What Balance in the Force Was Qui-Gon Jinn Looking for? the Jedi Were Plentiful, the Sith Were Thoug

The Force is not the same thing as the Force users. The thing that was bothering Qui-Gon was his awareness that the senses of the Jedi were increasingly on the fritz. Their ability to detect developing problems and nip them in the bud was essential to such a tiny organization being able to keep the peace on a nearly galactic scale. And they were losing it. They were growing weaker and less perceptive. Thats what the Jedi meant by a lack of balance in the Force. To restore balance to the Force meant to get our mojo working properly again.

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Why does only Indian governments show POK and Aksai Chin as their land even if they dont control both places.. what kind of political advantage is being gained, when everyone else knows these places are no more under India's control?

Kashmir, or the Indian side of it, has been under our control since 1947 and we have a history of Kashmir going back several millennia, do you think it has stopped Pakistan and China laying claim to it.Or attacking us.Pakistan in particular has been defeated several times, do you think Imran Khan accepted that Indian part of Kashmir is no longer theirs.POK in particular has a strategic importance to us. POK is the area legitimately acceded to us and is our only direct connection to energy markets of Central Asia.Why should we give up our claim. In return for what


Is reality anything we believe in?

No, Reality is a fact, common and identical to everyoneYes, our imperfect intuitive distorted, subjective and conceptualist perspective on it, is a virtual layer built over a real world and as such can be considered as something similar to a belief. Intuitively, we experience and understand reality through an imperfect virtual image that we create and in which we believe, however it is based on a real objective reality and a bit of rationalization and experimentation can easily show this. For example, this message will be the same for everyone who reads it, however each one will interpret it in his own way.


Is Thor an actual god?

Marvel goes back and forth (depending on the writer and editor) on what the definition of a god is. The Big G does exist in Marvel, as does his eternal nemesis, Satan. (along with other hell lords, like Mephisto and Satannish.

)The Asgardians and Olympians gods? (as well as the Celtic and Egyptian ones) ? Marvel has never wanted to get pinned down on definitions, but basically they are mystical alien beings. None of them are omnipotent or omniscient. In fact, theyre clearly dwarfed in actual power by the Celestials, Beyonders, Galactus and Watchers.

But they were all once worshipped by a section of earthlings, so they have a certain imprimatur of godhood


Have you ever seen a 'Mint Condition' copy of a first pressing of The Beatles 1964 Capitol album, Meet The Beatles? How much would a copy be worth?

Have I ever seen one? Of course. I was born in the late 50s and Dad had all their records including that one. How much would it be worth today?I have seen them at different prices. You can get one on Amazon for $250You can get a sealed copy here for $350 popsike.

com - THE BEATLES Meet The Beatles LP SEALED 1964 CAPITOL ORIGINAL EAST COAST ISSUE - auction detailsYou can buy an original first Mono edition (MEET THE BEATLES! CAPITOL T-2047 MONO RELEASED: 1/20/64 EAST COAST, #3 COVER FIRST LABEL VARIATION) here for $50 Beatles The Early Beatles Capitol mono LPYou can buy one on eBay for $30 Roots Vinyl Guide


What do you think of Jeremy Corbyn?

Sincere.Yes. Sincere in precisely the same way Gerry Adams was sincere in his support of the armed struggle against the Imperialist forces occupying Ireland.Sincere in precisely the same way the German Democratic Republic murdered its own people who just wanted to live in a different (less Democratic?) country.Sincere in excusing the acts of dictators everywhere and sincere in condemning the acts of Western Democratic nations.

A relic of 1960s 6th form debates. Citizen Smith.

A joke of a politician.

And tragically for the UK, the worst possible person in his job at precisely the time the country needs the best


What documentary has fundamentally changed American society?

I dont know about America, but the mini-series Holocaust changed German and Austrian society. From then on, they started calling the horrors committed against 6 million European Jews The Holocaust, started educating all the high school children about it - in depth, and enacted the strongest laws against anti-semitism and holocaust denial outside of Israel.Charles Dickens works about the plight of the poor in the UK inspired parliament to bring about laws to protect the poor, including working conditions. These were tiny steps though.

When they do a documentary of the horrors of the Trump Administration, in depth, it will probably change America, to ensure such a shameful era never happens again


Can you sell your soul on the dark web?

You can lose your soul on the dark web.You can lose your soul on the clear net, the surface web we are on now, as well.You can lose your soul in many places and in many ways.If you have a soul.I think I lost mine, long ago, to self-abuse and constant disuse, if a soul I ever had.

I don't know of anyone buying souls on the dark web, but I've seen things done no soul should have to endure.As Dr. Seus might have said...If selling your soul is your ultimate goal, I do not know the place you need go.Try to stay safe, and always stay dark


How did chihuahuas evolve from wolves?

Small dogs. The ancestor of all those Chihuahuas, spaniels and tiny terriers likely came from the Middle East, a new study finds. ... They found that the wolves didn't posses this variant of the IGF1 gene, which shows that this mutation for small body size arose after dogs were first domesticated . Chihuahua, smallest recognized dog breed, named for the Mexican state of Chihuahua, where it was first noted in the mid-19th century. The Chihuahua is thought to have been derived from the Techichi, a small, mute dog kept by the Toltec people of Mexico as long ago as the 9th century ad. Go to my Profile and you can find all about Chihuahua material there


Who dies in Romeo and Juliet?

six people die-mercutiotybaltparisromeojulietlady capuletbasically, in chronological order:act one, scene three: mercutio gets stabbed by tybalt under romeo's armact one, scene three: romeo takes revenge on tybalt and stabs himact five, scene three: romeo kills paris because, well, he is angry, and paris is in his way to the tomb where he believes juliet is deadalso act five, scene three: romeo enters the tomb, and, seeing juliet apparently "dead" (which she isn't), he kills himselfagain act five, scene three: juliet wakes up to romeo dead. So, she kills herselflastly act five, scene three: lady Capulet died of grief because romeo got exiled back in act one/two because he killed tybalt


How do you increase the brightness of LEDs?

If you have an existing LED, you can drive it with more current. That may shorten its life and it will make it run hotter. You may need to provide a better heatsink.

If you mean, how do you design a brighter LED, then there are only a couple of ways to do that.Simply tack more LED chips in the same location for more output illumination.Build a bigger junction LED. This is like building a giant power transistor. It requires pushing the semiconductor manufacturing technology.Here is an interesting video that answers a lot of your question.Wait for the Andy Rooney Segment. The bloopers at the end are interesting, too.


Why have I seen that Blacks (African American) don't consider Africans (in America) black? The term Black is now only for them.

Why have I seen that Blacks (African American) don't consider Africans (in America) black? The term Black is now only for them.AIm not aware of this particular confusionbut it may be rooted in the term African American.We understand that AA is often a euphemism for a black person, but overall, it applies only to certain kinds of black people.

Those of African descent who live in America with American citizenship, generally.So someone who thinks that AA means blackperiodmay think that Jamaican blacks are African Americans, too.But this is false.And I do know that black non-AAs have trouble with people not understanding the nuance.

I bet someonemaybe even youare confused about the terms


What happens when you don't put a resistor in a series with an LED connected to a 9-volt battery?

What happens when you dont put a resistor in a series with an LED connected to a 9-volt battery?Diodes are current devices. Once the voltage across the diode reaches its forward turn on voltage, the diode conducts and its forward resistance becomes very low. The series resistor is there to limit the current.

If you don't put a resistor in series with the LED and you apply power, the current through the LED will exceed its rating and it will be destroyed.You can use the following equation to solve for R. Vdiode is the diode's forward turn on voltage.

R (Vsupply - Vdiode) Idiode.


Was there any real justification for the Third Punic War?

Depends what you mean by justification.The Romans had fought two close wars with Carthage. Rather than take a risk the temptation was to utterly destroy Carthage so that it could never rise again.

To this end Cato the Elder's constant refrain was "Delenda est Carthago" - Carthage must be destroyed.After the Second war Carthage was so denuded of lands and allies that it was unlikely to resurface as a serious rival - in this context the Third Punic war was not justified.For further reading you might like to try Richard Miles excellent book on the subjectThe Rise and Fall of an Ancient Civilization: Amazon.co.uk: Richard Miles: Books


Hypothetical Scenarios: What if African slavery was never introduced to America?

There would be a lot less African Americans today. For African Americans to come here without slavery is to migrate. And it would have to be a big migration. I don't see why the Africans would migrate to America.

Speaking of migration, minorities wouldn't be here, either. Because they were inspired to come here because of Africans. So the USA without slavery would be 99.99% white.Jazz, Rap, R&B, Blues all wouldn't exist without African Americans. And the NBA would be boring, or any sport in general.America wouldn't be as developed and as powerful as it is today. The economy would crash and it would fail. America would then be a third world country


Why Apple stopped manufacturing iPhone X?

Because it was updated and replaced with the iPhone XS, XS Max, iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max which are all successors to the iPhone X. The updated versions have little upgrades.. only a hardware spec upgrade.. the iPhone 11 Pro does have a wide angle camera and a more tougher glass build and a stainless steel frame. The iPhone X is discontinued and already replaced twice now with the XS and 11 series. The X actually stands for 10 but they call it X because it sounds cooler and stylish.. the 11 Pro is essentially the replacement. The iPhone 8 was replaced by the iPhone XR and then that was replaced by the iPhone 11 (regular)


Is the Rafale deal by the BJP riddled with corruption?

It is a country to country deal and not a deal with any person or a company.It has a clause to set up their unit in India, which would boost the exports, revenue of govt and employment in the country.Although the price of present purchase is higher but it has effect of price level changes and involvement of latest technology of the world.

It is a transparent deal and has no mediater, so the question of kickback doesn't arise.The frustrated parties are trying to confuse the people and run away from the floor of house at the time of discussion because they have no proof of corruption in the case

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Various Applications of LED Large Screen Display in 2020
In 2020, the new infrastructure will be completely in full swing.As a key area of new infrastructure, big data center has also ushered in a climax of construction, and has been continuously applied in various fields to change our lives. In its application process, it is inseparable from data visualization. Powerful giant color HD intelligent LED display stands out in this field and has become one of the indispensable terminal displays for the collection, analysis and presentation of all kinds of big data information, creating many classic cases.Digital government fieldBig data is used to improve all aspects of our city. Through the powerful giant color LED display control system, ultra-high definition, split screen display, rapid response, energy conservation and environmental protection, it can efficiently present all kinds of huge data and pictures, provide "clear" and "accurate" scientific basis for urban planning, urban management, government decision-making and administrative services, and provide intelligent decision-making support for the government.Security fieldBig data has also been widely used in improving security and law enforcement, especially in the fields of public security law enforcement, intelligent transportation and other monitoring and command. The powerful large color LED display with high definition, high brush and fast response speed can quickly present all kinds of information, image data, strategic deployment and on-site conditions in high definition, greatly improve the efficiency of public security case handling, and help the traffic management department optimize the road network mechanism.Enterprise fieldBig data provides effective support for optimizing enterprise production and management processes, innovating products, services, business models and intelligent equipment. The powerful large color LED display, which integrates the advantages of high-definition high brush, nanosecond response and flat like a mirror, can meet the needs of enterprises for 24-hour real-time high-definition monitoring of enterprise personnel changes and various production big data changes, and escort the safe production and efficient operation of enterprises.Energy fieldThe concept of energy big data is the technology and idea related to the comprehensive collection, processing, analysis and application of data in energy fields such as electric power, steel and coal. As an important carrier of information visualization, powerful giant color LED display has also been applied on a large scale, effectively helping energy big data statistical analysis, operation monitoring, planning and early warning, and boosting the high-quality development of energy transformation.epilogueBig data center has played a huge advantage in human social practice, and its utilization value is beyond our imagination. As an important intelligent interactive display terminal of the big data center, the powerful giant color LED big display not only functions as a display carrier, but also becomes a node for sensing and collecting data on the big data value chain links, so as to realize the "one screen sensing" of the overall situation of various application scenarios.
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