What Are Your Most Memorable Cooking Fails That Led You to Throw the Food Away?

There were some memorable mistakes but I usually found a way to salvage them.But there was the rock loaf.It was one of my very early tries at bread baking, when I truly knew nothing about making bread, or yeast or flour or anything. I might have been, what, 17?Dont know to this day what I did wrong, as I recall carefully following the directions, but it did not rise at all. After many hours I decided I might as well bake it anyway. It was a leaden lump before baking but afterward, it was a rock.I could have been arrested for carrying some sort of lethal blunt weapon if Id carried it around in public, Im sure!I usually find a way to choke down almost anything I make no matter how badly I messed it up but I could not even chip a chunk off that rock, let alone cut it.

Off to the kitchen trash it went, though I was most reluctant to give up entirely

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Was the "final solution" what lost Hitler the war?

It contributed to the loss yes but it is not the sole reason.Even the disastrous Russia campaign was not the reason for Germany losing the war.No Hitlers hubris, his megalomania and his unwillingness to listen to his generals. That is what lost him the war.

Yes the concentration camps diverted necessary resources and yes the harsh treatment of slavs and Jews in the east turned a welcoming public against them. But that didn't lose it for him.And yes 80% of all German losses occurred on the eastern front but sources claim that within two years Russia was going to attack anyway. This way Germany was on the front foot attacking Hitlers ideological enemy. There are no excuses for not finishing off the British before attacking Russia but hindsight is 20/20.No it was Hitlers arrogance in believing Russia would fall within a couple of months. His unwillingness to give an inch, like at Stalingrad and his Penchant for surrounding himself with yes-men were the reasons for Germany losing the war.

And of course lets not forget he declared war on the U.S. because an ally that wasn't helping him in Europe declared war on them too.Hitler is the reason Germany lost world war two.


Who's to blame for the loss of manufacturing jobs in China, or of automation jobs?

It is not a Who it is a What.The What is technology and the global nature of the economy as well as supply and demand.Bringing jobs back to America or Loss of manufacturing jobs in China are antiquated phrases We are bringing America to the jobs and we are doing so with our unmatched technology and internationally wired economy. There simply is no other way forward.Companies like IBM and GE are camped out in China, relocating high tech and aircraft manufacturing personnel from the US to where the demand is greatest.

IBM To Build Massive China Cloud Data Centers -InformationWeekGE jet engine joint venture to power China's new planeSupply and demand has always prevailed throughout human history.America needs to elevate education and industrial cooperative programs so we can continue to bring our work force up to where it can lead the world anywhere in the world.Asking industry to invest in this concept is a great way to fill open labor requisitions in the top firms with experienced people.

IBM Defends the Radical 6-Year High School It Founded To Get Young Minorities Into Tech


Is the Black Lives Matter movement really getting anywhere?

The black lives Matter is carrying on the civil rights movement which has gone on for decades.Numbers of dead African americans and everyone else matter. One death is too many.Until our nation tears off the bandaid of housing projects no one should be forced to live in. Until money is spent on early education and all education ,until trade schools, training schools are opened , people will die.Society failed every person who kills. Options should have been available to direct a young person into an environment where they can thrive. I don't accept young people decide to kill. Events drove them to the moment when they pulled a trigger.All Americans need to walk down any street where they live and they will see decay. Most African Americans are being forced to live in poor neighborhoods where despair is everywhere.

Flint , Michigan is an example of a city where they can't even have clean water.Prepare for more to die. People need to care.Please vote for people who while in power, will FIX our crumbling country.Killing and racism don't need to increase. We need to see a new country.


Why can BTS be popular in the US, while many K-pop acts before them fail to do so?

I think there are 2 parts:First of all, International ARMY did a crazy job promoting BTS, which led to non-ARMY people/companies/media taking notice of BTS.Second, for these non-ARMY people who are just noticing BTS for the first time, I suspect they find BTS a lot more approachable compared to other K-pop acts. I think its because BTS dance and music sits on the scale of something thats quite in between mainstream US pop and K-pop.

I saw someone elsewhere describe them as Jabbawockeez who sing. Just consider some of their choreographies - DNA, Spring Day, Mic Drop. I could really picture a US hip hop dance crew dancing some of BTS choreographies.

And then their music - Im not an expert on hip hop music but I find the high rap proportion of their songs put them closer to the hip-hop side of things? I cant call it hip hop exactly, but its certainly a lot closer to the US style a lot more than many other K-pop boyband songs


What was the logical leap of technology that led to CRISPR?

Source: Genome Surgery Zinc finger nucleases: The development of these DNA-binding proteins resulted in the ability to create double-stranded breaks in DNA at user specified locations. However, it was a cumbersome process, as each modification required engineering a new protein.Transcription activator-like effector nucleases or TALENs is similar to zinc finger nucleases, but the system is more flexible, efficient, and cheaper. With TALENs, tailoring to a new gene target is much easier.CRISPR replaced the cumbersome DNA-targeting proteins with a short bit of guide RNA. The RNA can be synthesized quickly in labs. Although off-target cuts still occur, CRISPR is much more precise and efficient compared to its predecessors. However, the true "logical leap" dates back to when the proverbial lightbulb went off. In 1978, Yoshizumi Ishino and colleagues found what was later named the CRISPR system in bacteria. They got the snowball rolling and the secrets of CRISPR slowly unraveled among various scientists. Cas genes accompanied the sequences and encoded enzymes that could cut DNA. CRISPR spacers contain bits of virus DNA. Researchers soon understood CRISPR as a programmable DNA-cutting enzyme and began to use it as a tool. And the rest is history


Why does Google Analytics say "not provided" when I want to know the key words that led people to my site?

When you are using Google, there are two ways to browse: secure and non-secure. You will see not provided for organic search visitors who visited your site from a secure browsing session.There are two main instances when an Internet user will access your site on a secure connection. First, and most common is when a user is logged into a Google service, such as gmail or google. When a user is logged, he or she will browse on a secure connection.If you search using the Firefox browser, it defaults to secure browsing for Google search to increase user privacy. Chrome can also be set for secure browsing. I have seen these settings affect up to 25% of Firefox users.In fact, many websites are reporting seeing not provided data for up to 40% of their organic traffic!What is a simple way to work around not provided?Looking at the landing pages that are driving traffic, you can get a pretty good idea of the content and keywords that are driving traffic.

nThis article from Google explains the reasoning behind masking search keywords from organic traffic using a secure connection:


What circumstances led to Plato and Aristotle becoming as influential as they became?

They are 'special' because concepts and ideas they worked on have been relevant and helpful throughout the ages, they covered the basics. Plato, examined the material world and the way we have the ability to draw pure, abstract concepts from elements of the outside world. He decided those pure concepts may be the true and real state of things and idealism was born.

Every development made in science lays on Aristotle's shoulders, he's considered to be the founder of traditional logic and materialism/empiricism. He disagreed with his teacher and his alternative way of seeing things evolved into what's today considered the scientific method. Socrates was more interested in asking questions then answering them and his teaching method based on making the student think critically and reach the answers with their own mind instead of just telling them information is considered very useful and highly effective. He also made significant contributions to ethics and scratched the surface of another philosophical discipline which didn't even exist as such till centuries later, epistemology which would come to surpass till then dominating field, metaphysics. Everything western civilization has come to produce, can be traced back to one of these guys


Has Rahul Gandhi done anything good for India?

Yes sir, Rahul Gandhi is doing the country a great service by telling all & sundry that he is not keen on a political career. It is a different matter that his mother pushes him forward AND pushes back the daughter.Obsessed mom and reluctant son!The sharper scion left out in the coldRGs knowledge of India, history of India, the land itself, Indian politics, political machinations - is woefully inadequate. Nor does he try to improve on those. If such a person were to lead the country, you shudder where the country would land!You want examples?When he came to Bangalore last, he said, Karnataka, the capital of Bangalore. During this tour, he addressed college students. He invited questions too. When a girl had a very simple question about making NCC compulsory for youth, RG had nothing to say.

What I found shocking was, at the height of Doklam crisis, he met with the Chinese ambassador. Nobody knows why.What hopes you can have on such guys?A potential embarrassment for the country at large


Girls in India these days are focused a lot on sexual gratification. It wasn't like this during the 1990s (my teenage years). Girls then were totally different and focused on love and romance. Only the guys wanted sex. What has led to this change?

The thing that has led to this change is the realization in girls that they need to give less s about the opinion of sanctimonious hypocrites about what they ought to behave like. Humans need sex for a healthy life - it's not a monopoly of men. False notions like these lead to men objectifying women and treating them like sex slaves. They also help perpetuate the idea that women ought not to have free will, or a say about their own bodies. Such societies see an increased violence against women too. These are different facets of one phenomenon. I don't know if what you say is true or not, but I certainly hope women have a greater degree of freedom and more choices regarding what they want to do with their lives and what they wish to do with their bodies. India is an extremely repressed society. Sex positive women would hopefully help men become more mature and understanding about women and about their own sexuality. I welcome such a change if it indeed be taking place.

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