What Could Be Causing My Gas Fireplace to Shut Off?

It sounds like a draft issue that disturbs the pilot flame when the doors are closed. Or it could be that the flu/chimney is closed and chokes out the flame when the door is closed. First check that the chimney is open and clear. If it is, then light the pilot only and observe the pilot flame as you close the doors. If you can see the pilot with the doors closed, then observe if the pilot flame starts "dancing" around like it is getting blown on. If so, you could try adjusting the ignition sensor closer to the flame or at least in the direction that the flame tends to go when the doors are closed. Check if there is a fresh air intake adjustment on the unit and try different settings. Also, there have been times when I had to actually put a ceramic or steel cover over the pilot flame/sensor to keep drafts from blowing it out when it was running

1. Trouble in sensor data reading sequence

Both printing codes are inside of different if statements, which involve testing mpuIntStatus1 and mpuIntStatus2. This works good, as long as in one void loop() iteration both of these if statements are executed. But that's a timing issue and you cannot assume, that these things happen regularly and always this way. Without completely analyzing your code, the variables mpuIntStatus1/2 seem to indicate, that new data arrived. There is no reason, why this should be synchronized with the void loop() iterations.To solve this you should rewrite your code to include all these print statements into one single if statement at the end of void loop(). In the if statements from above you can set a flag to indicate, that data arrived. This flag will be tested by the if statement at the end of loop. It is up to you to decide, how this should behave, when only data from 1 sensor arrived. You can only print the values from this sensor, or you can print both and using dummy values, that can be distinguished by humans (for example all values zero). Or you can choose to only print out values, if both sensors have given you results

2. How do you change an oil pressure sensor?

Screw off, screw on, HAND TIGHT will do, (8-12 ft/lbs)

3. can a oxygen sensor improve my fuel economy?

It is possible. If the sensor is running to rich or not rich enough. depending on the type of vehicle, most dealerships can hook a scan tool and monitor the 02 sensor. There more then likely will be a labor charge involved. If you have not had a tune up in quite some time you may want to consider that. Air and fuel filters spark plugs.

4. Is service engine light a scam?

2 possibility can happen, 1 is you got a faulty sensor or sensor acting up. When your trusted mechanic fixed it trouble return. Then dealership mechanic need to reprogram to correct problem, so is the sensor only. They charge you $120 for this job, and told you should be happy, this is the reason why. Your warranty is over, if not the $120 will be waived anyway, a transmission job will cost few thousands without warranty cover

5. where is the crank sensor in a 98 voyager 3.0?

The cam sensor is in the distributor. The crank sensor is on the bell housung

6. Creating a Basic Light Sensor Circuit?

this could be trivial with a microcontroller such using fact the percentor the relatively uncomplicated to apply Arduino. purely couple the 4 sensors to the inputs and connect the lighting fixtures to the outputs with the suited driving force circuitry, some traces of code and there ya circulate

7. Engine coolant sensor (ECT) how does it work?

You are correct in how it works. Most systems work with a 5 volt reference voltage sent to the sensor. as it heats up the resistance increases and the return voltage drops. at 195 deg. most cars are at about 1.5 volts returned. Some a little more or less. The engine cooling fan sensor is normally open then closes at 210 deg. to ground a cooling fan relay and turn on the fan. do not confuse the two circuits. Often times they are close to each other on the car.

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