What Are Some Smart Things Every 20 Something Should Do to Get the Most Out of Life?

What are some smart things every 20 something should do to get the most out of life?

What Are Some Smart Things Every 20 Something Should Do to Get the Most Out of Life? 1

Pick up a hobby .Invest in learning skills.Take a vacation.Save a minimum of 10% of pocket money or more.Join groups which nourish your likes .Go thrift shopping .Play a sport or any indoor game

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Iu2019m new to riding motorcycles. What can I do to improve my riding skills and overcome my fear of crashing?

TAKE A MOTORCYCLE SAFETY COURSE. It doesnu2019t matter if you already think you know how to ride, you WILL learn a lot. And, youu2019ve already shown that you are interested in being better and have already experienced two of your obligatory three initial accidents, so JUST DO IT.Iu2019ve been riding since 1970, have owned thirteen motorcycles (if I remember correctly), and a couple of years ago I sat in on a motorcycle safety course that one of my sonu2019s took. Even after all these years of riding and studying riding I learned things also.As I said, JUST DO IT.EDIT: This may be covered in other Answers, but it just occurred to me after again reading your notes with your question. Just a personal thought. When I purchased my new Yamaha FJR1300, I hadnu2019t ridden for about 4 year while living in France, so I left the dealeru2019s store and in the dealeru2019s large parking lot that was relatively empty, I slowly practiced: riding around in circles, figure 8s, starting and stopping, working on constant slow speed balance, looking through tight turns, etc. In other words, I rode for about a hour until I was completely comfortable before I went on the road the first time.I keep some small orange traffic cones that I periodically set out as guides on a secluded part of my airport and I still periodically practice riding slowly and in confined spaces.You want confidence? This is one really good way to gain skills and confidence. Iu2019m new to riding motorcycles. What can I do to improve my riding skills and overcome my fear of crashing?

What Are Some Smart Things Every 20 Something Should Do to Get the Most Out of Life? 2

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Tips for improving photography skills for wedding?

First off....practice makes perfect. Ask the couple to take some "practice" photos that could be used as engagement photos. Next, most all brides will go to their hair stylist a couple months before the wedding to do a practice run for the big day. Use this to your advantage..... get some more practice shots of her and use them as her bridal photos. Get a couple of books on posing and lighting techniques. Author Bill Hurter is very informative. Once you get to the big day.....stay calm and focused. Do not forget about the small details. It is very easy to get wrapped up in the overall composition of the photo and you can overlook small objects that will interfere with the tone of the photo. Such as a person or vehicle in the background, Good luck and play around with that camera!

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Do you think that people who bring green bean casseroles to

Sure, just cause they make something horrible one year, does not mean they dont have other skills, like.. -Cupcake Skills -Pie Skills -Lasagna Skills -Sugar Cookie Skills Just make sure you hide the casserole so no one takes anyof it, then at the end of the day, walk up to them and say "Well, I guess you win some, you lose some"

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Design skills and education

The visual storytelling vocabulary of a Set Decorator includes history of design, art, architecture & interiors, photography and film, as well as geography, anthropology and psychology. The Decorator is knowledgeable about lighting, technical materials, textiles, mechanics of machinery and technology, paint techniques, construction practices, upholstery and drapery, decorating trends, period details, color theory, and is proficient at spatial furniture layouts for film. This knowledge combines with strong research, design judgment, cultural understanding, and observation skills to create interior and exterior environments rich in character and style to bring the script to visual life.

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Life skills

An ability and capacity acquired through deliberate, systematic, and sustained effort to smoothly and adaptively carryout complex activities or job functions involving ideas (cognitive skills), things (technical skills), and/or people (interpersonal skills)

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i m a engineer and wanna be a reporter...plz tel me the way hw to get my dream come true?

You already have an area of expertise -- engineering, so what you need to develop are writing and investigative skills. You could return to school and earn a post-bach degree in journalism at a university or at some community colleges, which would take one to two years (full time). One major advantage of this method is the acquisition of formal journalism credentials. If your question accurately represents your writing and research skills, I recommend this option. If you prefer a less formal method, you could simply start writing articles about what you know and submitting them to your company's in-house newsletter, to professional engineering journals, etc., or offering your services as an expert engineering consultant to your local TV station. Once you have put together a portfolio, take an editor to lunch for the expressed purpose of soliciting skills and career advice.

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