What Causes a Knock in Diesel Engine with Low Compression After Overheating?

You want know for certain unless you take the cylinder head and or sump off.Broken pistons, piston lands broken, bent conrods, stuck valve/s and many other things that might be affected by heat or induced by heat

1. I recently found a 3 cylinder diesel engine generater?

youll need to also uncork the muffler.since it is a stationary engine, it may have a guardian system, or murphy switchguages.they protect the engine/generator in the event of a failure,or overheat/low oil pressure etc.if this is the case youll need to find the overide or start button(not the starter,but it will probably say hold while starting. if you are lucky that is!make sure the fuel isnt varnish

2. Diesel Engine for a 24ft Bayliner Ciera 2452 Express?

Depending on the engine room and the engine bed. Most times the Diesel is to large and heavy. Do not make the mistake of not matching the HP and the prop has top turn the same speed as the gas engine or the boat will be very slow.

3. What is the future of diesel engine cars in India in the next five years in terms of resale, running cost, and maintenance with respect to emission norms and focus on petrol and EV cars?

ICE will be replaced by EV's. Surplus ICE vehicles will lower the resale value. Even Hertz may be flooding the market with used cars

4. whats the function of that rubber hose from the cylinder head to the air intake of a diesel engine?

it's supposed to have oil in it

5. Is a 850 amp battery that is only producing 650 amps strong enough to start a mercedes diesel engine?

hi This does sound very very corresponding to a glow plug difficulty, or a glow plug relay difficulty. in case you warm twine the glow plugs directly to the battery and the engine starts off then it rather is the relay at fault. attempt activating the heater plugs 2 or three times till now commencing the engine and see if that improves issues any. you may as nicely only acvtivate them as quickly as and then go away it yet another 10 seconds till now commencing the automobile, via fact the glow plugs are nevertheless heating nicely after the easy is going out. very perfect regards Geordie

6. What are known or unknown modification of Diesel Engine to use alternative combustible? Would you be willing the explain the process for other to replicate it?

What alternative combustible did you have in mind? An unmodified diesel engine will run on almost any combustible liquid provided it can be pumped at high pressure.The first 'diesels' were actually designed to run on coal dust using air blast injection.More specifics required.What are known or unknown modification of Diesel Engine to use alternative combustible? Would you be willing the explain the process for other to replicate it?.

7. why do people suggest i run biodiesel in an older diesel engine?

Because the vegetable oil fuels are more viscous, or thicker, than conventional diesel which provides additional sealing around compression rings and valves which tend to lose their sealing ability in older engines

8. can petrol be used in diesel engine and vice-versa.?

Nope, but Diesel engines can be converted to run on vegetable oil

9. how dose a multi fuel diesel engine work with a fuel like gasoline?

Multi Fuel Engine

10. Diesel engine suddenly doesn't start and returns to normal without aparent reason

This tells me you should leave the car at the mechanic overnight and have him check it first thing in the (cold) morning. Anything else is pure speculation and a waste of time. :)

11. what's the difference between a diesel engine and a gasoline engine, besides fuel.?

diesel has glo plugs

12. What is the temperature inside the cylinder of four stroke diesel engine during combustion process?

It depends on the engine capacity.i.e the volume swept by engine during suction stroke

13. What is the difference between coolant and lubricant?

The use of coolant in diesel generator solves the problems of poor cooling and high temperature of the diesel generating set. Usually, we should replace the cooling liquid every one and a half years to two years. The standard replacement cycle of the cooling liquid will be very helpful for the genset protection. It can form a protective film on the surface of cylinder sleeve of the generator set so as to prevent the occurrence of cavitation and reducing wear and corrosion, which can prolong the maintenance intervals of the genset and reduce the maintenance cost.Coolant selection: Select clean fresh water such as rainwater, tap water and river water. The well water and underground water (Hard water) shouldn't be used directly, because they contain more minerals, which is easy to form limescale in the water tank of diesel engine, influence the cooling effect and even result in malfunction. If there is only hard water, it must be light softened before using. The softening method usually refers to the boiling method. Boil the water, add 0.67g caustic soda to per liter of water, and use the upper water after precipitation. Problems for Using Diesel Generator Coolant LiquidEngine lubricant oil is generally used for lubrication, cooling, sealing, heat transfer and rust prevention. The surface of each moving part of the engine is covered with lubricating oil to form an oil film, avoiding the heat and wear of the parts.The oil used by different diesel generator manufacturers and diesel generators of different power is different. In general, the new engine works for 50 hours for the first time and 50 hours after repair or overhaul. The oil replacement cycle is usually carried out at the same time as the oil filter (filter element). The general oil replacement cycle is 250 hours or one month. Using Class 2 oil, the oil can be replaced after 400 hours of work, but the oil filter (filter element) must be replaced.How Often Should I Change Lubricant Oil?What is the difference between coolant and lubricant?

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