What Are the Characteristics and Advantages of Charging While Running and Adding Program Electric Ve

We have always said that pure electric vehicle is a new type of transportation with extremely low threshold and high ceiling. The reason for the low threshold is that its structure is a simple combination of "Battery motor", and the power system is not fundamentally different from a 20 yuan toy car; The reason why the upper limit is extremely high is that whether it is BAIC new energy of 100000 or Tesla of 1 million, the bottleneck of the development of pure electric vehicles is stuck in the battery from beginning to end (low energy density and low charging and discharging efficiency lead to short battery life and long charging). Moreover, no one knows how many years it will take.

To put it bluntly, the bright future of pure electric vehicles is "visible, but not palpable". Since it is unlikely to overcome the technical bottleneck in the battery field in a short time, can we bypass the short board of endurance and charging?

Then there is the concept of an additional program electric vehicle. In short, an additional program electric vehicle is to install an internal combustion engine as a generator on the basis of a pure electric vehicle. When the battery power is insufficient, the car can charge the battery by the generator while running.

What are the characteristics and advantages of incremental electric vehicles?

Wolanda mainly driven by motor

The first is the overall structure. The structure of the hybrid car is relatively simple compared with the orthodox hybrid car (HEV and PHEV). The engine and motor are connected in series. Most of the time, they are directly driven by the motor, much like pure electric vehicles. Generally, the engine will directly participate in the drive only when it is cruising at a high speed of more than 100km / h. Moreover, it does not need a gearbox, and only connects the drive shaft through a group of clutches and variable speed gear sets. Compared with the orthodox hybrid car, the structure is obviously much simpler.

The torque attenuation is serious when the motor is at high speed

In addition, someone has to ask, why does the engine not fully play the role of generator, but directly participate in driving at high speed?

This is because although the energy conversion efficiency of the motor is high (90% - 95%), it always has a serious problem of high-speed torque attenuation compared with the internal combustion engine, which leads to that when the car is moving forward at high speed, it will be difficult to speed up only driven by the motor. At this time, the internal combustion engine will drive directly, and sometimes the motor will provide auxiliary power to help overtake quickly.

PS: don't look at Tesla's 0-100km / h acceleration of tens of millions of class Super runs of various suspenders. Let it send out the data of 0-200km / h and 0-300km / h. The most important reason is that the potential of the motor at high speed is far less than that of the large displacement self-priming engine, let alone the three divine vehicles (918, P1 and Rafa) with hybrid system.

Fuel tank determines mileage

Specific to the details, the battery capacity of the increased program electric vehicle is significantly smaller than that of the pure electric vehicle. After all, the power is only temporarily stored in the battery, and the final decision is the fuel mileage.

In addition, because it is driven by motor most of the time and has great responsibility, its motor power is larger than that of Japanese oil-electric hybrid.

The advantages are accompanied by the characteristics, because the battery of the incremental electric vehicle is small, the displacement is small, and it can be charged or not.

Therefore, it can not only improve the cruising mileage of the car, but also no longer have strict requirements for the charging environment. Moreover, compared with the oil electric hybrid or plug-in hybrid, because the engine displacement is small, the speed / load is stable, and it is rarely directly involved in the drive, it also has very obvious advantages in economy.

Of course, if it's only a short-distance car to and from work, and there are charging conditions, you can treat the car as a pure electric car, and you can use it with zero fuel consumption.

Why is the popularity low and unpopular?

To sum up, the incremental electric vehicle is both economical and practical. Why is it not well-known, influential, and no one buys it?

First of all, the policy is not friendly. At present, China has designated the plug-in hybrid motor car as a plug-in hybrid motor car to enjoy various welfare policies. Therefore, there is still a significant gap in its subsidy compared with pure electric vehicles. Its performance is not as good as plug-in hybrid and its economy is not as good as pure electric. It does not please consumers or policies. Its status is really embarrassing.

Narrow application range of engine

Another important reason is the cost. Throughout the domestic market, independent hybrid electric vehicles directly borrow pure fuel engine and gearbox as power source. The purpose is to save development cost. In order to create an incremental electric vehicle on the table, we must have a brand-new engine with small displacement and high efficiency, and limited by its unique identity of "generator", other fuel vehicles Plug in hybrid cars can't be used yet. In the current market that pays attention to "one goods for multiple purposes", this approach is undoubtedly the most inefficient choice.

Two cylinder engine on I3 rear axle

For example, the BMW I3 extended range version is equipped with a two cylinder engine with a displacement of only 0.65l. It is really a pure "generator", which can not be used in fuel vehicles or hybrid vehicles. For manufacturers, if I3 planted, the development cost of this powertrain will not come back. Not everyone has the courage to do this high-risk project.

Market position and Prospect of incremental electric vehicles?

First, pure electric vehicles are "visible, but not palpable" in the future, and adding programs and plug-in are just excessive; Second, the technical bottleneck of battery has been stuck for many years, and it is uncertain when there will be breakthrough progress.

Manufacturers see these two points much more clearly than consumers. The randomness is too strong and the risk coefficient is too high. Therefore, the more later, manufacturers can't spend high cost on developing new powertrain on hybrid cars. If the new products of hybrid electric cars here are just facing the market, there is a qualitative leap in the energy density and charging and discharging speed of batteries there, and the bottleneck of pure electric vehicles is gone, the money spent on hybrid electric cars is really gone. Who should cry? Smart businessmen are now on the sidelines, waiting for the latest research results on battery projects from major laboratories around the world.

In other words, this epoch-making major technological breakthrough changes not only people's travel mode, but also the fourth industrial revolution. On that day, the first application of new battery technology will not be consumer goods such as cars, but aerospace, medicine, military and other fields.

What Are the Characteristics and Advantages of Charging While Running and Adding Program Electric Ve 1

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