What Do People From Other Countries Think About the Relations Between India and Pakistan?

Most Americans really like India, but are sketchy of Pakistan due to the whole harboring terrorists thing. The fact that a country in the shape its in has nuclear weapons is a scary thought, and all it would take is one revolution to have these mysteriously disappear and end up in the hands of terrorists. I think in the event of a war between the two, America would support India, as long as it wasnt an offensive war without provocation. I cant speak for other counties, but I believe that America should be way friendlier to India as the main power in the region, and end the distasteful alliance with human rights violator Saudi Arabia, especially now that the US is on par to surpass Saudi oil production in the coming years.Sorry to stereotype(dont worry its a positive one lol), but in America, it seems like every doctor in the country is Indian, so most Americans relate hard work ethics and professionalism with Indians, and media bias is usually on the side of India as well

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How is Zia Ul Haq viewed in Pakistan?

From my point of view and most Muslims who really love Islam to flourish in Pakistan (which was the real purpose of getting it from British in 1947)He was the bravest General and Leader Pakistan ever had. He also saved many times Pakistan from war with India. He is the one who destroyed Russia into pieces. He is the one who liberated Pakistan from Vulgarity, dance clubs and Alchohal (Wine)If he didnt lead Pakistan at that time, there might not be much Islam or values of Islam left in Pakistan which we see these days.Secularism and liberal people hate him due to the fact that he tried to implement Islamic laws and I really wish that he had ruled for 10 more years and we might be mightier than U.S.A right now.In the end, he was a big problem for U.S.A herself so they assassinated him.Islam and following Prophet PBUHs laws are the real assets of Pakistan. In Zias time, my father tells me that there was no Price Inflation in 10 years. So all the prices stayed the same for 10 years that never happened ever in PakistanHis Janaza(Funeral) tells us that how much he was loved by Pakistani people


Is Modi government ruining India?

NO NOT AT ALLIndia is much stronger in all fronts, especially the economic. India has been the fastest growing economy since 2014 (minus 2017) .There are better services, better quality of living.

If you want to talk facts here is a fact for you, the total volume of UPI users in 2016 was 0.2 million and by 2018 the number rose to 482.3 million.This is the first time the government has money rather than politicians and they are spending it good. I know many of you don't know about Jewar airport, well it is going to be among the largest airport in the world and so that there is actual construction, the contract has been given to Zurich Airport AG.This is the first time ( under Modi) India is making image for themselves rather than being considered as third world country.Well, if you are smart and educated you know what Modi is doing and it is good, each and every one can feel the difference between 2012 india and current india well haters would believe otherwise.

Narendra Modi the only working prime minister in the recent times of the Indian history


Did Petyr Baelish have sex with Catelyn Tully?

I highly doubt it. We never get Petyr's POV but we do get Catelyn's and we never see her remembering anything with embarrassment or shame. She's as Tully as a Tully can get, all about "Family, Duty, Honor". Had she given Baelish her maidenhood, we would read at least indirectly about it. Instead, her memories of Petyr are all of a poor, tender and irresponsible boy, whom she considered a brother and who did a stupid thing - challenging Brandon Stark over her hand - for love, without realizing he couldn't succeed because of his low birth and because Brandon was older and a better duelist . She does remember playing the kissing game in the godswood with Petyr and Lysa, mind you. She also remembers that Lysa liked it while she didn't. She dismisses the whole thing as a children's game. There's no memory at all of anything more.On the contrary, we know Petyr lies, and lies often. It's much like him to spread lies to reach some purpose. Making people believe he got Catelyn's maidenhood allows him to give a certain image of himself - how many men do so in real life - and diminishes the honorable image of the Starks


Are Russians White or Asian?

The many Russian answers to this question are generally accurate but demonstrate missing the forest for the trees. The question comes from a Western European perspective, reflecting on the fact that the Russians we seefrom the European part of Russialook white but sometimes show a hint of the Mongoloid races epicanthic fold over the eyes, of a tendency towards not having blue eyes even when the person is blonde, of certain facial characteristics.This is a genetic heritage from the Mongol invasion of what is now Russia roughly 800 years ago. Genghis Khans empire didnt last long by historical standardsabout 200 years in Russiabut it lasted long enoughSo for the conquerors to leave their genetic stamp on the Russian peoples of Europe. As conquerors do.Mongol invasion of Kievan Rus' - WikipediaIn 2004, a groundbreaking scientific study claimed that the infamous emperor Genghis Khan was the direct ancestor of one in 200 men in the world. Genghis Khan DNA & DescendantsSo does tennis star Amanda Anisimovaborn of Muscovite parentshave some of Genghis Khans DNA in her genetic makeup?Very likely.


What if Italy won the Second World War?

If were assuming that Italy entered the war in 1940 as it did in our timeline, but that the war ended to the advantage of Germany and Italy at some point thereafter, we would see Italy keeping its empire in Africa and adding at least British Somaliland, and probably the Sudan, to it. Montenegro would have remained a nominally independent client state instead of being absorbed back into Yugoslavia for another 50 years. Italy would have adjusted the border of Albania south and annexed northern Greece. Kosovo with its majority Albania population would have been annexed to AlbaniaDepending on the military situation, and the political alliances in effect at the time the war ended, Italy might have kept Corsica, received Malta and Tunisia, established some form of special relationship replacing the English in Egypt, and possibly replaced the English as occupiers of Palestine.Some say that Italy won when the Italian government overthrew Mussolini and changed sides in 1943, but the bitter civil war that followed alongside the German defense of the Italian peninsula probably ended up costing as more Italian lives than would have been lost if Mussolini had remained in power


What will be the image of India if Rahul Gandhi becomes Prime Minister?

Would still remain the same. I dont think Rahul Gandhi can add or subtract anymore territory.We have an excellent Military and bereaucracy that would prevent India from breaking up or down.That said, I would not want Rahul Pappu Gandhi to become prime ministet becauseMinisters provide directions as to where the country should be heading. It is their decisions that shape policies of the government. The last person I would want doing that is a man child, having had no experience of managing anything.There are no dearth of good candidates in the congress. So why pick Rahul baba ? Seems suspiscious does it not ? Which makes me think that there could be an ulterior motive in getting a Gandhi or a puppet in the chairThe BJP at least are clear for what they stand for. If I dont like their ideologies, I can reject them. Whereas all I can see in the congress is the Gandhi family. Which means that if the gandhi family turn hindu fanatics, so will the party.Apart from everything else, I would loathe to have a leader who has been grabbed by his pu**y


Was Michael Jackson gay? What was his sexual orientation?

No not even close. He was very different though. He was very clearly straight, marrying I believe twice, and dating hot babes like brooke shields. He wrote many songs which included very obvious reference to girls he liked, or he would include them in his music video as a clear interest. The reason why he may have never had a long lasting fulfilling relationship could be because of the chemical castration shots that his father Joe Jackson made him take to make his young voice Las longer, however there are many consequences of taking such drugs, many similar to those of real castration. He also never had a childhood, so he tries to relive it when he finally had the money and resources to do so. Never land ranch was meant for kids to come and play and enjoy, mj never chased families to bring their kids there, that is a false rumor. Wade Robsons family actually chased mj alot to get wade near him. But that a seperate issue. He was also very religous mentality, things like drugs, and sex were out of the question with converaations with him, according to celebrities


Did Led Zeppelin steal Dazed and Confused?

From Wiki"Dazed and Confused" is a song written by American singer-songwriter Jake Holmes in 1967. Performed in a folk rock-style, he recorded it for his debut album "The Above Ground Sound" of Jake Holmes. Although some concluded that it was about a bad acid trip, Holmes insists the lyrics refer to the effects of a girl's indecision on ending a relationship.

After hearing Holmes perform the song in August 1967, English rock group the Yardbirds reworked it with a new arrangement. It soon became a centrepiece of their tours, several recordings of which have been released, including on Yardbirds '68, produced by guitarist Jimmy Page."Dazed and Confused" was further adapted by Page's new group for their debut album, Led Zeppelin. It became a signature song and concert staple for much of the group's career. Holmes attempted to contact Page in the 1980s regarding the songwriting credit, but received no response. In 2010, Holmes filed a lawsuit and the matter was settled out of court, with the credit on Led Zeppelin releases being changed to "Jimmy Page, inspired by Jake Holmes".

If you call a rewrite and adding rifts as stealing a song, you might as well say that the Star Spangled Banner is a rewrite as it is tune is based around an Old English Sea Shanty


Is it difficult to become a CIA agent, or nearly impossible?

I would hazard a guess that it can be pretty hard to become a spy for the CIA. First of all, you need to be a citizen of a foreign country with access to classified information of vital interest to the U.S. government information relevant to its national security. Next, you will need to contact a CIA officer. That will be difficult, because CIA officers in adversarial countries are undercover and intentionally hard to identify. You might consider knocking on the door of the U.

S. embassy and offering your services, but that could be dangerous. Your country's counterintelligence cops probably monitor the embassy to catch people doing just that.But let's assume you get that far and actually manage to talk to a CIA officer. Now you will need to prove both that you have useful intelligence to offer AND that you're not a "dangle," i.e., an agent of a competing intelligence service only pretending to be a traitor to his or her country.Oh, wait, did you mean to ask how you can become a CIA operations officer yourself? That's much simpler. Just click on Central Intelligence Agency and submit an application

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Dispute with Archbishop Guerrero of face liftThe same day that Hurtado arrived in Manila, the cabildo (city council) of that city confirmed Hernando Guerrero as Archbishop of Manila. Guerrero had been in the city, with a royal appointment to the position, since 1632, but had not taken possession of his office because the necessary papal bull had not been received. The cabildo had therefore refused him recognition. Almost immediately disputes arose between Governor Hurtado and Archbishop Guerrero.This came to a head when a fugitive criminal claimed sanctuary in an Augustinian church in Manila. An artilleryman, Francisco de Nava, owned a female slave named Mara, with whom he was having illicit relations. The archbishop, upon learning this, ordered Nava to sell the slave. When he refused, she was taken from him and sold. The artilleryman soon tried to get the slave back, declaring he wanted to marry her. One day he saw the woman passing in a carriage with her new mistress, who happened to be the governor-general's wife. Going up to the carriage, he spoke to the woman, but she replied that she preferred to be the slave of another than his wife. Thereupon Nava, blind with anger, drew his dagger and killed her.Before the astonished spectators could react, Nava ran to the Augustinian church, claiming the right of sanctuary. When Governor Hurtado heard of the events, he ordered the church surrounded and searched, the murderer seized. While soldiers surrounded the church and prevented anyone from escaping, they would not enter for fear of divine reprisal. Corcuera, upon hearing this, rode his horse directly into the threshold and, with about a dozen emboldened guardia civil, seized Nava, who was summarily tried and sentenced to death.Officials of the archdiocese requested the release of the prisoner and his return to the church, but the governor refused to see them. The sentence was soon carried out (September 6, 1635), on a specially built gallows directly in front of the church where Nava had claimed sanctuary. This was the spot where Nava had killed Mara. The same day the archbishop ordered an interdict and suspension of religious services.The commander of artillery, who had served as judge at Nava's trial, was subsequently condemned to a monetary fine, but appealed and was absolved. In the course of his case and appeals, evidence was given that the governor had stated before witnesses that if an order were given to him to arrest the pope, he would arrest him, and even drag him along by one foot.The interdict was soon lifted. In this dispute the Jesuits sided with the governor, and the other orders with the secular archbishop.A truce between the two parties was agreed to in January 1636, but it soon fell apart. In May of that year the governor ordered the archbishop exiled to Marivales Island, in Manila Bay. The cabildo (council) of the cathedral took over administration of the archdiocese. Within a month the archbishop was allowed to return, but under humiliating conditions.------Even Stevens of face liftEven Stevens was Ray Stevens' third studio album, released in 1968. It was also his first album for Monument Records as well as his first studio album in five years, though he previously released four singles for Monument, starting with "ABC" in 1965. Before the release of this album, Stevens concentrated on writing and producing songs for other artists.Despite the album's joking title, it is considered by all media as his first "serious" album, as there are no songs on the album that are in the genres of novelty or comedy. But Stevens never wholly strays away from humor on the album, as evidenced in the songs "The Minority," a re-recorded version of "Funny Man," "Say Cheese," "Mr. Businessman," "Unwind," and "The Great Escape" (the last two of which humorously describe the everyday routines of a working middle-class man). With the exception of the eighth track, "The Earl of Stilton Square," all the material was written by Stevens himself, though he shares credit with another songwriter for the fourth track, "Say Cheese." Stevens successfully proves his artistic versatility throughout the album, notably with touching performances of his self-penned ballads "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" (which describes the celebration of an upcoming wedding between a man's best friend and his old flame), "Say Cheese" (which describes hiding emotional pain after a breakup), the haunting, mind-boggling "Isn't It Lonely Together," and "Face the Music." Despite not charting on the Billboard 200, the album received an overall of positive reviews from critics and fans alike.On an interesting side note, Bobby Vinton recorded the song "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" for his album Bobby Vinton Sings the Newest Hits, which was released a year before this album; while "Isn't It Lonely Together" became a minor hit for former R&B singer Robert Knight during the same year of the release of this album.The back of the album's cover contains an essay by songwriter Tupper Saussy that describes his experiences with working with Stevens and the making of the album (which was released a few months after the single "Unwind"). Saussy also mentions in the essay that he and Stevens worked on a song for the album entitled "Keep out of Reach of Children," which ended up unfinished and describes this particular song as "a song that would admonish adults to remove their sophisticated anxieties-over-nothing from their youngsters so as not to contaminate them with needless complexities."Aside from the song "Unwind" (a Top 40 Canadian Pop hit that was issued on the album after its initial release), two singles were lifted from the album: "Mr. Businessman" (the only one to make the Top 40 on the American Pop charts) and "The Great Escape."On October 8, 1996, Varse Sarabande rereleased this album on CD and included four bonus tracks, the last of which was the single version of Stevens' hit "Mr. Businessman."------Ecdicius of face liftEcdicius Avitus (c. 420 after 475) was an Arverni aristocrat, senator, and magister militum praesentalis from 474 until 475.As a son of the Emperor Avitus, Ecdicius was educated at Arvernis (modern Clermont-Ferrand), where he lived and owned some land. In the 460s he was one of the richest and most important persons in the western Empire and he was present at the court of Anthemius until 469.Ecdicius and his brother-in-law Sidonius Apollinaris, the Bishop of Clermont, took charge of the defence of the Auvergne against the Visigoths from 471 to 474. The Visigothic king Euric besieged many cities, but Ecdicius, with a private army of horsemen paid for out of his own wealth, brought provisions to those cities, lifted their sieges, and fed a multitude of poor. The size of his warband seems to have been quite small --- he broke a Visigothic siege of Clermont-Ferrand with only eighteen horsemen, or ten according to the non-contemporary account of Gregory of Tours.Ecdicius also obtained the submission of Chilperic II of Burgundy on behalf of the Empire.In 471 Anthemius sent an army into Gaul under the command of his son Anthemiolus against the Visigoths, but he was defeated near Arles; by 473 the Visigoths had captured Arles and Marseille, and they appeared poised for an invasion of Italia itself. Ecdicius was elevated to the rank of patrician by the new emperor Julius Nepos, and invested with the title magister militum praesentialis, apparently with the intent to wage war against the Visigoths; when Sidonius learned of this promotion, he shared his hopes with his wife Papianilla that Ecdicius might gain victories and be rewarded with the Consulate.However, just as Ecdicius embarked on his campaign against the Visigoths (475), he was recalled to Italy by Julius and Flavius Orestes replaced him as head of the Roman army. The emperor then exchanged the Auvergne for Provence, giving the Visigoths the territories they had long desired. The reason for Nepos's about face is puzzling, as Ralph W. Mathisen admits before accusing the Senate in Rome of being responsible.After he was replaced, Ecdicius practically vanishes from the historical record. A letter written by Sidonius Apollinaris survives, in which he pleads with his brother-in-law to return to the Auvergne; but if Ecdicius did return or even if Sidonius sent the letter is unknown. Some evidence suggests that he remained in Italy: there is a letter in the Variae of Cassiodorus (2.4.22), written after the Battle of Vouill in 507, concerning the sons of one Ecdicius who wanted to return to Gaul where they had property; in a 1984 article Matthisen argued for the identification, pointing out that "not only is the Arvernian Ecdicius known to have been in Rome earlier, but Ecdicius also is a rare name."------Greece of face liftThe British Government anticipated an invasion of Greece by the Germans in 1941 and decided to send troops to support the Greeks, who were already engaged against the Italians in Albania. The 2nd New Zealand Division was one of a number of Allied units dispatched to Greece in early March. By late March, 21st Battalion had arrived in Athens where it was to carry out guard duty of vital installations around the city while the rest of the division proceeded to the north of the country to garrison the Aliakmon line. On 6 April, the day after Germany declared war on Greece, elements of the battalion guarding docks near Athens experienced a bombing raid which caused minor wounds to a couple of men. On 8 April, the battalion began moving to the front to rejoin 5th Infantry Brigade, which was now stationed at Olympus Pass. However, en route the battalion was diverted to the Platamon Tunnel, which was 15 miles from the town of Larisa. The defences here had been prepared by D Company, of 26th Battalion. Orders were to hold the position and should any part of it be lost, a counterattack was to be immediately made. The battalion, which arrived on 9 April, set to work further improving the defences, assisted for three days by the company from 26th Battalion until its departure.From 14 April, the 21st Battalion fended off a series of attacks by elements of the 2nd Panzer Division attempting to flank the 2nd New Zealand Division. The battalion held off several infantry attacks before withdrawing on 16 April to Pinios Gorge, having delayed the advance by 36 hours. At Pinios Gorge, 21st Battalion linked up with Australian forces and carried out a delaying action to cover the withdrawal of the rest of the 2nd New Zealand Division as well as the Australian 6th Division; however Macky misjudged the deployment of his defences and did not adequately cover the road through the gorge. On 18 April German tanks forced a passage through the gorge using the road. In the face of the advancing armour, his battalion fragmented and retreated. This put pressure on the Australian defence which in turn collapsed. It was only through artillery cover that the advance of the Germans was sufficiently slowed to allow the rest of the Allied forces to evacuate and shift to the Thermopylae Line.As the German forces approached the Thermopylae Line, the 2nd New Zealand Division was ordered to retreat. While 4th and 6th Brigades provided cover, most of the 5th Brigade moved to beaches at Porti Rafti over the next two days and was evacuated to Crete in the evening of 24 April. Casualties during the 21st Battalion's campaign in Greece amounted to 40 killed and wounded with 230 personnel captured and made prisoners of war.
Knowledge About Mountain Bike,malova Chata of Mountain Bike
malova chata of mountain bikemalova chata is a mountain hut for bikers, skiers and tourists, situated at Nov Louka, a mountain meadow in Jizera Mountains (in Czech Jizersk hory) near the city of Bedichov, district of Jablonec nad Nisou. It is situated in the north of the Czech Republic, approximately 130km from Prague, close to the borders with Germany and Poland.The hut was well known for its simple but great cuisine, especially game. The hut is also used as a hotel and it is a popular place for wedding banquets.------Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference of mountain bikeThe ECCC or Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference is a collegiate cycling conference based in the north east United States. The conference encompasses 71 colleges within Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Teams from some Canadian universities in Quebec and Ontario also compete in the ECCC. The primary goal is to facilitate bicycle racing, with mountain bike racing and cyclo-cross races in the fall and road bicycle races in the spring. The conference is governed by the NCCA, a division of USA Cycling------Arrowhead State Trail of mountain bikeThe Arrowhead State Trail is a recreational trail in the Arrowhead Region of northern Minnesota, USA, geared primarily for winter snowmobile use. It runs 135 miles (217km) from an intersection with the Taconite State Trail 10 miles (16km) west of Tower to an intersection with the Blue Ox Trail 3 miles (4.8km) south of International Falls. In summer about 69 miles (111km) are suitable for hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking, while the northern section is blocked by areas of wetness and standing water.The Arrowhead State Trail was authorized by the Minnesota Legislature in 197475. It is managed by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.------Maungatapu of mountain bikeCoordinates: 411900.41S 1732459.55E / 41.3167806S 173.4165417E / -41.3167806; 173.4165417Maungatapu is a mountain in New Zealand included in both the Nelson, New Zealand and Marlborough Regions. It lies in the Bryant Range. The mountain is 1014 meters high. Maungatapu is a Mori language word meaning "sacred mountain". The mountain was the location of the infamous Maungatapu murders.The Maungatapu saddle is the main route for electrical power lines from Nelson to Marlborough. The mountain has a rough track which links Pelorus Bridge with the Maitai Valley. This is used for mountain biking and walking only. Driving and motorcycling have been banned by Nelson City Council since 2010.------Cohutta 100 of mountain bikeThe Cohutta 100 is an ultra-endurance 100 mile (162km) mountain bike race held annually in late April. The race starts and ends at the Ocoee Whitewater Center in Copperhill, Tennessee. The course is one large loop through the Cohutta Wilderness area with approximately 35% single-track and 60% remote forest service roads, and a total of over 12,000 feet of elevation gain. One of the most challenging parts is the numerous small but very steep climbs.The race has been one of the stops of the National Ultra Endurance Series since 2006. Jeff Schalk holds the record for the best finish time, 6:23 in 2009. Carla Williams set the female record of 7:29 in 2016.------Life of mountain bikeValente was born blind and she is a physiotherapist. She was able to take up competitive track cycling due to an initiative in the city of Vicenza. She competed at the world paralympic event in 1998 and travelled to Sydney in 2000 to attend the Paralympic Games. She and her tandem partner, Fabrizio Di Somma. took the silver medal in the pursuit as well to other bronze medals.Valente won numerous Italian national competitions before taking up mountain biking where she was again successful. In 2009 she joined the Italian Paralympic committee. She has published two books of poetry.------Wind conditions of mountain bikeLa Ventana Bay (Bahia de la Ventana) is well known for consistent north winds that blow from November to April, and is considered a really great kiteboarding destinations for all around riders. The bay and wind condition is great for foilboarders and a lagoon called Choco lake offer great flat water and features for wakepark riders. kiteboarding destinations. It has been nicknamed 'Hood River South' by tourists who kiteboard in La Ventana in the winter and in Hood River, Oregon in the summer. As such, many if not most tourists in La Ventana come from the Pacific Northwest/Cascadia region------New Zealand Company of mountain bikeAt the time of British settlement of Wellington immigrants came from areas with overcrowded cities and it was seen to be important that all citizens should have access to green spaces. The New Zealand Company instructed its surveyor to include "a broad belt of land, which you will declare that the Company intends to be public property, on condition that no buildings ever be erected upon it". The initial space set aside covered 625 hectares but by the year 2000 it had fallen to 425 hectares. It is owned by Wellington City Council------Wetterwandeck of mountain bikeThe Wetterwandeck is a summit, 2,698m high, in the Wetterstein mountains on the Austro-German border. It is located south of Germany's highest peak, the Zugspitze, above the Southern Schneeferner in the ridge which borders the Zugspitzplatt to the south.The first verifiable ascent of the Wetterwandeck was in 1874 by Hermann von Barth.A drag lift in the ski region on the Zugspitzplatt below the Wetterwandeck was named after the mountain. There is also a piste at the southern foot of the mountain known as the Ehrwalder Almbahnen.------Mountain goat (disambiguation) of mountain bikeA mountain goat is a mammal species of the genus Oreamnos found in North America.Mountain goat may also refer to:Altai Mountain goat, a breed of domestic goatHarrington's mountain goat, an extinct relative of the North American mountain goatsKinetic Mountain Goat, a small airplaneThe Mountain Goats, an American indie rock bandMountain Goat (bus company), a bus company in Cumbria, EnglandMountain Goat (motor cycle), a 1960s off-road New Zealand farm bikeMountain Goat Beer, an Australian microbreweryThe Mountain Goats, a fictional college football team in Blue Mountain StateMountain Goats (TV series), 2015 British sitcom------Hohe Wart of mountain bikeHohe Wart is a wooded hill of the Spessart range in Bavaria, Germany. It is located in the unincorporated area Forst Hohe Wart, between the districts of Aschaffenburg and Miltenberg.Hohe Wart is part of the latter and is bordered by Bessenbach, Mespelbrunn, Leidersbach and Sulzbach am Main. The town of Aschaffenburg is the sole land owner on the hill.Hohe Wart Haus, an inn frequented by day trippers (bikers, hikers) is located on the hill.Note that the similarly named Hohe Warte is a different hill of the Spessart, located near Rohrbrunn.------Sande Church of mountain bikeSande in Vestfold is the site of the medieval era Sande Church (Sande kirke, Vestfold). It is located in Sande parish in Nord-Jarlsberg rural deanery. The building material is stone and brick, and it was built in 1150. In 1783, the church burned down; only the walls remained. Over the next eight years, it was rebuilt, and 1860 the church was refurnished. But the older altarpiece, baptismal font, and pulpit were retained. The pulpit is also from 1783 and features Rococo-style carvings. The font of soapstone is the only medieval inventory preserved.------Perimeter Bicycling of mountain bikePerimeter Bicycling Association of America, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit, tax-exempt organization in Tucson, Arizona, responsible for the production and promotion of four major cycling events: El Tour de Tucson, El Tour de Mesa, Cochise County Cycling Classic and Tour of the Tucson Mountains. Each Perimeter Bicycling event raises funds for non-profit charitable agencies. Other Perimeter Bicycling events include: an annual Bike, Fitness & Health Expo, Indoor El Tour, El Tour Adventure 10k/5k Walk/Run series and Family Fun Rides associated with most events.Perimeter Bicycling was founded in 1986 by Richard DeBernardis and has helped raise over $32 million for local and national charitable organizations.------Redbridge Cycling Centre of mountain bikeRedbridge Cycling Centre is a road cycle circuit and mountain bike course at Hog Hill near Hainault Forest Country Park and directly opposite the Forest Cemetery and Crematorium. The 5m cost of the facility was funded by the London Development Agency (LDA) as a replacement the former Eastway cycle facilities that were redeveloped for the London Olympic Park. The LDA funded the facility up to the completion of the legacy London Velopark. It was opened by Boris Johnson in August 2008.In 2014, Redbridge Council agreed to purchase Redbridge Cycling Centre from the Crown Estate using a grant from the London Marathon Charitable Trust.------Luca Dallavalle of mountain bikeLuca Dallavalle (born 14 July 1987 in Cles) is an Italian mountain bike orienteer. He won a bronze medal in the middle distance at the 2010 World MTB Orienteering Championships in Montalegre. 5 years later, at the 2015 World MTB Orienteering Championships in Liberec, he won 3 medals: one gold, one silver and one bronze, respectively on the sprint, middle and long distance races.In June 2016 he's on the top of males world ranking of MTB-O.Dallavalle practises also extreme skiing. He skied many classical lines in Dolomites, Adamello-Presanella, Ortles-Cevedale in Alps and he found new extreme descent lines from the same mountains.------Cabuya, Costa Rica of mountain bikeCabuya is a small fishing village on the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica.It is located a few miles from the tourist areas of Montezuma and Santa Teresa, and is visited by hikers, mountain bikers, surfers and water sports enthusiasts.The first nature reserve in Costa Rica, Cabo Blanco Reserva is located at Cabuya.Near the village is a Yoga retreat.Off the coast is Isla de Cabuya, the Cemetery Island. Cabuya Island is accessible by foot at low tide and dates back to pre-Columbian times. It is still used a burial ground. The reef that surrounds the island is used for fishing and snorkeling.------Tour of Slovenia of mountain bikeThe 2018 Tour of Slovenia (Slovene: Dirka po Sloveniji) was the 25th edition of the Tour of Slovenia cycling stage race, held between 13 and 17 June. Race was organised as a 2.1 race on the UCI Europe Tour.The race was decided on its queen stage (Stage 4) in the KamnikSavinja Alps with climbs to Seeberg Saddle (1218 m), Pavli Pass (1338 m) and Volovljek Pass (1029 m). The stage was won by Primo Rogli (Team LottoNL-Jumbo) with a 33-second lead over second-placed Matej Mohori (BahrainMcLaren), with Rafal Majka (BoraHansgrohe) in third.------Francis Peak of mountain bikeFrancis Peak, Elevation 9,560 feet (2,910m), was named in honor of an early pioneer, Esther Charlotte Emily Weisbrodt Francis, who contributed to the colonization of the Morgan Valley in Morgan county in Utah. One of the taller peaks of the Wasatch Range, Francis Peak is located on the border between Morgan and Davis counties, approximately 18 miles (29km) north of Salt Lake City, Utah, United States.The summit is accessible by hiking, biking, recreational vehicles, and automobile. Automobiles can access the peak via Skyline Drive in Bountiful and Farmington Canyon Road in Farmington. Camping sites, trails, small ponds, wildlife and great vistas are part of this rugged natural setting.------Parc de la Feyssine of mountain bikeLe Parc de la Feyssine is a park in Lyon, France.Situated between the Rhone river and the college campus of La Doua in Villeurbanne and to the north of Lyon, Parc de la Feyssine was created on former marshlands to serve as a passage from Parc de la Tte d'or to the Grand Parc de Miribel-Jonage. Opened in 2002, it is wooded over 50% of its surface, and has trails for walking, mountain biking and running, including a circular path and the "chemin hectomtrique", a path with informational exhibits every 100m.------Miguel Martinez of mountain bikeMiguel Martinez may refer to:Miguel Martinez (basketball) (born 1989), Lebanese basketball playerMiguel Martinez (politician), New York City Council memberMiguel Martinez (cyclist) (born 1976), French mountain bikerMiguel Martnez (actor) (born 1991), Mexican actorMiguel Martnez (wrestler) (born 1991), Cuban sport wrestlerMiguel Martnez, footballer for the Honduran club C.D. VictoriaMiguel Martnez Domnguez (19212014), Mexican musician, composer and arranger of mariachiMiguel Martnez (footballer) (born 1981), Spanish football goalkeeperMiguel Martnez (Paraguayan footballer) (born 1998), Paraguayan football goalkeeperMiguel Edgardo Martnez (born 1965), Honduran politician
Knowledge About Health & Personal Care Products: Academics of Health & Personal Care Products
Academics of health & personal care productsWalter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass CommunicationIn 2008, the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication moved to ASU Downtown, with the headquarters and studios of KAET (the PBS member affiliate for the greater Phoenix area, operated by ASU) moving to ASU Downtown in 2009.College of Public Service and Community SolutionsIn 2006, the College of Public Programs relocated from Wilson Hall on the university's Tempe campus to Arizona State University's Downtown Phoenix campus. On January 1, 2015, The College of Public Programs officially renamed itself to the College of Public Service & Community Solutions. The College of Public Service and Community Solutions offers bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees and is organized into four schools and 17 research centers. The programs are divided between the School of Social Work, the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, the School of Public Affairs and the School of Community Resources and Development. The college also houses a number of distinguished divisions and research centers, including the Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation, the Morrison Institute for Public Policy and the Southwest Interdisciplinary Research Center.College of Nursing & Health InnovationIn August 2006, the College of Nursing & Health Innovation moved to the new Downtown Phoenix Campus. The new building, previously called Park Place, was a 1980s-era office building, and was extensively renovated to meet education and research requirements. An additional building adjacent to the new college building houses the ASU Health Center and Academy for Continuing Education.College of Health SolutionsThe College of Health Solutions was formed in 2012 to help ASU marshal its resources to solve the national problem of poor health outcomes achieved at unsustainably high costs. The goals of the college, in step with the Institute of Healthcare Improvement's triple aim, are to simultaneously improve the patient care experience, improve the health of the population, and reduce per capita health care costs while improving health outcomes. The College of Health Solutions houses the International School of Biomedical Diagnostics, the School of Nutrition and Health Promotion, the School for the Science of Health Care Delivery, the Department of Speech and Hearing Science, the Department of Biomedical Informatics, the Doctor of Behavioral Health, and Health Solutions Executive Education. The college also has a presence on the ASU Tempe, West, and Lake Havasu campuses, as well as online, and works closely with its industry and community partners.College of Integrative Sciences and ArtsThe College of Integrative Sciences and Arts formerly the College of Letters and Sciences is based on Arizona State University's Downtown Phoenix campus and offers the liberal arts core curriculum for the campus, as well as bachelor's degree programs in Communication, General Studies, and Interdisciplinary Studies. Instruction ranges from humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. It also collaborates with other colleges and schools such as College of Nursing and Healthcare Innovation, College of Public Service and Community Solutions, and Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. The College also has a presence on the ASU Tempe, Polytechnic, and Online campuses.Sandra Day OConnor College of LawThe Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law has relocated to the Downtown Phoenix Campus. The university plans to establish the Arizona Center for Law and Society in 2016.Mary Lou Fulton Teachers CollegeThe Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, offers programs leading to the B.A., M.Ed., and Ed.D. in many fields, such as early childhood education, elementary education, secondary education, special education, and educational administration/supervision. Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College administers teacher education programs across all four campuses of the university. making it among the largest higher education teacher preparation programs in the United States.Graduate CollegeThe Graduate College administers graduate programs on all four ASU campuses.Barrett, The Honors CollegeBarrett, The Honors College provides academically-intensive programs and courses for undergraduate students meeting select criteria. Barrett's programs are offered to students across all four ASU campuses.University CollegeThe University College offers general-studies programs and exploratory programs for undergraduate students who have not declared a formal major.------Health care of health & personal care productsIn unregulated competitive markets for individual health insurance, risk-rated premiums are observed to differ across subgroups of insured people, which are defined by rating factors such as age, gender, family size, geographic area (because costs of care may be higher or lower in some coverage areas than others) occupation, length of contract period, the level of deductible, health status at time of enrollment, health habits (smoking, drinking, exercising) and, via differentiated bonuses for multiyear no-claim, to prior costs.Some nations that encourage private insurance for health care still seek to prevent insurers from engaging in risk minimizing actions to load the premiums of people with certain high-risk profiles, typically the elderly, the sick, and to some extent, women. Thus, financial transfers are needed in order to prohibit any discriminatory practices against these subgroups without increasing costs on insurers. This is done by arranging for a third party to organize a regulatory system of risk-adjusted premium subsidies.The financial transfers are then channeled via a so-called Subsidy Fund. In European countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland, the Subsidy Fund is run by a government agency, which assesses risks for individual policy holders. In all countries that apply risk-adjusted premium subsidies in their health insurance market, the sponsor organizes it in the form of risk equalization among health insurers: the risk-adjusted premium subsidies for the insured are channelled to the insurers. Then, the Subsidy Fund is called a Risk Equalization Fund (REF). An insurer receives a relatively large sum of subsidies by the REF if the risk profile of their members is relatively unhealthy and vice versa.Although premiums can be rated across many subgroups of insured people, a sponsor may not want to subsidize all observed premium rate variation, in practice. The total set of risk factors used by insurers to rate their premiums can be divided in two subsets: the subset of risk factors that cause premium rate variation that the sponsor decides to subsidize, the S(ubsidy)-type risk factors; and the subset that causes premium rate variations which the sponsor does not want to subsidize, the N(on-subsidy)-type risk factors.Gender, health status and (to a certain extent) age will, in most countries, be considered S-type risk factors. Examples of potential N-type risk factors are a high propensity for medical consumption, living in a region with high prices and/or overcapacity resulting in supply-induced demand, or using providers with an inefficient practice-style. The sponsor determines the specific categorization of S-type and N-type risk factors. When the government takes up the role of the sponsor, this categorization is ultimately determined by value judgments in society. Because the premium subsidies are risk-based, price competition will not be distorted by these subsidies and therefore incentives for efficiency are not reduced.Thatclarification needed operates in countries such as Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, and Ireland. The system of risk equalization plays a crucial role in order to reduce the incentives for risk selection in this new Dutch market of regulated competition. (See Health care in the Netherlands) Dutch insurers are not allowed to risk-rate their premiums. In practice, the sponsor often encounters difficulties to find adequate measures of the S-type risk factors (such as health status) to include in the risk equalization model.The concept was put in the US healthcare law, passed in 2010, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. To achieve its aims, state and federal regulators must construct an effective system of risk adjustment or risk equalization that protects health insurers that attract a disproportionate share of patients with poor health risks and punishes those that cherry pick lower risk groups.
A Guide to LED Lights
Light emitting diode (or, in the more common term, LED) lights have become increasingly popular in homes and businesses across the United States. The thing is, not all light fixtures and switches are appropriate for this type of bulb. Not all dimmer switches can be used with LED bulbs.If you are looking for a new light fixture or dimmer, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind. You will want to make sure the lamps you use are dimmable. One way to do this is to make sure that the package is clearly labeled dimmable. Stick with brands you know.You will want to make sure you understand the brightness range of each light bulb you are considering and choose the LED light bulb that will give the brightness you are looking for. Before you choose a bulb, choose the specific dimmer mechanism. That choice should guide your choices of light bulbs, and even lamps.When you are choosing a dimmer switch or lamp to install, it is important to research the compatibility of the lamp or switch and the LED light bulb. One way to get that information is to ask the manufacturer, especially if you are not sure which dimmer to choose. You will want to choose a dimmer designed for an LED bulb. This is because that dimmer is designed to give the best light for that type of bulb. There are minimum and maximum load capacities, and by using parts designed for LEDs, you will have some assurance that you wo not overload the dimmer.There are four types of dimmers to choose from. These differ in the number of fixtures they control, where they affect lights, and even the lights they control. A single pole dimmer works for the lights controlled by only one dimmer, which turns your lights on and off or dims them. A three-way or four-way dimmer is appropriate for lighting systems that have a single dimmer and other switches to control their light output.A multiple-location dimmer is useful if you want to control a light fixture from more than one room. The plug-in dimmer is one that plugs into a wall outlet and controls your table and floor lamps.When you are deciding on the right dimmer for your home, you will need to know the maximum wattage load. Electrical professionals note that it is important not to overload the capacity of the dimmer switch. Electricians often suggest using no more than 25% of the maximum watt load for the switch.The easiest way to choose a dimmer that is capable of working properly with the LED power requirements is to buy a dimmer made specifically for that sort of light.Like fixtures and types of dimmers, there are a variety of controls for dimmer systems, wall mounted and other controls. Slide switches often include an on/off switch that's a push button or toggle, in addition to the slider to set the level of dimming. Toggle switches look just like traditional light switches. In addition to the on-off switch, there may also be a touchpad to raise or lower the dimming level.Rotary dimmers are an older style. These adjust with a turn of a knob, and turn off by pushing the knob in. Digital dimmer controls often look like the slider models but have a touchpad for controls. These can be programmed for specific light settings at specific times.There are several controls specifically designed for lamps too:• Tabletop dimmers plug into the wall, and the lamp. The dimmer control sits on a surface to make it easy to reach.• Cord dimmers are on the electrical cord of the lamp. These are often circular switches and turn with pressure.• Socket dimmers replace the bulb socket in a lamp. These convert a regular socket to a dimmable lamp.Choosing the Right Light Fixture or LampOnce you've chosen the right LED dimmer mechanism, it's time to start thinking about your light fixtures, or lamps. And no, these are not the same thing. To avoid issues, it might be a good idea to choose the same brand or model for all of the fixtures or lamps you want to use LED bulbs in. This ensures that they will work with the same driver and power load. Fixtures are things like recessed lights, or under cabinet lighting. Fixtures designed for LED lights usually have an external driver. Lamps have sockets that bulbs screw into. LED lamps have internal drivers for determining the dimming capability.Contact Randy's Electric today with any inquiries regarding LED light and dimming options!Can Energy Star bulbs work in dimmers?some do and some dont, be sure to buy the right one
Kogan Solar Powered Motion Sensor Dual LED Flood Light (2000mAh) - (NBLTFSLMDHA) - Manual
• Keep the device away from fire and do not immerse it in water.• The device does not have any charger.• Do not attempt to disassemble the product. If it suffers any failure or damage, contact Kogan.com.The solar panels and lights can be rotated during installation for optimal performance.The internal battery is locked for shipment. Before use, switch the on/off socket with the supplied pin to unlock the battery and lighting system.Install the device facing south and ensure that the solar panel can receive good sunlight directly without any shelter or cover.Normally, it will charge fully in one day under bright sunlight.The device will turn on automatically when motion is detected.The brightness will be stronger when motion is detected within 3 metres.When motion is distant, it will come on dimly, which can serve as illumination for the homeowner or visitor.• Prior to first use, allow the light to charge for 2 or 3 sunny days.• If there is no good sunlight in 3 months, the battery may run dry and require recharging with bright sunlight.• If the light blinks, charge the light immediately.• If there is no sunlight, it may take longer to fully charge the device, as is normal for solar products.Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Security Lights – Reviews 2019One of the latest methods of enhancing your home security involves adding the best motion sensor light to your outdoor lighting. As the US News and World Report explains, the motion detector lights can help scare away potential burglars. When they start walking toward your house and the lighting automatically turns on, they will get scared as hell thinking you've spotted them and put on the lights. They will run away-saving you from the painful burglary experience. When looking for a good motion sensor light, however, you can easily get intimidated by the numerous options out there. In this post, we will walk you through the key things you need to know about these automatic lights before making a purchase. Along the way, we will also look at some of the top-rated motion sensor lights currently available for you. Can I Add Motion Sensor To an Existing Outdoor Light? Will it Be Wise? Yes, it's possible to add a motion sensor to existing outdoor light. If you really love your existing light bulb but still want to upgrade to motion sensor light, you can do so by using a screw-in motion sensor switch which works just the same way as the motion sensor light bulb itself. The screw-in switch usually looks like a USB power adapter, with the sensor hanging below, and is incredibly easy to install. All you have to do is screw the base directly into the fixture socket of your existing light and then screw in your existing light bulb. NOW...you might be battling with an inner conflict on whether it's really a nice idea to add a motion sensor to your outdoor lighting system. The truth is, it's a REALLY wise decision! This is even truer when you keep in mind that you will significantly save on electric costs-by having a bulb that lights only when it detects moving objects instead of lighting throughout the night. Other key benefits of using these special lights include increased home security, reduced light pollution (no more getting at loggerheads with your neighbors), and keeping off bugs which love playing in lights. If you want to replace the existing outdoor lights with motion sensor bulbs, we've found some of the top-rated bulbs you can get today... If you are looking for a motion activated outdoor lighting which is solar powered, LITOM Original Wireless is an ideal option. For those who do not know, LITOM is a leading brand in the lighting industry who have sold millions of solar powered lights that are loved by homeowners all over the world. This particular light is ideal for installation on the front door, garage, deck, yard, and any other suitable outdoor spot of your choice. It comes fitted with an enhanced PIR motion sensor which easily detects movements up to 8ft (26ft) at a detection angle of 120 degrees. On detecting motion, it lights with an illumination range of up to 270 degrees, thanks to its wide-angle lighting design. In other words, it has a coverage area 3x that of typical solar powered lights. The solar-powered light also comes equipped with a high-efficient solar panel. This enables it to charge 25% faster than most of its competition-assuring you the battery will always be in good condition. Above all, the light is made using premium ABS & PP material, with excellent weatherproof properties against all the terrible weathers like a rainstorm, extended daily heat, blizzard, etc. The strong durability translates to an extra-long lifespan of over 30,000 hours. If you are looking for a motion detector light which easily hangs on the wall, you just found Aootek New Upgraded Outdoor light! The light comes with a wall plug and screws for easy and fast set up. The two keyholes at the back let you easily hang this light on or off the screws. Once you have it set up, it begins charging the included 2200mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery. It features a high-efficient monocrystalline silicon solar panel which converts up to 20.5% of sunlight into electrical energy. At night, the wall light does what it does best-lighting up when it detects people and animals as far as 26 feet away and within an angle of 120 degrees. Keep in mind that the bulb comes armed with a total of 48 LED light beads which combine with the light wide angle design to deliver a larger coverage illumination. You will find the 3 light modes-sensor, dim light sensor, and medium light-quite handy when it comes to customizing this bulb to match your desired lighting needs and preferences. Just like the previously discussed lights, this wall light from Aootek is also weatherproof (IP64 waterproof), meaning it can hold up to extreme weather conditions for maximum longevity. If you want value for your money, JUSLIT 74 COB LEDs Motion Sensor Light will give you just that. This sensor comes at an affordable cost but provides you with high-end features in exchange. Unlike the other lights we've discussed above, this light comes with the NEW COB LED technology which means super-bright illumination (2x brighter than the regular LED lights!). It draws its energy from the sun. It comes with a high-quality solar panel and a built-in 2000mAh rechargeable battery for storing the electrical energy. The light can sense motion up to 26 feet away with the integrated Juslit's wireless PIR sensor. This motion activation truly takes your home security to a new level while helping you save on your electric bills. Unlike most of its competitors, the bulb offers you up to two light modes-the dim light and bright light sensors. This enables you to customize your light so that it matches your specific lighting needs in every situation. The durable construction with IP65 waterproof rating enables this light to hold up to the extreme weather elements and serve you an exceptionally long period of time. Closing our list of the best outdoor motion sensor lights is the GLORIOUS-LITE 39W LED Security Light. This light features 3 heads whose angles you can easily adjust according to your preferences. It's great for use in your backyard, walkways, entries and exits, dark alleys, fences, porch, and so on. It senses moving objects as far as 48 feet and within an angle of 180 degrees. The motion then triggers the light to produce an ultra-brightness of up to 3500 lumens. Like most of the previously discussed models, this light goes off 30 seconds- 2 minutes of lighting to help save the battery life. The joints connecting the light heads and the entire light to the motion sensor are fully movable and flexible. This lets you easily customize the light in your preferred angle to direct the light to the specific area(s) you want to illuminate. Like all the other lights that made it to this list, this model also comes with a weather-resistant construction (with IP65 waterproof rating). This means it will not give in to rainwater, snow, sleet, etc., translating to maximum lifespan. Examine the back of the 3 heads of this light system closely and you will discover fish scale-like design. This plays a crucial role in dissipating the heat away, protecting the light from overheating. Installing the light is pretty simple; no plug and no switch, and no special skills needed. For a larger area illumination such as the backyard, however, consider looking for a floodlight with an extended sensing range of up to 50 feet and above. You can use the number of lumens to guide you into choosing the right bulb. Small areas can be served by up to 40 lumens while the larger areas will need up to 3,400 lumens. Motion sensing lights can be used for various purposes such as visibility, decoration, or security. What do you plan to use your light for? If you are like most people, you might be planning to install the lighting for security reasons. And in this case, you should look for the brightest models to light up your backyard and front parts to eliminate all the potential hiding spots for burglars. For decorative lighting and visibility, the battery-operated will be a good option as they do not require any attachments. You can easily arrange the battery-operated lights to line your path, surround a given structure, or even illuminate a dark stairway. When looking for a motion sensor security light, you will encounter lights with three main sources of power-battery operated, hard-wired, and solar powered. Most homeowners prefer the solar powered and battery operated models since they do not need to be installed near an electric source. They are also extremely easy to install and you do not need an electrician for the job. However, the two sources of power can disappoint you in the event of a dead battery or cloudy weather. They might also not be as bright as the hardwired lights. If you go with a hardwired power source, then you will need to prepare in advance in case you will need to run wires through walls or secure the extension wires. When it comes to the type of motion sensing light, you will have a choice between the LEDs and the traditional incandescent bulbs. Again, most homeowners prefer using the LED type bulbs since they are great energy savers, do not overheat like their incandescent counterparts (which can cause fire), and have a longer lifespan. Unfortunately, some LEDs might not deliver a lot of brightness especially if you want to light a bigger area or scare away the burglars. The incandescent light, on the other hand, consumes more energy, meaning bigger energy bills. They also need regular replacement. But keeping in mind that this light system will light up when they detect motion, you should not worry about overheating or huge energy consumption. For the pricing part, we suggest that you come up with a rough budget and stick to it when looking for an ideal motion sensor light. Ensure you set a bit flexible budget, though. If you come across a cheap light, it might be inexpensive for a reason. The highest priced light does not mean it has the best quality. If you are made of money, you will want to get a bright, high-powered light that even allows you to connect to other home security devices. A typical motion sensor light comes integrated with an "electronic eye" that detects infrared waves (the heat waves produced by objects on the move). When your lighting system detects a moving object within its sensing range and angle, it automatically lights up and then stays on for about a few seconds or minutes, depending on how you preset it before shutting off. The motion detector light features a semi-circular field of view of up to 240 degrees and a specific sensing range extending up to 70ft or more (which is adjustable for most models). These special light systems usually light up when they detect warmer objects such as people, animals, and cars. Sometimes they can react to wind-blown leaves. During the day, the motion sensor light remains off. This is made possible by an integrated photocell that helps deactivate the light in daylight. 1. What is the best motion sensor outdoor light system? The ideal motion sensor light to install in your backyard, patio, driveway, etc., will depend on your unique home lighting needs and requirements. Armed with a reasonable budget, and your priorities (why you need the light, where you want to locate it, etc.), you should not have a problem finding a great motion sensor light for your home. Always remember to read the reviews of previous users before placing an order to ensure you are taking home a quality and dependable light. 2. My motion sensor lights are flashing. What could be the problem? If your motion detection lights are flashing, you should first examine the condition closely to ensure they are actually flashing and not flickering. If you find out they are flickering or producing unsteady, quick brightness changes, then you might have a bad bulb or bad wiring. If you change the bulb and the problem does not end, call in an experienced electrician to examine the wiring. Alternatively: check if you light system has an adjustable sensor and adjust it to the area in view or your range dial. 3. Can you add a motion detector to an outdoor light? Yes, it's possible to add a motion detector capability to existing outdoor lighting. This is the best option for people who do not want to install motion sensor bulbs to replace the current outdoor lighting. In this case, you will need to buy a motion sensor switch which you can then screw in your existing lighting and voila! You have a motion detection security lighting system in your home! 4. How do I properly reset my motion sensor outdoor security light? The motion sensor in your lighting is usually sensitive to power blinks and electric surges. This is the reason why your light might remain on or off if any of these events occur. All you have to do to bring your light back to normal is to RESET the sensor. (i). Turn off the circuit breaker powering your motion detection light for approx. 30 seconds and then turn it on. This will automatically reset the light in most cases...though some models require you to put the breaker off for a longer period of time, say an hour, for successful reset. (ii). Turn on your light switch, then turn it off for around 2 seconds. Turn it back on. This trick usually works for light systems which are fed by a wall switch. (iii). Turn your light switch on and off for about 4 times in quick succession. This will make the light to stay on continuously. You can then turn it off, wait for approx. 5 seconds, and then turn it on again. This should reset your motion sensor lighting system. 5. How high should I place my motion sensing floodlight? The ideal placement for your floodlight will depend on factors such as its brightness, its opening angle, and what you intend to use it for. Generally, the light should be placed closer to your target area for the ultimate visibility. Floodlights intended for gateways and areas close to your house should be situated as high as the top of your garage. This keeps them out of reach while providing a good illumination coverage. Lights meant for illuminating objects above them ought to be placed on or near the ground (about 3 or more feet away from the target) to prevent the heat generated and intense light from causing any damages. Outdoor lighting is an important aspect of every home when it comes to mater security and giving you peace of mind. The invention of motion sensing outdoor lights makes outdoor lighting economical for homeowners as it only lights when it senses moving objects within a given range. This helps significantly cut down the energy bills while enhancing your home security. If you are planning to install motion sensing lights in your backyard, garden, patio, driveway, garage, etc., you have several options at hand. You can either add a motion sensing switch to your existing outdoor lighting or replace the lights with the motion sensing bulbs. Check our list of the 10 best motion sensor lights that you can install in your home today to stop the burglars right in their tracks.
Want to Install New Led Lights but They Have Aluminum Wires , Can I Join to Copper Wiring with Merri
Although I doubt you have aluminum wiring in a new device (probably tinned copper). You can join aluminum wire to copper wire with alumiconns. These are special wire nuts that have a special jell inside and these are 1 use only (alumiconns are usually purple or the 2 brands I have used are purple) for example the box I have on the shelf is ideal brand Twister AL/CU, these are listed for aluminum to copper wire connections. Regular wire nuts create a fire hazard with copper to aluminum connections so it can or needs to be done with alumiconns. I would bet you have tinned stranded wire coming from the new fixture. If you take a knife and scrape the wires there will s probably copper under the tin. If copper under the tin you can just use a standard wire it that is the correct size for the wire.1. i want to connect a led lights to my dome light on my scion tc.?To hook up LED lights you must use a resistor to drop the voltage that is going to the light. If you do not the lights will immediately blow once your 12 volts is sent to them. Sorry but I am not sure what size of resistor you will need.2. What are Future Trends and Application of Surgical Lights Market in 2019 – 2023? | MedgadgetA new market study, titled "Surgical Lights Market Report, by Product Type (Surgical Lights and Examination), Technology (Led and Halogen Lights), Application (Surgical Suites, Endoscopy Procedures, Dental Procedures), End-User (Hospital Operating Rooms)-Global Forecast Till 2023" has been featured on WiseGuyReports. Otherwise called surgical light head or operating light, the surgical light is a kind of medical equipment that is used for helping the specialists and the doctors amid major and also minor surgeries. Proper lighting of the surgical area is very much essential inside the operation theatre for avoiding any kind of injury to the patient. These lights are generally manufactured according to their specifications like brightness, homogeneity, Color Rendering Index (CRI), shadow dilution, Correlated Color Temperature (CCT), and many others. The global surgical lights market is anticipated to grow rapidly at a CAGR of 4.53% during the prediction period (2017-2023). The global market is expected to reach the valuation of USD 595.00 million by the year 2023. These lights are essentially required for performing surgical suites, dental procedures, endoscopy procedures, and other minor surgeries. This is the reason why there is a higher demand for surgical lights in various healthcare departments. Therefore, it becomes the major factor behind the growth of the global surgical lights market. The global surgical lights market is bifurcated based on its type, application, technology, end users and geographical demand. On the basis of its type, the global surgical lights market is divided into examination lights and surgical lights. On the basis of its application, the global market is segmented into endoscopy procedures, surgical suites, dental procedures, and others. Based on its technology, the global surgical lights market is divided into LED lights and halogen lights. Based on its end-user industry, the market is classified into ambulatory surgical centers, hospital operating rooms, and procedure rooms. Region wise, the global surgical lights market is divided into global regions like Europe, North America, Asia- Pacific, Middle East, LATAM, and Africa. The major players of the surgical lights market are BihlerMED, A-dec Inc., CV Medical, Herbert Waldmann GmbH & Co. KG, Getinge AB, Hill-Rom Services Inc., KONINKLIJKE PHILIPS N.V., Integra LifeSciences Corporation, S.I.M.E.O.N. Medical GmbH & Co. KG, SKYTRON, Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co., Ltd., STERIS plc, Sunnex Group, Stryker, Technomed India, among others. Wise Guy Reports is part of the Wise Guy Research Consultants Pvt. Ltd. and offers premium progressive statistical surveying, market research reports, analysis & forecast data for industries and governments around the globe.3. LED lights on Street Bikes Legal in Canada?Yes, no red up front4. do led lights have that blue glow?Take the bulb you have to the hardware store with you and get them to match it5. How to Make a Fake FireThere's nothing quite like the gentle, warm crackle of a real fire. Unfortunately, there are many places where open flames are inappropriate or unsafe - for instance, during a stage production or at an indoor party. For these situations, fake yet realistic prop flames can create the atmosphere of a real fire without the risk. Add New Question What kind of LED lights am I looking for? Just standard colored light bulbs that I could plug into any lamp in my house? Look for a very small one that is soft white or even a yellow bug bulb but check that the socket it screws into has the correct base. LED wo not save you anything since the flame does not need much light. Ask at your local home improvement store. Instead of using a hot glue gun, what can I use? You could try Gorilla glue or just basic Elmer's glue, but the hot glue helps it to be more stable and stick longer. My friends and I are using cardboard logs for the fire. Is that okay to do? As long as it's not a real fire and the logs are not too close to the light. Where can I get a flat fan? A hardware store near you would be the best place to look for a flat fan. If that's unsuccessful, you can find one online. What kind of fabric works best for the flames? I would say either satin, silk, or felt. What is the cloth you use for the flame? Any light cloth should do the trick. Thin cotton is a good choice. You can even use tissue paper. What should the coals look like on my fire? Coals generally look like black lumps of rock with red embers around them. Do I have to add lights and a fan? You do not have to, but your fire will be much more convincing if you do. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Submit
PWM Controlled MOSFET Based DC Motor Driver, Stuck with Reverseing Direction
The reason you see the sparks is because you are open-circuiting a charged inductor (ie the stator of the motor) Thou shall not open-circuit a charged inductor, thou shall not short-circuit a charged capacitor. The stator of the motor has been "charged"... you have at one point applied a voltage to it to permit current to flow. For whatever reason (intent or oversight...) the relay has opened the stator terminals. The inductor MUST keep the current flowing & due to: $V = LfracdIdt$, a sudden (attempted) change in current can only result in an increase in voltage which leads to sparks, avalanche or insulation breakdown. To remove such sparks you could consider using a H-Bridge arrangement but these are more involved. As a "poor mans" replacement, some sort of snubber across the motor would be the next best thing. An R-C-Z would be one option1. reversing DC motor rotation using TWO limit Switches Problem !! need helpNormally you use state machine for this kind of programming: you have a state variable that remembers what you are doing, and depending on the current state you decide what to do next. Below is an example with two states. I have embedded a few assumptions about the wiring of your motor and your switches, which may be wrong, so you have to check the code.This will start in the MOVING_CW state, but you have to actually start the movement in setup(). It has the drawback of having long delay()s in the loop, which is undesirable if you have other tasks to perform. These delays can be removed by "remembering" that you are waiting as two extra states:2. how do i hook a small 12vault dc motor to a battery when it doesnt have any wires ?There is only one motor shown in that link, and that has two solder tabs. (I can see only one, but I am sure there is another one on the other side). So you solder the wires to those two tabs.3. Change Direction of 12v DC Motor Rotation using RelayMaybe something like that could work.Switches are on the two ends and trigger the change of direction of the motor.The relay should be of the 'latching' a.k.a. 'bistable' type.simulate this circuit - Schematic created using CircuitLab4. What if we don't use split ring commutator in a DC motor?Cosider the simplest of motors, one with a single coil of wire within a fixed magnetic field. The split ring commutator is a primitive switch so the that DC electricity goes through the coil one way, and then reverses the current when the armature turns 180 degrees. Without a split ring commutator the current would not reverse when armature reverses, and the magnetic fields of the rotor and stator would clash and the rotor will stick in a position and not turn.5. Wiring DC Motor Controller board to Raspberry Pi 3QuestionPie fired - Why?AnswerThere is 50% chance that the pins 1, 2, 3 labelled below are hardwired to Gnd or Vcc. These pins are used for dry run, without Rpi connected. You use a jumper to short the pair of pins to check out if the motor can move. But if you connect your Rpi GPIO pins to these dry run test pins, Pi fried instantly.You might use a multimeter to measure the voltages at these pins, or give me the link to the motor driver to check out the schematics to confirm6. What kind of DC motor is this and what does the circuit do?That looks like a DC motor of the type used in tape cassette players.For music reproduction with accurate pitch constant motor speed is required. Achieving this in battery powered equipment requires addition of a voltage regulator or speed controller as DC motors' speed varies (nearly linearly) with voltage. The potentiometer in the motor allows the speed to be factory set.I modified one such motor on a good tape deck, adding an external pot and switch to allow some pitch adjustment so that I did not have to keep retuning my guitar between tracks / albums.The TDA1151 seems to be one simple device intended for such applications.7. Battery Specification for using a 1 HP DC Motor?One horsepower is equal to 746 Watts; in reality, however, a 1 hp AC induction motor draws 1500 Watts at 1 hp load. If you use a DC motor, you would connect batteries in series. If you are designing uninterruptable power for an AC motor, the requirements are formidable. First, you need an inverter capable of 1500 Watts comtinuous and 9000 Watts starting surge. Second, at 12 Volts the battery will have to supply 150 Amperes. A back-up supply of this size is not practical as opposed to a standby generator. A suitable inverter will be expensive (if available). The actual battery requirement would be several hundred Ampere Hours of capacity for every 20-30 minutes of operation.
Is Enlightenment the Manifestation of Desire? When I Resist Them, I Suffer. When I Choose to Let Go
It's like watching a movie , when u are not aware and you watch a movie . You want to watch it again and again coz u didint enjoy it enough. You probably will want to watch another kind of movie to enjoy it better.But as your awareness is low , u will never be satisfied with watching any kind of movie. As your awareness grows, sharpens and expands u understand same movies in first few minutes of watching it. You start understanding the mind of the director , you start to see past the actors acting.meditation is a metaphysical phenomenon, as your awareness grows past the mind , you make the jump from physical to metaphysical.And then at that level of awareness when you function , you still watch the movie but what ur looking at is all the moving and non moving parts in the movie. In this sense of existence you don't have desires , feeling and emotions you just exist and go with the flow of things.Some people teach , fake it till you make it. That is completely wrong as it will confuse the people to believe they have reached when they have not yet started• Other QuestionsHow do you explain the profound split between those who see Trump as antithetical (opposed) to democracy and those who see him defending democracy?I am surprised to hear that Trumps followers think he is defending democracy. They usually argue that America is a Republic.They think he is defending America, in their eyes, because they believe one or more of the following:The rest of the world is taking advantage of America.Immigrants and asylum seekers are all dangerous monsters.Democrats are all traitors and are out to turn America into Venezuela.America should be made white again.The last is one that they will deny, but I noticed that when Trump led a chant of send them back his followers did not protest. They joined in.The rest of us observe that:If Trump had his way he would be able to give orders to congress and to fire anyone in the government he did not like.Trump has no respect for other peoples free speech.Trump is isolating America, a move that will cost America dearly in the long term.Trumps trade wars will cost America dearly in the long term.Trump violates every norm of Amerian politics.We see Trump as dangerous.Some of us hate him more than others, but we who do not necessarily agree on anything else agree on one thing; Trump must go.Numerically we are in the majority.------I'm planning buy a Haier 43 inches LED TV soon. Is haier a good company to relay on?Haier is a reputed brand name, and being an international brand of reputation present in Indian market for quite some time now, it obviously is more reliable than unknown or newer brands.But I would not go just on the brand name, if I have to buy a product, because I am not buying the brand. I am purchasing the product, so first and foremost criterion would be to see what all features are coming packed in product, within my budget and whether these are necessary and sufficient features for me?Next thing, I would check is the after service and customer support, which more or less depends upon customer service network in the area where you are using the product or going to use in near future. Here brand name plays a good role because brand reputation is influenced by the parameters likes quality of service, service availability, spare parts availability or delays, and charges.Some brands offer goodies like extended service / warranties with their products and some good brands have a bad reputation of having costlier spare parts or not-so-easy availability of their spare parts (read "Sony").In some cities, the sparsity of their service centers could turn even good products, and reputed brands as a nightmare for you.------How badass exactly are the custodes?"These men are my bodyguards, their lives forfeit to the guarantee of my physical safety. Of their loyalty to me there shall be no question nor doubt. I, and I alone, shall have the authority to stand in judgement over them. No other commander shall they have in battle nor in service. None shall bar them from me and none shall hamper or stall their mission. So it is decreed!"- Ancient declaration made by the Emperor of Mankind during the Age of StrifePretty bad arse considering Custodes are said to be more powerful than Space Marines and their job is to protect the golden throne from all enemies and they've been around alot longer all way back to the unification wars, now even though the Space Marines may bear the genetic code of the emperors son's the Custodes would still be considered more elite as they only answer to one person the EmperorMilitary experience:The Battle of Gyros-Thravian responsible for killing over 100,000 orks whilst only losing 3Siege of the Eternity Gate they wipe out every single Chaos cultist saving the golden throneCurrently serving as the emperors emissaries to the space marine chapters to take on the primaris space marines as a gift from the emperor himself.------How do you show an INTJ male that you have feelings for them?I am going to assume that you want to express positive feelings for him. If you just want to call him some names, go for it and move on.The best answer is to just tell him. Be prepared for an honest response.There is no good time to confess your feelings for someone. It will almost always feel awkward. If possible, confessing when you two are alone is probably a good choice. That removes opportunities for embarrassment. Have contingency plans and exit strategies. This will provide you with confidence when you do actually say the words.Whatever you decide please do not do this in an arena where there is an audience. Do not make it a big scene. That is manipulative BS and you will probably not get the answer you want.Be prepared for him to not requite your feelings. This is where the contingencies and exit strategy is necessary. Making a scene will just embarrass and hurt both of you.The best choice is to have it in the background of your mind and say it when it feels like the right thing to say. When you know the INTJ in your life well enough to know the answer.Amy Fiscelli's answer to As an ENTP, what is something that you've done that you felt very brave doing?.------Which is the first known war of mankind?There are cave paintings depicting people attacking other people and showing people pierced by arrows from both the Aurignacian-Perigordian (approximately 30 000 years ago) and early Magadalian (approximately 17 000 years ago) eras. The meanings of these depictions is not clear. They could be a form of a capital punishment, sacrifice or systemic warfare between groups.At Jebel Sahaba in the Nile Valley, there are a large number of human remains with arrowheads embedded. They date from 13 000 to 14 000 years ago. The presence of arrows embedded indicates the causalities of a war or battle.At Nataruk, (present day Kenya), there are human remains dating from approximately 10 000 years ago that show signs of battle related injuries.In Australia, the oldest clear depiction of warfare between humans dates from around 10 000 years ago.Other cave art from Europe dating from the Late Mesolithic and Early Neolithic periods (approximately 10 000 years ago) shows scenes of battles between groups.These painting show the use of bows as the primary weapon. This makes sense as it is a low risk weapon compared to melee type weapons. They also show the beginning of organized warfare with combatants depicted in lines and columns, with the leader out in front. There is also evidence of tactics like flanking and envelopment maneuvers------How does it feel when you are enlightened?There is no true way to explain it. To truly understand it one must become enlightened. For us to try and understand what it feels like would be like trying to explain colours to a blind man.But the same way we can explain that red is a warm colour or blue is a cool colour, in some sense or another we can try to get an idea.I always imagined enlightenment to be the ultimate bliss. If you have had these days where you have slept well into the day, and you are lying in your bed. You have no impending work. You are well rested. You can see the sky from you window, and it's bright bright blue.You feel a slight breeze.you are breathing slowly. Your head is completely empty. For at least a minute, you are living in the moment. You have no expectations. For that instance, you don't want anything at all.I don't know if you've had days like that, but imagine that all the time. You have no responsibilities, no wants, no aversions, no sorrows, no regrets, no worries, no pains. You are unshakable.It may be hard to achieve but I think it's worth it------How has the Battle of Tollense in the Bronze Age changed our view on civilization developing in central Europe?It changed our view by a lot. This battle in Northeastern Germany is thought to have taken place in the 13th century BC. It is currently the largest excavated and archaeologically verifiable battle site of this age in the world. Modern estimates say that there were around 4,000 combatants! About 750 - 1,000 of these are thought to have died. This is huge because the population density in that area was around 3 - 5 people per square kilometer. This shows more human development, being able to use rivers and open ground in a strategic battle. Other factors make the chance that the area was either a cemetery or a place of human sacrifice very low. The Battle of Tollense shows a height of militancy in Central Europe and the growing of civilizations. Populations soon began migrating, so there were not many large cities or things like that. Yet, this shows the strength and capacity of the Bronze Age peoples militarily and developmentally. The fighters must have been gathered, organised, fed, briefed, and led into battle. This shows the development of a central government, which means that the political development of Central Europe is way more advanced then previously presumed. This means there was probably a trained warrior class in Central Europe and warriors from across Europe may have come to join the battle.Equipment of the combatants.------Why was Prussia so militaristic?The other answers point to 3 causes which Id like to dismiss:There were many other countries in Europe that suffered sound military defeats, so this is not exclusive to Prussia and alone does not explain their militarism relative to other countries.There were other European nations that did not have natural geographic defenses, so this explanation does not hold either.There were other nations with military minded rulers too, like Sweden, but they did not remain as militaristic as Prussia, so this explanation is also insufficient.What is unique about Prussia is how the nation was formed. It was created when Poland called for a crusade against pagans in the Baltics. The Teutonic Order conquered the area and created a state ran by them - by a military order.Prussia is the successor state of the Teutonic order. Essentially, the leader of the order at some point converted to Protestantism and made himself a Duke.So there you have it. Prussia was started as a military order, so it sort of make sense they stayed more militaristic than the rest of Europe over time; they valued the military. Without being a subject matter expert, institutions and cultures can have prevailing power; in this case, lasting hundreds of years
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What Type of Centralized Home Control Hardware Is Available?
What you're looking for is home automation. X10 is probably the most popular technology system for this, but that Wikipedia page lists a number of alternatives.To address your specific areas of interest:LED lightingThere may be pre-built solutions out there, but as you're already writing custom software, you may want to look into using something like the Arduino platform to control your lights. Done correctly, you should be able to get the effects you're after. I found a tutorial about how to do a simple LED system that may be useful.Speaker ControlThere are actually a number of systems out there for home media distribution, such as Linux MCE (it took awhile to load that page when I wrote this, but it did load without timing out). You may be able to use one of these, or work some of the code in from one to duplicate the functionality (MCE is open source). The most simple solution is to use small appliance computers that run a very lightweight Linux solution (like MCE) that stream from the base computer. There are actual streaming devices out there, but I'm not sure how well they would integrate into your automation/control software. If you literally just want to run speakers, you'll need multiple sound cards in the base computer to differentiate between the feeds.Automagical ApplicancesThis is where the home automation tech comes in. Using something like X10, you have the ability to flip switches, monitor their status, etc. There are appliances out there that will talk some of these languages, allowing you to control them remotely. A quick search turns up an Engadget article pointing out LG Thinq devices that are accessible via WiFi and ZigBee. If you program your software to speak ZigBee, you should be able to integrate these appliances. Given the number of different protocols out there, you'll probably want to find your devices, try to settle on devices that use one protocol, and then write your code to speak that protocol, but you can also work with multiple protocols if you don't mind developing for each. I believe Linux MCE supports a few of those languages, and since it's open source, you can expand it to support whatever you'd like• Related QuestionsWhy do warm white LED bulbs emit colored light?The semiconductor material inside any LED consists of two differently-doped regions which meet in a common junction. In the P region there are many more positive than negative charges, while in the N region the negative charges (electrons) are more numerous than the positive electric charges. When the P-N junction is forward-biased by an externally-applied voltage, and current starts to flow through the semiconductor material, electrons in the N region are imparted with sufficient potential energy to cause them to move across the P-N junction into the P region. Once the mobilized electrons enter the P region, they are immediately attracted to the excess positive charges in that region - the result of the mutual Coulomb forces of attraction that exist between opposite electric charges. When an electron moves sufficiently close to a positive charge in the P region, the two charges combine with one another in a process called recombination, where the electric potential energy associated with the Coulomb attractive force is converted into electromagnetic energy. For each recombination of a negative and a positive charge, a packet or quantum of electromagnetic energy is emitted as a photon of light, at a frequency/wavelength that is characteristic of/determined by the semi-conductor material - typically a combination of the elements gallium (Ga), arsenic (As), Indium (In) and phosphorus (P). Indium gallium nitride (InGaN) is used to make up the blue, white, true green, and UV types of LED's, and Aluminum gallium indium phosphide (AlGaInP or AlInGaP) is used to make the red, yellow, and orange types.LED's that emit white light are made by one of two different methods. The first method combines different (red, green, blue) semi-conductor materials on the same chip, with each material emitting photons of a particular wavelength/color and energy, which determine the color temperature of that emitted white light. The second method uses a blue LED with a phosphor coating, which fluoresces when the blue light from the LED shines on it, causing it to emit a yellow light. Combining the yellow light with the blue light forms a white light, whose color temperature is determined by the proportions in which the blue light and yellow light are combined,Follows is a chart showing the different color temperature of commercial LED's, and where those occur in the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. LED's classified as "warm white" emit light in the 2500-3000K color temperature range,Why do warm white LED bulbs emit colored light?.------How to tell what is causing my breaker to tripIn most cases of getting a "bzzz pop" on a circuit breaker there is a 98% chance you have a direct short to ground and if this happens once you shouldn't keep trying. The only thing it does is cause further damage to your electrical system. The first thing I would do is to turn very switch to the off position and unplug every piece of equipment from the system. I would remove the panel cover and using an ohm meter or continuity tester to see if I got a "ring" between the load side of the breaker and the neutral/ground buss which indicates a short. Or you could just reset the breaker if you don't have any meters but remember you are damaging your circuit and the breaker. So if you do not get a ring or the breaker stays on, then you know it is not the receptacles or the switches. Now you know the short is after one of the switches and probably in one of your light fixtures. You can then go around and turn on each switch on until you get a ring. This will locate which lighting branch is shorting out and you have at least isolated the problem to a smaller area of the circuit. If you do get a ring or the breaker trips off, you know the short is either before the switches or at one of the receptacles. Experience would tell me to check the receptacles first. Shorts are easy to find since they are and arc flash and create a lot of heat. so there will be the smell of something burnt, melted wire, blackened residue and melted insulation. Removing lamps form light fixture really doesn't help especially in fluorescent fixtures with ballasts and LED's with drivers. These ballasts and drivers use energy regardless if the lamps are plug in or not.Isolating and locating where the problem is allows you to make better informed decisions on if its a simple fix you can handle or you need professional help.FYI - since you have already turned the breaker on let it trip multiple times. It may be a good idea to change out the breaker. It is probably not operating within allowable tolerances (laymen terms the contacts are burnt and the bi-metal trip material is damaged).Good luck------Are LED bulbs safe for enclosed fixtures?Heat is the enemy ofLED light bulbs. Though the LED bulbs may have a similar shape to incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs, the LED chips inside the bulb arent that different to the chips in your laptop or other electronics. For this reason they cant be used in microwaves or ovens, and some of the larger LED bulbs may utilize a passive heat sink or internal fan to keep the electronics from overheating. Enclosed fixtures that dont allow for proper ventilation can drastically affect the temperature of the LED bulb, causing it to overheat and shortening the lifespan of the bulb. Thats why some bulbs will tell you not to use it in an enclosed ceiling fan or fully enclosed porch light fixture. Today wed like to address some frequently asked questions about enclosed fixtures or enclosed fixture rated bulbs to help you get the most light out of your light bulbs.What is an Enclosed Fixture?An enclosed fixture is any fixture or application where the light bulb is encased in a way that does not allow for proper airflow or ventilation. This includes but is not limited to porch lights where the bottom is glass or plastic instead of open air, enclosed Mason jar light fixtures, and lensed recessed light fixtures.Can an Enclosed Fixture Rated Bulb be Used in Open Fixtures?Yes, just because a light bulb is rated for enclosed fixtures doesnt mean it requires an enclosed fixture. To use a bulb in an enclosed fixture, it has to be designed to handle the heat of the enclosed space. In the open air, thats not a concern. The other reason to buy enclosed fixture rated bulbs is to use them outside. You may have garden lights or fully enclosed street lamps that require an enclosed fixture rated bulb. Because the bulbs are fully protected from rain and other elements, the bulb does not have to be rated for wet or damp locations to be used in an outdoor enclosed fixture. Understanding which light bulb is rated for a specific application, whether it be outdoors or an enclosed fixture, is important for getting the most light from your bulb. Dont hesitate to give us a call if youre still unsure whether you need a bulb rated for enclosed fixtures------How exactly does Curiosity's floating bus work, and how does it continue to operate when voltage drops from 11 to only 4 volts?The term "floating bus" means the power supply is not connected to the rover's chassis.In for example a car, the body is used as part of the electrical circuit: the negative terminal of the battery is connected directly to the body. This means every electrical component needs only one long wire to the positive terminal of the battery, and a short wire to the nearest part of the body.In some cases, electrical components are designed with a metal housing that acts as the ground connection, so there's no ground wire at all.This all works well, with one exception: when a positive wire contacts the body, you get a short that can damage the electrical system. Although most circuits are protected by fuses, there is at least one high-current circuit that isn't protected: the starter motor.If you wanted to convert your car to use floating circuits, you'd have to replace all these ground connections with wires to the negative terminal. And you'd have to insulate all components from the chassis.As a result, when either a positive or a negative wire contacts the chassis, nothing happens.I'm not convinced the answer here is correct. The circuit shown there is the correct way to connect a non-floating circuit to a floating circuit. But in Curiosity's case, the entire electrical system may be floating, so you don't need this conversion. I haven't found a source that specifies this though.Either way, the voltage they measured was between the power bus and the chassis. This indicates there's contact between the bus and chassis.The power bus voltage remained nominal, I presume, or they would have mentioned it.A short between the positive and negative sides of the power bus would have been a much bigger problem, as this would have reduced the amount of power available to run the rover.The short did not threaten the mission:"The vehicle is safe and stable, fully capable of operating in its present condition, but we are taking the precaution of investigating what may be a soft short," said Mars Science Laboratory Project Manager Jim Erickson at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif.A "soft" short is a leak through something that's partially conductive of electricity, rather than a hard short such as one electrical wire contacting another.
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