What Factors Led to Di Maria Being a Flop with Manchester United?

Premier League is a tough League for Technical and Creative players, Pace is the preferred option of teams trying to win matches. Adding to the fact Louis Van Gaal's Defensive tactics stopped the creativity of Di Maria with the manager preferring Pacy and Well Built players .Overall its tough to survive in the league on technical ability alone,pace is required and if not then Di Maria should have been given more chances.

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Is it a good decision to buy VU LED TV 55"?

Yes, It's a worth Buy according to it's price of Rs.70000/- of VU 55XT780 4K Smart TV.But when you compare this with Sony or Samsung 4K , there is a Huge difference in Price and Quality. Almost double pricing ! and same in terms on picture quality, features.

To explain you better, a Samsung Smart Phone with 8 mega Pixel camera will give better photo quality than a Lenovo 16 mega pixel camera smart phone. Same is applicable in VU 4K TV vs. Sony or Samsung 4K TV.I am planning to buy 55 in 4k VU tv is it worth to buy it?


What events led to the falling out between Uma Thurman and Quentin Tarantino?

Oh, god who can tell? I think the most repeated story is a stunt she did in a car that freaked her out but you gotta remember that in the phrase show business the noun is business show is just an adjective. So if a story get enhanced or exaggerated and mates with any kind of publicity, a whole bunch little baby dollars bills are born and grow up to be named C. Kwell


What factors led to famine in the Soviet Union?

Tragically, part of it was planned by Stalin as a strategy to crush opposition against collectivization in the Ukraine.Another cause was betting on the wrong horse in modernizing agriculture. Although at first successful with some 'lucky' (according to a freshman year professor) proposals, the leader of agricultural development, Lysenko, led the Soviet Union on some disastrous research and development paths that greatly diverted from Darwinian principles.

Furthermore, except perhaps in the early 1930s, the government imposed plans for agricultural production were failures. Enforced collectivization of agriculture has been hard to pull off historically in general


Is Led Zeppelins' "Stairway To Heaven" more classic than Guns and Roses "Welcome to the Jungle"?

Hey Charles!Absolutely. So glad you asked. Want to know why Jimmy Page is the most vibrant, talented guitarist that ever lived? Want to go back in time, see hard core rock and roll at its best? Hear Robert Plants soul biting, spine chilling vocals? Whats all the word about Led Zeppelin?WATCH THE VIDEO.Watch the whole video. Then play it again, LOUDLY.and close your eyes.Time to be spellbound. Youll never go back


Why did Srilanka, led by Ranatunga, go on to make 952 / 6 vs India, led by Tendulkar in 1997, when they could declare before and get a favourable result in the game?

To me, this test match denotes the change in way srilanka was perceived in test matchesThey had recently won one day world cup but didn't get same approval as other winnersmany considered it fluk . People were not sure if their pinch hitter like Sanath, Kalu will work in test matches or in other countries one day matches..In this match , Sanath batted out of his skin .

. Roshan was proven test match batterThrough this score, they showed they have capacity to score big and bat for long hours no team took them lightly after this match


Did the hard Brexiteers led by ERG overplay their hand?

No.Government policy is to take the UK out of the single market and the customs union. As well as ending ECJ judicial oversight and ending freedom of movement for UK and EU citizens. All policies for the far right European Research Group (ERG).

Once implemented, the Brexit withdrawal agreement provides the means to negotiate and enact these policies at the end of the standstill transition period.But for many in the ERG, this is not enough. Some of the ERG want an even harder, more abrupt Brexit. Leaving without any deal whatsoever.


If you led a group of Spartans what would be your strategy/tactic be against English longbow archers defending their castle walls?

Build several testudos of hard wood, able to roll on wheels, in order to aproach the gates, safe from volleys thrown from above. And a ram to open the gates.I guess that if each wheeled testudo can fit an enomotia of 16 hoplites, a hundred of them should be built, in order to storm the castle with a sufficient force. Covering the hard wood top with wet animal skins is a good protection from fire.

Even the Spartan new how to build wooden carts!


Is it okay to block a girl that led me on?

Yes you're allowed to not engage with a person if they did not respect your feelings and boundaries. also understand she can do the same to you. I would consider working it out with her first and see what can be done, did you have a misunderstanding about how she felt about you? If all else fails then go your separate ways. but it's your choice if you want to continue talking with her or not. just like she has the right to disconnect from you as well


Why is it so easy for people to believe in God?

Actually, it does not easily believe in God for many people due to God is invisible. However, once youll get to know about the truth of God, youll love him too. If you ever feel like to find out who God is, all you have to do is to read his everlasting book called, The Bible and I call it, The Best Human Life Manual. As your inner maturity reaches to a certain level, youll start to see why and how you came into this world


Marc Bodnick: What experiences or knowledge led you to become a Republican/conservative?

I grew up in a southern state run by a corrupt and bigoted Democratic party, in power 100 years. Republicans represented change. Eisenhower had desegragated schools by force. Both my parents had sisters high in Republican national leadership. My friends led the state Teenage Republican Club.Eventually Nixon came along with the Southern Strategy. He took in all those corrupt bigots and they took over the party. They unseated my aunt in New York and hooted at her friend Nelson Rockefeller. In the South it was simple, everyone just traded party badges


Has liberalism led to a neglect of God?

Liberalism has given people a choice of their own to think, feel and believe as they choose, this means choosing whether to believe in God or not and which religion or not one chooses whether that religion worships a god or not. Neglect is the failure to care for something properly, if god is all powerful all knowing, what care does he need of others, how can one neglect something with out need for care?


What factors led to Japan becoming so much more technologically advanced compared to the rest of the world?

One factor is that Japans population is about 40% of the US population, but their land area is only 4% of the US.This means that many factors of technological infrastructure are far less expensive on a per capita basis.One example: The conversion from Analog to Digital TV. In Japan there were less than 200 broadcast towers that needed to be converted. In the US it was thousands.Conversion of internet and cable would also have been much less expensive and time consuming than the US.This also leads to people expecting technology to advance faster, and so demand is higher.


Why did Austria-Hungary declare war on Serbia? What led to that decision?

Officialy, it was assasination in Sarajevo.In reality, it was Austraian wish for colonies. You see, Austria didn't have good position for colonialism. And war was sure to come, simply because you had two power blocks (imagine: Cold war without nukes). Austrian plan was to invade Balkan states and Ottoman empire, and then to strike Africa and Asia (or so says my history teacher)World War I^ Here you'll get objective information about causes of war.All in all, the war was unevitable. Austria HAD to control Balkan, othervise it would collapse. And Serbia was in Russian sphere of interest


Is Hindi imposition by the BJP-led central government posing a threat to national unity?

Language is more than just a tool for communication. It is a vehicle for retaining tradition and culture, and influence.When Hindi is imposed, it means that north Indians are transgressing into south Indian culture that is unique and different from north Indian Hindustani.

If south Indians begin to accept Hindi, it is sign that they have lost their self respect and are willing to barter their culture, language and esteem for staying with the union of India


Is ObamaCare dead, now that the Republican led congress has voted to repeal it?

No, because the event you just labeled has not happened yet. Congress did not vote to repeal it as of this moment.Only the House approved Trumpcare. The Senate will be a tougher sell and will have the last word.

So wait a few months and well see what ended up happening and its effect on the Republican led Congress. They did make a fatal error so far in saying states can charge a lot more for people with pre-existing conditions, which is the bulk of American health care


How would have Sparta at its prime faired against a Mongol invasion led by Genghis Khan?

We cannot expect that the spartans would be able to defeat the Mongols in an open battle. However, in general, the greek region is montainous, so not too friendly for cavalry. So if, we are talking about an invasion by Gengis Khan on greek soil, the Spartans would probably have a good chance of holing up on some very defensive region. But then the mongols could conquer any other regions.Keep in mind there is no comparison beetween the numbers of the Mongols and the Spartans


Will the Germany led European Union be a Fourth Reich?

Firstly: The EU is not under German domination. While it is true that Germany has the largest population and the strongest economy, it is a fallacy to infer that that means they are the dominant power. I would think that France, Italy, Poland and several other countries might raise objections. And I think that France has a stronger military.If by Fourth Reich you mean a copy of the Third, this is beyond the bounds of credulity


What did Obama do wrong that led to the election of Donald Trump?

So, second answer here.I agree with the first, from Mr. Shainblum, but think there is more.His slogan was hope and change. He really fell short on the change and because of that the hope faded.I know, the Republicans fought him tooth and nail.He didnt really use the bully pulpit to shame them.

His compromises were tilted to the Republican position.I would have liked a more aggressive posture from Obama on the things he believed in


What led to American Apparel's bankruptcy?

One main reason was the CEO Dov Chareney. He was faced a slew of sexual assault allegations which hurt the company brand. He was ousted as CEO and then sued the company for it. This cost the company more money and again tarnished its brand.

Another issue was the large amount of debt that e company carried without raising its revenue. They didn't keep up with the times. With Fast Fashion becoming the norm, clothing has become much more fast paced and while American Apparel peaked a few years ago, what made it popular lost its sizzle and the company didn't adapt


What factors have led to the falling away of churches?

Several issues have caused the decline. The graying of the congregation. And the change in mores of the younger folks. Statistics say the about 70% of young people will have lived together in the relationships before marriage. Young folks also know that this situation is not compatible with Church teachings. And members of the Church tend to disapprove of these arrangements. Therefore young folks stay away from Church.Mega Churches are also now experiencing declines in attendance. Pew Research says the growing rate of non-practicing Christians is huge. That curve has not flattened


My family life has led to me being medicated for depression, psychosis and anxiety. If I move out, will I be better?

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your surroundings are a TOXIC SOUP from hell. Your fight or flight mode is kicking in from living on eggshells. Do yourself and health a huge favor and get out ASAP. Rent a room. Find a quiet older roommate. You will have less problems. However, you know this about yourself. Steer clear of high conflict relationships. Stay clear of manipulation tactics of others. Time to spring clean your life. You can do this. You owe you the best life. Leave them to their self imposed hell. Best wishes!!!!

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