What Can I Use to Substitute a Boat Trailer for Storage?

also remember that whatever you use, you will need to leave width enough to back the trailer under the hull which means you need at least 12 foot clearance in width for your supports. buying a trailer now is really the best


Leaf Springs For Boat Trailer

2. is it safe to take your boat trailer 800 miles?

Sure, as long as it does not have those tiny little tires. Small tires have to turn twice as fast to keep up with the tires of the pulling vehicle. This wears out wheel bearings rapidly. If you pop off the hub cover and there's plenty of grease in there, you should be good to go. You can also check wheel bearings for wear by putting your hand on top of the tire (while parked, LOL), and try to move the tire slightly - perpendicular to the way it rolls. If there's a slight clunking sound from the hub, then the bearing is worn.

3. How much should I expect to pay for a used boat trailer?

If the trailer is pristine, $500 is good. If it has been used in salt water, forget it. Does the trailer have bungs or rollers? Bring a small jack and see how the wheels spin without a load on them, listen to the bearings. Check the electrical system, (just make sure it is all there). If it is an average trailer, $300 is a good price for you, $400 is a good price for him

4. Best wood to make bunks boards for boat trailer?

Cedar is a natural alternative to PT lumber. It's a little more expensive but lasts longer and does not contain the chemicals that PT lumber does. Make sure to cover it in a quality marine or outdoor carpet.

5. Can i put a another axel under my single axel boat trailer?

relies upon on what you are hauling, yet a competent commencing place is Tongue weight =10% of the great trailer weight. in case you utilize bolt on suspension with u bolts on the physique fairly than welding it you may play with the steadiness slightly

6. Can my 2004 Alero pull a 200lb boat on a trailer?

Yes it would tow it with the outboard and some extra fishing gear to spare. Well within the specs even with the trailer weight

7. Roller on boat trailer was pushed up against the rear side of boat and over time caused it to have a dip... ideas on how to pull this out?

What is the boat made of? If it's aluminum then you can pound the dent out. If it's fiberglass let a professional look at it. While there is some flex to fiberglass it could crack if you pound it out.

8. going to build a wood boat trailer?

Huh! Sometimes I just answer these questions with opinions or facts from a lifetime of working around boats. But, This is plan a dumb idea........As you may know some boat trailers do in fact have wood parts now, but if your thinking that treated wood will not rot, that's wrong, it just last longer than not treated, then you have the strength issue. Why? would you assume wood is "strong enough, which it is not . A 2x4 might have a tensile strength of 100 lbs on the y axis, but it could have as little as 400 lbs. not nearly enough. Even much larger timbers would have issues that you can not control, like warping, bending, even being way to heavy. Given all that, there's another issue. .....By law you must register your trailer, and even with the "home built" exemption, it still must meet federal highway safety standards, and I do not think any inspector would pass an all wood frame. And yes they will send a police officer out to inspect it before you get a tag. From an engineering stand point you still need a hitch on the front, and if that's bolted to the wood frame, that is a weak point. As is the axle attachment. And assuming the frame is 60 to 108 inches wide you would need a lot of design work to transition from the ball to the axle width. Can you build it........sure but Why? I am all for Mother Earth News and Eco friendly projects, but I would find somewhere else to spend my energy........AND I am not opposed to your freedom to do this, I just do not want to be driving down the same road. Good Luck . ....I think!.

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