What Events Led to the Rwandan Genocide?

The answers already given are exceptionally good, but to boil it all down, there are a few catalysts to the Rwandan genocide:the preferential treatment of the Belgians of the Tutsis compared to the Hutus;the invasion of the RPF, the Tutsi rebel army, which heightened social tensions already present since 1959 when the fathers of the RPF soldiers as well as some of the RPF soldiers themselves fled to Uganda and Tutsis were seen as collaborators of the RPF;the knowledge of the instigators of the genocide that the world would not raise a finger to intervene;RTLM radio - one of the nasties propaganda machines that ever existed in the post-WW2 era;finally, the direct cause, the killing of the Rwandan president by shooting his plane out of the sky

1. Bright blue led headlights what are they called?

Can yall idiots just tell me where to get them instead of say "ITS ILLEGAL BLUE LIGHT" "ANNOYING THE COPS BLUE LIGHTS" "BLUE LIGHTS UP MY AZZ"

2. What were the series of events that led to WWII?

1918 * Nov 11 - World War One ends with German defeat. 1919 * April 28 - League of Nations founded. * June 28 - Signing of the Treaty of Versailles. 1921 * July 2 - Adolf Hitler becomes leader of National Socialist 'Nazi' Party. 1923 * Nov 8/9 - The Beer Hall Putsch. 1925 * July 18 -Hitler's book "Mein Kampf" published. 1926 * Sept 8 - Germany admitted to League of Nations. 1929 * Oct 29 - Stock Market on Wall Street crashes. 1930 * Sept 14 - Germans elect Nazis making them the 2nd largest political party in Germany. 1932 * Nov 8 - Roosevelt elected President of the United States. 1933 * Jan 30 - Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany. * Feb 27 - The Reichstag burns. * March 12 - First concentration camp opened at Oranienburg outside Berlin. * March 23 - Enabling Act gives Hitler dictatorial power. * April 1 - Nazi boycott of Jewish owned shops. * May 10 - Nazis burn books in Germany. * In June - Nazis open Dachau concentration camp. * July 14 - Nazi party declared only party in Germany. * Oct 14 - Germany quits the League of Nations. 1934 * June 30 - The "Night of the Long Knives." * July 25 - Nazis murder Austrian Chancellor Dollfuss. * Aug 2 - German President Hindenburg dies. * Aug 19 - Adolf Hitler becomes Fhrer of Germany. 1935 * March 16 - Hitler violates the Treaty of Versailles by introducing military conscription. * Sept 15 - German Jews stripped of rights by Nuremberg Race Laws. 1936 * Feb 10 - The German Gestapo is placed above the law. * March 7 - German troops occupy the Rhineland. * May 9 - Mussolini's Italian forces take Ethiopia. * July 18 - Civil war erupts in Spain. * Aug 1 - Olympic games begin in Berlin. * Oct 1 - Franco declared head of Spanish State. 1937 * June 11 - Soviet leader Stalin begins a purge of Red Army generals. * Nov 5 - Hitler reveals war plans during Hossbach Conference. 1938 * March 12/13 - Germany announces 'Anschluss' (union) with Austria. * Aug 12 - German military mobilizes. * Sept 30 - British Prime Minister Chamberlain appeases Hitler at Munich. * Oct 15 - German troops occupy the Sudetenland; Czech government resigns. * Nov 9/10 - Kristallnacht - The Night of Broken Glass. 1939 * Jan 30 - Hitler threatens Jews during Reichstag speech. * March 15/16 - Nazis take Czechoslovakia. * March 28 - Spanish Civil war ends. * May 22 - Nazis sign 'Pact of Steel' with Italy. * Aug 23 - Nazis and Soviets sign non-aggression pact. * Aug 25 - Britain and Poland sign a Mutual Assistance Treaty. * Aug 31 - British fleet mobilizes; Civilian evacuations begin from London. * Sept 1 - Nazis invade Poland, World War 2 begins.

3. LED headlights on a 90 integra, legal or illegal?

u can put them but the blinkers has to be orange(orange bulb).U can not have the blinkers blinking blue or clear. they will give u a ticket if they wanna be a *** good luck!!!

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Sliding Door Murders Could They Have Been Solved?
When you have been a crime reporter for 40 years, many old cases are long forgotten. But there are those that stick with you - the ones where you still wonder, "What if?" They are the sliding door ones, where the slightest change of circumstance could have brought about justice rather than open files and unanswered questions.Peter MacDiarmid sat in the lounge room of the family home with his wife Sheila by his side as he described their daughter Sarah's last known movements nearly four years earlier. For me, it was a relief he was talking in a matter-of-fact way because it made me feel as though I wasn't intruding on their almost unbearable grief.And then he burst into tears. Sitting next to me was a blonde, female photographer waiting to take a snap for the story. "I'm sorry," he explained to her, "the sun just hit your hair like it would Sarah's." That is the burden of not knowing for relatives of murder victims. It simply never goes away.On July 11, 1990, Sarah played tennis with workmates then caught a train to Kananook Station, arriving about 10.20pm. Police believe she walked to her car carrying her backpack, which contained her work clothes, tennis racquet, Walkman and about $60.The strongest police theory is that a group of homeless drug addicts jumped Sarah as she walked to her 1978 Honda Civic at the railway station car park, stabbed her and stole her backpack. Her body has not been found. Eventually Peter, Sheila and son Alisdair moved to Brisbane to try and escape the daily physical reminders.Peter found that if his eye caught some dumped rubbish he would stop and search in the hope it would lead to Sarah's missing bag. "You would drive around looking for clues. It hurt too much." For Roger and Joy Membrey, the sharp pain of intense grief has been replaced by the dull ache of not knowing. Their daughter Elisabeth was murdered in her Ringwood home in December 1994. And like Sarah, her body has not been found.There were suspects, hope, false dawns and finally, a man charged. Shane Andrew Bond was a regular at the Manhattan Hotel where Elisabeth worked and was implicated by several witnesses as the killer. In 2012 Bond was acquitted of the murder, but has been left damaged by the investigation and trial. He became an ice user and has been moving around the country searching for anonymity.Naturally, the Membreys want the police to keep looking. And the Membreys have an ally from the strangest corner - one of Bond's relatives is calling for a reinvestigation to catch "the real killer".Deborah Boundy was killed by a ruthless group of gangsters to stop her implicating them in a paid hit, even though she had risked her own freedom to protect theirs.Yet after her murder many believed she had jumped bail, with police placing her on the top 10 most wanted list.When hitman Christopher Dale Flannery and his murder partner Kevin "Weary" Williams were charged with the murder of Melbourne businessman Roger Wilson, Boundy became the star prosecution witness.Wilson went missing on his way home to Narre Warren on February 1, 1980 and his body remains undiscovered.Boundy (who was having an affair with Williams) at first implicated the hit team but later retracted.Flannery, and those close to him, believed Boundy remained a loose end - even though she had refused to implicate them at the inquest. And Chris hated loose ends.On Christmas Day 1980 she had lunch with her parents, reported for bail (charged with perjury when she retracted her statement at the inquest) and then slipped over to a Richmond pub for drinks.Someone she knew lured her from the Royal Oak Hotel in Richmond, then forced or tricked her into writing a letter to her parents saying she was running away.So who was the killer?The chief investigator in the case, Frank Bellesini, says gangster Alphonse Gangitano (murdered in 1998) was the main suspect. Flannery was acquitted of the Wilson murder but went missing in Sydney in May 1985. Like Wilson, his body was not found.But the man alleged to have ordered the hit on Wilson and the woman who lured Debbie from the pub remain alive. She wisely keeps a low profile, while he occasionally takes to Twitter as if his past has been forgotten. It hasn't.Conventional wisdom is that serial sex offenders don't stop until they are caught or incapacitated, which makes the case of Karmein Chan so baffling.Karmein, 13, was abducted from her Templestowe home more than a quarter of a century ago in what was clearly a well-planned crime.The offender did his homework and hit the large house surrounded by a two-metre fence when parents, John and Phyllis Chan, were at the family business, a popular Chinese restaurant in Main Road, Lower Plenty.Occasionally I would eat there with then assistant commissioner Frank Green and his wife, Norma. They were regulars, where Phyllis would entertain front of house as part host and part comedian. Years later Frank's wake was held in the same room.Most police involved in the case believe it was a child abductor dubbed Mr Cruel, responsible for at least three other attacks from 1987 to 1991.In the three previous cases the victims had been released, which fed the hope Karmein would eventually be freed. But a year later her body was found at Edgars Creek, Thomastown. She had been shot three times in the head, execution-style.This didn't fit Mr Cruel's profile, as he had previously assured his victims they were not in danger. One told police: "He appeared to be acting out a fantasy like he was married to me. He showed this by the affection he showed to me and how chummy he was to me." Mr Cruel was obsessive about removing any possible forensic evidence - leading police to suspect he may have had some law enforcement experience. He also concealed his face from victims. Mr Cruel was constantly in the headlines, and Karmein told friends that placed in similar circumstances she would fight.This led police to speculate she may have grabbed his mask and was killed because she could identify him.So why did he stop? Perhaps the killing destroyed his elaborate fantasy world, or he was jailed on other offences, or he is dead.A police taskforce codenamed Spectrum identified 27,000 suspects and received 10,000 tipoffs. They checked 30,000 houses and arrested 73 people, but none was identified as Karmein's killer.In 2010 the case was reviewed and all the evidence is intact. All that is needed now is a name. I recently came across an ex-cop known to have molested children who fitted the Mr Cruel profile. But he had been investigated and cleared. Another dead end.If the first 48 hours are considered the most important in a homicide investigation, then the case of Jane Thurgood-Dove may have been doomed from the start.Jane, 34, was shot dead in front of her three children in her Niddrie driveway and the suspicion soon fell on a serving policeman obsessed with the married woman.He fitted the description of the pot-bellied gunman and wanted to buy a cemetery plot next to her's. He built a memorial to her inside his house, his mobile phone number and computer password were derived from her date of birth, and to top it off he failed a lie detector test when asked, "Are you responsible for the death of Jane Thurgood-Dove?" The case, while short of justifying laying charges, appeared compelling except for one flaw. He didn't do it.For five years police pursued the wrong man just as the killer had pursued the wrong woman, for the paid hitman was supposed to kill another blonde mother who lived in Muriel Street. The target was Carmel Kyprianou, whose crooked husband, Peter, had a habit of making enemies.One was former Crown solicitor Philip Peters, who had been caught planning to abduct and torture Kyprianou over a $200,000 fraud scam.Jane was killed in November 1997, just months after Peters was released after serving time for the abduction plot.Once the policeman suspect was cleared, the murder theory became that a drug dealer Peters met in prison was the go-between for the murder contract.The dealer, who once worked for Australia's biggest amphetamine syndicate, used his connections to pull together a hit team from Geelong bikies. Police say the triggerman was former Rebels Motorcycle Club bikie Steven John Mordy, while his mate, James Ian Reynolds, organised the getaway car.Before police could move Mordy died of natural causes and Reynolds in a boating accident, meaning the case appears to be at a dead end. But, and it is a big but, the go-between is still alive and there is a million-dollar reward on offer.And in the underworld, greed is a bankable currency that can sometimes prick the conscience of even the most callous crim.Crime Stoppers: 1800 333 000.
Why Are LCD and LED so Prefered Over Plasma TVs?
It depends on who you ask. Personally I prefer plasma due to the stunning image quality with movies and sports. I think most "videophiles" would get a plasma over LCD. If I were buying a TV for the bedroom, guest bedroom, etc. I would probably get an LCD. For my main home theater setup, its plasma all the way. BTW: My plasma has an anti-glare screen.1. What to get, Plasma or LCD?Use a seek engine style in plasma vs liquid crystal show. do no longer seek LED, because of the fact it is in basic terms merchandising. LED TVs are in basic terms liquid crystal show TVs with LED backlights extremely of CCFL backlights. liquid crystal show TVs with LEDs many times carry out greater suited than different liquid crystal show TVs, yet they nonetheless have all the failings of liquid crystal show TVs2. What are possible reasons to use Cathode-Ray Displays by tech-advanced civilizationsCRT is essentially a vacuum tube on steroids.While it took us a long time to develop LCD technology, at its core are liquid crystals. The modern LCD use LED for backlight, a solid-state semiconductor technology. Do you see already, where I am going? Let's heal a headache with decapitation!And also no germanium or gallium arsenide.Transistors were never invented. Diodes are still regarded an esoteric technology part from early radio days: detector radios are just as primitive as camera obscura and just that far from the real modern tech.While LCD is strictly not a transistor-based tech, it became practical in the integrated circuit era. The major benefit of LCD (even with non-OLED backlight) is its size. You do not really need to spare on size, if your devices are not portable anyway.So, just follow the tube-based electronics ad absordum. People still built TVs and computers with it in real history. So, things like "let's simulate an earthquake or an A-bomb explosion" are still feasible. Things like "let's give almost everyone a portable device with computation speed of a decade-old supercomputer to look at pictures of cats" are rather not. Already in our history people got quite creative with tubes. Tubes in metal hulls. Mini-tubes. Tubes almost as efficient as easy as early transistors. You microwave is most certainly still tube-based deep inside. Unsure, if PCBs exist, by the way. While early tube design surely did not have this, in the later years people indeed used some circuit boards. This could habe been the transistor influence or indeed a genuine development. People generally get very creative with a technology piece, especially in absence of alternatives. So, expect a lot of creative usage and miniaturisation of the tubes, but not "transistor revolution" and also no "digital revolution".Those elsewise poor folks also happen to have a much better and nicer sound, if you ask audiophiles, but I digress.Byline: The whole solid-state electronics was missed by this version of humanity. Or even the physics in that world does not work this way: tubes work, transistors do not . (Doubt.)Anyway, they do not have LCD display, because CRT is enough. Because it's impossible to pack a single computer in less than two racks.3. what is the best t.v. on the market? Our Hitachi, new, needs a new bulb every year @ 400.00, buyer beware!?what is the best t.v. on the market? Our Hitachi, new,00, buyer beware!?4. What are the differences between a plasma, CRT, and LCD televisions?OK now CRT are just basic TV screens you see any where, LCD or Liquid Crystal Display are two thin glass screens with a liquid between them making up the picture and Plasma are similar to LCD but more advanced and more expensive Personal I think Plasma are the best I heard they last long then LCD they way u can tell the different between LCD and Plasma is when you push your finger on a LCD it ripples like water but plasma do not I hope this helps5. What brand of TV is the best ?I say Samsung and Sony. Also Vizio is good most of the time. Try for a TV with 120hz or higher but it's not a big deal if it's not. And if you want you could even get LCD which is an LED but with different lighting (darker and less color contrast) I say plasma looks the best but they are usually very big. I say Samsung
Which Is the Best Room Heater, Quartz Based Or Ceramic Or Oil Filled?
Idk to be honest1. where can I buy a cheap rose quartz crystal in ga?The pink translucency of the rose quartz bespeaks of the divine beginning and serene nature of this angelic image with the help of Taomi and Fernando. Rose quartz is seen to be the sacred stone of the planet Venus, believed to advance interpersonal relationships at artwork. At abode, rose quartz creates a welcoming ecosystem stimulating emotions of love, tenderness, and quietness. Rose quartz is likewise seen to heal emotional wounds2. Why don't new batteries keep my quartz wall clock going for more than 4-6 hrs?Take a pencil eraser and clean the electrodes where the touch the battery3. How to fix a basic quartz clock?Quartz Clock Repair4. How To Clean Quartz CountertopsAs quartz countertops have climbed to match the popularity of Granite, more people are asking, "What is the best way to clean quartz countertops?" Today, we will discuss the proper cleaning methods to use on your quartz counters. The number of quartz countertop installs will continue to rise due to the materials durability and beauty. Quartz is a manmade product and constructed with resins and recycled materials like glass and other materials. This production process not only creates a durable surface, it allows for endless beautiful designs and colors to be created and repeated. Also created in this process is a hermetic seal, this seal keeps bacteria and other bad elements from seeping into your beautiful surfaces. This is a nice advantage over natural stones, as these natural materials need to have a seal treatment to help stop staining and possible bacteria seeping down into your countertops. Although we have touched on a few basic perks of choosing Quartz countertops, we need to establish that a consistent cleaning routine be put into place. This is the only way to ensure that your quartz counters stay in pristine condition. Below, we will walk you through, our guide on how to clean quartz countertops, and the best practices for keeping your quartz surfaces clean and brilliant for years to come. Our recommendation is that you clean your quartz countertops on a daily basis. Creating this simple habit will help ensure that spills will not stain and food will not become stuck to your beautiful quartz surface. For cleaning, all you will need is a solution of mild dish detergent and warm water. The process we suggest to use is as follows; Fill a medium size bowl with warm water, then add a generous amount of the mild dish detergent. Gently combine the two ingredients until the detergent is dissolved in the water. From here on it is wetting a towel and wiping the surface in a circular motion until the entire surface has been wiped. To dry, just grab paper towels or a fresh towel to wipe away the excess water and detergent solution. Sometimes accidents happen and you might run across a tougher spill or stain on your quartz countertops that warm water and mild detergent will not remove. There are some other cleaning methods that you can try. Although these are generally safe to use on quartz surface, always refer to the owner's manual or your installer to avoid any permanent damages while trying to remove these tough stains. If you come across needing to remove a pen mark or the accidental permanent marker marking isopropyl rubbing alcohol could help remove these marks. Since the rubbing alcohol is a solvent it should break down the inks and marker and make wiping away easy. Start by pouring a small amount of the rubbing alcohol on the mark, with a clean towel rub the surface in a circular motion to remove the stain. Once you have accomplished this pour a small amount of warm water on the area and dry with a clean towel. Let's say your surface develops a soap stain or hard water deposit, well we have a solution for those situations. To help remove these types of issues we recommend a vinegar and water solution mixed 1:1. In a medium sized bowl mix one part warm water and one part vinegar, stir the mixture, then pour a generous amount on the affected area. Wipe the area down with a clean towel. After you have removed the trouble spot wipe again with warm water to remove the to mix solution from completely from the surface. End by drying with a clean towel or paper towel. Now the dreaded grease residue, you can use a degreaser cleaning product. However, only use such a product designed specifically for quartz countertops. Please head all of the instructions laid out by the products manufacturer as product is different. After using one of these products rinse thoroughly with warm water! Again, please exercise extreme care while using any of the aforementioned methods. DO NOT leave your surfaces unattended while working with these methods. Always, rinse your quartz countertops thoroughly after using these cleaning processes. Above all else, reference your quartz manufacturer's guidelines for cleaning your particular quartz surface. The majority of quartz countertop manufacturers provide their recommended cleaning methods and supplies to use on their surfaces. A quick summary of their products to avoid are sponges, pads, and abrasive cleaners. These products can cause irreversible damage to your countertops. Also, harsh scrubbing will lead to a dull finish on quartz countertops. Concentrated bleach should be avoided while cleaning your quartz as this product can leave stains. Any cleaner that have a high pH level should be avoided, examples of these cleaners are grill cleaners, oven cleaners, dishwasher detergent and paint removers. Most of these methods will void any product warranty you have on your quartz. Now we will discuss other good habits to incorporate with the cleaning habits we began with. We have a few tips that will help with the longevity of your quartz countertops. Quartz is a very resilient material, however, it is not indestructible. Always place a protective barrier between hot pots and pans. Heat damage can be a scary topic as quartz does not stand up to heat as well as its natural stone counterparts. If you do not use a trivet or pot holder under a hot pot or pan you can create discoloration on your surface. Avoid placing hot items directly on your quartz countertops. Another tip, do not cut or chop anything directly on your quartz. These motions will add cuts and scratches into the resin leaving your countertops vulnerable to stains and other issues. Finally, we will end with where we began. Creating a daily habit of wiping down the quartz surface with a mild detergent and warm water solution will help keep your countertops beautiful and help in their longevity.
What You Need to Know About Installing LED Lights in Your Car Or Truck
Like many car, truck, and sport utility vehicle(SUV) owners across the country and around the world, you may be highly interested in converting different lights on your vehicle with light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs. This may include the replacement of LED headlights, LED taillights, LED fog lights, and a full spectrum of LED lights for the interior. With that noted, there are a number of important facts and factors to bear in mind when it comes to converting to LED lights.LED Lights Are the Future of Vehicle IlluminationIf you are like many people, you are interested in being up-to-date with the latest and greatest technology. The fact is that LED lights represent the future of vehicle illumination. With each passing year, not only are an ever-increasing number of motor vehicle owners switching out their traditional lighting equipment to LED options but manufacturers are more frequently building vehicles with LED lights as standard equipment. This trend certainly is expected to continue into the future.Due to the manner in which LED lights are designed and manufactured, they create significantly more illumination output per watt than do their traditional incandescent bulb counterparts. Perhaps more significantly, LED light accomplishes this important objective by using what amounts to only a fraction of the electrical draw associated with traditional incandescent alternatives.Moreover, LED lights do not waste power creating unnecessary heat energy. As a consequence, LED lights are relatively cool to the touch in nearly all situations.Finally, unlike traditional incandescent bulbs, LED lights have no filament that ends up consumed during use. The net effect of this feature is that LED lights have substantially longer lifespans that most incandescent bulbs traditionally found incorporated into motor vehicles.You Can Select the LED Light Bulb Color that Meets Your Needs and DesiresAnother consideration to bear in mind when it comes to selecting LED light bulbs for your car is color. The color decision is easier when it comes to LED headlights, LED fog lights, and LED taillights. When it comes to exterior colors for LED bulbs, the selected light must coordinate with the color of the lens. You must select exterior LED light bulbs that meet the specific legal requirements of the state in which the vehicle is registered. For example, LED bulbs for tail lights must be white or red in order to harmonize with the color of a tail light lens.You have tremendous flexibility when it comes to the colors of LED lights for the interior of your vehicle. LED interior lights come in a wide range of color options:You Can Convert Your Headlight Bulbs to LED with Plug-and-Play BulbsYou may wonder whether there are any LED headlight conversion problems. You may wonder whether there can be issues with other types of LED bulb conversions. The reality is that most conversion kits feature relatively easy-to-use plug-and-play bulbs. This includes h4(high output) LED bulb conversion kits.The reality is that there is a considerable array of different types of LED replacement kits that feature plug-and-play bulbs:These types of kits are compatible with more than just recently-built vehicles. In fact, virtually any car or truck manufactured in the past 50 years is capable of being refitted with plug-and-play LED replacement bulbs.You do need to make a special note about turn signal LED replacement bulbs. If you intend to replace your front and rear turn signal bulbs to LED derivations, bear in mind that many vehicles have what is known as a flasher unit. The flasher unit is designed to work with traditional incandescent bulbs.As a consequence, an issue may arise when the objective is to replace traditional incandescent turn signal bulbs with LED alternatives. Without a resistor (a specialized adapter), replacing a traditional bulb with an LED one can result in turn signal lights flashing far too rapidly. This condition is called "hyper flashing." The flasher unit might interpret this hyper flashing as being a burned-out bulb, when that technically is not the case.Hyper flashing can be avoided by obtaining a set of relatively easy to install resistors. In very basic terms, resistors fool the flasher unit so that the unit does not interpret hyper flashing as a bulb failure or burned out bulb.A resistor creates the proper amount of resistance. This action results in the front and back turn signals flashing at the correct or proper rate.Invest Now in LED Lights for Your VehicleWhile LED lights generally do cost more than traditional incandescent alternatives, paying a bit more for this type of lighting nearly always proves to be a cost-saving investment in the long run. Because LED lights have a longer lifespan than incandescent bulbs, they need replacement with significant less frequency than traditional alternatives.Indeed, if you end up owning your vehicle the average length of time a person keeps a car, truck, or SUV, odds are strong that you may never reach the day in which the replacement of LED lights become an option. This is the case with factory-installed bulbs as well as replacement LED bulbs.If you are contemplating giving your vehicle an upgrade, replacing traditional light bulbs on and in your ride is a great way of enhancing your car, truck, or SUV on many levels. Through LED bulbs, you can improve the overall illumination associated with your vehicle. You can enhance your vehicle's looks and save money in the long term.Parents whose kids have Power Wheels cars/trucks?What do you say to all the suffering that went on before we blew up Baghdad? What do you say to the kids whose mom's were raped and tortured by Saddam's thugs? What do you tell the kids whose fathers were beaten and tortured and killed for no good reason accept for the blood thirsty twisted maniacal Saddam and sons found their deaths entertaining? What about Islam? What do we tell our kids when they come here and for the sake of their Allah, torture and mutilate us because their religion tells them to? Would that be better? You only see what the media shows you. You are not there. You do not know see what is really going on there. The media only tells the sensational part of the story and believe it or not it only tells what the government finds helpful. Understand this as well. When you sign the dotted line and join the armed forces you offer your life. There is always a chance that war will happen even in peace time and those soldiers knew what they were doing when they signed. That is why we honor them and hold them in such high regards. They are doing a job only few can do. God bless them! I am grateful for their sacrifice to keep me safe. That is the nature of war. If we had not gone to war with Islam (essentially that is what we are fighting) and terrorism, we would have appeared weak to the rest of the world which would have opened the door for them to do exactly what they dream of doing; destroy us. The enemy exploits all weakness when the desired result is destruction. Imperialism? Seriously. So would you call our current Prez one who believes in democracy? Please. No they were not from Iraq but they were Islam with one mission in mind; seek and destroy. They were Al-Queada which are from Afghanistan (where we are also fighting currently) but again, it is Islam and terrorists which most of the time go hand-in-hand. Al-Queade, Taliban, Hamas are all anti-American and if we do not keep ourselves safe from ALL of them they will come here and hurt us on our own soil like the did on 9/11
Knowledge Related to Marcus Thuram
Marcus Lilian Thuram-Ulien (born 6 August 1997) is a French professional footballer who plays as a forward for Bundesliga side Borussia Mnchengladbach. He is the son of World Cup winner Lilian Thuram• Other Related Knowledge of face liftLegal proceedings of face liftOn his arrest, Cornick was detained at Wetherby Young Offenders Institution near Leeds, but due to concerns for his safety he was transferred to HM Prison Hindley near Wigan.Due to an anomaly in British law, although it was illegal to name or identify Cornick during his trial due to his being a minor, it was legal to name him before the trial began. The tabloid newspaper The Sun named him the day following the murder.Psychiatrists said that Cornick possessed a gross lack of empathy for his victim and a degree of callousness rarely seen in clinical practice and that he presents a risk of serious harm to the public and that this risk is present for the foreseeable future. The risk is of grave homicidal violence and this could easily involve the use of a weapon. The risk is immediate and unpredictable and could cause serious and lethal injury.He was imprisoned at Leeds Crown Court for a minimum of 20 years.He has never shown any remorse for his actions. He said that he knew "the family would be pissed off", but he thought that "everything was fine and dandy".Mr Justice Coulson lifted the restrictions on naming Cornick, saying that the action would have a "clear deterrent effect". Cornick's defence lawyer Richard Wright brought up that this would be illegal under Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights due to immediate threat to his life, which the judge countered with Article 10, freedom of expression.Allegedly other western European nations would be less severe though the tariff appears to be in line with tariffs for other UK minors convicted of murder.In January 2015, Cornick lost an appeal against his sentence.In November 2017, an inquest was held into Ann Maguire's death.------Wrestling career of face liftEarly life and FolkstyleBhullar was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. He started wrestling at a young age. As a collegiate wrestler, he competed for the Simon Fraser Clan at Simon Fraser University, a NAIA university at the time. He had a successful career while wrestling at 285 pounds, placing third in 2007 and becoming champion in 2008 and 2009 at the NAIA Wrestling Championships. He was also named Canada's Wrestler of the year and NAIA outstanding wrestler in 2009. At the 2009 CIS Championships, Bhullar became the first wrestler to ever win the NAIA and CIS titles in the same year.Bhullar won a gold medal at the 2010 Commonwealth Games. Arjan represented Canada at the 2012 London Summer Olympics. Giving back to wrestling, Arjan is one of the founding coaches of the University of the Fraser Valley varsity wrestling program. The UFV Cascades compete in the CIS.Freestyle careerFor 5 years, Bhullar was a member of the Canadian National Team and was also the National Champion since 2008 to 2012 at 120 kilograms. In 2006, Bhullar placed third at the World University Championships. In 2007, he won a bronze medal at the Pan American Games and competed at the World Championships. He competed again at the World Championships in 2009 and 2010, in the latter year he also won the championship at 120 kg of the Commonwealth Games. In 2012 he became the first Canadian wrestler with South Asian ethnicity to represent the National Team at the Summer Olympics. He ended up placing 13th.CoachingBhullar was one of the founding coaches of the UFV Cascades wrestling team at University of the Fraser Valley. He is also a member of his family's training center; Bhullar Wrestling Club.------Plot of face liftGanga, a college student from an orthodox Tamil Brahmin family, has a sexual encounter with a stranger who offers her a lift on a rainy day. Ganga is uncertain about her participation in the event. She, overcome by guilt and self-loathing, construes the event as rape. Her disillusioned face forces out a "confession" to her mother about what happened earlier. Overhearing this, Ganga's brother, who's the "breadwinner" of the family, disowns and evicts her from the house (in Sri Rangam). She then moves in with her unclemother's elder brother in Madraswho assures full support in continuing her education. After successful graduation, she gets employed in a private firm and grows to take the top managerial position. Ganga, until then lives a single life resisting the pressure to lie about the "incident" (which, presumably, would ruin her life with another man). Her assumed status as a "spoilt" woman also implicitly encourages her lecherous uncle to make sexual advances.It is during this time she chances up on the "stranger", Prabhu. She musters up the courage to introduce herself as who "she really is" and get Prabhu to discuss "that" fateful evening. She then realises that she probably showed as much interest in the sex as did Prabhu. The revelation brings Ganga closer to Prabhu as friends. They find their characteristics agreeable and the friendship matures into love. But unable to transcend the society's norms, Prabhu advises her to marry someone else. When all attempts to convince Prabhu fail, Ganga is forced to part ways with him. The film ends with a note of appreciation for her "purity" and self-induced monogamous relationship with Prabhu.------Professional wrestling career of face liftEarly years (2008-2018)Vink debuted as early as May 31, 2008, under the ring name Elliot Sexton. Wrestling primarily in Australia, Sexton appeared in promotions including WRESTLE RAMPAGE (WR) and Melbourne City Wrestling (MCW). During his time in both promotions, Sexton became a one-time MCW Heavyweight Champion and a one-time WrestleRock Champion. During 2018, he made his international debut in matches for the Japanese promotion New Japan Pro Wrestling and the British promotion PROGRESS Wrestling.WWENXT (2019-2020)On February 11, 2019, it was announced that Vink had signed a contract with WWE and that he would report to the WWE Performance Center. Vink debuted under his real name at an NXT house show on March 15, 2019, defeating Nick Comoroto. He went on to spend the remainder of March and the following month of April wrestling on house shows.Vink made his televised debut on the March 25, 2020 episode of NXT, teaming with Shane Thorne in a losing effort against Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch.Raw (2020)In March 2020, Vink began appearing on Raw alongside his former TMDK stablemate Shane Thorne where they faced teams such as Street Profits and Cedric Alexander and Ricochet but were defeated. On the April 27 episode of Raw, Thorne and Vink became MVPs newest associates as he challenged Alexander and Ricochet to a match the next week on their behalf. On the May 4 episode of Raw, Thorne and Vink defeated Alexander and Ricochet earning their first victory.Return to NXT (2020present)In July 2020, Vink and his former TMDK stablemate Shane Thorne were both traded back to NXT.EVOLVE Wrestling (2019-2020)Vink made his debut for EVOLVE in 2019 as part of EVOLVE's business relationship with WWE at EVOLVE 141 where he defeated Colby Corino in his first singles match.Vink would then go on a winning streak in EVOLVE, defeating the likes of AR Fox, Stephen Wolf, JD Drake and Leon Ruff.------Notable incidents of face liftIn July 2002, 16-year old German Marinus Schberl was tortured by young, underage neo-Nazis in an abandoned pigsty in Oberuckersee (in the German state of Brandenburg) and killed after curb-stomping. The main perpetrator, who was 17 at the time of the killing, was released after serving eight years in prison.In 2003, Tacoma, Washington resident Randall Townsend was murdered by four people. David Nikos Pillatos, Scotty James Butters, and Tristain Lynn Frye beat and kicked Townsend while Kurtis William Monschke delivered the final blow: curb-stomping. Monschke had recently been named head of the Washington chapter of Volksfront. "Prosecutors said the attack was meant to lift Monschke's status in the white supremacist movement and to earn Frye a pair of red shoelaces, with the red signifying the drawing of blood." Tristain Lynn Frye was sentenced to 13 years, nine months for second-degree murder.Scotty James Butters and David Nikos Pillatos pled to first-degree murder, accepted a plea agreement and testified against Monschke in exchange for being able to request that their imprisonment be no more than approximately 30 years. in June 2004, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled "a sentence longer than the standard range could not be ordered by a judge without action by a jury, meaning Butters and Pillatos could face no more than 31 years in prison."Kurtis William Monschke was convicted of aggravated first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole. The incident has been described as a hate crime.On August 26, 2011, Dane Hall was curb stomped in an attack outside a gay bar in Salt Lake City, Utah. He lost six teeth and suffered a broken jaw as a result of the attack.Junko Furuta, a Japanese high school girl, was curb stomped among the various other tortures inflicted on her before her death.------Television career of face liftIn his early career Gadinsky worked as a producer at the PBS affiliate WPBT. In 1983, at the age of twenty-seven, he became the Director of Public Affairs at the CBS affiliate WTVJ and the executive producer of the Miami-based television news magazine Montage on WTVJ. In 1986 he received his first news Emmy Award for the show's investigative and feature reporting, and received six Emmy Awards overall. In 1987, Gadinsky also wrote, directed, and produced the syndicated documentary The ABC's of AIDS, for which he received an Emmy Award for writing.Due in part to the success he had in turning around Montage, Gadinsky became the original producer of the television series America's Most Wanted. In 1991 he was also a producer for American Gladiators, which he produced for five seasons, and for which he was nominated for the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Game/Audience Participation Show. In the late-1990s he was also the executive producer for the television series RollerJam on the Nashville Network.During the 2000s, Gadinsky was an executive producer for Combat Missions on USA Network, an executive producer for Mr. Personality and Anchorwoman on Fox, and an executive producer for American Fighter Pilot on CBS. He was chosen as an executive producer for American Idol's first season due to his television production experience, for which he was nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Producer of Reality/Game/Informational Series Television in 2003. Gadinsky is also the creator and executive producer for the BET show Sunday Best.Gadinsky was the CEO of The G Group, a reality television production company where he produced shows including King of Vegas and Tease.------Aftermath of face liftThe confrontation between Hogan and Justice was played out over a series of future WWF television programs. On the Superstars program aired January 25, 1992, WWF President Jack Tunney held a press conference, where he announced that Hogan would face Flair for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania VIII. Justice, who was also in attendance and began standing up as if Tunney were about to proclaim him the top contender, was outraged and termed the announcement "the most bogus act Jack Tunney has ever pulled off." Sid later apologized and Hogan accepted, but on the February 8 Saturday Night's Main Event XXX, Justice abandoned Hogan during a tag-team match against Flair and The Undertaker, completing his heel turn and leading to a match at WrestleMania VIII.Flair, meanwhile, began feuding with Savage over the WWF World Heavyweight Championship. According to the storyline, Flair claimed that he had a previous relationship with Savage's wife, Miss Elizabeth, going as far as presenting pictures of Elizabeth in which Flair had himself superimposed. This culminated in a title match at WrestleMania VIII; Savage won the match and his second (and final) WWF World Heavyweight Championship.This was the first Royal Rumble in which stakes were involved for the winnerthe stipulation in which the winner would face the WWF/WWE World Heavyweight Champion at WrestleMania first took place at the following year's event. It would be 24 years before the Royal Rumble was again for the (now) WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and the first match in which the championRoman Reignsdefended his title in the Rumble match. That match was won by Triple H.
Knowledge About Sales - Provisions of Sales
Provisions of salesInitiative 732 contained four provisions:Creates a new tax on the carbon content of fossil fuels initially set at $15 per ton, rising to $25 per ton after 6 months, and increasing annually to a cap of $100 per ton.Reduces the Washington State Sales Tax 1% from 6.5% to 5.5%Reduces the Business and Occupation Tax on Manufacturing Businesses in Washington State to .001%Funds the Working Families Tax rebate program, a 25% match on the state's version of the earned income tax credit for 460,000 Washington households.------Live performances of salesDuring BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend 2018 in Swansea, she sang several songs from her discography, including "Girlfriend". On 5 June 2018, Letissier again interpreted her song in the United Kingdom, during Later... with Jools Holland on the television channel BBC 2. On 8 June 2018, the singer participated in La Chanson de l'anne 2018 (Song of the Year 2018) at the Arena of Nmes, which was broadcast on the French television channel TF1. She sang the French version of the single, "Damn, dis-moi"------The Aviator of salesThe Aviator is a 1929 American Pre-Code Vitaphone comedy film produced and released by Warner Bros. Directed by Roy Del Ruth, the film was based on the play of the same name by James Montgomery and stars Edward Everett Horton and Patsy Ruth Miller. The Aviator is similar to the silent comedy The Hottentot (1922), where a hapless individual has to pretend to be a famous steeplehorse jockey. The Aviator today is considered a lost film.------Second generation (F48; 2015present) of salesThe F48 X1 is the second- and current-generation model. It is built upon the front-wheel drive based UKL2 platform, and is available in long-wheelbase and long-wheelbase hybrid variants in China. The range consists of turbocharged 3-cylinder and 4-cylinder petrol and diesel engine options. Base models are front-wheel drive (branded as sDrive), with all-wheel drive (xDrive) available as an option and is standard for some higher-end models.------Beni of salesBeni is the debut album of artist Beni Arashiro, released on February 9, 2005. The album is available in two different versions, CDDVD and CD-only. The CDDVD version was a limited edition, and has sold out. There were a total of four singles released before the release of this album.The album charted on the #14 spot on the Oricon ranking and sold 12,776 copies in its first week.------Maciej Maleczuk of salesMirosaw Maciej Maleczuk (born August 14, 1961 in Wojcieszw, Lower Silesian Voivodeship), also known as Vladimir is a Polish vocalist, guitarist, poet, former leader of music groups Pdelsi and Homo Twist. He performed as a guest with Behemoth and was a judge in the third season of the Polish edition of the Idol series. He achieved worldwide popularity in late 2018 after his hit song "Vladimir" went viral in numerous Discord servers.------WWSS of salesWWSS (95.3 FM) is a radio station licensed to Tuscarora Township, Michigan, United States. The station airs a classic rock format and is currently owned by Black Diamond Broadcast Holdings. The station previously aired a country music format before trading signals with Black Diamond Broadcasting classic rock station 97.7 WCHY, with WCHY becoming Straits Country's new signal on March 12, 2018. It is part of a simulcast with 98.1 WGFN------The Pledge (New Hampshire) of sales taxesThe Pledge is a term used in the U.S. state of New Hampshire for a promise by politicians not to support income taxes or sales taxes or other forms of what are known as "broad-based taxes."Advocates describe it as an important tool in New Hampshire's budgetary process, an embodiment of the state's tradition of frugality and local control. Opponents say it creates a lop-sided and unfair tax structure, overly dependent on property taxes on individuals.------United States Senate election in Missouri of salesThe 2010 United States Senate election in Missouri took place on November 2, 2010 alongside 36 other elections to the United States Senate in other states as well as elections to the United States House of Representatives and various state and local elections. Primary elections were held on August 3, 2010. Incumbent Republican U.S. Senator Kit Bond decided to retire instead of seeking a fifth term. Republican nominee Roy Blunt won the open seat.------Neuville, Quebec of salesNeuville is a village on the north shore of the Saint Lawrence River, just west of Quebec City, part of the Portneuf Regional County Municipality, Quebec, Canada. Founded in 1684, it remains picturesque.The 19th-century artist, Antoine Plamondon, (c. 18041895) had moved here by 1850 with his mother, brother, and sister. He lived the rest of his life here, more than 40 years.Neuville has an excellent marina for pleasure sailboats and yachts.------Dick Miller (basketball) of salesRichard Mathias Miller (April 26, 1958 January 11, 2014) was an American professional basketball player. He was a 6'6" (198cm) 215lb (98kg) small forward and played collegiately at the University of Toledo from 1976 to 1980. He played a handful of games in the National Basketball Association (NBA).Miller was selected with the 17th pick of the second round in the 1980 NBA Draft by the Indiana Pacers. He played 5 games for the Pacers and another 3 games for the Utah Jazz in 1980-81.------Track listingPersonnel of salesMark Knopfler - guitar on 'Oldest Surfer on the Beach'The Coral ReefersEric Darken - percussionRobert Greenidge - steel drumsDoyle Grisham - pedal steel guitarTina Gullickson - vocalsRoger Guth - drumsWill Kimbrough - vocalsJohn Lovell - trumpetJim Mayer - vocals, bass guitarPeter Mayer - guitarMac McAnally - vocals, guitarNadirah Shakoor - vocalsMichael Utley - keyboardsJimmy Buffett - vocals, guitar------The Punisher: War Zone of salesThe Punisher: War Zone Vol. 2, is the second volume in the Punisher: War Zone series is a comic book limited series published by Marvel Comics about the vigilante The Punisher. The series was written by Garth Ennis and drawn by Steve Dillon. Dillon also drew all of the covers to the series. The series is a follow-up to Ennis and Dillon's previous limited series work and marked the end of Ennis's eight-year-long run with the character.------Memorare of salesMemorare ("Remember, O Most Gracious Virgin Mary") is a Roman Catholic prayer seeking the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Memorare, from the Latin "Remember", is frequently misattributed to the 12th-century Cistercian monk Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, apparently due to confusion with its 17th-century popularizer, Father Claude Bernard, who stated that he learned it from his own father. It first appears as part of a longer 15th-century prayer, "Ad sanctitatis tuae pedes, dulcissima Virgo Maria.".------Music video of salesThe music video was directed by Jennifer Rothlein.Young climbs out of the back of a taxi cab and, after a few backstage shots, performs the song to an empty Tivoli Theatre consisting of only his desired woman in the audience (played by Sara Morgan). She soon disappears, however, and the video ends as Young walks out the front doors of the theatre and down the sidewalk into the distance.------Supreme Court of salesThe DMA took a separate challenge to the Colorado state court via Direct Marketing Ass'n v. Brohl II, but simultaneously filed an appeal with the Supreme Court to challenge the Appeals Court ruling. By March 2015, in a unanimous decision, Associate Justice Clarence Thomas held that "the relief sought by petitioner Direct Marketing Association would not 'enjoin, suspend or restrain the assessment, levy or collection' of Colorado's sales and use taxes." The case was remanded to the Appeals Court.------Dhananjay Mahadik (field hockey) of salesDhananjay Mahadik (born 5 November 1984) is a former Indian field hockey player who played as a defender for the national team. He was part of the team that won the bronze medal at the 2010 Asian Games and silver medal at the 2010 Commonwealth Games. Currently he is working in Department of Sales Tax, Government of Maharashtra as Assistant Commissioner of sales tax.In 2013, Hockey India appointed Mahadik as the video analyst of the men's senior team.------List of number-one singles of 2013 (Spain) of salesThis lists the singles that reached number one on the Spanish Promusicae sales and airplay charts in 2013. Total sales correspond to the data sent by regular contributors to sales volumes and by digital distributors. There is a two-day difference between the reporting period from sales outlets and from radio stations. For example, the report period for the first full week of 2013 ended on January 6 for sales and on January 4 for airplay------Roo'ra of salesRoo'ra (Hangul: ) was a co-ed hip hop and dance-pop vocal group from South Korea who was one of the country's most popular musical acts of the 1990s. The group debuted in 1994 with the hit album Roots of Reggae. Their second album, The Angel Who Lost Wings (1995), sold 1 million copies in record time. Roo'ra disbanded in 2001, then reunited in 2009 to release their ninth and final album, A9ain.------True Value Solar of salesTrue Value Solar was an Australian solar systems sales company, which ceased in late 2018. In 2013 German-based MW Group bought True Value's remaining 35 per cent shareholding. The core business of the company was as a sales company of rooftop solar power systems, with installation and perhaps responsibility for issues by contractors. Operated in all major states in Australia (absent from the Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory) and no office in Tasmania. Founded in 2009, closed late 2018.------Critical reception of salesBilly Dukes of Taste of Country reviewed the single favorably, saying that "In barely three minutes, Urbans new single from Fuse goes from a wild weekend to raising kids, all while hinting at the preciousness of time. Rarely is so much said in so little time with so much efficiency and emotion."The song was nominated for Best Country Duo/Group Performance at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards.------Personnel of salesMary Wilson lead and backing vocalsScherrie Payne lead and backing vocalsSusaye Greene lead and backing vocalsBen Benay, Greg Poree, Jay Graydon guitarChuck Rainey, Scott Edwards bassSonny Burke keyboardsJohn Barnes, Dan Wyman keyboards, synthesizerBob Zimmitti percussion, synthesizerJames Gadson drumsEddie "Bongo" Brown, Oliver C. Brown congasGary Coleman percussionBrian Holland producerEdward Holland, Jr. executive producerDale Warren, James Anthony Carmichael arrangersBob Manchurian assistance on rhythm arrangements------Staxx of Joy of salesStaxx Of Joy is a house music studio project assembled by producers Simon Thorne and Tom Jones. In the mid-1990s they had four Top 10 hits on the US Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart, two of which reached #1: "Joy" and "You". Both of these tracks, including a third single "Shout" featured vocals by Carol Leeming. The songs are officially credited to Staxx Of Joy featuring Carol Leeming.A fourth Top 10 dance hit, "Temptation," was credited to Staxx.------Jos Germano de SalesJos Germano de Sales (25 March 1942 4 October 1997) was a Brazilian footballer.Having been transferred to AC Milan from Flamengo in the summer of 1962 at the age of 20, he became the first ever black player to play for the Italian club. Despite a very successful start (3 goals in 5 games), he was soon loaned out to Genoa in November 1962, where he spent the rest of that season with 12 games and 2 goals for the Genoese club.------Print sales of simmons & associates125 has a print-sales service which makes all the photography in the magazine available as limited edition art prints through its website. Inclusion in the service is not compulsory but all contributors are offered the chance to participate, with income divided equally between photographer and 125. According to the 125 website they have sold in excess of 8000 prints online and through exhibitions with companies and galleries including Paul Smith and St. Lukes advertising agency.------Texas Bowl of salesThe 2010 Texas Bowl was the fifth edition of the college football bowl game, and was played at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas. The game started at 5:00 PM US CST on Wednesday, December 29, 2010. The game was telecast on ESPN for the second time in bowl history after being televised by the NFL Network for the first three games. The bowl matched the sixth selection from the Big 12 Conference, Baylor, versus the sixth selection from the Big Ten Conference, Illinois------Background and release of salesOn June 9 2015, TOP Media announced that Teen Top will release a new mini album titled "Natural Born" on June 22.. TOP Media also revealed Teen Top's first music show performance with new title track "Ah-Ah" is scheduled for June 25 on the stage of M! Countdown.On June 18, a preview video from the EP was uploaded to YouTube.The official music video for the EP's first single, "Ah-Ah", came out on June 22.
Installed Coil Over Sleeves, Had Stiffer Springs now Ride Is Bouncy. Any Fixes? Willing to Go Back t
Struts do not come with springs. Those are only the 'fully loaded' models that you can bolt right in. Lowered ride requires an aftermarket firmer strut and smaller heavy spring rated springs. The ride will be slightly harsh than stock. If you are just looking for a comfortable ride maybe sell that whole kit on a Civic forum or craigslist and buy yourself a whole stock OEM setup. Or grab one out of the junkyard if you can find one with low miles. Check ebay for a stock OEM kit as well but beware of the cheaper kits, try to go with something name brand. Also rockauto. com is a great place for low priced name brand products1. How much would a shop charge for spring compression on uninstalled struts. The struts are not on the car.?probably around 40 bucks for both or maybe less.,,,,,,,2. How do you get the kit which replaced the fluid in your struts?ok this going to be a sprint long yet i am going to easily grant you with assessment of what all this suggests. sub-physique,KYB, BBK hands, bumpsteer equipment, Lakewood hands, and urethane bushings all translate into thoroughly rebuilt for street racing front end. the aluminum firewall adjuster, Uridium plugs, Xpipe, SCT tuner, JLT intake, 78mm throttlebody and plenum, and flowmaster are all potential enhancements to the engine. center rigidity grab, short throw shifter are alterations to transmission. The 28 spline axles, ford 3.73s are rear end alterations to deal with extra suitable engine potential via rear differential. And slotted, drilled rotors improves brake overall performance. All in all somebody placed various time and funds into enhancing this motor vehicle. it particularly is extra probably to break down by way of fact of it. A inventory motor vehicle is often extra stable than a changed potential motor vehicle. What else you are able to desire to probable understand I have not any theory. it is as purely defined i am able to make it for you3. Does anyone have any info about wheelchair lifts and struts?for overall ride and performance you should go with springs, no matter the difference in cost. air shocks wont give you a very good ride and wont last nearly as long4. Do i really have to order struts through the dealer?!?No you can get them at Auto Zone, Avance Auto the dealer will over charge you plus the labor the dealer gets to put them on. Heres the problem if you buy the struts and go to a garage they make money when they get the struts. But the garage makes the labor so use your own judgement. I know that has a 2003 Kia and to do front and back cost him $600.00 and he got a tireplace to install them.5. About how much do new rear struts and springs cost installed?This all depends on where you go and the make of your vehicle. The question is very vague, but here's what I know: A dealer will always be more expensive than any other shop in town, but has training on your particular car. On a vehicle that old, I would suggest finding a reputable mechanic. This takes time, but if you do your homework it will be worth its weight in expenses. I've been to dishonest mechanics. I much prefer the reputable ones. They also know I will be back, and that I've got a big mouth and a lot of friends.6. I need advice on how to travel from philly to madison, wisconsin without a car.?If the motorized vehicle is basically routinely Sound it can make the vacation quite I have a 97Intrepid with a three.3 V6 & this motor vehicle supplies me no complications in straightforward words difficulty I have ever had with it replaced into the A/c pump went out yet different smart it quite works advantageous I have replaced the similar old straightforward products which includes tires brakes & struts it really is to be predicted after 135000 miles motor vehicle makes use of no oil & receives round 28-30 mpg street If7. how often should I replace my shocks/struts?How Often To Replace Struts8. How to install struts on a 2004 subaru impreza STI?normally the way to replace struts is to take out the strut/spring/mount as a unit, compress the spring, then change the struts
Knowledge About Iron Production: a Collection of Old Ballads of Scottish Plaid
A Collection of Old Ballads of scottish plaidA Collection of Old Ballads is an anonymous book published 17231725 in three volumes in London by Roberts and Leach. It was the second major collection of British folksongs to be published, following Wit and Mirth, or Pills to Purge Melancholy (published 17191720).Ambrose Philips was once credited as the editor, but this has since been challenged. Volume one contained "Chevy Chase", "Queen Eleanor's Confession", "The Suffolk Miracle", and "Bonny Dundee". The preface to volume two notes that readers had responded to volume one by sending some rare songs to the editor. It has fewer genuine folksongs than the first volume, and instead has some obvious literary concoctions. It has "The Merchant's Son and Beggar Wench of Hull" (a prototype of "New York Girls"), "The Wind Has Blown my Plaid Away", "The Bonny Grey-Eyed Morn" and three Robin Hood ballads. The third volume is the poorest, with long historical songs about the kings of England, obviously not taken from the folk tradition. "The Baffled Knight" (Child Ballad 4) is genuine, and there is even a whaling song "The Greenland Voyage". There are a few Scottish items: "The Broom of Cowdenknowes", "Bessy Bell and Mary Gray", "Muirland Willie" and "The Gaberlunzie Man". The collection also includes "The Merchant and the Beggar Maid" and "An Thou Were My Ain Thing" (later recorded by Maddy Prior).Within a year of the publication of volume one, Allan Ramsay was inspired to publish his "Tea-Table Miscellany" (1724) in Edinburgh. "A Collection of Old Ballads" is the first printed collection to aim for songs that were genuinely old folksongs, but there are no tunes to the 159 texts. In a few cases the names of tunes are indicated.------History of the collection of animal charcoalIt is unclear at exactly what point Kathleen Garman and Sally Ryan conceived of making a collection of art. It has been suggested that the collection was, in part, in response to the death of Jacob Epstein (Kathleen's husband) whose work and own personal artefacts feature heavily within the collection. The Collection was largely assembled between 1959 and 1973.Kathleen was the sole beneficiary of Epstein's estate upon his death, and although she sold much of his collection in accordance with his will, she retained a number of objects that were said to be of significance to her. Sally Ryan was able to fund the collection of artworks due to a large inheritance received from her grandfather Thomas Fortune Ryan, a successful American tobacco and transport magnate. A number of Sally Ryan's own works also form part of the Garman Ryan collection. Kathleen Garman also ran her own commercial art gallery, 'The Little Gallery', operating in Kensington, London in the mid-1960s, as a consequence she was buying and selling art on a regular basis. It has been suggested that a number of works from the Garman Ryan collection were originally 'Little Gallery' stock.A number of artists represented with the collection also had personal connections with Kathleen Garman and Sally Ryan. Jacob Epstein was Kathleen's late husband, and artists Augustus John, Gaudier-Brzeska and Amedeo Modigliani were all friends. Family links are also evident within the collection; there are a number of works by Theodore Garman, the son of Kathleen Garman and Jacob Epstein, and Portrait of Kitty, a portrait of Epstein's daughter Kitty by her first husband Lucian Freud.The collection was donated to the people of Walsall in 1973 and opened to the public in July 1974. It was originally exhibited in what was the first floor reference room of Walsall Library. The collection was moved to its new purpose-built home over two floors of The New Art Gallery Walsall, and opened to the public in this new setting in 2000.------Articles in collection and monographs of triptychOpera under the arch of church (triptych by Benjamin Britten). In: Life of religion in Music. Collection of articles. St Petersburg: Sudarinya, 2006. 199208.LASM what was it? In: Vremen svyazujuschaya nit. Collection to anniversary of E. S. Barutcheva. St Petersburg, 2004. 13947.Finnish suite by Shostakovich: from the manuscript history. In: Collection of articles of Sibelius Academy. Helsinki, 2004. in English and Finnish.Dialogues about Shostakovich: From the History of Russian Studies about Shostakovich. In: A Shostakovich Casebook. Ed. by Malcolm Hamrick Brown. Bloomington and Indianapolice: Indiana University Press, 2004. 23853.An Episode in the Life of a Book: An Interview with Henry Orlov. In: A Shostakovich Casebook. Ed. By Malcolm Hamrick Brown. Bloomington and Indianapolice: Indiana University Press. 2004. 97126I. S. Bach in life of brothers Druskins (in collaboration with M. Mischenko). In: Albert Schweitzer. I. S. Bach. Moscow: Klassika XXI, 2002. 65783.Bach's story in Petersburg musical context of 20th century. In: Petersburgskaya konservatorija v mirovom muzykalnom prozesse. 18622002. International conference proceeding of the session dedicated to 140-years Anniversary of the Conservatoire (1719 September 2002). St Petersburg, St Petersburg State Conservatoire, 2002. 10710.Music of Britain. In: Istorija zarubezhnoj muzyki. Vol. 6: The beginning of 20th century first half of 20th century. St Petersburg: Kompozitor, 2001. 581626.Prokofiev and Britten (about historical parallels, influences and reminiscence). In: Otrazhenija muzykalnogo teatra. Book 2. Collection of articles and materials to an anniversary of L. G. Danko. St Petersburg: Kanon, 2001. 5069.Shostakovich and Bogdanov-Berezovsky (1920s). In: D. D. Shostakovich: Between the moment and Eternity. Documents. Articles. Publications. St Petersburg, 2000. 1659.An episode from the book life. An interview with Genrikh Orlov. In: D. D. Shostakovich: Between the moment and Eternity. Documents. Articles. Publications. St Petersburg, 2000. 717738.Shostakovich and Britten: Some Parallels. In: Shostakovich in Context. Oxford University Press, 2000. 17589Last opera by Britten (introduction to a masterpiece). In: Muzykalnij teatr 19-20 vekov: voprosi evolutsii. Rostov-na-Dony: Gefest, 1999. 16380.The Cherubic Hymn: about an unknown author's draft by M. A. Balakirev. In: Balakirevu posvyaschaetsya. Collection of articles to 160-year anniversary of the composer (18361996). St Petersburg: Kanon, 1998. 11339.Benjamin Britten A song cycle "The Poet's Echo" on poems by Pushkin (English echo of Russian poet). In: Muzykalnoe prinoshenie to 75-year anniversary of E. A. Ruchevskaya. St Petersburg: Kanon, 1998. 194220.Works by M. S. Druskin. In: Issledovanija. Publizistika. To 20th anniversary of Musical critic department. A collection of articles. St Petersburg: St Petersburg State Conservatoire named after N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov, 1997. 3327.Shostakovich in LASM protocols. In: D. D. Shostakovich. Collection of articles to 90 year anniversary. St Petersburg: Kompozitor, 1996. 4867.Shostakovich and Britten: Some parallels. In: D. D. Shostakovich. Collection of articles to 90 year anniversary. St Petersburg: Kompozitor, 1996. 30632.Note on a Theme from "Peter Grimes ". In: On Mahler and Britten. Essays in Honour of Donald Mitchell on His Seventieth Birthday. London: The Boydell Press, 1995. 17285About I. A. Braudo. In: Leningradskaya konservatorija v vospominanijakh. Vol. 2. Leningrad: Muzyka, 1998. 97-101.Composers of England. In: Musyka of 20 veka. Moscow: Muzyka, 1987. 26993.Michael Tippet and his opera King Priam. In: Ocherki po istorii zarubezhnoj muzyki 20 veka. Leningrad: Muzyka, 1983. 4058.Folk elements of vocal melodies by Britten. In: Problemy muzykalnoj nauki. Collection of articles. Vol. 1. Moscow: Sovetsky kompozitor, 1972. 298325.Britten and traditions of English folk music genres. In: Iz istorii muzyki 20 veka. Moscow: Muzyka, 1971. 208225.------Life in Rome and art collection of iron productionTower married George Washington Wurts in 1898. In 1902 the couple moved to Rome and bought a villa, known as the Villa Sciarra-Wurts, which they spent the rest of their lives renovating and decorating with a variety of art works. They frequently entertained the wealthy, ambassadors, and aristocratic members of society. After her husbands death in 1928 Tower gave their villa to the city of Rome on the condition that the vast garden be turned into a public park and cultural center in honor of the German poet, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. (Included with this was a gift of $50,000 to maintain the property.) The park so dedicated was opened in 1932 and a year later, in 1933, Tower died in Lucerne, Switzerland and is buried in the Protestant cemetery in Rome.Through her will Tower bequeathed the vast art collection that she and her husband had expanded over several decades to Benito Mussolini, on the condition that it be kept in a museum. The collection was given to Rome's Museo nazionale del Palazzo di Venezia where it has remained since (although several works remain in the Villa Sciarra-Wurts). Included in the collection are over 3,000 items including: ceramics, textiles, tapestries, paintings (including works by Ottaviano Nelli, Vincenzo Pagani, John Russell, Paolo Veneziano, and Michael Wolgemut), about 80 wooden sculptures, various works from China and Japan, and a significant number of works from Russia including 33 late 19th-century women's hats.Towers will also established The Henrietta Tower Wurts Foundation in Philadelphia which in addition to funding Meals on Wheels also provides small grants to organizations serving disadvantaged children and youth and/or the elderly.
The Difference Between LED Projector Light and LED Flood Light
The Difference Between LED Projector Light and LED Flood LightLED Projector Light (LED Downlight) call spotlight again, cast shoot light, shoot light to wait a moment, basically use to do building adornment illume to use, and commercial space illuminates with, the component of adornment sex is heavier, its appearance has circle also have square, because must want to consider commonly the reason that come loose, so its appearance and traditional cast light still have a few distinction.LED projection light features:LED projection light is controlled by a built-in microchip, which can be used without a controller in small engineering applications. It can achieve dynamic effects such as gradual change, jump change, color flicker, random flicker, gradual change and alternation, etc. It can also achieve chase, scan and other effects through the control of DMX.LED Flood Light is a point light source that can be irradiated uniformly in all directions, and its irradiation range can be arbitrarily adjusted, which is shown as a regular octahedron in the scene. Omni is the most widely used light source in rendering. Standard omni is used to illuminate the whole scene. Multiple omni lights can be used in the scene to produce better results.Features of led flood lights:LED omni lights, which shine evenly in all directions from a given point, are the best analogy to light bulbs and candles. Floodlights can be placed anywhere in the sceneIf I flick the light switch on and off will it damage the light?That statement originated (to my knowledge) in the damage that can be caused to incandescent lights (those that produce light as a result of [super] heating some element in the light).Fluorescent lights can also be damaged by repeated on/off switching of the "switch," still due to a startup-effect, but differently than incandescentsIf a light year takes light to travel a year...?A light-year is a measure of distance NOT time. As is a light-month or a light-day. A light-year or lightyear (symbol: ly) is a unit of measurement of length, specifically the distance light travels in a vacuum in one year. While there is no authoritative decision on which year is used, the IAU recommends the julian year. Other units of measurement of distance used in astronomy are a parsec and an Astronomical Unit. Here are some conversion factors: 9.46110^15 metres 9.46110^12 kms 9.46110^18 mm 94.60710^24 63.24110^3 AU 3.26 parsecs US customary / Imperial units 372.4710^15 in 31.03910^15 ft 10.34610^15 yd 5.87910^12 miles So if a light-year is just under 6 trillion miles, a light-month must be just under half a trillion miles and a light day about 16.3 billion miles It is about 40 light minutes from the Sun to Jupiter, 5.5 light hours to Pluto, 4.2 light years to the nearest star (Proxima Centauri) 10.5 light years to the nearest star with a planet (Epsilon Eridani) and 20.4 light years to the nearest star with an inhabitable planet (Gliese 581c). Hope that helps put it all in perspective.What happens to light after it enters an eyeThere is some heating that takes place, but the amount is pretty trivial, because there just is not that much light reaching the back of your eye. A back-of-the-envelope sort of estimate would be to say that the light of the Sun reaching the Earth's surface amounts to about a kilowatt of radiation per square meter. Your pupils have a radius of maybe a millimeter, probably much less in bright sunlight. So, if you are staring directly at the Sun (which, hopefully, you are not really doing), you are getting at most a few milliwatts delivered to the back of your eye. That's not going to tax the temperature regulation systems in your body, given that a living human generates about the same heat as a hundred-watt light bulb.If you dramatically increase the amount of light delivered to your eye, say by accidentally catching a high-power pulsed laser in the eye, you can overwhelm the body's ability to carry away the heat, and do real damage. The pulsed-laser lab next to the office where I did my undergrad thesis research had a sign on the door explaining in gruesome detail what would happen if you were to catch a full YAG laser pulse in the eye, which involved the boiling retina basically blasting your eyeball out of your skull. Which is why you wear safety glasses in those labs, and knock before entering any optics lab
Dimming USB Led Lamp
The ATtinyX313(A) (ATtiny2313, ATtiny2313A, ATtiny4313) can be configured as a SPI, I2C, or UART slave or as a USB device with some work, and has 4 Output Compare pins available for PWM control. Simply write slave code that allows the RPi to send commands to it to change the brightness of attached LEDs via low-side NMOSFET drivers• Related QuestionsWhy do LED lights with a dimmer stay dim and won't go bright again?Unfortunately, Some Guy is right in that your dimmer and LED lamps are squabbling over some electrons; apparently your lamps are the losers in this case, though.The cure, though, is the same -- replace the dimmer with one that's designed for dimming LED replacement lamps (Lutron has a dedicated line for CFL and LED-retrofit loads, at least -- check around)------Does an equivalent LED bulb for an inner bulb of an old incandescent E14 bulb exist? closedWhat you have shown is an M11 bulb. You can find a guide to various types at Lampco.The shop assistant was probably describing one of these:Classic BulbThe Classic Halogen Bulb is the standard Solus bulb, offering brilliant light from our Xenon Halogen Technology. It replaces the older traditional incandescent bulb. It lasts twice as long and consumes 30% less energy. Source: Solas.------Auto LED dimly lit when offSorry to bump such an old post but yes this is what auto electrical designers would call the CAN Bus system. It is a small amount of current used to test the system for bulb outages. Nothing is as simple as it used to be, and apparently we arent trusted enough to notice our own bulbs are out.------Help drawing a circuit diagram from a logic diagramSeems nice try. Instead of using logic gates you may use basic micro controller like 89c51. And also programming also not much difficult.The things you need In my view it looks like a simple and also economical one to build this circuit. And also you can change logics by simply changing the programming no need of changing connections------How to generate Red light from a Blue-Dominated Spectrum closedAn off-the-shelf Philips Hue can easily be set to all-red and puts out a serious amount of light. Not perhaps 50W, but that's more easily solved by having more lights. Another option would be to buy a strip of red LEDs. The linked product claims about 12W/meter, and sells 5 meters for USD 140. Another product is 46W, but only USD 99------How to find current and voltage requirements of an LED lamp / strip using a multimeter?Attach the LED lamp to a power supply and ramp up the voltage until it is acceptable bright. Record the voltage and current. That is your new rating.You can't tell the actual rating with knowing the ratings of the parts inside and how they are connected. The packaging can even influence the rating if it can't keep the parts cool.------Light Dimmer Causes Internet DropAn alternative to changing the light dimmer would be to re-wire the telephone line between the phone and the network interface device (or as far as you could re-wire it) with Cat 6, while making sure the wire is at least a foot away from any power wires. This creates better immunity to alien noise. Could use Cat 6A, it is shielded as well.------How much power is wasted with a light dimmer?The potentiometer's function now is to change the "trigger" point of a triac.The trigger points on the AC sine waveThe AC Sine wave with the missing part up to the trigger point.Many LED light bulbs have triac dimming.LED DRIVER WITH TRIAC DIMMABLE CIRCUIT.Which looks like this located in the base of the light bulb.------How can I split a ground wireI've seen this before in rentals I own, lights with no boxes, I wouldn't do it but that must be the local building code. If you cut the ground wire you can make a pigtail to reconnect the ground and the new fixture. The wire nuts for ground (green) have a hole in the top to feed the new fixture which makes it easier.------Is heat always associated with Light?Thermal radiation is emitted by any surface having a temperature higher than absolute zero. So the short answer to your question is yes. Light (electromagnetic radiation) of any frequency will heat surfaces that absorb it. In case of Fluorescence, the emitted light has a longer wavelength (lower frequency), and therefore lower energy, so that's why you feel the heat is absent------What good resources are there for a high school student to start learning electronics?MIT's Free Online Courses are a good place to start. Another option is to just grab an Arduino and start hacking from there. They have a pretty large and helpful online following.As for books, hopefully someone else can provide some good starter references, my only experience with intro books are the ones I had to use in college which were...meh------Does the right calibration temperature for my monitor depend on season?Monitor calibration is for standardized color rendering among displays (nominally 6500K) or between displays and prints (typically 5000K).For any single outdoor location, skylight correlated color temperaturevaries widely by time of day, weather and season.Those relatively short term fluctuations (e.g. between 4000K and over 10000K) are provoked mostly from dust and water vapor; carbon dioxide has negible absorption at visible spectra.------Calculating LED amperage usageIf you are calculating the amperage of the leds themselves, it would be the voltage and current through the individual leds. If you are calculating the amperage that the entire bulb uses, it would be the line voltage. This would include the power used by the internal led driver as well. The driver is likely to be 80% or higher efficiency------Extractor fans not working with LED bulbs?The fan controller is monitoring the lamp circuit to know when the lamp turns off. It seems as though it relies on a low-resistance path to neutral through the lamp filament to run the timer.The LED lamps have fancier electronics in them so there may not be a direct path to neutral if the electronics is not running.------Is using CFL bulbs without a ceiling covering them bad?There is nothong wrong with having an exposed fluorescent tube, compact or otherwise. We have lived with the long type and circeline uncovered for decades. Some new CFLs are specifically designed to show off their shape, such as this oneWhether you like the look of any given tube design, find the lighting effects to be pleasant or annoying are all a matter of taste.------DIY LED lamp is less powerful than expectedFrom your mention of a test with a 14 volt supply, it appears that most voltage is being lost in the wires between the supply and light panel - if so, you need significantly larger wire for that connection.All wires have some resistance, and you must consider this resistance when determining the required wire size for a given current and cable length------My room lights' brightness pulses when I turn on my toaster ovenI've been in my attic and saw that some of the wires have been chewed bare by mice.Whether this is the cause of the dimming or not, you need to immediately get an exterminator to rid your home of the mice problem and an electrician to assess and correct the damage. Bare/exposed conductors is an exceedingly dangerous condition that cannot wait.------LED lights with a dim light in open circuitAs mentioned above, the cause is phantom (ghost) voltage most likely caused by using a twin active cable from the light to the switch. This can be fixed by either by replacing the cable with two sdi (single double insulated) cables or burning ghost voltage by adding a small load such as an iron core transformer in parallel with the light fitting------How much power is used by cabin lighting systems during flight?According to this link, an Airbus A-321 has around 100 LED units for cabin lighting which have 45 individual diodes each. Do you have 4500 diodes in the cabin in a single aisle plane, which means at 0.05W per LED estimation, the cabin lighting would require 225 W of power.p.s. This does not include reading lamps (most probably) and only the aisle lighting------AC mains dimmer dimming 7W LED lamp problem (RpiZero MPDM V4.1)Finally, as said @Joan, I just had to use a dimmable LED.To sum up what I found on internet : not all LED are dimmable. Even if you can dim a non-dimmable LED, it's still a bad idea because the LED might not made for this use. It can lead to several problems : 1. the dim can be unstable, and 2. it can cause heating problems.------How to get a material that looks like led lamp diffuserBlender 2.8 has the filmic settings a standard color management. While it does add a nice feel to a scene with a lot of contrast, it does crush the whites.Where it says filmic switch that to standard or something else.If you want any glow effects, you'll have to do that in the compositor.Other than that, I think it looks quite good already.------Is it safe to convert a shunted tombstone lamp socket to a non-shunted socket by cutting the shunt?Glad you read our blog. We definitely agree that you should NOT cut into shunted lampholders for the reasons Harper stated above. Chris M. is also right. It's easier to just buy non-shunted lampholders, it will only cost you a few bucks. Since they are direct wire LED tubes, you only need to wire one side of the fixture.------How many lumens are there in one watt?This depends completely upon what method is used to convert the electrical energy into light. Is it an old Edison bulb (incandescent), florescent, LED, something else?It will also vary significantly within each type. Not all LED bulbs are equally efficient. There simply isn't any direct conversion. You need to check the specs for the specific bulbs you are comparing------curious affect of led lampsI sometimes have the same effect in some of the LEDs in my own home.I assume you are using a dimmer? What brand and model?I am using Lightolier electronic dimmers, with LED level indicators on the side. The tiny load the dimmer causes will create current flow through the LED lamps in the fixture. A backlit device can do the same thing.------What should I consider when choosing continuous lighting vs. strobes for studio photography?Overall light output vs rate of energy usage / heat output.There's a reason hot lights are called "hot"; they put out a lot of heat per unit of light, especially compared to strobes. And heat doesn't do anyone any good. That's why strobes are more often preferred for still photography, and hot lights are more often used for video (where strobes aren't an option).------I need help fixing a chest freezerNo the led is not your problem!An led will only show if there is voltage. Try putting a load on that outlet a volt meter may show good but plug in a curling iron and nothing. This happens with backstabbed receptacles all the time , sometimes a loose screw or wirenut . Try a load test and you may find the power goes way.------Technique to measure/infer Vf for LED given IfAssuming an LED or string of LEDs with no current limiting built in:The simplest way is to connect a constant current supply which is set to 700mA and can provide at least 14V, preferably more. Note, that's a constant current not a current limited supply.Then measure the voltage across the LED. That will be the forward voltage------Using US lamps in Europe closedThere are several different kinds of circuits used for LED lamps. There are also different kinds of "adapters". Many combinations of lamps and adapters are NOT compatible. You must do more careful and detailed analysis of how each different lamp is constructed and what kind of converter or adapter is suitable.Your question is over-simplified and cannot be properly answered as a generic generalization------How can this lighting/color effect be done?I don't see how it can be done in camera unless you set up a bunch of monochromatic objects in a studio. Sure it can be done but may be more difficult than handling it in post. To me this is likely one of two things: a very well done composite image or selective black and white in the background.------Network issue with Ubuntu 14.04.3 in Hyper V environment / not running stableAfter I had reinstalled 14.04.2 on the pysical PC and just made apt-get upgrade (not dist-upgrade), everything works fine (the login screen shows 14.04.3, but the kernel is still made the same steps on the VM and there it works fine, too.So I think the problem is part of the kernel (3.19) which is installed from the 14.04.3 installation ISO file.------How does a CPU calculate on a hardware level? closedThat's a good question, something I'm curious in learning more about myself. From what I can tell so far:I think these links might help explain more in case I didn't answer your question the way you wanted. htm.
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