What Are the Convenient Functions of Intelligent Coffee Machine Without Development

With the popularization of the concept of smart home, more and more home appliances are upgraded to smart products. The intellectualization of the coffee machine provides users with the use scenario of remote control of the coffee machine. Users can operate and monitor the coffee machine without staying next to the coffee machine, which brings great convenience and good experience to users. As a global intelligent platform, graffiti intelligence connects the intelligent needs of consumers, manufacturing brands, OEM manufacturers and retail chains, and provides customers with one-stop artificial intelligence internet of things solutions. For coffee machine products, we can provide solutions in three aspects: hardware access, cloud services and app software development to meet consumers' higher demands for coffee machine products.

This series of documents are relevant documents for developers to connect with the coffee machine scheme. It is suitable for developers of coffee machine product categories to get started quickly, understand and quickly access the graffiti platform. MCU docking scheme is one of the most commonly used schemes for coffee machine docking graffiti platform. It is mainly used to realize the intellectualization of coffee machine products with MCU master control, and the networking can be realized by directly connecting the graffiti module serial port protocol. Customers only need to pay attention to the functional research and development of the product itself. The public version scheme is used for the networking intelligence part. The communication schematic diagram of the specific MCU scheme is as follows:

System introduction

Graffiti networking module: realize the distribution network of coffee machine products, connect app and cloud by serial communication, and upload and issue product instructions

Graffiti cloud: deploy cloud services globally to provide customers with safe, stable and fast graffiti cloud services

Graffiti app:

1) Public app: free public app, instant use, rich scenes and universal

2) OEM app: one click to generate an independent app with its own brand

3) App SDK: quickly customize and develop your own apps in a variety of ways

Voice service:

1) Third party voice services: support Alexa, Google assistant, baidu Xiaodu, Tencent jingle and other voice services

2) Graffiti self-developed voice service

Scene intelligent recommendation

Programme details

Core functions

General function

Fast distribution network: it supports Ez and AP distribution network modes

Reservation timing: supports cloud timing and local timing; The cloud timing is realized by the cloud, and the local timing is realized locally by MCU

Fault alarm: it supports the push of equipment fault, alarm, notification and other messages

Device sharing: support family management and device sharing among members

OTA upgrade: support the prompt and silent upgrade of devices and modules

Multilingual Management: support multilingual configuration management and switching

Language pack management: supports configuration management and switching of multiple language packs

Coffee machine function

Remote control

Monitor the working state of the coffee machine

Adjust the coffee concentration and the number of cups

Make a coffee appointment

Fault reminder

Module selection

Provide a variety of packaging modules, fully certified and widely compatible

2.4G single frequency: such as wr1, WR3, etc

2.4G & 5g dual band: such as wbr1d, wbr3d, etc

Wi Fi & ble dual mode: such as wbr1, wbr3, etc

For the MCU docking scheme of coffee machine, wbr3 networking module is recommended.

Overview wbr3 is a Low-Power Embedded Wi Fi Bt module developed by graffiti intelligence. It is composed of a highly integrated radio frequency chip rtl8720cf, with built-in Wi Fi network protocol stack and rich library functions. Wbr3 also includes low-power km4 MCU, WLAN Mac, 1t1r WLAN, the highest dominant frequency of 100MHz, built-in 256K SRAM, built-in 2mbyte flash and rich peripheral resources. Wbr3 is an RTOS platform that integrates all Wi Fi Mac and TCP / IP protocol function libraries. Based on these, users can develop embedded Wi Fi products to meet their needs.


Built in low-power km4 MCU, which can also be used as application processor, with the main frequency of 100MHz

Working voltage: 3v-3.6v

Peripherals: 9 × GPIOs, 1 × UART, 1 × Log_ Tx

Wi Fi / BT connectivity 1) 802.11 B / g / N20 2) channel 1- 14@2.4GHz (ch1-11 for us / Ca, ch1-13 for EU / CN) 3) support WPA / WPA2 security mode 4) support Bluetooth 4.2 low energy 5) output power of 20dbm in 802.11b mode 6) support smartconfig function (including Android and IOS devices) 7) onboard PCB onboard antenna 8) through CE, FCC certification 9) operating temperature: - 20 ℃ to 85 ℃

Package size: wbr3 has 2 rows of pins (2 × 8) The pin spacing is 2mm. Wbr3 size: 16 ± 0.35 mm (W) × 24±0.35 mm (L) × 2.9±0.15 mm (H)。 The dimension drawing of wbr3 is shown in the following figure:


What Are the Convenient Functions of Intelligent Coffee Machine Without Development 1

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