What Do I Need to Start Biking?

I also recently took up biking... just last season. Some equipment that has come in useful for me has been... A bag that mounts under your seat to hold your wallet, cell phone, keys, or whatever you fear might fall out of your pocket. Go for the easy removable kind so it can snap in and out. It will save you time if you ever have to lock up. I also got a cell phone holder that I put on the handlebars so I do not have to get off and dig thru the pack when someone calls. LED lights for the road at night. They are required by law in some areas if you bike after the sun goes down. Splurge a little for the LED kind and the batteries will last forever. A cheap bell to let people know you are coming. Unless you like shouting at people. Look into camelback bags for a good supply of water. You can carry a reservoir on your back and drink thru a tube. Much easier than reaching down for a water bottle. (I have yet to invest in one of those, though) Bike gloves will do wonders for you hands on long rides. I started to get numbness in my palms after a few miles. The gloves really help.

1. Is it legal to install LED lights on exterior floor in California?

totally fine ...

2. Turn off mouse LED lights on linux

I could not get Piper installed, this worked for me, for a G102 Mouse:I presume it will work for the G203, since that's what it's designed for, and presumable it will work for other G-series mice, including the G302

3. I stole some led lights from a store totaled 26 dollars . .should i be charged for commercial burgulary?

Back to Jail?????? You might want to rethink stealing unless you enjoy the slammer. It would have been a lot easier to work a few hours and buy the lights.

4. How can I reduce my electric/AC bill?

Do like WE do! Just dont pay the electric bill, and switch to oil lamps (really cool antique ones) and open windows when the electricity goes off for some reason. Actually, open windows rather than air conditioning work well for cooling if you were wise enough to buy your house in a neighborhood which has preserved its trees. Otherwise, reduce the wattage in the overall room lights, install flourescents where you can, and switch to task lighting for reading and work which requires more light. Ultimately, compact flourescents are OK for now, but a lot of them are defective and dont work, they contain mercury, and they are not as efficient as they could be. We have been very disappointed with compact flourescents. The old style tube "shop lights" in the four foot length work well. We have neat vintage reconditioned ones in the basement, garage, and family room. These are reliable and save energy, as well as recycle historic fixtures (some of them are from world war two) Reconditioned flourescent desk lamps work well for task lighting, and if you use the full-spectrum flourescent bulbs, they are good for your health. Switch to on-demand water heating, or install a solar water heating system. Improve insulation in the roof. IF you have good windows, keep them rather than getting those cheap plastic replacement windows. Not only do they look like crap, they loosen up and start leaking worse than the old windows after only a couple of years. Recondition the windows you have and install indoor storm windows in the winter. Put your insulating money into the roof, rather than the walls. Heat goes up and out, usually. Long term, we need to push for more LED lighting. The technology is already there, they are being used in cars for taillights, and interior lighting. LEDs use about one eighth of the electricity of standard incandescent lighting and about half of what the compact flourescents use. Why is it so hard to find LED lights for household lighting? Probably because they last for years and years. People wont be buying replacement lights as much as they do with those crappy compact flourescent lights or the incandescents.

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A Guide to LED Lights
Light emitting diode (or, in the more common term, LED) lights have become increasingly popular in homes and businesses across the United States. The thing is, not all light fixtures and switches are appropriate for this type of bulb. Not all dimmer switches can be used with LED bulbs.If you are looking for a new light fixture or dimmer, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind. You will want to make sure the lamps you use are dimmable. One way to do this is to make sure that the package is clearly labeled dimmable. Stick with brands you know.You will want to make sure you understand the brightness range of each light bulb you are considering and choose the LED light bulb that will give the brightness you are looking for. Before you choose a bulb, choose the specific dimmer mechanism. That choice should guide your choices of light bulbs, and even lamps.When you are choosing a dimmer switch or lamp to install, it is important to research the compatibility of the lamp or switch and the LED light bulb. One way to get that information is to ask the manufacturer, especially if you are not sure which dimmer to choose. You will want to choose a dimmer designed for an LED bulb. This is because that dimmer is designed to give the best light for that type of bulb. There are minimum and maximum load capacities, and by using parts designed for LEDs, you will have some assurance that you wo not overload the dimmer.There are four types of dimmers to choose from. These differ in the number of fixtures they control, where they affect lights, and even the lights they control. A single pole dimmer works for the lights controlled by only one dimmer, which turns your lights on and off or dims them. A three-way or four-way dimmer is appropriate for lighting systems that have a single dimmer and other switches to control their light output.A multiple-location dimmer is useful if you want to control a light fixture from more than one room. The plug-in dimmer is one that plugs into a wall outlet and controls your table and floor lamps.When you are deciding on the right dimmer for your home, you will need to know the maximum wattage load. Electrical professionals note that it is important not to overload the capacity of the dimmer switch. Electricians often suggest using no more than 25% of the maximum watt load for the switch.The easiest way to choose a dimmer that is capable of working properly with the LED power requirements is to buy a dimmer made specifically for that sort of light.Like fixtures and types of dimmers, there are a variety of controls for dimmer systems, wall mounted and other controls. Slide switches often include an on/off switch that's a push button or toggle, in addition to the slider to set the level of dimming. Toggle switches look just like traditional light switches. In addition to the on-off switch, there may also be a touchpad to raise or lower the dimming level.Rotary dimmers are an older style. These adjust with a turn of a knob, and turn off by pushing the knob in. Digital dimmer controls often look like the slider models but have a touchpad for controls. These can be programmed for specific light settings at specific times.There are several controls specifically designed for lamps too:• Tabletop dimmers plug into the wall, and the lamp. The dimmer control sits on a surface to make it easy to reach.• Cord dimmers are on the electrical cord of the lamp. These are often circular switches and turn with pressure.• Socket dimmers replace the bulb socket in a lamp. These convert a regular socket to a dimmable lamp.Choosing the Right Light Fixture or LampOnce you've chosen the right LED dimmer mechanism, it's time to start thinking about your light fixtures, or lamps. And no, these are not the same thing. To avoid issues, it might be a good idea to choose the same brand or model for all of the fixtures or lamps you want to use LED bulbs in. This ensures that they will work with the same driver and power load. Fixtures are things like recessed lights, or under cabinet lighting. Fixtures designed for LED lights usually have an external driver. Lamps have sockets that bulbs screw into. LED lamps have internal drivers for determining the dimming capability.Contact Randy's Electric today with any inquiries regarding LED light and dimming options!Can Energy Star bulbs work in dimmers?some do and some dont, be sure to buy the right one
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