What Are the Led/ink Poisoning Syptoms?

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1. Best way to OR two LED signals

A diode OR using 2 diodes as shown will work. Either drive line can pull Q1 base low without affecting the other.Technically it's a diode AND with ve logic but as our activating signals are active-low i't a diode OR with negative logic. It could also be seen as a DTL = "Diode transistor logic" AND (or OR) gate. Long ago you could buy AND gate ICs and this is almost exactly what was inside. So all your choices are = the same :-).This is "best" because it works, is quick and easy and only requires 2 diodes. Diodes can be about anything. Usual small diode is 1N4148 but a 1N400x or almost anything else will work. In1 / In2 / Out0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 1 1 1

2. What led to the fall of Cartoon Network?

I was born in 2000 in India. Here I remember watching all those GREAT CN shows. Then 2006 i went to Bahrain there it telecasted two Cartoon Networks .. one was CN Arabic and other was Cartoon Network HQ. Therefore i could see both I am Weasel and Cow and Chicken which were banned in India too.Personally i think Cartoon Network is getting back to being the best now. If you watch CN now we can see that CN is starting to telecast other shows and CN sister channels are going good. Here Pogo is another CN channel and its doing great. It has started reruns of Tom and Jerry Tales, Strawberry Shortcake etc and new episodes of Tom and Jerry show, Mr Bean animated etc.Plus Cartoon Network telecasts good shows like We Bare Bears, New Tom and Jerry show, Dragon Ball 2015, Pokemon new seriesAnd also shows My Gym Partner's a Monkey, Billy & Mandy etc. And Toonami India has changed to become a channel with reruns of classic Boomerang shows.And POGO shows Juniper Lee and Foster's Home but at late night. Good for night viewers.And Samurai Jack new episodes have come! It will soon telecast here too right. So be patient. Since the PPG, Teen Titans, Ben 10 remakes have failed miserably, they will surely try to make a good remake next time.. Wait and watch!Surely one day or the other, Cartoon Network will again run the old shows, not all together but, like one show per year or like that

3. Blinking led using interrupts in AVR

This is the ATTiny13's interrupt vector table. PCINT3 is not an interrupt vector. You need to change that to PCINT0. It looks like you have the PCI and mask set properly. You should be able to make that change and have your interrupts work. You also need to add initialization to make your push button work.That will enable the internal pull-up and allow an edge to happen on a button press. This will likely work for simulation, but a real circuit will need some debounce either in hardware or software.

4. What LED Chips To Choose For A Light Bar?Or LED Work Light?

For Light Bars, and LED Work Lights, LED Chips Suppliers using are mostly CREE, Epistar, Osram, Philips, Seoul. So Let us start with the brief introduction of different brands: Cree first marketed a blue LED in 1989. Their XLamp Cree LED was the first to be accepted as a direct replacement for traditional lighting applications. In 2013, the Cree LED bulb was offered as a residential bulb replacement. CREE is a well-known American manufacturer, this does not mean all CREE chips are built in the USA. Cree chips are up to 30% brighter than EPISTAR, even though the cost of purchasing CREE LED light bar is 30% to 40% higher. For now, most led light bars usually are with CREE Chips. Epistar is from Taiwan and will have a very good performance at the first stage is lighted on. The prices are much lower than CREE, and for now, most LED work lights are with Epistar chips. Stable and Decent Prices The OSRAM is a German company made lighting products at the start of the 20th century. In 2013, they took over Siemens LED division. You find an Osram LED in products for automotive industry, projectors, and security applications. Osram prices are a little bit higher than CREE There are also some other brands as well Made in China Mainland, brands are Silan, AXT, LM, San'An, Epilight and etc. Made in China Taiwan, brands are Epistar, Huga, Genesis Photonics, Arima Optoelectronics, AOC and etc.

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