take a drum of water and a drum of other liquidHeat up both for same time and with same flame. Now you will see that water will cooldown later as compare to other liquid. so its because of highest specific heat .

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relevant long, hard lab questions dealing with acid-base neutralization (part 3)?

1) Well, glass is a cooled crystal between a crystalline and a liquid. It will not insulate heat as good as the styrofoam cup. The relative error would have been greater. 3) Well, the temperature in heat form would have been released giving you an in-accurate reading of the heat and temperature loss. 5) C = m x q x deltaT C = 5g x q 31.9 You do not know the heat released. You should have a table with possible "heats" and you could plug in each value to find a possible value for Specific heat. :)

What Are Some Examples of Specific Heat? 2

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how do i calculate the specific heat of this problem?

RE: Calculating particular heat temperature ability? i be attentive to the equation and each and each little factor(q*m*replace in temperature*C) yet im kinda puzzled on one undertaking of my worksheet. This time they supply me interior the undertaking (2000 J=Q, 10 C=replace in temp, m=1kg) THere asking me to locate the particular heat temperature and that i cant extremely be sure it out

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Water has a higher specific heat capacity than iron. This means that?

This means that heat transfer between water molecules is less than that between iron atoms, thus water is a far better insulator of heat and iron is a better conductor of heat. This affects the heat capacity of equal quantities of water and iron, where in order to increase the temperature of 1g of water by 1C, water would require more energy than what 1g of iron would require to experience a temperature increase of 1C.This remains true at standard temperature and pressure, and it must be noted that the comparison is based on mass and not molar quantities, as well as the phases for water and iron are liquid and solid, respectively. Water has a higher specific heat capacity than iron. This means that?

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Why is the specific heat of water high?

Higher specific heat of water is due to Presence of intermolecular hydrogen bonding in it The amout of heat supplied is used initially to break the bonding Due to this reason water has high specific heat capacity

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What is the specific heat of water ?

For each gram of water increased by 1 degree Celsius 1 calorie is required. For a change of state water to steam(vapour ) 540 cal /gm/C

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In the equation H=mc(deltaT), without c(the specific heat capacity) how can i get the value of H?

I see your question regarding the specific heat capacity of Brass has been answered. However you write you have some difficulties understanding the formula: -m * c * (Delta) T = m * c * (Delta) T You already have the equation H = m*c*(Delta) T. (And yes, you are right, one for water and one for Brass.) Let us simplify the above energy equation: H_brass = m_brass * c_brass * (Delta) T H_water = m_water * c_water * (Delta) T So basically what we have now is: H_brass = -H_water ; Allow me to rewrite the equation to the following: H_brass H_water = 0 We consider the system with the brass and water as isolated. That means heat is only transfered between the two elements in our system, the water and the brass. As you may know, heat transfers from hot places to cold places and vice versa. When two elements have the same temperature, no heat is transfered between them. The equation states that the sum of the heat transfered between the brass and the water is 0. In your experiment the brass is to be considered warmer than the water (the temperature of the brass would be approximately 100 degrees and the water was 14 degrees). This means that, when you place the brass in the water, heat will transfer from the brass to the water. The brass will experience experience a heat loss while the water will experience a heat gain. Remember the system is considered isolated so no energy is transfered to the sorroundings, but only between the brass and water! So, in fact, the heat gain of the water is equal to the heat loss of the brass. Hereby the equation H_brass H_water = 0 Let's say the brass transfers 100 kJ to the water. This is a heat loss, so. The heat gain of the water is 100 kJ. H_brass = -100 kJ H_water = 100 kJ in the equations: -100 kJ 100 kJ = 0 should we isolate H_water then we will get the equation H_water = -H_brass 100 kJ = -(- 100 kJ) = 100 kJ. I hope it makes sense

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